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  • shankarchaudhary_ 3w

    Midnight thought

    Sometimes a pinch of craziness is necessary
    for your sanity ,
    It's just a lil reminder for you,
    That you are alive.

    @manya's words

  • shankarchaudhary_ 3w

    Fifty shades of Anxiety

    I don't know how it started,
    But anxiety is one of my annoying friend whom I don't want to see.

    Some times It makes me fearful of every single thing,
    Some times it forces me to rip my wrist into two .

    I feel the pain within my chest ,a pain that's worse than any physical pain.
    I scream,
    I cry ,
    Still I hide my secret self under a thick layer of anxiety.
    Sometimes I cry but believe me I don't pretend to be like that just to gain your sympathy.
    Because that's the real me .

    Each night the anxiety sweeps me up in his arm ,
    He is a story teller,
    Who narrates all the stories of my fear ,it shakes me ,
    Im always overwhelmed by anxiety.

    Sometimes I look at the mirror but I can't see myself,
    I see a person ,who always
    pretend to be strong and bold but under this layer of anxiety there's a alamort person .

    Sometimes people suggest me to try counting sleep ,
    But my mind can only count reasons to stay awake .
    People ask if I'm afraid of dying, may be i'm afraid of living .
    well ,I don't know
    I'm confused, I'm confused about everything,
    I'm even confused about my existence.
    My wounded soul is searching for a place to hide .
    There's a thing inside my head ,dear ,which you cant see ,
    Its anxiety ,
    fifty shades of Anxiety.

  • ichigokurosaki 5w


    I woke up next to him
    He called me beautiful
    He told me I was his world
    He called me mesmerizing and I smiled

    Now, I look back and wonder
    Did he mistake me to the other girl he was seeing?
    Did he actually think I was beautiful?
    Was it wrong that i smiled and pulled him closer to me?

    I was naive, I still am.
    But now, I'm broken.
    This world's cruel, just when everything was perfect or I thought so
    It had to break me
    Broke me to millions of pieces from which i could never recover

    When I saw his lips that told me i was beautiful on someone else
    I was devastated or should I say
    I'm broken.

  • pheonix_ace 11w


    Looking at the sky,
    closing his eye,
    thinking ahead of time,
    listening to the soothing chime,
    believing his heart's voice,
    started his journey on rejoice.

    Without knowing what future awaits,
    unfolding the numerous gates,
    every moment goes on fear,
    every closed one started disappear,
    overcoming the hurdles with courage,
    taking multiple irrepairable damage,
    believing his heart's voice,
    started his journey on rejoice.

    with unbreakable ambition in mind,
    leaving tragic past behind,
    constant smile on his face,
    slowly, steadily catching the pace,
    now comes the major turn,
    written fate he can't outrun,
    couldn't see what's ahead,
    now comes the time to take a break.

  • the_intermittent_expressionist 13w

    In our heads we paint so many pictures of how our first intimacy is going to be. With freehand strokes of brushes one after another, painting that moment in every possible shade we can.
    So titillating!
    Pictures so fragile, constructed, deconstructed and reconstructed with changing fantasies and as we see fit. When it happens for real, we enter the arena with etiquette and precedence set out of crafted acts of intimacy.
    "Raw and Organic" we wanted it to be, but ended up creating a flavour that tastes nowhere close to the original, the kind of original we saw on our screens or atleast we believed so.
    Finally we've achieved that pleasure that we waited for so long. After landing those kisses, hickies, caresses and thrusts in precision to the manual that has been played over and over again on our screens and inside our heads.
    ... and yet at the end of it there we lay empty, still unsatisfied and missing something, wondering did it went wrong somewhere?
    Maybe it did!
    Maybe if we wouldn't have followed the protocol, landed our first kiss not where it was prescribed to be but where we wanted it to!
    Maybe scratches and hickies were not needed after all and that we were supposed to leave marks of our passion on each other's soul, not bodies!
    And those thrusts!
    They were not meant to measure the depth/grip of a vagina or length of a penis but to experience the melting of two physical forms into each other.
    Maybe! next time we wouldn't be so rigid in method rather free flowing in the moment.
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    The First!


  • a_silent_orchestra 14w

    The old and the new.

    You are young today.
    you could walk the earth,
    swim the ocean and soar the sky,
    you know death as an old fable
    "I won't grow old, neither will I die."

    You could conquer the world,
    rip out trees, and blow down houses,
    tear the mountains and drink the river dry
    nothing mightier than thou
    "I am god, and I am invincible."

    The old man that tread your roads,
    often, with small strides, resting every few,
    he is frayed and he is gray,
    he is torned, and wrinkled
    "You old weakling, you disgust me."

    That old weakling of a man reminisces
    it was only yesterday that he was,
    the strongest man to roam the earth,
    and all the women it seemed begged for him,
    "Oh time! what have you made of me?"

    He merely watches him, the old man.
    Weak although, but wise he's been made,
    he knows his fate all too well,
    and of that lion of a man, and he laughs,
    "Roar all while you can, I am you and you are me."

  • tarh_tapung 14w

    Better Lover

    There you are again today
    With the same innocence on your face
    As it was the first time I saw you
    Didn't know you already had someone else

    Not unapparent how u're happy with him
    It's all over the place when he holds your hands
    No reason why I should be telling you this
    No words great enough to defend me

    Chances, you won't even like me back
    Chances, I could never be the better lover
    But I want just to let you know
    How much adorable of a person you are

    The city talks about your kindness
    The flickering diamonds in your eyes
    Unparalleled the way you paved into me
    Nobody else could ever be

  • meraki_riya 14w

    Lent me an ear!!

    Why so silent?? they asked
    This question is irritating me...
    Why am I silent?
    I am not.
    Let me ask you something
    Have you ever listened??

    Have you ever been cut off while talking,
    Or had to stop in the midway as nobody was paying attention,
    Or are you a full time listener??
    Then buddy you may understand me.

    People say the ocean is so silent
    But it's not....you never listened
    If you had, you will be startled by how loud they are..

    I am an ocean,
    that speak through its waves..
    But barely heard as foams ,
    that vanish on arriving the land ..
    I am deep ,that is known only to the ones that delve into...
    I am loud ,For those who were attentive ..

    Let me tell you something
    Lent me an ear


  • sehgall 24w

    Kyun Mere Jesa

    Khubsurt haseen log
    Hzaro kaynaat mein.
    Fir kyun chuna ,Ajnabee musafir
    Tune , mere jesa .

    Na nen naksh kuch khaas hai
    Na baato mein koi baat hai
    Na akal, na surat na bolne ka lehza
    Bata sehgal ......
    Aakhir kyun mere jesa

  • the_intermittent_expressionist 30w

    Why are breasts called titties

  • meraki_riya 33w

    The Hidden Cry

    The earthly smell after the first rainfall on summer will also remind me of you !

    Similar to the hidden seed seeking a chance to share her dark past,
    I am waiting here to share my stories to you.

    Every thunder and the lights gives me a hope that
    you will be arriving soon.

    Yet it feels like years ,for you to come
    And show your mercy upon me.

    My lonely soul is longing for you,
    to tell you my untold stories.

    Come soon and give me your lap,
    so I can relieve myself from the tangled thoughts

    Yearning for you ,alone in this path ,
    For you to wash away my worries and troubles eternally.

  • lifepoetryy 38w

    Kal ek dost ne pucha
    Kaise kar pati ho bharosa
    Itni baar tootne ke baad bhi
    Hum muskura kar bole kya pata
    Shayad tum jaise doston ke wajah se

  • p_thegreatest 40w

    Kehna to bohot kuch tha usse, par,
    Kahin se ye fiza aayi
    Gamon ke baadal sang laayi

  • yash_shivam 44w

    Lost & Found

    I have come to the end
    I struggled and found the dream
    But I lost something unknown
    For which my heart still scream

  • yash_shivam 44w

    Monsoon of Life

    Winds of happiness, Rain of joy
    Petrichor of satisfaction, Enjoy before it cloy.

  • the_intermittent_expressionist 44w

    अब मन नही करता मेरी खिडकी से झाक्ने का,
    क्यूंकि वो जान्ता है सामने वाली में अब तुम नही होंगी।

    जब मन उदासीनता से भर उठता तो अपनी खिडकी का पल्ला हल्का सा हटाके झाक लिया करता था ,
    इस उमीद में के झरोके के उस तरफ तुम होंगी।

    तुमहरी ओर से मोहोब्बत की कोई गुन्जाईष थी नही,
    क्योंकि जो भावनाए थी, मेरी थी और सिर्फ मुझ तक थी ।

    ज़रूरी नही था मेरे लिए कि हर रोज़ तुम्हरा उनमेष दीदार हो,
    अक्सर तुम्हारे कमरे में जल रही लालटेन के उजाले से झरोके पर बनी तम्हारी परछाई से काम चला लिया करता।

    जब जब मौसम करवट लेता और मदमस्त हवा आनंद से कभी मेरी खिडकी से टकराती तो कभी तुमहरी से,
    तो लगता एक दूत की भाँति मेरे मन का संदेश तुम्हारे मन तक पहूंचा रही हो,
    और जो तुम कभी उस बीच मेरी ओर देख कर हल्के से मुस्कुरा देती तो मान लेता मेरा संदेश तुम्हे मिल गया।

    किन्तु अब मौसम करवट तो लेता है, बस तुम नही होती।
    मेरा मन अब उस बन्द झरोके कि भाँति फड़फड़ाता है, अकेले जिस्का शोर उस खली घर में है ।
    मेरी खिडकी पर लगे मेरे एक तर्फा प्रेम के जाले मुझे साफ दिखाई देते है,
    और लगता है की अब वो तभी उतरेगे जब तुम फिर आओगी और उस झरोके को खुद हटाऔगी ।
    तब तक मेरा खाली मन तुम्हारी राह देखेगा।
    - @the_intermittent_expressionist
    #writersnetwork #mirakee #miraquil #jharoka #amateurwriter #thoughtsinwords #penned #beginner

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  • the_intermittent_expressionist 46w


    Trapped within a humongous cage of expectations.
    Legs chained by somebody's limiting beliefs.
    Mastered the art of being an eccendentesiast.
    Wings paralysed by fear of those around us.
    Monophobia no longer a fear as loneliness is the new companion.
    Waiting for the moment of disenthrall.
    Witnessing moonglade and abendrot in awe, wondering if could ever have a piece of it.
    Freedom and dreams now seem sweven.
    We all are caged birds wanting and waiting to be who we are and to live our dreams.

  • jani_love 48w


    Shush yourself, love
    When the said hurt
    Leave it be
    Let the unsaid heal
    That's what we call 'life'

  • houseofnovice 49w


    [Chased that pursuit
    to become that desirable star
    in everyone's eyes;

    Strolled myself miles and miles
    to see myself
    lost in the path full of lies.

    What I am,
    and what I want to do,
    I don't know what's my value and price.

    Cried all night
    till I fall asleep
    to make myself feel nice.

    While folks much younger than I
    are so sorted in the ladder of success
    and they continue to rise;

    And now, I get up after losing
    over one third of my life
    beginning again as a N-O-V-ICE.]

    (#firstpost #firstwrite #firstpoem #trying #learning #writing #novice #beginner #start #absolutebeginner #learntowrite #mirakeeworld #miraquill #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #myfirsttime #myfirstpost)

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    Chased that pursuit
    to become that desirable star
    in everyone's eyes;

    Strolled myself miles and miles
    to see myself
    lost in the path full of lies.

    What I am,
    and what I want to do,
    I don't know what's my value and price.

    Cried all night
    till I fall asleep
    to make myself feel nice.

    While folks much younger than I
    are so sorted in the ladder of success
    and they continue to rise;

    And now, I get up after losing
    over one third of my life
    beginning again as a N-O-V-ICE.


  • enchantedpen 50w

    Make out something which someone claims you cannot.