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  • dr_scolly 14w

    As my blindfold was removed...
    I could see...
    That in the crowded room...
    The one standing alone was me...

    I didn't know how to react!
    In awe I stood...
    About how deluded I was!

    © The Poetic Doc

  • dil_k_ahsaas 14w

    फिर एक खुराफात उठी दिमाग में और उसे शब्दों में बाँध दिया।
    Inspired from @Ulysses on blindfold love quotes on Your Quote
    I wrote this story.

    Do read and enjoy .

    #blindfold #funnystory #lovestory #imagination #dilkahsaas #vampirediaries #musings #yqwriters

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    "Blindfold Love"

    " Blindfold Love is injurious to health "

    I drank her beauty with my eyes as she came close to me. I was just thinking of admiring her beauty with my silky touch.
    ( धीरे से हाथ लगा कर देख लूं क्या मैं, सच में सामने है या सपना देख रहा हूँ मैं, मेरा कोई भरोसा भी तो नहीं कब सपने को हकीकत समझने लग जाऊँ, साला प्यार का सोचते ही नसें गर्म हो जाती है ‍♀️‍♀️)

    The more she gave a smiling look, the more I fell for her
    ( और लगा कि नज़रों से निगल जाऊँ उसे अरे अब और कितना समय बर्बाद करेगी मुस्कुरा -मुस्कुरा कर )

    She came close and slowly whispered how about a blindfold love today.
    My heart almost choked with this unexpected invitation.
    ( मैं अपने मन ही मन में ... अबे पूछती क्या है मैं तो मरा जा रहा हूँ )

    I nodded my head as if I said why not my love? As my heart was still frozen with her overwhelming gestures.
    ( अरे अब आ भी जा, अब सून्न कर के ही छोड़ेंगी क्या, ऐसा ना हो मैं सून्न पड़ जाऊँ और ये नाक चढ़ा कर निकल जाए कि किसी काम का नहीं ये, कहांँ फँस गई मैं )

    She took a piece of satin ribbon and tied around my eyes. I heard her slow giggles and I started dreaming what is going to happen next.
    ( हाए अपनी टपकती हुई लार पर कैसे रोक लगाऊँ )

    She came close and touched me with her silky skin ( हाए कितना नशीला touch है इसका ) and then all of sudden I felt as if I am loosing my senses .. two sharp needles penetrated my neck ( अबे साला ये कौन सा kiss है, हाए ये तो लगता है आज मुझे खा ही जाएगी, ओए होए लगता है मेरा जादू छा रहा है इसपर। )

    Le meri atmaa ...

    Knock knock अबे हरियाली के अंँधे ज़रा आंँखों को खोल और अपने ऊपर छाए पतझड़ पर भी नज़र डाल ले इससे पहले कि तेरा सिर्फ ठूंठ ही बच जाए पीछे।

    अबे तेरा जादू नहीं चला है उस पर वो चुड़ैल है चुड़ैल, आँख खोल कर देख तेरा खून चूस रही है

    The moment I heard unknown whisper I immediately removed my blind fold ribbon and saw a vampire sucking my blood but before I could do anything she already made me bloodless and then

    Le my atmaa to me .....

    और बंधवा पट्टी आंँखों पर, देखा चुड़ैल पी गई ना सारा खून। अब देख तुझे सूखा छुहारा बना कर किसी और की आँखों पर blindfold का ribbon झूला कर दाँतों को चमकदार बना रही होगी।

    और फिर मेरी आत्मा मुझे हर बार मोहब्बत के बारे में सोचने पर ही मेरे सूखे छुहारे जैसा शरीर दिखाने का एक भी मौका नहीं छोड़ती है। जब भी मेरे दिमाग में मोहब्बत का " म " भी आता है तभी याद दिला देती है कि अभी सिर्फ पाव किलो खून ही बचा है तेरे अंदर अभी तो तू रहने ही दे अभी तू किसी काम का नहीं, अभी तो मुई
    चुड़ैल भी ना फटकेगी तेरे पास, हुस्न परी तो भूल ही जा।

    दिल के एहसास। रेखा खन्ना

  • mrguilty 57w


    Envisioning that fruitful destination
    Syncing her beats to each seconds
    Yearning for a scented authority's presence
    Losing herself into a euphoric voltage
    Pandemonium of such motives
    Were always there..Always will be
    She knows them. She longs for them
    Every single time. Every single night..

    Surreal substances start to charge up
    Making such explosions ready
    Playing with an amorous fire, already
    Expanding. Flaring. Urging. Settling
    Surreal shade transforms
    Into a crashing truculence
    Calling that raw paradise of an ecstasy’s cage
    Spreading between such lusciousness
    Contemplating that dash of her lustrous rage
    Shushing herself, oh so quietly She awaits..

  • ernystinepoesy 63w

    Blind Fold

    In a world of grievous wisdom
    pacing through the reins of life
    As the Humpback Whale of the North Pacific
    Parading like the ghost of Aokigahara forest

    Prodigious men have taken ownership
    Like a scouring heart desperately waging towards self-destruct
    Vaping words of audible emptiness,
    Filled with incessant thoughts of vanities

    Suckling babes are slaughtered with sore dopiness
    Like open eyes that cannot see, deaf ears wiggling to the sound of silence
    Unyielding limbs running through the shadow of an eclipse without sentient bear

    Many are blindly taking a seat on each row
    Bearing a casket of agonizing stench
    Gradually fading into the khud of no return
    Who will unfold this cloak?
    It creaks a feeble soul


  • ishubhamrathod 101w


    People see the world
    through a veil of
    ingrained beliefs and assumptions,
    and not the way it is...


  • you__know_who 110w

    Blow the blindfold

    Its been a year now,
    You are still not here to fulfill your vow,
    And I feel the same for you even now,
    But you know what?
    I don't want you that bad,
    Cause I am done with being extremely sad,
    At you!! I am not even mad,
    But, one thing has changed for sure!!
    Now, I love myself more than I love you
    Cause this time its not my self esteem,
    Its the blindfold that I blew.


  • shrihari_nandini 112w

    #shrihari #mahalakshmi #narayana #shri_hari_narayana #shrimannarayana #father #daughter #mother #love #voice #blindfold #folly #all #seeing #palms #precious #smile #ram #govind #shri #hari

    A Folly
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Oh Father see my folly
    When I covered your eyes
    With my two little palms
    And asked in a tiny voice
    To identify who I am
    Behind you, blindfolding you!
    You smiled, in the most precious way
    While concealing it too!
    My small palms, Oh how would they
    Cover your large eyes
    And you knowing everything
    Still, my Father, smiled
    Oh from whom nothing is hidden
    You decided to play along
    And showing as if confused
    You made me think wrong!
    Thinking that I hid everything
    From the All Seeing one
    Slowly moved my hands aside
    From the Moon and the Sun*
    Then I laughed at my joy
    While you smiled again
    Showing as if you came to know
    Of the prank I played!

    *His eyes are like Moon and Sun

    Now, can anyone imagine a little girl, she is not more than 4 or 5 years, imagine her little palms, so little. And she is the beloved of Her Father, her Father is the Lord of Universes, nothing is hidden from him. The little foolish girl, for her, he is her Sweetest Father! She comes from behind and takes her little palms and covers the large lotus eyes of her Father, imagine those little palms covering those large eyes, those fingers which cannot cover the whole of eyes and the Father who is already all seeing one can still look between those fingers, the girl is elated. She asks her Father in a tiny voice, "Now, tell who is this?" Her little voice can be identified by all, then what to say of Her Father! But her Sweet Dad, he plays along, he shows a confused expression, like, who is this, who covered my eyes? Nothing is visible and I cannot identify the person! He smiled due to his all knowing nature and love but he hid this from the Girl!
    The girl now seems to have achieved the result she wished from her prank, and now she is pitying her Sweet Blindfolded Father! She slowly moves her palms aside and reveals herself. Now her all Knowing Father Smiles again looking at the Little Daughter, showing as if she is successful in her Play!
    The Father is ShrimanNarayana and the Girl is Me!
    I played so with him in my mind��❤
    But this Girl realises that she was hiding from the All Seeing One himself!

    @ally_18 @_garimapandey_ @aarsha_s @setusrivatsa @priya_sandliya

    Pic credit: Google, to the original Owner, I cropped the pic
    The pic shows a Gopika covering ShriKrishn's eyes, the pic I used only for representation, but since the girl is little, you can see the pic from my poem #Oh_ShriHari_please_dont_go

    Jai ShriHari! Jai ShrimanNarayana! ❤

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    'A Folly'

    By ShriHari Nandini

  • alxita 113w

    -- Blind to See --

    Tonight, I stand here, cold is my inner
    But the delicate society does not shiver
    As they felt nothing but their numbness
    As ignorant as they'd seem, having blindness

    Tonight, if I cry and release all my tears out
    They'd painfully not know what it is about
    They'll run around the bush as dumb as they are
    But the bush called "me" can even show from afar

    Why is it that ignorance flies so high?
    Such an enigma indeed, I can't deny
    That it makes people so unworthily good
    At not knowing things covered by the hood

    Yet the hood is clear, but they're that blind
    They're already here, but they wouldn't mind
    Ignoring a person being snapped by life
    So much that they can't escape, alive

    #poetry #life #ignorance #unworthy #enigma #shadows #weeps #torment #blindfold #mirakee #alxita_may_twenty

    Poem no. 60
    May 1, 2020, 11:53 AM (GMT+8)

    (Old poem written on Mar. 1, 2020)

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    Blind to See

    "Tonight, if I cry and release all my tears out, they'd painfully not know what it is about"

  • kahekashankhan 115w

    Blind person

    When you love someone it is in your heart but when he/she breakup with you it makes your heart break your love makes her good memories in your mind and bad memories in your heart the true love makes us blind fold.

  • nehaazeem 117w

    And verily We have displayed for mankind in this Qur'an all kind of similitudes, but most of mankind refuse anything except disbelief.
    [Qur'an 17:89]


  • 555aaa 126w

    It was mine#EXpecTATioNs#blindfold of concernment....

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    THEY don't feel sorry for me...bcz it wasn't their mistake.

  • psychoteju 134w


    Decorated things always have
    Some hidden fake side
    Don't follow path blindfolded
    just search for hidden truth
    Carefully though it's painful


  • choubey_ji 141w

    Bullet can kills u for once
    Knife can kills u for once
    Love kills u evey movement of ur life
    #blindfold#lostsoul #losther #lovekills
    #nandy #choubey_ji #love #❤ #nature #love #travel #life #inspiration #friendship #poetry #diary #thoughts

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    U know the best feeling in the world
    -I love her
    And u know the ruin feeling in the world
    -I love her the most

  • dewdrop_s 166w

    When will we get rid of
    the blindfold of hatred
    and try to hold unto
    the peace that seems to be
    drifting away from our world!!!


  • cassiopeia7 168w


    Those faces around me
    They all wear blindfolds
    Obviously cannot see
    But I threw away mine a while ago
    Now I regret these previous days
    Why did I close my eyes
    And my heart to everything around me
    Would it make me safe?
    That's not the case
    It is lying to myself
    It is weakness
    It is running away
    And in return being chased

    That is useless
    Doesn't matter how fast you run
    You will stumble
    Then thoughts will fill your mind
    The first time you wink at something bad
    Remorse, remorse, remorse

    Still at that time
    Don't ever think it is too late to change
    Don't ever say one person can't change the world
    Each of us live in our own worlds
    You can always be the boss of yours
    If you have the courage to open your eyes
    And face all the things you run off


  • nav_inscribes 169w

    What's so beautiful about strangers? they do not indulge in you much, but always look for a passage to find more about you. Why? This question might have struck your minds, a several times. It is because while searching for peace in the people we know or the so called near ones we are served with ignorance and attitude only (like an expensive price tag) in return. The near ones feel like it is okay to do so as they are sure about us not leave them and will definitely come around when in need. It is completely different with strangers. I don't feel good calling them strangers, so I would refers them as 'the specials'. Ever tried to recall the first conversation with a special? Got a giggle, haha. Yeah it was a little awkward receiving a text from an unknown or when someone taps on your shoulder with a nice smile planted on the face while you were busy in your own world at a party or some such places. I simply don't know and haven't ever tried to inculcate in me the art of ignoring such things. You stare at the newly notified text for a minute or two, stalk back the profile to find out who the person is then send sit back for a moment and think what should you reply back with, will a simple 'hi' do or 'hey' or even a 'hello' can even be considered a better option to start with. Even a single emoticon is selected precisely in the beginning. To the one you met at the party or a different place than your mobile screen, you don't have time to respond as the person stands before you and waits for your response, so you revert back with a wry smile as you don't have any other option. So these awkward yet funny conversations opens up like this, encircling a bunch of informal information exchange like some quick introduction, favourite colour (it is an important stuff, don't ignore), likes, dislikes, hobbies et cetera et cetera and ending on a happy note of 'It was nice talking to you'. For the first time you felt like yes you did had a conversation while to these specials, it is so because you are tired of investing in small talks. Small talks looks like some load everyone tries to get rid of and it never excites you much plus the near ones with whom you try to have a talk are up with one percent of ego everytime you ping them first. And here with the specials you eagerly wait for the next one to happen. You would be thinking like yes it does happen, not because they do something different but everyone here is fond of new things, so it is just normal liking to converse with strangers. Yes you can put up this but with time why this spark just fades, why it is not enough to lighten up a good conversation. Why talking with people we know not happens to be like our favourite song, such that listening it endless number of times doesn't make a slight difference in our liking for the song. No answers now. And with the specials, you are not afraid of telling things (secrets) that you hid from everyone else in a fear of getting judged. Ask yourself if you developed this type of surety and trust with people you having been knowing for ages. Did the specials cast a magic spell or something alike? No doubt some people may look like some kind of ghost or witch but why will they use their precious spell on you, hehe, you filtered moron. At first you hesitate telling things about yourself but with each passing texts, pings and meetings you start to grow a liking for their company. You are always curious about what the special is holding back, a story for sure, a story filled with drama, experience and interpretation of life. Something that you have been looking for this whole time, a story with which you can relate, you can learn from. And with this you went out in search for a new story, a person in general.

    If becoming strangers can serve as a fuel to bring back the spark in our conversation.
    Wanna be strangers? Again.

    Describe how was your first interaction with these specials in the comment section below.

    @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork #play #game #blindfold #feelings #winner #tears

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    Wanna be Strangers? Again

    Read in Caption.

  • mrobodro 175w

    Tumhe kaise pata ki vo sach hai.?
    Khud ki aankho pe patti bandh kar bas tumne keh diya.
    Ki main sab se bada zutha hu.

  • sharmilajuliet 175w

    You gave me wings to fly
    Before spreading my wings
    You dissolve my way by blindfolding me
    If caging me is yours intention means
    Why did you give me a wings?
    #tamil #tamilsupporters #wings #blindfold #writestolli #tod_wt #pod #writersnetwork #mirakee #tamil_p2h #p2h #poem2heart @writersnetwork @writerstolli @mirakee @writedilse @poem2heart

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    பறந்து செல்ல சிறகு தந்தாய்
    சிறகுள் விரித்துப் பறக்கும் முன்
    கண்களை கட்டி பாதையை
    மறைத்து விட்டாய்
    சிறைபிடிப்பது தான் உன்
    என்னம் என்றால்
    சிறகுகள் தந்தது ஏன்

  • sharmilajuliet 175w


    Blindfolding her gaze
    can't change her beauty.
    Even with the blindfold
    Her beauty glow like a light.
    Her calm is still her charm.
    Her tenderness blink through
    Her actions. She cares her
    Loved one's the same way.
    Her pacification win over anything.
    She is still the same.

  • tutskii 177w


    Our world is built with
    lies and corruption,
    people just love to
    commit violations.
    Though we have people
    who fight for peace
    and justice,
    there are also those who
    just left it unnoticed.
    We can’t deny that
    some turn a blind eye
    on things that are not right,
    but the question is
    should we continue with this life?