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  • charliekaaa 7w

    false strawberries

    this love I tend is a garden
    that surrounds my heart
    with beautiful blooms and fruit
    and like the potentilla thrives
    under the harshest of conditions
    taking over anything in its path
    but the fruit on the vine
    cannot be savored
    for the taste is bittersweet

  • truevibes 14w

    Speeding through a gentle breeze;
    Under a flaunting full moon;
    I squeeze the brakes as the light goes red,
    Stop at the intersection on the lake road.

    I look to my left and see a streetlight,
    The light inside, flickering rhythmically;
    Clearly indicating a faulty connection,
    Like the one that existed between us.

    I pour my eyes into the rhythmic flicker;
    Briefly forgetting the world around;
    But I wasn't reminded of those memories,
    Wherein our light was vivid and bright.

    And I knew there was hope for me,
    To win, not against you but myself;
    And just then the light turned green,
    Telling me to continue my journey.

    - Shrivanth

  • romanov 24w

    Worriless:A fantasy

    Reminiscing bittersweet memories while listening to my curated playlist,
    Here I am drowning in my fantasy of a worriless world again.

  • fz_fika 25w


    Sitting by the window,
    Taking in the beauty of the Night Airglow,
    I looked at the sky's pumpkin,
    Her glamorous aura breathtaking,
    As she is surrounded by little lights,
    And they twinkle with might,
    I smiled back at the sky's might,
    As she took me on a walk,
    A walk down the memory lane,
    Where you and I laughed like we were insane,
    The moon and the stars beaming with us,
    As you give me a buss without a fuss,
    As we jump, run and roll round the Meadow,
    Putting aside the fears, insecurities and egos,
    The lane we tried our best to be the happiest,
    The juncture were holding on was the easiest,
    Alas! this happy moments were only for a while,
    But at least the smile then was a genuine smile.
    Soon, our fears, insecurities and Ego,
    Slowly but surely consumed us.
    Holding on became the hardest,
    letting go became the easiest.
    All we are now is nothing but a painful-sweet memory,
    As the "memories bring back memories"

  • charlieka 36w

    Bring Me To Bittersweet

    I fail to believe
    dewdrops beading on honeysuckle to the lips
    could bring such pain
    my thirst for you never fades
    bring me to bittersweet
    where I may live or die
    lay me down amongst the yarrow and moss rose
    kiss me one more time


  • tshegofatsopelotona 40w

    One day if everything stops
    I wish for our eyes to lock
    by some hope you could see how much you've shown me love
    the bittersweet feelings that come with it .


  • theemotionalnomad 42w

    Reverse poetry. read the lines from top and then reverse..
    #life #mirrors #Devil #reversepoetry #bittersweet #bargain #Worlds

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    I come back to this world..
    The world of white lies and dark truths,
    Slippery sweet, tainted divine
    Vanity so sublime
    I slip again fall and fall
    In between truth and mirrors of my mind..
    Souls i begged, salvaged pure
    Bargained for labors lost in love
    Filled with empty space
    As now is time lost before,
    I shall bargain, twice
    As a devil so divine,
    I shall come back, this world is mine.

  • mystical_moon 44w

    Are the tears worth it? #deep #dark #bittersweet #poem

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    The taste of you lingers on my tongue.
    Now it can only be felt by memory.
    As you unknowingly plunge your sword,
    It strikes deep into my unshielded heart.
    A once sweet flavor quickly becomes bitter.
    Bewildered and hurt I search deep into your pupils.
    Was my blood meant to quench a dark thirst,
    Or was it meant to protect yourself?


  • icarus18 51w


    I have a piece of you with me...
    Hung around my neck delicately..
    Resting above my heart, moving along with my every little movement...
    Reminding of you like a bittersweet day...

  • moon_pie 58w

    when golden rays blossom, sunflower petals unfurling in my veins. and the scent of honeycomb and bubble bath swims in the air molecules around my head

    because i know the desperate, aching feeling,
    i know the melancholy aroma of a whispered goodbye

    sitting in the static silence, our stifled giggles were left hanging the dark room. it seemed that night would never be wiped away by the breath of dawn

    because we were alive in that moment: we were butterflies beating our wings against those silken cages to the pounding of our heartbeats. young souls trapped in eternity. intertwined in our own ticking clocks. our own fold in the quilt of ever-expanding time.

    but what was the breath of life is swept away in a last murmur of stagnant air. i feel so warm, like a blanket of starlights are shimmering from between the gaps in my ribs. but
    i feel so hollow, because your arms loosen their grip around me.

    i know the throbbing, the aching.
    i know the heart-wrenching and rhapsodic and and lingering echo
    of a whispered "goodbye"


    #bittersweet #love #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    it's bittersweet

  • rhythmic_beats 58w

    Dear all,
    Don't scold writer's block as the mind is trafficked by the neurons as they have lost their way to destination. But that doesn't mean they have stopped their efforts! They are just waiting for the green signal of neurotransmitters to fuel them the neurons again by the warmth of heart.

    What does a cold paralysed mind wants at last? A heart's warm hug full of love taking them again to their destination but this time not as a writer, but as a traveller to holidays! Don't they need a vacation? Don't they need to treasure the moments and weave them with memories to cover your pages with warm sweaters of words as pages were blank shivering in the blankness of the mind?

    Let writer's block travel the road not taken and come back again with bunch of gifts to decorate the pages again but with some newly brewed contents. Soul is home of writing, how will she deny the arrival of her child if once he is stuck with writer's block? After all soul also needs a kiss which is much more happier than yesterday. After all soul needs her child to see matured through learning that, the pauses in life are only temporary if you are willing to see the radiating sun again.

    Writer's block: bittersweet frozen mind shivering in the Northern Pole's December,
    Words get trafficked in the pine trees
    Covering it like snow, waiting for green signal
    To fall on pages like snowflakes.
    See writer's block is so childish yet
    Full of hope, gradually flows rhythmically,
    Singing carols hoping celebration like Christmas.

    See how melodiously the pages are welcoming spring and the forest to embrace the green with fragrant flowers of poetries again.

    © rhythmic_beats

    Image: Instagram

    Will read you all tomorrow...busy with my lovely headache ����

    #letter #writersblock #bittersweet #wod #life
    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee
    Thank you @writersnetwork "♥️"

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    Writer's block: bittersweet frozen mind shivering in the Northern Pole's December,
    Words get trafficked in the pine trees
    Covering it like snow, waiting for green signal
    To fall on pages like snowflakes.
    See writer's block is so childish yet
    Full of hope, gradually flows rhythmically,
    Singing carols hoping celebration like Christmas.

  • karenallen284 61w

    It may come as a S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E that something so simple reminds me of you.

    The smell of c-i-g-a-r-e-double t-e-s is all it really takes. It reignites your dormant memory in my deluded heart.

    Sitting next to you on the edge of that driveway on a warm breezy evening was euphoric. With only grass in our centric vision, we were impelled into another world.

    I glanced sideways at you as you inhaled and exhaled cigarette after cigarette. Our conversations consisted only of the taboo, which I dare not speak about with anyone else.

    Ten years later, I still get goosebumps and my heart still races with just the smell of a c-i-g-a-r-e-double t-e - it simply echoes your presence.

  • sourav_k 63w

    "Ek tarfa pyar ab haar raha hai,
    Khush wahi hai jo das jagha
    muh maar raha hai."


  • sketcher 65w

    Hope to lost soul

    For every new second
    For every growing minute
    For long hours, to days, to weeks
    For years and years
    For a lifetime and eternity
    For life is consequence of certain
    New beginnings
    But the chaotic part being
    The advantage of this "new beginning"
    Is reason for a lost soul to hope
    Of new changes they aren't ready for
    For hoping that the phrase brings change
    Than let change be the phrase
    Every new beginning ends with another
    New beginnings are bittersweet
    Bitter cause the end is always known
    Sweet cause it provides a delusion of happier life
    End being unknown but known to start with another "NEW BEGINNING"


  • orfayus 68w

    Honey Dipped Razor

    Fatalism, what a blinding terror
    In the air are 

    Of splendid impermanence.
    I want to dance 
    with death 

    In beds of roses and austere 
    importance, a mare 
    of happenstance and dreams. 

    Many a bones have I laid down 
    From a shoulder to the ground 
    A pall bearer of a love filled mazer,
    Life , death - cutting like a honey dipped 



  • incenseandmyrrh 69w


    When drank warm,
    it’s sweet and makes you crave more.

    When drank cold,
    it will fool you and leave you bitter


  • pranalishah 74w

    - 2020 -

    2020, you were bittersweet
    in so many unspeakable ways,
    I learnt and lost many,
    I connected with distant and far away,
    I’m not sure how I feel about you, per se,
    2020, you were bittersweet
    in so many unfathomable ways...


  • sharmajee 74w

    कोई इंतहा नहीं, सब्र-आज़माई की अब,
    सर्द रातों में मानो जम सा गया हूँ..
    हसरत आशनाई की लेकर ख़्वाबों में,
    थक कर ज़रा थम सा गया हूँ..
    बैठे होंगे वो नावाक़िफ़ कहीं इत्मिनान से,
    मेरी ख़्वाहिशों को जाने-अनजाने दफ़्न कर..

    और यहाँ मैं उनकी कमी में थोड़ा कम सा गया हूँ..


  • miabeyy 75w

    Your aroma gives me cheerfulness,
    The sweetest fragrance of your bitterness,
    tastes happiness.
    In magnificent morning and in languidness,
    My bittersweet buddy tastes mellifluence.

    — Mia Palencia

    "My bittersweet buddy is COFFEE." ☕

    #coffee #morning #bittersweet #buddy #aroma #tastes #mimi #filipino #filipinowriter #filipinopoet #writersnetwork #writersbay #mirakee #mirakeeworld #pod

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    Bittersweet Buddy

    Your aroma gives me cheerfulness,
    The sweetest fragrance of your bitterness,
    tastes happiness.
    In magnificent morning and in languidness,
    My bittersweet buddy tastes mellifluence.


  • suechiiii 76w


    the smell of the rain has never been this sweet
    as i asked myself "what happened?"
    my thoughts wandered farther than my feet could ever take me
    "bittersweet" i told myself while lighting my cigarette

    it was a rainy night and the city was almost asleep
    standing next to me was a boy also pouring his eyes out
    "please don't go" he whispered
    i stared blankly at the dark road ahead,
    turned my back at him
    took a step forward feeling all numb
    all i wanted to do was to run away, sleep and wake up as if everything was just a dream
    "please, please.. don't leave me. i'm begging you" he pleaded
    the silence that night was deafening
    and nothing was brighter than the fact that i gave up on him,
    i gave up on us and i gave up on myself
    there goes my bestfriend, my lover and my first love

    a few days passed and i could feel the bigger space, the failure, the regrets
    next thing i knew i was already standing in front of his door
    i knocked once, twice, thrice. no one answered.
    then i received a message saying "i will never go back"
    i felt broken, empty then.. i felt nothing.
    first love, first failure
    took me years to overcome everthing
    then i've learned to be more selfless, stronger and smarter on my next ones
    i forget about 'giving up' unless i need to.
    which since never ever came out of my mouth again

    this memory has never left me, it was stuck in a special corner in my mind.
    never told this story by mouth to anyone and took me three cigs to finish this piece.
    again, "bittersweet" i told myself.