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  • omikaposam 60w

    Caught in between.
    #caughtinbetween #between

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    Between Someday and One day,
    Between Expectations and Acceptions,
    They lost their lives.


  • miracle_with_pen 60w

    "The Fine line between you and me is ego"

  • burried_thoughts 64w

    Between truth and lie
    I kept on running
    Between I and me
    I kept on struggling
    Between reality and fantasy
    I kept on juggling
    Is this the memories from the past that eats me up from within?
    or the currents of my own manifestations that drowns me down?
    What is this that keeps on bouncing back every time I threw away?
    Why am i pinned between these two unable to choose?
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    #between #uncertain #uncertaintimes #uncertainity
    #fluctuating #imagination #createdworld #desperate
    #memories #past

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    Why am i pinned between these two unable to choose?

  • hk55555 70w

    # love #life #between # stand by # drop #helping # me # self worth # God # wound #battle

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    Love & Life

    I am standing in between love & life
    Love keep tempting me
    But life always fascinating me
    At one side you pretend as waiting for me
    On other side my self worth firmly stand by
    If I choose you I drop me
    If I choose my self worth I lose you
    I lovè you more than my life
    But I adore myself more than God
    You gave me wound
    But myself worth heal that wound
    You left me in dark
    But my self worth show me the light
    You gave me the poison
    But my self worth is my only cure
    If I choose you love will win
    But my self worth will lose the battle of life
    You said you will always be with me
    But in hard time my self worth is only keeping me
    I am standing in between love & life

  • nerdnotreally 72w


    I am dying
    Rooted in the doorway
    Not crying
    Not breathing nor sighing

    Dead the draught
    Feet planted blue
    I'm trying not
    To think of you

    How it feels
    I resist
    Your digging heels

    I, the careless void
    So jolly and carefree
    Lonely as I am
    I won't succumb to thee

    Tis toes that feel it most
    But in the soul
    It takes a host

    I am it and it is me
    Between them though
    This heart it bleeds

    To help them slide and ease the grate
    Dark red drips
    To lubricate

    Between the joy the darkest thought
    I find myself
    In doorways caught


  • bclark2681 76w


    My soul became lost
    Between the darkness
    Of life that I keep catered
    And the lightness of love
    That nourishes my life

  • geshna 81w

    Knowing and believing are two different zones .
    I am trying to jump on the believing zone.
    Every time I try to jump on it,
    I got stuck somewhere in between.

  • vaibhavgupta05 85w

    Somewhere b/w(part-3)

    Somewhere between
    Shouting out on her in the public
    To Correcting her in private,
    We all men grew up

  • shrihari_nandini 89w

    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #govinda #shri #vishnu #darkness #light #war #between #myself #and #mind #come #lord #plead #request #terminate #distress


    Come before the Dark falls
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Come my Lord of matchless charm
    Fill me in your embrace which is warm
    Let me be a magnet to your feet
    And worry further not for my heaps of sins
    Come Oh Murare, vanquisher of my sigh
    Come before my darkness sings me a lullaby

    Oh Lord who measured the skies and the earth
    Infinity times who took various births
    You are birthless, yet you come for the poor
    You are the helper of the helpless in despair
    Come for me too, much dark is this night
    Come before my darkness sings me a lullaby

    When Partha lost his way, in the battlefield
    Out of grief, he approached your lotus feet
    When Vibhishan came, grieved by his brother
    You caressed the forsaken like a loving Mother
    Your feet are approached always by the wise
    Come before my darkness sings me a lullaby

    You took Rukmini at once, when she called you
    Only you are fit to be approached by hearts which are true
    I am a fallen one, my heart is fraught with lies
    Oh Merciful, still kindly heed to my plight!
    Come before my darkness sings me a lullaby

    My Lord above all, the child of Dashratha
    You are well known as Apath Bandhava*
    Your glories are our treasure, your feet are our life
    Pray make me a servant, to those elixir sans pride
    Come before my darkness sings me a lullaby

    *Aapath/Aapadh Bandhava means one who gets us out of our troubles and problems.

    If in this life, my darkness comes before he does to protect me, I will sleep surrounded in the darkness deprived of the light he is. If I am not able to see him before my eyes close in the darkness I have always been, my life, my each breath would be worthless, if he doesn't hear my plead to save me from this darkness, I don't know when next would I get a human birth to contemplate on him.

    This human birth is very very precious, use it wisely to sing his praise and come out of darkness for when it ends, you never know when you will be human again and be able to approach him for no other being can do devotion like a human until and unless he is graced by ShriBhagwan or ShriVaishnavas themselves.

    ✿ �������� ����������������! �������� ������������������������������! ✿

    �������������� ������������: To the original owner
    ���� ������ ��������������: ShriKrishna

    ���������������� ���������� ������! ��

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    Come before the Dark falls

    By ShriHari Nandini

  • a14desire 92w


    sometimes I am divine ,
    sometimes I am devil .
    I myself do not know
    which one I am.

  • _orlitt 94w

    Is it?
    What if the skipped lines holds the most important question or required answer.
    #stories #between #thelines #skippedparts #oflife

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    Between lines

    Some stories gets more interesting by time,
    induces readers to skip lines
    to know the denouement soon,
    Thinking that abandoned lines are negligible.
    But is it?

  • thewritinghelianthus 97w

    In between.

    I cannot recall the day I was born,

    nor would I try,

    to see my parents smile,

    to a whiny little cry.

    Life began long way back,

    what we await is the edge,

    and in between is where we live,

    where destinies take their pledge.

    We start off strong,

    the end is where we all fall,

    but it's the in between where,

    souls cripple and crawl.

    The between is where I am,

    where all you can do is wait,

    the work is done, fruits ripened,

    all the rights belonging to fate.

    I can foresee the trench,

    of happiness or melancholy I cannot say,

    but over the uncertain finale,

    in between is where I'd like to stay.



  • prakaskprabhu 98w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Nature

    #nature #mirakee #writersnetwork #unreplaceable #undeniable #living #reside #between

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    Nature a unreplaceable undeniable living thing that reside between us

  • watermelonn 101w


    Between "do it now" and "everything in good time"
    Between the "right moment" and "when are you finally ready?"
    Between "maturation processes" and the "nerve of the time"
    Between "quick results" and "stories for the ages".
    I am somewhere lost.

  • shrutipanjwani 105w

    Somewhere between seeking permission from Father, Brother, Husband, Relatives, and society, Countless dreams of women have been destroyed.

  • arunpandiansiva 109w

    Communication makes some mutual understanding between people.

    Understanding always earns good respect, companionship, friendship, love and many other.

    It will leads to great success as a group or squads in life.


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    Better communication - Achieve a great success

    In life communication makes some mutual understanding.

    Mutual understanding earns friendship, companionship and respect.

    And finally it gets good results to succeed as a squad in life.

  • nivyaangelin 110w

    Between scars,
    between cries,
    between people,
    I still hope
    for you.

  • zamscott 114w

    I don't want to have to choose between your eyes and my smile

  • elys_f2 119w


    It's not easy to clash with yourself
    "Constant correction"


  • sanchari_karmakar 120w

    How do I forget that there were only three steps of difference between us and while you took two steps closer, I took one step back avoiding your gaze too afraid if I'd looked at your pool of eyes, the fishes I'd been raising in the pond of my mind would jump into yours and I'd be found out.