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  • ndeenda_elao 8w

    Your words

    Your words took
    A while to sink in
    Because they came dressed
    In bundles of joy and laughter

    Your sly comments
    Of how I should eat
    More to gain a little
    Never went unnoticed

    And when I sat
    Quietly, drifting off
    To a place of console
    Your words tore me more

    Your words took
    Seconds to destroy
    Confidence that took
    Me years to build

    And as I look
    In the mirror
    In an effort to look
    Pretty, I'm reminded of

    Your words
    And how they
    Can NEVER be unsaid


  • aleesa 10w

    Learn to carry
    The different kind of wilds
    Growing on the surface of your skin
    With grace and pride
    Just like earth loves,
    The tall,firm and dark flowers
    That grow on it's surface,


  • shella 12w


    They stare at me like I'm covered in shame
    Whispering to each other in quiet exclamations
    My skin colour doesn't fit theirs
    It's rather a mix of brown and pale
    Vitiligo some call it
    And some make it feel like a disease

    My skin isn't as smooth as theirs
    Tiny dots mark them like explored landmarks
    Freckles some call it
    While some make me feel unclean

    My skin isn't as perfect as theirs
    Rather it is tainted by light coloured marks
    Which zigzag and curve like mountain paths on a map
    Stretch marks some call it
    Others make it feel like scars
    But if there's one thing I have realised
    If to be beautiful is to be plain
    Then I'll rather live in my skin

  • l_chapman 12w

    Self Image

    When we fall over broken fragments
    And hope that beneath all this pain
    We can find the piece to make us whole,
    We realise that it's not easy.
    We drown ourselves beneath a need
    We choke on an air of validation
    We crave to be noticed by them -
    A society's ideals on who you are to be.
    So you hurt to make yourself whole.
    You cradle the body you are
    And nurture the ever hungry beast within
    Just to sit there and realise
    You are not complete.
    Its the sway of guilt that comes next,
    The riptides of sadness pulling you under
    Rocking you to sleep in a crippling embrace
    As you strive through every day
    With a ghost in your eyes
    And a gripping clutch on your still beating heart,
    Because those rippling waters
    Make perfection out of broken things,
    By wearing it down until nothing is left,
    But the idea that we are not yet perfect.


  • moody_pen77 12w


    My phone is a vicious master
    It is a wolf in a sheepskin
    It subtly destroys me
    Posing as my kin.
    Pictures of beautiful models
    White, slim, tall and blond
    Clad in desirable attires
    Asking me to open my purse.
    I lay on my bed,
    I, brown, curvy, short, black haired.
    I hold a packet of chips in my hand
    And I imagine myself looking as gorgeous as the model.
    And I succeed. For a while.
    Until I check the mirror,
    Or I go out and am bombarded by people
    Parents and friends and siblings alike
    Who look like me
    Who should understand
    Who don't.
    They give their opinions and I carry them with me unconsciously.
    I wake up daily and eat the same food my sisters and friends do.
    I go for a run.
    The opinions of others a heavy load, weighing me down.
    I look at my laptop, at the film I watch.
    I observe the beautiful actress,
    White and Slim and Tall and Blond.
    I imagine myself looking like that.
    I fail.


  • kitteekattles 21w

    To Self, with love.

    To my past self,
    The one who thought that she could not survive without friends in school,
    To the one who was insecure about her height, about her body,
    To the one who thought that she would never fall for anyone but did,
    Just wanted to let you know that
    I am doing good.

  • harilakshmiii 23w

    Dear fellow humans,
    Do not proceed to hating your bodies just because a some bigot somewhere gathered other bigots and decided what a perfect body should look like.

  • samridhi_sometimes 25w

    Today she is starving herself just to fit in those jeans, look at herself in mirror and bleed her eyes till she neglects and abandons herself once again.
    Today she is starving herself to point where her skin starts to crave her bones and her body let's her go, away from what feels like home.


  • _miss_ 34w

    Mirror Thoughts

    10 women stand at a mirror
    And looking around
    Each feels inferior
    Each hates her body
    Each hates her clothes
    But this shared thought goes unsaid
    And, thus, no one knows. 

    So instead of speaking 
    or sharing their feelings,
    They all compare themselves,
    Then look up at the ceiling. 
    And maybe...
    this sad situation could stop
    if women were ever given confidence,
    just a drop.

  • magicalphony 36w

    Phoenix Sojourn

    I have emerged from the ashes
    A new being with a new mind
    A thick skin
    A smile always

    I have risen to exhume love in my wake
    Confidence in my step

    I take up an aloof mind
    Your taunts nothing but light dust
    They hurt no more
    I cry no more

    I accept my uniqueness
    To be the blaring red
    In the sea of bland; joyless white
    To prance in a new esteem
    I seek no more your words of consent
    I seek no more to belong
    I revel in the goodness of freedom,
    Freedom from the template of you mind.

    I can't be you
    You will never be me
    I love the attention;
    Good or bad you're welcome.
    Make me an example,
    For when you seek to rise from the ashes.
    Free in character .
    Gentle in thought.
    A force indescribable.

  • mahimawritessometimes 38w

    Even when your weight fluctuates, you are beautiful.


  • philocalistabella 39w

    Imperfectly perfect

    'its a phase' talk to me' , 'let it out' they say
    cheer up don't be sad it's a beautiful day
    Live your life to the fullest sulking ain't the way,
    Asking me to hunt some pathetic reasons to stay

    Listen dear friends try n get it in your brain
    being sad ain't my hobby there's nothing for me to gain
    from asking me to forget it please do abstain
    and for once try to close your eyes and understand my pain

    Pain just not mine but each and every soul e'er born
    who society tried to turn into a gem it could adorn
    just tryna fit ,scared of being left alone
    Squeezing to match society's standards set in stone

    too fat too thin too tall too dark
    none of that was checked whilst embarking Noah's ark
    then and now certainly the difference is stark
    singing of a nightingale now the lament of a lark

    tears streaming down the face while measuring my waist's girth
    cuz that's what apparantly determines my worth
    programmed to stereotypes to judge since birth
    when all you wanna do is just drown in the firth

    Doubting myself inside and out
    Am I too thin,fat,too stout
    Confidence crumbling with each pimple on my snout
    To find something beautiful in my face I scout

    Listen dear society enough is enough
    Please understand it's making our little lives rough
    Let the norms of yours be lava from tuff
    And let us walk freely without no scuff

    Cuz I dream of the day when fairytales we recall
    Won't ask the mirrors for the 'fairest one of all'
    Till then we spread this message and the time we stall
    Teaching kids real beauty from the age they crawl

    Beauty that's deeper than what outside
    To open the windows drawing in some light
    And lend a helping hand to help and guide
    Every lost soul out from the places they hide.


  • poetssoul30 41w

    I'm going to

    I'm going to love myself
    Even when it's hard too
    I'm going to embrace my beauty
    Even when society tells you that you're not
    I'm going to accept who I am Flaws and all
    I'm going to be who I want to be who I want to be
    Even if you are judging me
    I refuse to be forced into a box
    Even though that's what you think I should be
    I refuse to live in fear
    Even though that's how you want me to be
    Be yourself
    Love yourself
    Embrace who you are
    Live fearlessly
    And don't let society force you to be someone you are not

  • pi_infinite 43w

    A wish to the mirror on my wall

    I wish that my body
    Finally felt like my own.
    I wish I could stop
    Obsessively tucking
    At the soft of my sides
    With fingertips stained
    To the bone with judgement
    Leaving hurtful marks
    On aging skin.
    I wish I could stop
    Analyzing myself
    As if numbers could ever
    Do justice to a body,
    Wish I could stop
    Weaponizing the disappointment
    And hate of others
    Against my own reflection,
    Wish I could show myself kindness,
    Wish I could overcome
    The indoctrination
    Of my socialization.
    I wish I could start
    Showing love to myself
    Like I do to the world
    And everyone else,
    I wish I could look
    Into a mirror
    And recognize myself,
    Be happy to see
    That I am doing fine.
    I wish that one day
    I will finally learn
    To appreciate my curves,
    My asymmetries,
    And above all,
    My humanity.


  • moonlitthoughts 43w

    Embrace yourself, your body.
    You are one of a kind, own it.
    break the myths of beauty!!


  • eashadas123 54w

    Stop allowing others to dictate your body as a canvas of their stupid beliefs !!

  • eashadas123 54w

    A body of a woman go through massive changes and that's part of life and nature ,
    we really need to start taking back ownership over our bodies and stop allowing others to dictate what we should look like.
    The beauty of those stretch marks depict how selflessly she nurtured an unseen creation within herself.
    Stretch marks are imperfectly perfect and flawlessly flawless .

  • leedeena2 55w

    Beautiful Me

    I am not ugly. I am just a different type of beautiful you don't see every day

  • alitheoctopus 56w

    Body Positivity

    One does not need it more than another.
    It’s for you, me, him and her.
    The disable.
    The fat.
    The skinny.
    The big.
    The small.
    The tall.
    And the short.
    The dark.
    The light.
    Just anyone with might.
    It’s not up to you to decide who gets to love their body or not.
    The invalidation of other people’s struggles is never ok.
    The comparison of people’s different struggles is never ok.
    And the anger you hold to people who look different from you will never, ever be ok.

  • beginnerscribbler 66w

    FAT Girl

    In a world of skinny people and fitness freaks,
    Lived a "Fat Girl"
    She was looked and trodden down in the past
    Names tagged to her, by people, some of who still remain nameless to her
    The world around her painted a picture of fixed unrealistic beauty standards

    Pushing her to hate the one thing that was truly only her's: HERSELF

    Her skin shining with all it's brown glory, under the summer sun, isn't enough...
    Her beautiful smile, with shinning bright eyes, wasn't pretty enough...
    Her playfulness and loyalty, goes unseen
    Her work ethics and outlook to life, means nothing
    She is a good person, but who cares, that weight is a big turnoff, she has heard a few times.

    But today she is seen, her hip dips, the damn curves, those love handles, bulging out of that bodycon she is wearing
    How can she?
    Dress according to your size, she is told

    Unruffled, by the comments today, she is for the first time ever, and a bit slowly, but surely; falling in love with HERSELF
    Not glorifying obesity, just being kind to herself
    Baby steps towards self love ❤

    Not your normal pretty, yet?