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  • archanadhivar 29w

    I love his special day.

    It's not fair when your favourite person doesn't pick your call on his birthday.
    Damn, i waited for this time from so long, I called at 12:00am but unfortunately denied.
    Ugh this hurts like a hell, for that special person in your life.
    Boom, he called me after an hour & I said happy birthday and again he disconnected the call saying thank you! may be he is more happy with his friends.
    It hurts but i love you.


  • operaetta 181w

    J' adore mon amie

    J'aime mon ami
    J'aime la façon dont les yeux de mon ami me rappellent la mer et le ciel
    J'aime la façon dont mon ami ne recule jamais et ne ment jamais
    J'aime la façon dont elle suit son coeur pas une pensée ou une inquiétude dans son esprit
    J'aime la façon dont elle rêve, imagine le monde et le transforme en art ou en histoire
    J'aime la façon dont elle transforme chaque jour en un voyage passionnant
    J'aime la façon dont elle a de la compassion pour la nature et de l'empathie pour les autres
    J'adore son sourire, ses imperfections parfaites, j'aime qu'elle soit le soleil et que je suis la lune, un grand équilibre dont elle assure que personne n'est jamais dans son ombre ni dans l'ombre de la leur, car mon ami est unique et mon le nom d'un ami est Charlotte

  • unexplored_avenue 181w

    Just wrote this bit for the most wonderful person I've ever met, and ofc! The reason behind my smile, 'coz her name brings a smile on my lips - The best junior I've ever had, the one and only "Khushi Surana" ������
    #friendship #awesomeness #poetry #bestpersonever @himasikta @thecliche @shreyavolety @samarthdubey20 @rokriva @p_r_a_d_y How's this?? And, if anyone wants me to dedicate a poem to you, please lemme know. Together let's celebrate these beautiful moments !!!

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    Khuda kasm

    Arz Kiya hai

    "Imaan se bolthe hai hum apne azeez lafzon ko,

    Imaan se bolthe hai hum apne azeez lafzon ko...

    Inshallah aapki tareef mein phesh karte hai hum inn shayrion ko...

    Padh lijye

    Mere inn panktiyon ko,

    Kya pata Kal-

    Hum rahe na baatein kehne ko??"

  • nyctophiles_ink 193w

    Travelling is something that is more exciting if you have a best travel partner.
    #smiley #bestpersonever

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    "Lover or Runaways?" Asked the person sitting on the adjacent seat in the train.

    "No, Travellers busy making memories and stories to share" They replied looking into each other's eyes with excitement.


  • suv_mishra 229w

    Hey you

    Pura din ajj apke khayalon me bita hei
    Fir bhi app yadon se jate nehi...
    Ham sirf apke yadon me guum he
    Fir bhi lagta he ye sapna adhura nehi...
    App beshak hamare nehi he...
    Fir v apko khone ka dar dil se jati nehi

    Nindia ati nehi per sapne jati nehi...
    Bate hoti nehi ham khamosh rehte nehi...
    Nazar apse milti nehi per dekhne se man bharti nehi.
    Narazgi tham ti nehi... muskurahat chhupti nehi....
    Rona to bahat bar ayi he..apke nam ki anshun nikalti nehi....
    Mehsus hote ho app ... per apna banane ka haq hame he nehin
    Apse bahat dur hone ke baad v
    lagta he ki ap hamse ab dur he nehi...

    Hame aur hamare ye nadan dil ko ab app hi bataye???
    Iss ehsas ko ham kya naam de?

    Ye bas pyar ka ek hasin ehsas he ya apke liye hamare dil me jo paglon wala beshumar sacha pyar he???

  • ankit__ 264w

    No one can change
    a person
    But a person can be
    the reason
    someone changes