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  • thelonesurvivor 14w

    Ever happened with you
    That you cried on your birthday
    And its like every year ritual.


  • _kartikeya_mishra_ 37w

    My birthday

    It's my Birthday like a blur day
    And at same time good vibe ,sorrow in my blood Eh!
    Good Vibes for everyone good to me this day
    Sorrow increases as near ...the end of day
    Party party...party... hbd to me ... let's say
    Not have dance floor but sound on eh
    Birthday on 1st may
    Negativity nay nay...
    Cool cool vay dance on hay
    Want join ....say happy birthday
    Kartikeya ....
    Wanna dance with me! No-one is my bae
    Let me settle in life like a clay
    Cake! Gimme knife let I slay! Ae..

  • wannabecreative 40w

    Uhmmm...so Niti, it's your birthday, huh? Being formal with you is so hard �� so, I'll not even try��

    Today, let's revisit the past... let's re-live the journey...shall we?
    Let's start starting se... how we meet here, I remember you were reading that types of mirakeeans wali series aur usmai you said ki maine aapko Malhar_ ki post k comments mai dekha tha... and I was like ye lo, ho gaya izzat ka kabada...meri image toh ladakin wali hi bani hogi�� aur tune kaha haa, vaisi hi bani h�� (matlab aise muh par koun bolta h? ��)
    Phir waha se start hua jaan pehchaan ka silsila... Aur I remember wo beautiful travelogue series jo tune likhi thi...usko padh kar I felt ki I've known you long enough... and I realised how sweet, real, optimistic, simple yet beautiful girl you are❣️ phir kya...phir maine tujhe apne dosti k jaal mai fasana start kiya �� par main khud hi fas gai��
    Sab sahi ja raha tha par phir madam ji gayab ho gai... �� iss zalim zamane mai akela chhod gai mujhe �� uske baad kafi intezar karwane ke baad aai...aur phir se pawri shuru ho gai �� And they lived happily ever after...

    Aur inn sab k bich...kai yaade bini jo kabhi bhula nhi paaugi�� iss bholi bhali, masum chehre k piche ka shaitan bhi dikha �� matlab puri duniya k nazar mai toh ohohohohohoho pucho hi mat, par asal mai gundi nikali tu toh... sarcasm ki devi ��
    kuch galtiyan bhi ki maine, jinka regret ab tak h aur aage bhi rahega (you know what I am saying) ��

    Anyyyywayzzz... it's your birthday, so only happy memories today!
    Genuinely, you are one of the most genuine person ever...like EVER! And I appreciate you being a part of my life soooo much! ❤️

    Aaaannnnddd! you are officially the brand ambassador of �� ! Matlab tune mujhe '��' ki lat laga di thi!! �� it's really dangerous...you know that right?

    There are so many memories together and you have secured a special, beautiful, sparkling place in my heart ��
    And you are as beautiful as your art is! Please never let the artist inside you die cause you are such a gifted person �� I am forever a big fan of your unique writing style... you have the power to describe events so smoothly, effortlessly and beautifully ki lagta h ki aankho k samne ho rha h!

    Wait a min.... Did I wish you? hehe��

    Happy wala Birthday Chupki! ��✨��✨
    May you get all the happiness and blessings in the world...and everything/everyone your heart desires ❣️

    Ab, main tere liye birthday song gaaugi! Yayyyy!
    *ahem ahem*
    ��Baby baby baby, hey! ×3��
    �� Baby ka h birthday bash! ��
    �� Daddy daddy daddy, daddy! ×2��
    �� Daddy se chura k wo, goa jak---- �� yeh galat gana ho gaya ����

    Gana wana chhod dete h... Gift par aate h...
    Tera gift bahut bada h... tujhe saal bhar k liye mauka milta h ludo mai sabse pehle colour select karne ka!!����������

    Once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY @nitiagrawal ! ��
    All I want to say is... 19 saal ki ho gai h...ab toh badi ho ja��

    #Chupki #awwwterahappybirthday #happybirthdaybabykibaby #birthdaypost #babykahbirthdaybash

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  • shamli_mali 41w

    Sometimes being busy is the best feeling in the world


  • abyash 46w

    Human! O Human!!
    always discontent or with a Frown?!

    Few Criticize while some misjudge
    Some hurt while few hold a grudge

    Ill- treat or Retreat resulting in Resent and arguement
    'we just said and there was no such intent'

    how can we say we follow Sunnah,
    while we unknowingly commit simple gunaah??

    Emotions that dwell in every corner of my heart,
    Aren't they the very reason of this subvert?

    We slumber in our simple deeds but in vain
    only if we knew we are being taught to learn from the pain

    I neither have the solution nor do i know what'll happen tomorrow
    but Indeed my Lord will guide me way out of this sorrow

    there will always be how in every aspect
    it's all upto someone to style one's life in every perspect
    to gain the Lord's honour not disrespect.

    Be it prosperity or adversity,
    All praise and due to The One who knows your sincerity.

    with pain there's gain
    learn only patience one can sustain.

    I fear 'The Day' when every being shall be asked
    "How have you spent your days till the hour last?"

    I fear it now, but I do know even more,
    When The Trumpet will be blown for the coming of The Hour.

    I shall stand for my turn to face The Creator,
    nothing will come to rescue,
    But the deeds alone be my saviour.

    make the link between you and your Lord is so simple
    that once you connect with Him, He corrects our mingle!

    Let me pledge to follow, for 'the best teacher' has already left a legacy behind,
    Only in the Sacred Book and Sunnah' will the lost peace be found and primed.

    so be happy and content for nothing is permanent,
    except the deeds done right are going to be 'The Final Determinant'.

  • abyash 48w

    The Hour

    Emotions that dwell in every corner of my heart,
    Aren't they the very reason of this subvert?

    I fear 'The Day' when every being shall be asked
    "How have you spent your days till the hour last?"

    I fear it now, but I do know even more,
    When The Trumpet will be blown for the coming of The Hour.

    I shall stand for my turn to face The Creator,
    nothing will come to rescue,
    But the deeds alone be my saviour.

    Let me pledge to follow, for 'the best teacher' has already left a legacy behind,
    Only in the Sacred Book and Sunnah' will the lost peace be found and primed.


  • sachinjeswani 49w

    Feelings are never linear
    one day they are cherishing
    and other days its close to perishing.


  • mariateresa 58w

    Happy birthday to me as I turn 43.....The number 43 stands for success in all areas of life, the one achieved by hard work, strong will and patience, but also with great understanding, knowledge and nobility. Number 43 is a lucky angel number. If you see this number regularly, it is a good omen, so it goes. Here's my flow��

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    Another journey around the sun

    Another year has come and gone
    Bringing joy, inner peace and a complete transformation
    So many layers have been peeled
    Revealing soulful essense, a free spirit so real
    More comfortable than ever in my skin
    Once shy, detached with the fear I would never win
    Now confident, powerfully embracing destiny's direction
    Becoming, constantly evolving while soul takes flight
    Welcome 43, shining so bright
    Everything has come together and feels just right
    Bowing my head in gratitude and love
    Creating the life of my dreams before I am done
    Looking forward to what's to come down the road
    Walking onward, renewed with bountiful blessings bestowed

  • nikita_fernandes17 66w


    For I was turning nineteen
    A beautiful life of teen I have seen
    Nineteen seems common to all
    But not for me at all
    Looking back at all the hardship
    Done back these year's trip
    Life has its own magic
    As it leaves us in points so tragic
    Be patient with life treat it good
    And life will give you the best livelihood
    Entering the nineteen with hope
    Hey! Last teen year lots of LOVE!

  • divyat_kaavish 70w


    मेरी उम्र रही होगी यहीं कुछ ढाई-तीन बरस की जब मैं माँ की गोद में बैठ स्लेट पर कुछ यूँ ही बना रही थी। मुझे जिस पल लगता कि चित्र बन गया, मैं उसी पल पीछे पलट माँ का चेहरा देखती.. वो स्लेट देखतीं और हँस के धीरे से कुछ कहती। मैं ज़ोर से हँस कर संतुष्टी के साथ वापिस से स्लेट पर कुछ बनाने लगती।
    वो क्या कहती थी, मैं क्या पूछती थी, यह मुझे याद नहीं। बस याद है तो उनकी मुसकुराहट जो मेरे होने के यथार्थ को सार्थक करती थी।
    खैर, जैसे - जैसे मैं बड़ी होने लगी माँ को कम ही हँसते या निश्चिंत देखती थी। सुबह उठते ही चौके की दौड़, पौने दस बजते ही कॉलेज के लिए रवाना... हमारे होर्मवर्क, घर के काम, चौका बर्तन, और फिर थक-हार कर सो जाना। इसमें संयुक्त परिवार और जीवन के थपेड़ों का तड़का आप अलग से लगा दीजिए। स्वाभाविक है कि मशीन की तरह मशीन का ही काम करना शोभा देता है, इंसान का नहीं। नतीजतन माँ बेहद बीमार रहने लगी। कम उम्र में ही दुनिया भर के रोगों ने उन्हें जकड़ लिया।
    चेहरे पर झुर्रियों से ले कर, सिर पर पक रहे बालों तक के सफ़र में उन्होंने कब अपने ख्वाब, अपनी पहचान, अपने तौर-तरीकों को पराया ठहरा दिया, यह उन्हें खुद भी याद नहीं। खैर, ग्यारह साल के बाद कोरोना के सौजन्य से हम तीनों इकट्ठे बीते एक महीने से (इतने लम्बे समय के लिए) घर पर माँ और पापा के साथ हैं। माँ बिमार तो अब भी रहतीं हैं पर वो अब इतमिनान में भी दिखती हैं। चाय की फरमाइश पापा से या मुझसे करतीं हैं, पकवान का आदेश छुटंकी को देतीं हैं। आखिरकार, माँ इस उम्र में अपने हिसाब से रहतीं हैं। अपने समय पर उठतीं हैं, जब दिल करता है सोतीं हैं, गेम्स खेलतीं हैं और रोज़ शाम को चश्मा लगा कर पूरी तन्मयता से हिन्दी वर्ग-पहेली (crossword) पूरा करतीं हैं। फिर यूँ ही कभी दबे पाँव मेरे बचपन वाली उनकी हँसी जब उनके चेहरे पर आती है तो मुझे वैसी ही संतुष्टी मिलती है जैसे बरसों पहले उनकी ही गोद में बैठी, स्लेट पर गोज रही नन्हीं सी चित्रकार को मिलती थी। मेरी उसी मुकम्मल-ए-जहाँ को जन्मदिन की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं!
    ©whispering_waves (काविश)

  • sweedle 78w

    I know I was supposed to write it poetically but I couldn't. Sorry about that ! But thanks for tagging me and reminding me of this wonderful date @lovenotes_from_carolyn

    A very happy birthday to you @mirakee

    #sweedledsouza #cees_hbm_chall #birthdaypost #happybirthday #mirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork #pod #wod #letters

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    A letter to the birthday kid

    Dearest Mirakee,

    I wish you the happiest birthday today. You turn four and I turned three about hundred and sixty one weeks ago. (That's when I started writing on this platform) I had no idea how to present my work, whether it was to use a simple hashtag or tag someone's name who would take time to read what I wrote. I looked at the other writers gaining likes and followers with envy and kept questioning my abilities (I was a naive child who didn't know that you don't need to write to impress but only express) . A lot of times I wanted to leave but you didn't let me, you held me close and pushed me to work harder on my skills and keep writing. And then when I wrote a short story about Paper , my post was liked and reposted so many times, strangers wishing me nothing but the best and encouraging me to write such stories and since then I didn't look back and went on to write my first book , all because of you. I have been irregular in between but that doesn't mean I have forgotten you. Thank you for making me watch my reflection in the mirror with pride and satisfaction.

    Loads of love,

    © Sweedle

  • lockhart_red 79w

    Just her

    She is the one that made me
    And makes me forever
    I'm a part of her
    But I'm her life
    Those honey drop eyes
    under the sunrays
    I am her projection
    She is my nature
    My mother


  • sona_ali14 86w

    To my bestie ❤️ 10 years of frienship�� ,#birthdaypost,#happybirthday

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    Story of two souls

    One of the friend wrote this as.........., Specially to you said by her(frnd) , met at 4th stdbut no more together ,after years again a day cames and life gives another opportunity to them , become friends and then Close friends and more then a sisters ‍❤️‍they understand each others have a good bond and faith they walk every night alone in road with holding hands some potato fights cracking silly jokes among themselves whole family knows how close they were.after years, life separates them,she is on her way and another also☹️,but their love towards them never ever ends they met once a year but that day becoms special and favourite for them still they are friends ❤️ she calls "hey moon" and she calls" hey star".

    "They are some certain people who makes world better ,they chosen as bestiess..........................."

    Love you.........❤️

    by your,
    Cute one❣️

  • theundefined 99w

    Let today be the reminder of tomorrow's opportunities, and tomorrow be the propeller of future triumphs.


  • feelings_unlimited 117w

    Hundreds of wishes..
    Loads of gifts..
    But still..
    His "Happy Birthday" is missed

  • ekjaamzindagi 119w


    મારા દિવસો નો દિવાકાર તું,
    ને રાતો નો છે શણગાર તું.,
    તુંજથી જ છે મુંજની શ્વાસો,
    મારા હ્રદય ની ધબકાર તું.

    મારા સપના કરે સાકાર તું,
    ને હકીકત નો છે આકાર તું.,
    તુંજથી જ છે મુંજની દુનિયા,
    મારા જીવન નો આધાર તું.

    ©પ્રાંજુલ મિશ્રા

  • aroon94 124w

    Peru enamo santhosh kannan reddy
    Ana panre vella lam arjun reddy
    Purinjavanuku puriyatha puthiru
    Puriyala naa ivaru oru sevuru ⬛

    Ags la irukumothu ivaru oru borewellu ⛲
    Ana ipo Pattai thitiye athena vin porvaalu

    Vaela nu vantha kaatuvaan verithanam
    Athunala avan peru epovum therikanum .

    Mothathula solla pona sokka thangam
    Ana irupaan ithuku theva illadha villangam
    Konjam perula irukura sonthasatha anubavi
    Usuru kuduthu panra vaelaiku oru alavu veiyi .

  • _shree 135w

    HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY SG ����������������������
    MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY ������������������������ @mushaaiir

    #writersnetwork #birthdaypost @nikhilincredible @jignaa @roli_1312 @feelingsbywords @feelingnotsowhole @flow_143 @med_echo @prernaanmol

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    हर पन्नों में ज़िन्दगी भर देते हो

    स्याही का रंग तो एक ही होता है,
    अल्फ़ाज़ सुनहरे कर देते हो

    हल्की हँसी,चेहरे पर जिज्ञाषा,
    ढृढ़ता से हर मन मोह लेते हो

    सदा खुश रहो आप,तरक़्क़ी से
    भरा हो हर "वर्ष" अपार,
    भर जाए दुआओ से अपका संसार।


  • meyisang 135w

    To my person....
    I wish I could remember the first time we met or have a visual of it. I'm sure it must have been dramatic and epic. A bond formed when I was maybe a tiny nebula in my mother's womb and you, mewling in your mother's arms.
    The way we connect with each other could make even the Siamese twins twice shy.
    You have always been there for me. Listening to my bickerings, comforting me through my heartbreaks whilst cussing and cursing to make me feel better.(if one were to look at our chats one would think you're a serial killer. Haha)
    Being patient with my dramatic self and sometimes my brat-like erratic attitude.
    You have always wanted the best for me. Always worried about me. Always thinking about my well-being.
    What more can I ask from a person?
    You are my package from heaven carefully curated and beautifully created.
    I remain forever grateful and thankful for this day more than any other day. I don't know what have I ever done to deserve a person like you. To call you my person. My soul sister. My motivational speaker. My counsellor.
    And as you cross another milestone I pray to the heavens to bless you and to shower you with His choicest blessings. I pray that you achieve all your dreams and be happy wherever you go. I pray that you find,nothing less than love that would love you back fiercely like you do. Because you deserve it all and more.
    I love you so much. More than words can describe.

  • nitya_1204 145w

    When you wanted to come in my
    I allowed you because i knew that
    You would'nt fall in love with someone
    And your heart will not start beating for someone else
    Without informing me....
    And i know i will not let you feel that
    I still love someone else and i even
    Know that you would treat me better than
    He did.....