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  • puchka 23w

    I was your arm candy
    I was that hen which
    lay the golden egg
    Your bed mate to satiate
    Your nurse to care for your health
    Did I ever belong?

  • vangelis 23w

    _��You don't belong here��_

    Oh kind hearts, hear me out for I say-
    you belong to somewhere but not here .
    Here is no fit for you to not get hurt
    for this world is too dark and muddy.
    Time floats away leaving the last traces
    of good deeds that sinks in the sand
    brimming the hearts and mixing up
    all the light and dark that we've got.
    People forget that they belong to
    each other and about the mortal life
    that even looking back won't help you
    to feel the sence of belonging and love.
    Oh kind hearts,
    Build a barricade around your soft heart-
    and protect it from the deeds of this world
    Throw kindness around like confetti but
    stay away from the thrones of the red rose.

    ��Just an attempt.....May remove this later.....
    #belongc @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    You don't belong here.

    You belong to where you can be you.

  • shreyakharel 23w

    I borrowed a handful of blue sky
    from my last lover,
    Trying to seek that cerulean comfort
    even after he's gone.
    Things were not still covered,
    those confidential wispers still
    revolved round my ears ,
    The thunder treasured in it ,
    was throwing me away.

    His details were still being flipped
    on my journals
    But,the clouds of possibilities were
    now coming as rain,hammering me with pain.
    I looked into that hope being destroyed
    so effortlessly,
    So, i tried comforting myself that
    i was never there, purposely.
    Planting roses amd lilies on someone's heart
    is always at risk,
    when you are so 'not' known of the weather
    and your conditions for your survival .
    I was gulping so hard emotions ,over my pillow,
    And again standing strong ,to fit down below.

    I released that hand when i discovered ,
    that his part of the sky was not my part
    to cover ..

    #baypoetry #mirakee #heartsprouted
    @mrgrey @swaying_pen @writersbay @bayou_tink @poetryandpauses

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    My part to cover



  • asteroidxae 23w


    I belong to the sunny side
    of the western wind
    to the untamed tantrums
    of dachshunds around butterflies
    the still smirk of ranch houses
    to the thin layers of amber sun
    gentle sway of hazel leaves
    while fairy flosses drift aloft
    I belong to a windswept cove
    of thickened honeysuckles
    the smell of a river at dawn
    waken to ceaseless shorebirds
    and vagabond dragonflies
    licorice and cloves in kisses
    that melts like Bach on a violin
    I belong to the salty serenades
    of fishermen in a tavern
    singing carols to fleeting sardines
    sailing santiago to mighty marlins
    and low hum of lutes in a paradise
    I belong to the endless pirouette
    of a heartbroken ballerina
    silken threads in her sweeping tulle
    the glissading bumblebees
    of van Gogh's wheatfield
    tuscan yellows on a flying trapeze
    and summer hues in bougainvilleas
    I belong to the scent of cinnamon
    flown over a chimney bay
    as the street mantles fluid lamps
    to ashen oaks on a wintry dusk
    fainted chortle of sleepy children
    to feeble jokes in a supper table
    I belong to tinged memories
    growing old like clustered pansies,
    like melted saccharides in coffee
    you'll feel me there, when I'm gone.


    #belongc #wod #freeflow @writersbay @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Would you be that clapping kid
    for my boring circus?


  • alextheft 23w

    How did I react when I got an empty gift box?

    I got one at my birthday,
    No specific prank to smell,
    But it sat on my lap,
    Quietly and hell...
    I felt like crushing it
    And the one who made it past,
    But in humble gamble of curtseys
    My memory didn't outlast,
    When all were gone
    So, was the sweet girl act,
    I ripped open the box,
    Scavenging infact,
    Written inside were words,
    And then there were from my heart,
    "Cheap, bastard"
    As I tore the side apart,
    It said, "Angry, you must be.."
    Go on, " I send you something with intent,
    A small space from my space,
    Where you can scream and vent"
    Yes, I was angry but,
    "Everytime I see you,
    It struck me that you have everything,
    And what you don't, you have no clue,
    What would I pleasure you with,
    A vintage book set or an expensive ink,
    Don't you already have it?
    But you pretend, that your favorite colour is pink,
    Which is not true
    And that you love gowns, a lie,
    You love to fence more,
    And I know you want to drive,
    I want to gift you the reality,
    This isn't where you belong,
    And this cardboard is your heart,
    Rip it all you want and hide it under the veil,
    But then find the pieces,
    The real pieces you made of your heart,
    Let the edges bleed the fear,
    And start,
    Again." The next thing I did
    Was perhaps stupid,
    I tore the box and dumped it,
    Gone were the words of the cupid,
    With the corpses of the gowns,
    I so hated, all the dumb things that I bought,
    I kept them out of my house,
    To be stolen or to rot,
    The cupid was right,
    But next time I recieve an empty one,
    I would burn it first
    Then saying, "Welcome".

  • the_speccy_outsider 23w

    Love like silence is sometimes too comforting, especially when you have been subject to chaotic wars in past, glimpses of which still find the road towards your memories and knock vehemently. There are some memories that make the past pristine and then there are some that leave a scar.

    There are myriad of fallacies that make you doubt everything. Even though you are amidst your loved ones, in a safe environment, living a healthy lifestyle, still you'll be intimidated by a probability of receiving a call from misfortune. You'll fear death; you'll fear accident or injury; you'll fear disease; you'll fear loss or insolvency; and so on it spirals.

    When cobwebs sit on optimism for too long then it is hard to clean them for their ferociousness is alluring. It beguiles you towards making you feel that there is no destination. That this eternal abyss of doubt is where you belong.

    But the most effective cure there is on a nightmare like this is Love! Pure, genuine and heartfelt love. Love has the power to bring back confidence; to lessen the impact of depression; to heal someone from paining anxiety; to put a smile on a face that had lost happiness; to show hope when all one could feel is melancholia; to stich up a scar that never ceases to bleed.

    Love is often misconstrued on the connotations for romanticism. But love doesn't have any classifications. It can be from parents, siblings, cousins, friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, idols, well-wishers, or even strangers.

    Find love and cherish it, embrace it in every way possible for only love will get you out of everything wrong you find. And it'll cuddle you in its warmth, ensuring you that everything will be alright. Justifying its status as a cure.


    #choose #prose #roadc #belongc

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    I borrowed
    a handful of blue sky
    from my last lover
    and found a tiny cloud
    filled with love
    that rained hope and optimism
    as a cure for
    eradicating the draught of misery

  • kennedy_williams 23w

    The difference between the history and the future is that you got to see today

  • _writer_at_heart_ 23w

    You belong to yourself

    They hurt, they may backstab,
    They lie, they may act mean and leave you distress.
    You cry over such situation,
    You donot take it as a lesson to move on.
    You call sorrow to belong to you at that moment.

    They use, they throw you,
    Like tissue paper.
    They meet, they one day ignore,
    Revealing their priorities matter.
    You regret, you feel alone,
    You donot reconsider who is actually meant for you would stay.
    You call loneliness to belong to you at that moment.

    They do bad, still you do good,
    They hurt, still you stay strong.
    They break promises and your heart,
    You pretend you have a cold heart.
    You think being kind and true was what took you to this downfall !!
    You call ignorance and numbness to belong to you at that moment.

    They misuse, they betray,
    They show cruelty, leaving you wonder why this happened to you.
    You feel yourself scattered,
    You became a fool, you then regret.
    You invite solitude to belong to you at that moment.

    They devasted you, you took it as an experience,
    They and life didn't stood as per your expectations.
    You still carry on with the right wisdom you should have,
    You belong to the peaceful and successful life at every moment.

    the lines can be written on and on,
    about what unwanted things happens with us and the way we then react putting ourselves in a new version ;
    as well as about what unwanted things happens with us and still we move ahead with the right enlightenment we must have.

    So, here we come to a conclusion,
    Which remains illusion unless really followed while taking a decision.

    The right way to deal is to not regret or curse what went wrong,
    Rather you choose where you need to belong,
    along with that ;
    create where you think you should belong.
    You belong to yourself,
    You belong to the history you make & to the choices you make,
    which will influence your present and future.

    You belong to where you create yourself to belong & to the way you keep yourself to belong.
    You belong to what you make yourself to be and to the life you build for you.

    You belong to none, be it living or materialistic object.
    Nor you belong to the flesh of your body which is useless untill there's life in it to sway.
    You belong to yourself,
    Perhaps your soul and the way you mould your mind to live the life you own.

  • antarraal 23w

    #choose #belongc #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersnetwark #ceesreposts

    Love like silence is sometimes too comforting especially when you have been subject to chaotic wars in the past.

    When let alone the body even the soul is mangled by pain, gnawed by distrust and hammered by depression, love comes not as saviour but a friend who doesn't judge.

    Not the bright rays of sun but a streak of light from the cloud of angst to assure you that you are not alone. Like an old worn out shawl, love wraps you in warmth, gently kissing the temples to soak away the constant throbbing.

    No words are uttered, yet it knows when to move away. And in those moments you beg, plead and beseech every god across the multiverse that let this love belong to you.

    What to do, sometimes I literally look forward to your like and you don't even bother and days when I just let my words flow without thinking you grace it with your appreciation. Thanks a bunch for the �� WN and also the EC.
    And each of you who read and liked and who didn't. I am trying to do better.

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    ...love comes not as saviour
    but a friend who doesn't judge.


  • shruti_25904 23w

    I belong to those who have real hearts
    I repel them who shape their hearts time to time
    In my heart of butterflies, there will be definitely a special corner
    Meant for someone special who belongs only to me...

  • bonitasarahbabu 23w

    I belong to the universe,
    My flaws and all, they belong to it.
    My mistakes have been forgiven,
    And the tears have all been collected.
    It is a reminder of good that will come,
    At the final destination, I will forever belong.

  • bclark2681 23w


    After many a year certain my minds words
    Were weak and unworthy of devouring,
    I finally feel that I belong along side all the
    Poets pouring their heart and essence into
    Beautifully orchestrated articulations

  • serrated_ink 23w


    I borrowed a handful of blue sky from my last lover and safeguarded it, as mine..
    I thought, "WE created"
    a W0RLD of 0UR DESIRES and
    a KINGD0M of 0UR L0VE, beneath that blue sky..

    But now,
    when i look back to the fading memories of my last love, I realize, the lesson it taught to my sour soul, has changed my perspective towards life..
    My last love taught me that,
    I belong to my little happy sphere,
    to the people I love, to the people who loves me back..
    To the haters giving more power to me, to grow more, to conquer the heights..

    Now I feel, I never borrowed his part of the blue sky,
    rather lived beneath my dark starry night welkin, under which
    "I created"
    a W0RLD of MY CH0ICES and
    a QUEEND0M of SELF-L0VE..

    #prose #belongc #wod #pod #belong #lalawrites #lastlove #love #selflove #self #writersbay #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #miraquill #mirakee


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    Make sure your





  • wilmaneels1 23w

    You don't belong here
    This road of self-loathing
    It is not a gift
    Who are you presenting it to?
    You are just hurting yourself no one else

  • kamala_kammu 23w

    While trying to keep calm
    I isolate myself in a dark box
    But to be frank
    I doesn't belong there
    I belongs to own self
    Where there is no one to judge
    Or criticize my own thoughts
    I belong to my story
    Where I an the leading role

  • writers_ink_ 23w

    You belong inside me somewhere between the locked corner of my fragile heart, buried deep inside my soul

  • _celena_ 23w

    I borrowed a handful of sky from my last lover as soon as i realized we cant share the same one at the same time. We both made mistakes without the intent to hurt any one. We lost n found each other in the time but maybe it wasnt right.

    Singing elegy of my broken heart I feel its like an abandonded star. There was a time u lit my heart but soon after it burnt with our memories. The scars are still there but all healed. I try to hide them behind my pessimistic smile and a cold stoned heart who isnt ready at all to let his guard down. Now I find solace in my melancholy, I can have the sky for myself without worrying for anyone else.

    They say "sky is the limit" which literally means "its unlimited" but when it unlimited we have to share it with unlimited people for unlimited times. I really wish if only I could borrow a handful of sky that just belongs to me just to let my guard down.



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    if only I could
    borrow a
    handful of sky
    just to let my
    guard down.


  • consequences 23w

    Not so much into proses. Tried.
    @writersbay #belongc #prose

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    A cup of espresso love

    I borrowed a handful of blue sky from my last love and shreds from my roseate hued glass, and threw an attempt at sewing them together, only to find that the home she once was, was just a cluster of mirage. The apricot skies start shedding tears and mourn in silence only to know that there's a void gulping me down to chaos' heaven.

    I still watch sunrises alone, holding bouquets of hopes that the shores will take away all of her misunderstandings along with those tides which never knew the bounds of love and time. I wait, and I will never cease to. Till then, I'll continue watching movies of the regretted past with my scars and sing them how they were birthed out of miseries.

    I might shed a tear or two, but I'll keep count of them until she comes, so that when we write poesies back together, we can write my count on how many warriors rained down to sacrifice those salty misunderstandings betwixt themselves.

    We belonged to places we never knew would become homes. And it feels bittersweet to know that we built them in ourselves. I repeat, bittersweet.

    ©consequences -- 22/06/21

  • ishikaaggarwal 23w


    It’s the wings which soar high,
    Not the birds,
    But they still get the liberty to fly,
    Because it was them who developed the wings.

    Similarly, we must mould our own wings,
    Which will be unique from all,
    But the ones which will take the highest leap while enjoying flings,
    So strong that not a crack shall occur, far from a fall.

    Our wings must be how we like it,
    Ignoring all others’ interests, but accepting all encouragement.
    Including our hobbies, our likes, but also lamps of accomplishments to be lit,
    Remembering all this, our wings will be formed with a garnish of commitment.

    Our wings are manufactured in the schools,
    Where we learn, experiment and relish,
    After fifteen years these wings are strengthened, embellished with jewels,
    So formed to take us where be belong, the gateway to bliss.

    With our wings furnished,
    We are ready to become soaring birds
    Which never forget to be earnest,
    Who work to be remembered as an inspiration and not cowards.

    But for them to be impenetrable,
    We must be sincere, dedicated and respectful
    Towards the work which will make our name reputable,
    So we are grateful and never regretful nor resentful.

    It is important for us to pay attention to all mistakes,
    And learn from them as to never repeat but always succeed.
    To always move up a step and not to stumble upon one, learn to stay awake,
    And apply these while modelling your wings and surely you’ll lead!


  • manasaa 23w

    Different people watch the same sky, but perceive different sunsets. And these perspectives vary according to circumstances they are in. Nothing is right, nothing is wrong♡

    @say_me_krish I'm sorry, couldn't participate in your challenge but this piece is inspired by your challenge prompt for me. Dedicating to you��

    Thank you everyone who asked me to write. You guys helped me to come out of writersblock��


    @writersnetwork Thank you, your honor❤

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    Feelings and sunsets

    To that heart which pumps love,
    the sun seems to sink in infinity
    of love; as sun kisses horizon
    its cheeks turn blushing red sky.

    To a teen dejected by love, playing
    heartbreak songs in loop, it seems
    the vagabond sun never meets the
    horizon, it gets lost into emptiness.

    The sun treads towards destination
    of unknown distance, still radiates
    bright yellow. A passionate man
    holding hope, smiles at the similarity.

    A person with hollow heart, where
    feelings don't belong, stares at sky.
    sun crossing the horizon is just
    another monotonous phenomena.

    A lonely lad envies at how the
    isolated sun sheds its insecurity
    in the horizon, to be in friendly
    company of constellations at night.

    Sun falls into abyss, loses its shine.
    Takes a pause, only to rise anew
    with fiery rays. A person hit by failure
    admires the motivational sunset.

    A moribund man sighs at the sun.
    Wrapped by blues just like his body,
    Sun too seeks relief. And its escape
    from blue sky, leads to, the end.

    As the sun meets horizon,
    myriad of human hearts become
    spectactors of their own feelings
    showcased in the sky shades.