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  • absynth 66w

    a (trans/sent)ient conversation

    "I think solitude is a state while loneliness is a condition."
    She said once during a transient conversation.
    That made me ponder about the difference between the two
    And seek some clues in the cyclical moodswings of Autumn
    Who reigns as a queen, a ruler supreme
    Over the earth in short bursts
    With a hand on the armrest of death and another on that of rebirth
    While seated in all glory on a throne of detritus.

    The invisible crown she wears
    Rustles in the air and encircles her head
    Without touching it
    Unlike the hearts she breaks
    Into shards of cliches
    with her brutal ways
    And never apologizes for it.
    She never stays back long enough
    To reveal the essence of her true nature,
    That's really clever of her
    To keep the mortals busy with renewal.

    If she had mastered the art of solitude,
    then she wouldn't be back,
    Busy enjoying the perks of privacy
    Behind the yellowing walls of her perennial palace.
    That leaves us to believe that she seeks the approval
    Of every falling leaf and promises them another chance to be green;
    An agreement which Autumn signs with ease
    onto the paper of the passing breeze.

    The search for our roots is a lonely pursuit
    While holding onto them imbues solitude
    And transient conversations like these
    Are drops of dew
    That add bits of clarity to our points of view,
    Baptising the withering cherry blossoms and maple leaves
    lying in the laps of empty park benches
    Then dusting them away with the meandering zephyr's broomstick.
    When the brunettes, blondes, auburns and greys-
    All blend into the same soil,
    Autumn shows us some colorful ways
    To paint the transience of life.