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  • dhrumilmurawala 2w

    A Little Bird In A Cage

    A little bird in a cage, pondered everyday,
    Why can’t I fly, to see the plethora of things away.
    Why does my foe human does this to me,
    Nowadays, I always contemplate how to flee.

    How I wish to be with my friends, whom I used to meet,
    Flying and playing gracefully in this scorching heat.
    Then perching on huge trees’ branches,
    Singing cheerfully and amusing by the peacock’s dances.

    Why does mankind snatch away my freedom,
    And though demoralizing, let me out seldom.
    I see the flowing rivers and the gleaming sun,
    Oh! How I wish to rejuvenate myself with the outside fun.

    Why are intellectual fools so unjust to me?
    Oh God! Stop all these please!
    I remember the things I thought to do when I was a brood,
    But now, ambitioning over them is no good.

    Nowadays, I am feeling all lethargy,
    The All-Seeking, why don’t you see this tragedy.
    Is freedom to my brethren even existing?
    I have started seeing my mirror of memories misting.

    Alas! A man cannot understand the pain and plight of me,
    Though I am in trouble, sob, or whatever it may be.
    Should I accustom myself to this till I wizen,
    Or can I flutter away contentedly, far away, towards the horizon.


  • akshay_vasu 2w

    Death and the bird

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    Death wouldn't be able to meet that bird until it kept singing. And that bird has been singing since time immemorial.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • spontaneous_flow_of_emotion 2w

    Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year. May this year fulfill all your dreams. May there be success at every turn of your life.
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    Mind your step in spring
    Daffodils will swing
    Birds will sing
    Happiness wildflowers will bring

  • theillustriousone 2w

    Free Bird

    Permit me little bird to sing with you a duet;
    Your song gives me wings to soar with you to escape my earthly ties.
    Permit me little bird this simple request;
    So that I too may be free like you


  • akshay_vasu 4w

    Learning to love

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    He had to learn to love himself first to love that bird. And he had to learn to love that bird more than himself, to stay in love with it.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • vini_mundra 4w

    The Hard Rock

    The hard rock in my rough storm,
    A humble soul in a mighty form!
    Holding a deep place in my heart,
    You took my breath away in every part!
    I could have never stood at the place I am today,
    Keeping my every fear at bay!

    Thank you is a small word,
    You turned me into a chirping bird!
    Hugging you virtually with all my love,
    Rising in emotions high and above!


  • pinkfloyduwu 4w

    Let have some rest, you had toil hard from the day you have first wept, you who've eaten half moss and dirt ridden food — so come here sit beside me try this heavenly food in front of me — and don't be afraid no one will hurt you. Sometimes I wish to be a bird— on the highest of trees or mountains I have as a residence and looking down I will laugh at these pitiful people busy with nothingness, ostracised by both hell and heaven and then I will fly—fly not till I weight up the heaven itself and then I have slept with little of what my life remained; the whole heaven as a room and God be my caretaker and my falling feathers then has charred the grassy lands.

  • akshay_vasu 5w

    I met the same bird after many years. But I couldn't see it the way it was. All I could do was to see it through the memories of it, which had etched into my soul and had changed the shapes with time. It hadn't aged a bit. It had four magnificent wings. The stars shone through its eyes the same way I had witnessed when I had met it the first time. Its presence still took my breath away. Probably even more intensely than it had on the first time. For the entire world, that bird was nothing, but my memories had turned it into something that this creation would never understand.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • porcupine 6w

    May be an eagle

    Over in the tree
    It looks to me
    An eagle I see
    But correct me
    If it may be
    Another birdy

  • porcupine 6w

    Bird in the sky

    I would like to be
    A bird in the sky
    Anywhere I could fly

    I would like to see
    Other birds around
    And make all the bird sounds

    I would like to meet
    Different types of birds
    Of ones that I've never heard

    I would like to know
    What the birds think
    When they are having a drink

    I would like to dream
    Things birds would wish for
    Seeds and nuts forevermore?

    I would like to glide
    Through the air so gracefully
    With the wind on me so gently

    I would like to thank
    All of the many many birds
    Because you really are the word

  • alextheft 6w

    There is a canary that I know,
    She perches over my rooftop,
    Every weekend,
    She arrives nevertheless,
    The twigs
    Had I been poetic,
    Maybe to see me, but no,
    She searched for her scattered beliefs,
    In rainy, in sunny,
    In all terrains,
    In the scatters of my rooftop,
    The unusual bird
    Of yellow colour
    Perches over top
    And within.


  • porcupine 6w

    A hawk

    A few days ago
    Perched in a tree
    A majestic creature
    A hawk is what we seen

    A red tailed hawk
    Is what we suspect
    Silently searching
    Any movement he detects

    Kind of a large bird
    Blue Jay's take offense
    Flying very close
    Objecting his presence

    Hawks are beautiful
    Graceful and accurate
    A very lovely animal
    That I would love to pet

  • porcupine 12w

    A Blue Jay

    I see over on the yard
    Looking to his left
    A Blue Jay right there
    But what he is watching
    Is anybody's guess

  • harsh77 14w

    People keep saying holy shit and holy crap
    Baby if you're the bird i am your bird trap

  • rika_28 14w

    Can I throwing out the burden in my chest?
    Kick it away so I can get that rest
    Got a space in my brain that constantly in a mess fest
    Tear apart what's drown me so I can free from these conquest

    Playing normal to make it sane
    Playing crazy to balance the pressure
    Playing dumb to make it easier
    Playing smart to get used

    Fly, fly, fly
    Let the bird go out of the cage
    Fly, fly, fly
    Let the bird sing her song with a pride
    Fly, fly, fly
    Cut the bound from the bird
    Fly, fly, fly
    Let she find her missed nest
    Fly, fly, fly
    She keep flying to the east

    ©Rika Febrianti

  • _barbie__ 14w

    Kisi shaqs ne kaha hai,

    “Ke use aazad rakhna
    Agr tumhara tha to zarur lautenge
    Aur agr nhi lauta to vo tumhara kbhi tha hi nhi"

    Isme thoda personal experience bhi hai��,so I totally agree with it✌️

    #yakeen #bird #insaan #life #restrictions

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    Rishte aur parinde aazad hi achhe lagte hai
    Kyunki jahan yakeen hota hai wahan bandishe nhi hoti

  • akshay_vasu 15w

    The bird, its soul, and its songs

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    The bird that existed inside me wouldn't sing with me. The bird that existed inside me wouldn't stay with my soul. One day I stole its soul and placed that in the darkest corner of my world. The only way that the bird connected to its soul was through the song that it had learned from its soul. Hearing the same song, the bird arrived near its soul in search of it. And the moment it arrived, I began ripping off my bones one after the other and planted them around it. And once it was caged completely, the lights were lit. The bird and my soul were on a stage, and its soul was outside the cage made of my bones. The only way that bird could reach its soul was by teaching all the songs it had learned till now, to my soul too. It has been teaching me all the songs it knows to my soul since then. It has been singing with my soul since then. But it never looks at my soul while singing. All it stares at is its own soul, which seeks it too.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • madinah_writes 16w

    This poem talks about people, wishing to be in another country, finding better posture and forgetting their hometown instead of appreciating what they have. The bird represents life, rain represents unexpected help we get in difficult situations.

    Sometimes, our wish to get back home is always a narrow escape from the hands of death.

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    12: 14 p.m.

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    The Fish And It's Wish

    I wander in this loneliness like a fish,
    Flying in the depts of it's sea-like sky.
    As it flows to make a wish,
    To get outside, to fly.

    Wishing to be a bird,
    It peeps a little, a little higher.
    Just then, a bird eats it's head,
    It's breathe cuts, a little shorter.

    Nature sings, death calls.
    Life swings, and it falls.
    Almost eaten by the bird.
    The tree bows, shooting arrows,
    Rain pools, then it fled.
    Leaving the fish in a lake, so narrow.
    The fish again made a wish.
    To be home, not as someone's dish.

    Stretching for it's life;
    Tossing it's head to make another breathe.
    Along side the glance of the ocean, it strive.
    But scared if it was the sky, laying wide and blue, or the sea.
    Lost in the travel of life is the fish.
    Wanting to make a wish.

  • akshay_vasu 16w

    To kill those birds, they threw the cages into a burning pyre. But rather than burning the birds, the fire burnt just the cages around them. And the birds just flew towards their freedom.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • pallavi4 16w


    I broke a wing in the heart of spring
    Several seasons ago
    Forever it stalled my willingness to sing
    Rendering me helpless and full of woe

    A painful spring and summer passed
    With me perched quietly on a tree
    I sat and stared at the blue skies vast
    Until the days became a blur for me

    My broken wing began to slowly heal
    In the midst of ripe mangoes and sweet lichees
    I was conflicted about what I should feel
    And those thoughts kept me busy

    As summer passed and the monsoons rolled in
    I was forced to find shelter in a stranger’s nest
    Whether or not I should take my wing out for a spin
    I figured a little more time I’d give it rest

    Autumn came and my beloved tree
    Went from green to a gorgeous gold
    There seemed to be no surprises for me
    The days passed by me and simply rolled

    In a quest to heal my broken wing
    I turned myself completely inert
    Falling leaves I thought a new day would bring
    And hopefully finally heal my now imaginary hurt

    With the onset of winter my fellow mates
    Decided to fly to warmer grounds
    With my stubbornness I sealed my fate
    And was left alone with no one around

    This was the first winter I ever saw
    It was cold and white and beautiful
    I wholly froze right down to my claws
    Blaming my friends for having done the inexcusable

    I turned into an icicle in the snow
    Simply because I refused to heal
    Even though my wing was broken no more
    In my plight I let out pitiful squeals

    The inability to fly away like I should’ve caused
    Denial and discontentment to come and stay
    My life came to a permanent pause
    With the loss of my life that day


    25th of September, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner - Robbin II By Karl Mar

    Thank you @mirakee for EC 🥰

    #wod #personification #heal #bird #seasons @writersnetwork #miraquill #MirakeeWorld #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill #pallavi_editors_choice

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