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    тнαик уσυ @writersnetwork fσя ❤️ & яєρσѕт

    ᒪᗩTᗩ ᗰᗩᑎGESᕼKᗩᖇ...❤️��

    She had awakened the feeling
    of golden voice in the soul
    drenched in deep sorrows.

    Drowned in the depths of
    her voice, gamut had forgotten
    all the pain of dark heart.

    The spring has started to fall,
    thinking lifeless on the ground
    that now how will they swing
    without whose voice had decorated
    the melody of dance in the winds.

    What should I write for her,
    the words of her melodious
    soul used to melt on the unseen
    careless wounds of the heart.

    Perhaps now it will not change
    in the way that even sad faces
    used to be embellished in hue.

    I am afraid to lose myself, but it
    was tempting to get lost in the
    depths of her miraculous voice.

    In the darkness of loneliness,
    the mirror of her voice reflected
    the optimistic light of a lost smile.

    By embracing the soul devoted to
    her vocals, the songs also yearned
    to settle immortally on her tongue.

    Crying in innocence sweetly
    to the heart, she lovingly
    taught the worship of music.


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    तुम मुझे यूं भुला ना पाओगे....
    जब कभी भी सुनोगे गीत मेरे.....
    संग-संग तुम भी गुनगुनाओगे.........

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    тнαик уσυ @miraquill fσя ❤️
    тнαик уσυ @writersnetwork fσя ❤️ & яєρσѕт

    Somewhere, everyone's heart wants
    the beginning of the paused moments again.
    My wounded heart sings the song of light
    even when it is blind
    I thirst for hope even if my end is barren
    I'm dreaming of settling down even if
    every corner is in ruins

    Today again I ignited a pain
    on the kayak of paper
    I laughed out loud carelessly
    and I lit the pain
    You have to love the depths
    of the darkness to get the stars
    Every darkness turns back to
    bring the night back again

    Again the heart cried and said
    Why are you keeping lifeless expectations?
    Why don't you try something?
    If luck is getting merciless,
    call upon the darkness.
    Maybe at some point the sadness will be
    misguided and annoyed with you

    I'm the extinguished ashes of sin,
    the pain rises in me to burn again.
    What is the yearning of rain for you?
    For me every drop is a burning sensation,
    to increase the smoldering of poison.

    I've separated the darkness from life so much.....
    I've given my address to the shadow of sorrow.....


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    What should I complain about the pain?
    Which is a never ending.....beginning.

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    May this #newyear bring innumerable happiness in everyone's life. May everyone be healthy, have fun, keep smiling. May everyone's life be a part of precious moments with family.❤️

    @writersnetwork тнαик уσυ ѕσ мυ¢н fσя тнє яєρσѕт

    T̲h̲a̲N̲K̲ Y̲o̲U̲ S̲o̲ M̲u̲c̲H̲ E̲v̲E̲r̲Y̲o̲N̲e̲��

    May all be well and be well for all

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    I wrote the wish of the soil
    on the sheet of the sky
    Ink of glittering gems was
    written on the sand
    I wished for love
    around the falling autumn
    I have written a taste of light
    in everyone's darkness in my prayers

    I wrote a love letter
    dedicated to the beauty of life
    In my guileless attempt I wrote down
    the failure in the panic part
    No one can ever get injured
    by falling on thorns
    I wrote mother's shadow in front of
    the hardness of every pain

    I wrote thirst for life in the
    vortex of precious breath
    Wrote a shower of success on
    every possible effort
    Try not to be left somewhere
    waiting to be erased
    I smiled again and
    wrote the hope of the destination

    I wrote a request for a pause in the
    changing seasons of life
    I wrote a plea for a lesson
    in every unfinished story
    I wrote a request for a place
    on the velvety ground of clouds
    I wrote the beginning of several
    chapters to welcome this year


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    @writersnetwork Thank you so much for the repost❤️

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    No matter how much I
    get scattered on the path,
    full of thorns in life, every pain
    is dear to me, surrounded by the
    bayonet of your true love

    Your hand is pleasant
    even without ointment,
    on the wounds of my body
    My untold words melt on the
    shadows of your deepest feelings

    What should I blame for
    the limits of my recklessness?
    When you are always with me
    at the changing turns of time

    You are the scream of my pain,
    you are the voice of protest against
    my criticisms.You left the mark of my
    soul on the books of my silent feelings

    You watch and I keep dancing
    on the musical gamut immersed in
    your soul. Even after extinguishing, l
    keep reflecting on the fireworks of
    your unconditional love festival


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    @writersnetwork тнαик уσυ ѕσ мυ¢н fσя тнє яєρσѕт❤️

    Kept on decorating
    Every time I looked sad in the mirror I kept showing my true smile just for the sake of it
    I've seen the fall lost in the love of the rains
    Laughing to amuse the tears, I taught to burn the pain by dipping it in ink

    I have seen a flood of tears on the leaves, but I kept telling myself dew by pretending to be unaware
    I kept telling the sinking sea the magical torrent of pearls
    I have made the stinging stones standing on the edge of life able to sit in the comfort of loneliness
    I silently taught every wound to taste the words of the poem

    And without questions, only his side is the shadow of my every dark step
    I prostrated at every step where the illusion of my destiny lies
    I haven't tried to get back even after leaving myself behind
    But the one who desires to know me has found himself unknown
    But in spite of the shattering sand of life, I teach needs to stay with the times

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    After many nights,
    the fire of sparks hugged me and cried
    But I'm learning to fall in love with the vigor of darkness

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    #questions #mondo
    @writersnetwork Thank you so much for the repost❤️

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    What if
    someone screams in
    pain and burns as an ointment?

    Maybe every punishment has no reason left.

    What if
    after being burnt
    to ashes from a wound?

    Maybe for every wound there is a hand of love.

    Where do
    faces stay for a long
    time even in broken mirrors?

    Maybe the reflection of one's character remains in the eyes.

    What if
    someone caught in the tainted
    pages makes a terrifying screaming voice?

    Maybe someone can find a sympathizer to hear that scream.

    What if
    the sky kisses the ground
    and the raining clouds become mud?

    Maybe what never happened becomes possible.

    What if
    the garden with whom you have
    loved the shadow becomes autumn?

    Maybe in that autumn the flower of two hearts will bloom.

    There is
    no scream in the lap
    of every silence between

    Maybe sometimes the last scream becomes the expression.

    What if
    someone cries after the
    soul's death, leaving it in agony?

    Maybe someone knows some importance after death.

    What happens
    if the person who does not
    achieve life becomes someone after death?

    Maybe in that moment someone will understand life.

    What if
    the person who is destined for
    heaven after longing for love sleeps peacefully?

    Maybe someone falls in love with the loneliness of life and death.

    One who
    is dear yet cannot be
    concerned with the heart

    Maybe one cannot be of love even by drowning in love.

    What if
    every corner of the heart
    becomes a painless stone for someone?

    Maybe in these rituals again some stone becomes God.


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    #epistrophe #love
    @writersnetwork Thank you so much for the repost❤️

    Sometimes I get lost,
    in the feelings of a few words
    Sometimes the heart beats
    in the meetings of a few moments
    Are there questions of first love
    now in your thoughts too?

    I cannot bring the
    expression of love on the lips
    But the heart is lost,
    every moment in his words
    Is there a shower of love on the sad lake
    now in your thoughts too?

    Letters are hidden in books
    surrounded by dry flowers
    Those who are kissing carelessly,
    in the scent of dried roses
    Are there thorns irritating you
    after losing to the rest of the gardeners
    now in your thoughts too?

    Where I used to sleep,
    in the light darkness of the night
    Now I can't even sleep,
    in these deep nights
    Are there clouds of love on the
    rest of the barren heart,
    now in your thoughts too?

    Eyes meet and hide
    in the charm of attraction
    Even the darkness started to live
    in the lamps lit with a smile
    Is there a fire of love in the rest of the spark
    now in your thoughts too?

    Some dreams are falling in the rain of dew,
    surrounded by autumn
    Some dreams are swinging in the
    drunken branches of love
    Is there a colorful sky of the rest of the stars,
    now in your thoughts too?

    Till now I used to see
    my own reflection in the mirror
    Now the face has settled,
    their eyes are in my eyes
    Is the rest of the sacred character of love
    now in your thoughts too?


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    I kept looking for shade
    in the dark till the end
    but you followed my faults
    & made me worthy
    to be remembered
    I still fail to change
    But efforts are
    dominated by the
    intoxication of strength

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    #love #wild
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    @miraquill Thank you so much for POD❤️


    Drops of dew showered on silent poems revived buried feelings
    And the stinging questions of the letters melted by Jasmine's touch
    who got carried away by sentimentality
    and keeping the fantasies alive
    The butterflies were dancing between the petals kissing Jasmine
    In the chill of winter, the little squirrels hid in the mother's lap, waiting for the rays of the sun
    Don't know what, thinking that the sun was just being peeped through the clouds

    Suddenly the words of fantasies stopped flowing and a beautiful reality began to take place in my heart.

    In those cold winds there was a chill in the chirping of birds

    Soon it was evening and the sun with light rays hid peacefully and slept waiting for the next morning.
    I was about to look at the moon when suddenly I left the moon and saw small eyes which were full of innocence.

    In the hope of getting something, moving one hand forward a little, so that nothing should be snatched, the other hand was hiding behind.

    And what do I think... It's like that little squirrel is hiding some precious gem
    When I saw her fist, I could have laughed, but her innocence had settled in my eyes.
    That is why in a moment I understood not only the value of her treasure, but also the value and need of her precious treasure.

    Two peanuts yes just two
    Yes, she has slept hungry many times...but now...she is a mother now, isn't she?
    If you go back like this, what will happen to the hope that has left in the eyes of your children?

    And I... I just kept thinking lost in her innocence

    Then I got up slowly and she was looking at me a bit scared

    Perhaps wanted to say something, so showing two grains of fist, I lowered my hand again.

    I got up and went to the kitchen and picked up a basket of peanuts

    Yes, there was no need to search, I like peanuts so much.

    Now what else can I say, picking up the peanuts, that cute squirrel went to her burrow

    Yes, her burrow was next to the jasmine plant that was my favorite that's why now I'm in love with that cute little squirrel, after all my new little friend had a home near my favorite plant.

    Poetry flows in my soul like a gamut, but the playfulness of that little squirrel keeps tweeting in my heart every moment.

    Every animal existence on this earth whether it is innocent like a squirrel or a fierce hunter like a wild lion


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    Now what do I remember....the moon....or....the sentimentality of those eyes won my heart

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    Thank you so much @writersnetwork for your kind read & repost❤️��

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    A part of me
    is holding back tears
    who keeps on looking for
    a new character to hide pain
    in the fiction of the poems again

    Remember me
    as wind if you do please
    I will change the torrent
    of rain falling in the sea
    The boat will continue to fight
    with the waves & will change the rudder.
    Every terrifying moment will slip out
    of the fist & seek for mercy,
    sand'll keep falling, slowly
    the speed of time
    will change

    I breathe, wait
    and hope with fear
    I long for love with thorns
    in the joyous celebration of
    getting roses. Being wordless
    myself, I hope for magic with a quill

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    @writersnetwork Thank you so much for the ❤️ & repost��

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    I love that word. PEARL
    the ocean that brought the tragedy of
    thousands of tornadoes cannot contain
    that one pearl in itself

    I love that word. LAUGHTER
    that makes you the reason for a
    stranger's precious smile

    I like that word. PATIENCE
    The result of the struggle of the
    eternal breaths of appointed time, which
    makes a symbolic form & creates a
    precious example for ever

    I love that word. DEVOTION
    Who keeps you a part of
    someone's heart's prayers forever

    I love that word. PURE
    The one who keeps your soul precious
    in his own arms in the sight of God,
    even after many splashes of allegation

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    #pod #recipe

    THANK YOU @writersnetwork FOR THE ❤️ & REPOST��
    THANK YOU @miraquill FOR EC❤️

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    RྂEྂCྂIྂPྂEྂ OྂFྂ PྂOྂEྂTྂRྂYྂ

    A bowl full of words
    sprinkle some valuable messages
    Add some moments of
    never-ending unsweetened memories
    Artistically add precious thoughts
    that never spoil like sweet honey
    After cooking in low flame
    with some pieces of ice respite
    under the shadow of kindness
    After serving in a glass bowl
    reflecting the deep meaning
    Your poetry is ready to
    touch the heart
    with memorable taste