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  • thesadweeb 5d


    An outsider I have always been
    I have a talent of pushing everyone away effortlessly
    They did let me stick around
    They were kind to me
    Grateful but kindness doesn't fill the gap when you don't belong, when you are never seen

  • pallavi4 4w


    I was born on a summer’s eve
    In the mind of an ordinary man
    He was delighted by the thought of me
    And carefully around me designed a plan

    He decorated me with frills and fancy
    And chipped away all my rough sides
    In his brain I was next big thing
    To keep me safe he had to hide

    He nurtured me like I was a sapling
    And tweaked me slightly everyday
    And one day he decided that I was
    Ready to be put on display

    Proudly he carried me with him as we went
    To see a friend who would his luck change
    We bounded up the stairs to see him
    And landed in a room that looked oddly strange

    My owner kept his cool as he relayed
    Details about my shape and make
    Seeing the glint in the man’s eyes
    A wave of doubt off himself he did shake

    The man was delighted and seemed glad
    Rejoicing, excitedly they shook hands
    He asked him to come in a few days till then
    He told him, he would put me under a scan

    So off my owner went , entrusting me
    To the man who would change his life
    On reaching home he could barely contain
    His joy, his elation and delight

    A few days later, he went to see his friend
    The one who had me in his care
    He knew he would get a good price for me
    He knew his friend would be fair

    On his arrival his friend refused to see him
    He was told he was out of town
    My owner left feeling dejected till he saw
    Something that turned his dejection into a frown

    Posters of me had been put all over
    I was everywhere to be seen
    His friend had tricked him and stolen me
    And quietly fled the scene

    Who was I to call my owner?
    To whom did I really belong ?
    The person who had given birth to me
    Or the one that had sung me like a song?

    Disheartened that his ticket to a good life
    Had gone to a total waste
    Not only had he lost me, he had lost a friend
    Of the real world he’d finally had a taste

    In the next few days as I gathered momentum
    He went slowly into a depressed state
    Wondering all the while that to be a failure
    Was his destiny or his fate


    10th of November, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • discreetliterature 6w

    Have you ever ...

    Have you ever felt
    how winds are flowing
    Have you ever heard
    how lights are changing
    Have you ever experienced
    the time changing

    Have you ever listened what crowds are talking
    Have you ever thought
    where do you belong
    Have you ever said what words you feel expressing
    Have you ever resolved with a conclusion
    Have you ever achieved
    the peace of mind.

  • nemesis_here 11w


    They say
    Beauty is upon you
    wherever you are
    in all forms
    that you've ever known
    But every time I look around
    why do I feel
    like a misfit
    As if this is
    not where I belong.


  • eleutheromaniac96 12w

    I always wanted to runaway,
    Wanted to know where I belong.
    And now that I've escaped,
    I long for where I came from.


  • sv2882 21w



  • goodiewrites2 24w

    Trend to belong.

    Look at them in them in their glittering attire,
    Oh,my uttermost desire,
    Look at them,having nice hair, shoes, wristwatches and clothes I admire,
    Oh,it will all soon expire.

  • _writer_at_heart_ 24w

    You belong to yourself

    They hurt, they may backstab,
    They lie, they may act mean and leave you distress.
    You cry over such situation,
    You donot take it as a lesson to move on.
    You call sorrow to belong to you at that moment.

    They use, they throw you,
    Like tissue paper.
    They meet, they one day ignore,
    Revealing their priorities matter.
    You regret, you feel alone,
    You donot reconsider who is actually meant for you would stay.
    You call loneliness to belong to you at that moment.

    They do bad, still you do good,
    They hurt, still you stay strong.
    They break promises and your heart,
    You pretend you have a cold heart.
    You think being kind and true was what took you to this downfall !!
    You call ignorance and numbness to belong to you at that moment.

    They misuse, they betray,
    They show cruelty, leaving you wonder why this happened to you.
    You feel yourself scattered,
    You became a fool, you then regret.
    You invite solitude to belong to you at that moment.

    They devasted you, you took it as an experience,
    They and life didn't stood as per your expectations.
    You still carry on with the right wisdom you should have,
    You belong to the peaceful and successful life at every moment.

    the lines can be written on and on,
    about what unwanted things happens with us and the way we then react putting ourselves in a new version ;
    as well as about what unwanted things happens with us and still we move ahead with the right enlightenment we must have.

    So, here we come to a conclusion,
    Which remains illusion unless really followed while taking a decision.

    The right way to deal is to not regret or curse what went wrong,
    Rather you choose where you need to belong,
    along with that ;
    create where you think you should belong.
    You belong to yourself,
    You belong to the history you make & to the choices you make,
    which will influence your present and future.

    You belong to where you create yourself to belong & to the way you keep yourself to belong.
    You belong to what you make yourself to be and to the life you build for you.

    You belong to none, be it living or materialistic object.
    Nor you belong to the flesh of your body which is useless untill there's life in it to sway.
    You belong to yourself,
    Perhaps your soul and the way you mould your mind to live the life you own.

  • bclark2681 24w


    After many a year certain my minds words
    Were weak and unworthy of devouring,
    I finally feel that I belong along side all the
    Poets pouring their heart and essence into
    Beautifully orchestrated articulations

  • serrated_ink 24w


    I borrowed a handful of blue sky from my last lover and safeguarded it, as mine..
    I thought, "WE created"
    a W0RLD of 0UR DESIRES and
    a KINGD0M of 0UR L0VE, beneath that blue sky..

    But now,
    when i look back to the fading memories of my last love, I realize, the lesson it taught to my sour soul, has changed my perspective towards life..
    My last love taught me that,
    I belong to my little happy sphere,
    to the people I love, to the people who loves me back..
    To the haters giving more power to me, to grow more, to conquer the heights..

    Now I feel, I never borrowed his part of the blue sky,
    rather lived beneath my dark starry night welkin, under which
    "I created"
    a W0RLD of MY CH0ICES and
    a QUEEND0M of SELF-L0VE..

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  • _writer_at_heart_ 24w

    You belong where you want to keep yourself

    Create where you belong,
    But for that,
    Know where you belong.

  • stellaire_mystique 25w

    Yes I once Lived In A Paradise
    Where entering through gate was just all about your changing fate...
    Where settling down felt like everything is about to drown...
    Where meeting people was just my bucket list crown...
    Where eating food were just not the part of our appetite goals...
    Where changing moments were just the part of driving through roles...
    Where sleep cycle was never on its chains...
    Where 3 AM felt like 3 PM..&..3 PM like 3 AM...
    Where time was never the part of our moody desires...
    Where changing clothes was never the only attire...
    Where peaks of the mountains never let me felt like all alone...
    Where frienemis were all about those bombing drones...
    Where walking through crowd felt like the telepathy of eons...
    Where wishing about something was like package of crayons...
    Where being judged by your round witnesses were always about pros and cons...
    Where part of me was never okay around those morons...
    Where being understood by someone was as simple as a structure of photons...
    Where waking up every day was as similar as felt like roses with throns...
    Where surviving through days felt like a tons of scorn...
    Where being nice always comes with a price of dice...
    Yes I once lived in a paradise...
    Where I still wished to be belong just Upright...!!!


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    *Yes!! | Ønce Lived In A ₱aradise...*
    'Read the caption'

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 27w


    The time that when I spend with the inner me,
    when the dust of chaos rests in the tranquil silence,
    wanes like the moon, the mist of perplexity,
    when I am only mine, the moment I truly live, in essence.

    Foam of worries surface on the waves of thoughts hitting me hard,
    like a phoenix I burn and emerge endlessly, thinking what's in my card,
    dams of smiles I hold intact all day long to be pleasant,
    floods my pillow with tears when sharp razor like moon light causes a dent.

    The crochet of dreams I weave all day with utmost care,
    nights I spend to detangle the knots caused by my fate,
    trying to not lose the needles of hope and prayers,
    asking him to shield me, safeguard me from my dream-slayers

    This Is the time when I feel I stand in front of my creator,
    to present the petals of confession and gratitude in his feet, the ultimate emperor,
    when I question myself about the real worth of what I achieved as a defeater,
    scaling with what I lost in the battle, my happiness, my peace, my temper.

    It's the time where I let my bounded self to carelessly wander,
    in the lanes of past where Chrysanthemums of my youth still didn't wither,
    till the chariots of dreams ride my soul back to the roads of present,
    So that rest of the night in the world of sub consciousness, can be spent.

    *Reshma kausar Mohideen.*

    *Insta Handle: sword_of_word_86*


    EMAIL ID - reshma.kausar86@gmail.com

    INSTA ID- sword_of_word_86

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  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 27w


    Have you ever seen something extremely enormous?
    stooping down gracefully in search of the drops of solace,
    to fetch a kiss from it's mirror image, the heavenly gorgeous,
    though they can't touch each other, but they seem to embrace.

    Striving since ages, they cease to forego or surrender,
    they agitate, sometimes in form of cyclones or quakes, sometimes as lightening or thunder,
    but the tales of their love are least spoken about or narrated,
    the mirage of their amalgamation, the skies and oceans, I fall for, is the most underrated.

    Their love is pious and pure, exquisitely scenic is the illusion,
    to be beheld in astonishment, is their collision, their unison,
    painting the wall of eternity with the message of love even in distance,
    that can survive without the sense of touch, is only true love, in essence.


    EMAIL ID - reshma.kausar86@gmail.com

    INSTA ID- sword_of_word_86

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  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 27w


    Let me narrate an interesting tale about a peacock,
    the one who dwells within the Empyreal lock,
    the one who has gracefully crossed the rainbow bridge,
    the one who dances ecstatically when leaks the cloudy fridge.

    The hues it splashes allure the dullen ashy carpet,
    where fairies walk on ethereal ramp while thunders blow the trumpet,
    vibrant purple and radiant green fall like perfectly articulated arcs,
    rich blue with mellow yellow gets arrayed, the collusion of celestial quarks.

    The unicorns that serve the angels from cloud to cloud, which slide,
    hold tints and shades of variant hues on their neck, with utmost pride,
    when they race with speed, coloured hair that flips and tosses,
    splashing the colours like mild crimson and tangerine, the welkin glosses.

    The mermaids that dip and dive, playing with the heavenly waves,
    with glittery lustrous mien, scintillating the expanse caves,
    when emerge out of the oceans to sense the tranquil breeze,
    emanating the hues orange and red, lengthy hair when they fling and squeeze.

    *Reshma kausar Mohideen.*

    *Insta Handle: sword_of_word_86.*


    EMAIL ID - reshma.kausar86@gmail.com

    INSTA ID- sword_of_word_86

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  • puranidiary 27w

    Whoever scribble scar of silence to make life brighter
    Adoring the hurdles with hopenotes is a true writer..

    Just a try.... ��
    @writersnetwork .... ��ok maybe a read..
    #writers #pod #wod #dailychallenges #belong #canvasc
    @mirakee ��

    @inked_selenophile @fromwitchpen @lovesmessenger @anautumnleaf ... Hehe i tried to include your username above.. ��ik it sounds silly.. But thanku for being my constant..

    ..... Will be active here in bits &pieces for now i will enjoy my kitkat break... :-)

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    My soul a silent story dressed up in writer's robe
    Rhythm of muse all muffled often masked in mob

    My ink flows free like brook on withered page
    Carrying sediment of life settle down its rage

    On canvas of emotions with brushes of valour
    I paint love on faded facet of heart to turn it lover

    I glitter splashes of pain in my scribbled fury
    Spaces between syllables screams my life story

    Amidst storm of memories that tickles my bone
    I scrawl terrifying truths on terra of lies all alone

    Often i hide in shield of synonyms in daylight hour
    So i pour love for stars in my magical metaphors

    Coffin of crumbled love often splits smilies of fire
    I collect pearl of tears to extinguish burning desire

    Some read my bleeding verses and title me freak
    I shut those echo in line breaks & let my eye speak

    Over the years of dwelling my days in this crowd
    I write hopenotes of silence to broken heart around

    Some days i potray shiny moon adoring its scars
    Some days i seize autumn leaves in ink for decor

    threads of peace provides shattered soul a stitch
    Words Alike protective charms casted by witch

    For part of crowd my tales acts as love messenger
    For some mere a paragraph written by a stranger

    Some call it love ballads crumbled in poetic art
    Some call it mere pieces of writer's broken heart

    My quill giggles in verses, poems and soulful song
    exist as writer everywhere, but only to few i belong

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 28w

    Earth is a garden of mysteries every bloom bears a secretive root,
    Lying below the Earth of histories, sciences striving endlessly to uproot.
    A divine power exists in multiple sheilds,
    Supreme than humans in all the feilds,
    The celestial bodies solely belongs to him,
    Keeper of all the secrets, creator of all the mysteries,
    Glory to the ultimate power, the supreme - the owner of endless victories!

    *Reshma kausar Mohideen.*

    *Insta Handle: sword_of_word_86.*

    EMAIL ID - reshma.kausar86@gmail.com

    INSTA ID- sword_of_word_86

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  • akshiwrites 32w


    Only if one could realize
    the soul doesn't necessarily
    belongs where it stays

  • amysticalmess 33w


    Longing for a home,
    A home, that I was.
    Now I don't belong,
    I am someone else.


  • ruen_roven 25w

    Even after decades,
    An Ancient keys never complaint
    Of eternal pause.
    But only longed-for,
    To arrange the fragment bliss.
    In Chase of
    'To who it's belong?'