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  • yoyoshatalkswalksnrocks_ 13w

    I don't fit in these streams of people
    I don't like this straight of a path
    I don't love one or the other of the genders
    I don't love genders, I love people.

    Gay I have been in my happy musings everyday
    Gay I have been in my plays with dolls everyday
    Straight I have been in my friendship on the first school day
    Straight I have been in my family's plans for my marriage everyday

    But alone I have been for a long time hell
    But alone as a couple I have been loving my parts everyday
    But lone I have been in my path to preach love
    But lone I have been in my identity of none.

    #love #selflove #gay #straight #bisexual #one #oneself #couple #anaphora #wod

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    The bisexual couple of oneness


  • jennau 16w

    Brown Eyes

    Once upon a time 
    There was you and I
    A combination so sublime 
    A time I will not deny 
    Breath stolen from my chest
    The moment you caught my eye 
    I knew I had jus been blessed 
    Your gaze vast as the sky 
    I stood there mesmerized 
    Afraid to look away 
    Aware I would be scrutinized 
    Yet there I stood in that hallway 
    Where our story began 
    With just a paper and pen 
    There was no game plan 
    Only just to see you again

  • lilweavy 32w


    Still at night
    For a light

    no...but something
    of the blind mans wing

  • rishabhpal22 51w

    If I'm Born in Nazareth

    If I'm born in Nazareth
    If I claim to be the Son of God
    You'll know my name, you'll know what it takes
    To call oneself the Son of God
    If three bearded men came over
    And left me with their pride
    You'll know my name, you'll know what it takes
    To be living, to nurse pride

    If I walked on water
    If I kissed the wounds you hurl at me in hatred
    You'll know my name, you'll know what it takes
    To live past your puny hatred
    If I ever had an epiphany
    I'd gift you a sonnet, or a hundred and fifty four
    You'll know my name then, you'll know what it takes
    To stand before you, to be what you call a whore

    If I lead you to the end of the rainbow
    And you thank for saving you again
    You'll know my name for sure, you'll know what it takes
    To swallow your words, and to love you in vain

    If I'm ever born in Nazareth
    When the downtown traffic hits hard in Calgary
    In a manger gawked at by a million stares
    Hawked at, balked at
    By a dozen puppet players

    You'll know my name again, you'll know what it takes
    To wear this Crown of Thorns
    To bear this wooden cross


  • trayii 62w

    Yes I am in love with my self
    And I am so happy
    My shine like a sun
    My body like a star
    Because my mother is like a moon
    even she's more beautiful than moon
    When I put roses on my hair
    & I put dots on my forehead
    I look so beautiful like my mother
    When i dance with ghungroo tie in my feet
    It is as if a bird has got freedom
    from the cage after years
    When i sit in front of the mirror
    So mirror tells me
    You have a lot of power
    You have a word that
    you can makeup yourself
    Then after that mirror
    starts flirt me.…...
    With the scent of roses,
    and the sound of ghungroo
    Breaking all the partiality of the society,
    make my own place,
    where my existence is the most beautiful.
    I am a boy by birth
    but my soul that is a girl who is very beautiful
    Because not necessarily
    A women is not born only in a women's body
    Some women are born in a man's body

  • preeti_paromita_ 64w


    A blueberry dress so majestically draped
    She aligned to his light embrace
    Danced under the tender moonbeams,
    Rhythmic blues, slow moves
    Clumsy yet sophisticated grace.
    Inclined to her ecstasy,
    Dawned upon me a bizarre tranquility
    Suddenly the heart claims the same sorcery.

    I shouldn't be like this.
    Wrong! They say it is.

    As souls drew close,
    Warm breathes, a kiss so soft.
    Her knight in shining armour, he is!
    Oh how I yearn the pleasure,
    Of her moist lips.
    Perhaps dissipate in her radiant eyes,
    Seize her in my soul, maybe!

    I shouldn't be like this.
    Wrong! They say it is.

    On the wedding day,
    Standing on the aisle beside her
    Flowers clutched tight, maid to be.
    Same rampant thirst upsurged me.
    The vows that we never took
    Kisses unprecedented, fates undestined
    Shall I regret?
    What it is!
    And What could've been.

    I shouldn't be like this.
    Wrong! They say it is.


  • ciara1 92w

    I Have A Dirty Heart and A Beautiful Soul

    I have a dirty heart
    Of lust,
    A hurt soul from
    my past life
    Everyone has a past,
    I have a beautiful soul
    At encouraging people, writing tons of poetry,
    advice poems and writing good books,
    Yet I have a dirty heart of
    Sin for women I see out on the streets, on apps,
    Through any platforms.
    When I see a woman who I am
    attracted too, I undress them with my lustful eyes,
    I have a dirty heart.
    A woman can wear a dark robe or dress like a man,
    I still will undress her beneath
    The covered robe,
    I admit it,
    I am a bisexual woman,
    I long for men, but I lust for
    Any woman I talk to who I am attracted too, I see them sexually, but I know
    How how to control my urges.
    I have a beautiful soul
    praying everyday, studying Gods words, doing meditations,
    But yet I have a dirty heart of
    Hunger for women soft breasts,
    And want every peace of their bodies,
    I have a beautiful heart of
    Treating people with kindness,
    Happiness, outspoken and all about keeping the peace, but my heart is so dirty that I
    Have deep sexual urges for women.
    I may look like a pure straight woman, but honestly I am not. If I can't accept who I am, than I can't accept anyone who is like me.
    Always accept and support the LGBT communities.

    © All Rights Reserved


  • ciara1 92w

    The Heart of Being In Love With
    Someone I Didn't Know

    Someone handsome came one day i hardly even knew physically, came into my
    Life out of the blue,
    That I hardly even knew.
    Who was this man?
    This man was talked among
    My mother,
    She told me, Ciara, Me and your aunts found you someone
    Who could be your lover.
    Who is this man?
    my family told me, Ciara, we
    found this man at a pizza
    joint who is handsome.
    Well, how do he look?
    Mother told me, awe child,
    he would be a good fine man
    to have beautiful babies with
    to come home to cook with.
    Described this man to me please, is he light skin or dark skin?
    Naw child, he is average and thin.
    But what color is his skin?
    Oh child, he is Mexican.
    I want proof?
    That day of wonder of
    Meeting someone through my family that I will never forget.
    Omar was his name,
    Texting him all night in desperation was myself to blame,
    I didn't know what the meaning of true love was,
    I admit it, I was young.
    Sitting in class lectures messaging Omar with my
    Good mornings and evenings
    made me felt better.
    How could someone be so
    In love with someone through a text message and not yet seen?
    Each day and each moment, I kept asking the man of my dreams,
    To meet me on a Saturday,
    But he had to work around his schedule daily.
    It seemed so long,
    three months not waiting to hold on.
    That feeling of meeting
    the man I hardly even
    knew was a kind of feeling
    I was willing to surrender my all to this man than not to surrender my all to God.
    Oooh that moment giving up
    Everything that was my addiction,
    that was no longer my convictions.
    Intentionally deleting every
    Pornographic videos I had on
    My On Demand to meet this man.
    I gave up my bisexual feelings
    For women,
    I really wanted to meet this man,
    But I had to delete every single lesbian porn on my phone.
    Repeating the words out loud,
    Oh I had to give it up, I had to
    Give it all up for this man.
    I was no longer bisexual anymore,
    That moment I wanted to spend time with him more.
    That day texting Omar to
    my address.
    I had my mind to undress.
    Seeing him made me feel good,
    Meeting the Mexican man the
    first time was a blessing.
    Observing his figure and and spikey hair,
    Seeing him and watching him leave out the door with a handsome smile with no glare.
    Texting him again to see if he made it at home,
    But he responded back only to my last name instead of my first name that I thought was skeptical and wrong.
    That moment I knew he wasn't gonna go further,
    He never called or any day other.
    I felt so torn and
    Thought to why did I surrender my heart to this man that could find any other.
    That was the day that desperation was not going to get me anywhere or with any other,
    And I knew I could do better,
    But I didn't do better for awhile.
    I intentionally went straight back to my bisexual tendencies for women for a worth wild.

    © All Rights Reserved

  • writeriyaaa 97w

    Why to love at all?

    why to love at all?
    they'd cry
    someone had broken their heart so bad
    they'd never heal.
    they told me they were at the edge
    feeling miserable and broken beyond repair.
    i wanted to touch their feelings
    pick up shards and clean up the mess
    fix the broken part
    but they loved only one and not another;
    not a better man or a woman or me,
    but i was there listening to the most intimate parts
    of their stories;
    two women i loved
    who never loved me.
    i felt broken too when one too many hurt me
    using their 'love' for me
    like a spool of wool
    that they could unravel,
    a thread they could pull
    or tug or hook.
    i love 'em still
    like all the beautiful adverbs,sad odes,nostalgic memories
    like a body of art
    that i come so close to owning
    but lose to someone they say they love
    who will break their heart beyond repair
    and put them at the edge
    until they turn corpses
    asking for coffers
    tugging at my heart
    breaking me.
    why do they love at all?
    why do i love at all?

  • autumnwillow 99w

    I hate the idea of people from the LGBTQA+ community having to come out. Why can’t we all just exist as people. Accept each other with love. And allow everyone to be who they are? Bigots preach that their freedoms allow them hate. Fine. Hate. “But why do you have to shove it down our throats?” Isn’t that what they’d say to us. Keep your hate to yourself. Pride doesn’t end with Pride month. #pride #pansexual #bisexual #gay #trans #asexual #nonbinary #PRIDEMONTH #LoveIsLove #lgbtq #lgbt #autumnandwillow #mirakeepoets #poetry #equality

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    You spew bigotry from your lips
    Smoothly like the air you breathe
    Excuse yourself with intentions of jest
    As though every word wasn’t lined with hate

    Shame suppressed the truth of me
    A secret I feared as much as they
    Walls decorated pink, yellow and blue
    On display, I express my Pride

    What will it take for you’re understanding,
    A Facebook post preaching acceptance?
    Come out from hiding publicly?
    To be proclaimed as confused, I refuse.

    I won’t announce it, but I won’t hide
    I’ll exist simply as I always have
    Clearly shown without speaking, yet you deny
    I suppose it’s your right to remain blind

  • ilfiore_ 99w

    #love #loveislove #pride #pridemonth #lgbt #asexual #gay #bisexual #lesbian #transgender and every other things making this statement legit/correct/any other word appropriate

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    Action, romance, comedy

    This are the main three components of life.

    Then comes the tragedy,

    Guilt, depression

    Consequences of action

    Depression of love/romance

    Lack of humor/comedy/fun

    Basically all the these are in one person

    Your one true

    If you find that person

    You can cure your depression

    Redo the action to make your relation healthy,without any guilt

    And they'll bring enough fun/humor/comedy in your life


  • leena_afsha_ishrot 100w

    Born as a boy in a girl's body
    Am I valid?
    Is there is freedom of choice?
    If yes, will society approve of me?
    Apparently, it's a big NO
    They will start trolling me both online and offline
    To pretend what I am not
    Can be resembled as inhaling carbon monoxide
    Is it okay to fall in love with a homosexual?
    But questioning to self-
    "Do I have guts, to reveal my reality? "
    Even if I speak truth
    Will they allow me to live a peaceful life like others?
    Or they would interfere with my essence!
    Not every time they are TRUE.
    To love a homosexual is valid,
    To be a bisexual is valid,
    No matter bisexual doesn't connote wanna fulfill desires only,
    Neither homosexual convey the criminal transgression
    #leena_unsaidwords #lgbtq #quotes #microtale #pansexual #lesbian #gay #bisexual #transgender #homosexuality #homosapiens #hetereo #life #choice #approval

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    Is it acceptable to be an LGBTQ?

    (Read till the end)

  • _sans_ 101w


    They both stepped in together,
    Holding hands in hands
    As we were taught when we were kids
    In the hymn named " we shall overcome, someday"
    So they followed the same, to live with peace
    Walking hand in hand
    They were taught to spread Love
    But no one never mentioned the gender
    And they did spread the love
    But for them there love was gender free
    They stepped out together from an old house
    They tried to fight with everyone but peacefully
    But even after so many efforts
    All they were able to do was wait
    They waited together
    Judiciary gave their decision
    That must be accepted by all.
    They lived, laughed and loved together
    But society never accepted what judiciary said
    And they lived, laughed and loved only together.


  • loginfaith 101w

    My hair texture ain't silky,
    My lips ain't pink,
    My eyes ain't blue or silver,
    My skin ain't white or pinkish ,
    Everything about me screams

    But ain't it the same air we breath?
    Ain't it the same blood we posses?
    Ain't we all born of a woman?
    Ain't it the same pain we feel?

    Don't we all breakdown?
    Don't we all die someday?
    Don't most of us grow old someday?
    Don't we all disappoint, lie, cry?

    I ain't here to point fingers
    But all lives matters
    Black or white
    Short or tall
    Straight or bisexual
    Wrong or right.
    Learn to punish but not to kill... It hunts you.

  • inaayat777 102w

    "I fall for souls, not genders",

    said the intellectual bisexual.


  • etherexlarry 102w

    Pose, you've gotta save your reputation
    They're close to finding out about your girlfriend

  • misty_2004 103w

    #cisgender #trans #bisexual #gay #straight #lesbian #pansexual !! #love for #HUMANITY !!

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  • ajay_writes 105w

    #lgbt #bisexual #international day against homophobia transphobia and biphobia special.. #IDAHTB

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    Yes I'm bisexual !

    Sometimes he would revisit his past.
    The one where he was disgusted about himself & wanted to quit..
    Not being born straight inscribed a fear of repulsion from people.. Why he felt that way.never could he understand now..
    Never would he ever criticize the society for being homophobic..
    He was just not strong enough to accept himself then..
    It's said it takes a rain to form a .
    Maybe it was a thunderstorm then and it's the time of the now
    For now he knows nothing can overshadow..
    With his head held high he would now say..
    "Yes ! I'm bisexual and I'm proud"
    Maybe he's still not strong enough to confront his family..
    Yet ... optimistically he would paint a future with his pallette..
    The future wherein his words resonate with the closeted people and shower them with the colors they deserve to embrace..

  • a_human_00 109w

    How many of you have the courage, to say infront the entire world..

    Yes, I'm QUEER and part of LGBTIQ community.
    I was born this way, because I'm a human.

    "My self, I'm an Indian..from Kerala, I'm a Christian."

    We're not a killers or rapists. People in the surrounding, they don't know exactly, what you're, who you're, how you're. Just take one courage in correct moment and tell to the world what you're, who you're, that's not a criminal offence, that time gives you the most happiness and freedom in your life.


  • ajay_writes 112w

    The Rainbow Minds

    The ones who take all the offences and yet remain silenced by their inability to voice out ,
    The ones wanting to come out or already have come out..
    The ones for whom the thought of marriage scares the shit out of them..
    The ones who are.optimistic
    Yes .There are guys like them..The HUMANS !
    Some flamboyant, some macho,
    Some like crossdressing ..some don't !
    Some likes sex..some don't.!
    Most are achievers albeit the negativity..
    They live with utmost pride and dignity..
    Yes ! People like them deserve Respect !