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    The comfortable bickering after a long simple smiled silences are the best phase.
    Fights sometimes are really a good solution

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    Bickering and berating life can't distinguish what's wrong and what's right.
    What's all the commotion about, let's find out.
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    Berating and bickering

    The only thing I regret,
    Is to forgive and forget,
    It's no wonder, I be on my own,
    Sowing the seeds that I've grown,

    Into the plants of cologne that smell nice and warm,
    Where am I supposed to go from here on now?

    I loudly squeal silence in quiet space,
    I hate to overthink and not overthink to hate,
    Sad and depressed, not laughing at jests,
    Habits are messed, having lack of interests,

    A lot of the truth is exaggerated I guess,
    But out of the clues I leak like gas, in jests,
    I write whatever I couldn't ingest,
    listening to my guts, I processed,
    The idea, that I'm exasperated to rest.

    Emotions flowing like a river,
    And I'm In a motion of a rowing nowhere,
    I come to a point where I standing still, barely holding,
    Myself, and not being able to drink water out of the ocean.

    I fight and strive for my rightful pride,
    But I die inside everytime I sigh and hide,
    And lurk from the dark shadows which emerge,
    From the depth of desolation it's only the tip of the iceberg.

    One after the other,
    We all laugh or suffer,
    One way or ther other,
    Life never buffers,

    It's a cycle which is perpetual,
    Life is a match of eternal dual,
    Between these two, besides,
    there is no in betweens,
    You either stay happy,
    Or completely be blown to smithereens.

    Looking back I could notice,
    It's not pictures or emotions,
    Everything's been atrocious.
    Every hope has been hopeless,
    And disappointing as well.

    Like the past, present and future tense of hurt is no different,
    Whatever the case is, I get the same treatment.
    But I'm not here to complain about me,
    But to address the reality.

    I had lots of words poured for you,
    Thoughts and prayers adored and glued,
    To you and no one else around,
    I wrote alot, more than I ever could count,
    Even the thoughts were undeniably alot.

    More than just mere thinking,
    I expressed without fear, blinking,
    Within a span of a second,
    everything suddenly went extinctive.

    Whether it is hard and inconvenient, Or smart and efficiently sufficient, It feels like an empty space of time It's quiet outside, no signs of life!

    Everyday, every minute, nothing to interact,
    The precisions get infinite and inexact.
    One minute I'm motivated, The other minute I'm not,
    I get sick of decisions to which I don't stick.
    I probably fail to admit,
    What's the truth and what's a myth.


  • near_and_far_ 70w

    Leaves rustles in the wind. They bickers with the wind for waking them up from their peaceful slumber.

    Once the wind passes they doze of again, only to be woken up unceremoniously by the wind.

    The wind playfully disturbs its companion. For the wind, the life is ever lasting. He knows a time will come when he will have to carry the leaf to the earth, for its final slumber.

    He just want to ensure that the leaves lived a full life before the sleep.

  • nish_adaya 144w

    What's there to overthink about others talking about me outside???
    I can't even deal with this damn inner voice bickering 24*7 inside my head!