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  • in_fragments 11w

    This was inspired by one of @murryben's old profile pics, (the one with the girl who had the flowers and stems covering her chest lol) reimagined in a more grotesque way for Halloween. Sorry I got it out late, concussion and whiplash symptoms had me feeling not so great all month �� But I managed to get this one written up now, and even though spooky season is over, peoples' love of horror lasts all year! ���� I hope you all hold yourselves tight and enjoy!
    #pod #poem #stories #trees #nature #bones #life #death @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Flower Girl, Sliced Down
    The Middle

    Inside the hollow tree,
    she pushes through layers of bark,
    sapped body lying still for the last time
    as disturbed bugs run along her face
    and wriggle through
    her cracked sternum-
    until out of the dead stump
    she emerges.

    She propels herself
    with her chest, hands and arms-
    all skeletal with bloodless,
    powder blue skin peeling off
    from her body like a sheet.
    No nails to grip, she stabs at the dirt-
    moans and groans, screams and grieves
    as the cold, wintry air hits
    every exposed vein,
    various tendons and bones-
    each side of skin, flapping in the wind,
    struck by a long chill like needles,
    pricking her blue breasts
    and the frozen, open skin behind them.
    Many beasts cut her open,
    sliced her naked down the middle;
    they tore her pelvis apart
    and buried her here, left for dead-
    but it is here where she chose
    to grow instead- inside this old tree
    that's seen centuries of activity,
    a dying home she wants to leave.

    She finds hope in the flowers
    that grew up into her rib cage,
    past her violated vulva,
    around her sordid feet, they laid roots
    in the thirsty, welcoming soil.
    The wild bouquet
    climbs up beyond her eyes,
    and she observes her new realm
    through flowers and stems and thorns.
    She pulls herself out
    into the weeded world,
    but still isn't strong enough
    to pull up every root she laid.
    A million sit, tangled up and cloistered
    within the stygian and sunken tree;
    but some, she notices, run deeper
    under the undisturbed
    and forgotten land
    that surrounds her.

    One day she will be able
    to use her body endlessly,
    to bring her color back by the vitality
    of the sun, soaking up water
    into her roots, just like the flowers do,
    garnering energy and life
    from the aura of the forest,
    now that she's freshly found it.
    As her body continues to blossom
    and the flowers grow even higher,
    she picks some out of her chest
    and creates things with them,
    in spite of the horrific agony
    of the pulling.

    She will prosper greatly
    after all the pain, find her way,
    and reverse her aversions
    to her own body-  because without
    much help, she brought herself back
    from the dead, she found
    the sunlight again, after decades
    of gruesome searching.
    She continues to grow
    in intense integrity, in suffocation,
    in the depths of dirt and mud,
    feet away from the melodic creek-
    working hard for the day
    she will finally float down it... free.

  • dropofsilence 16w

    We are the..

    We are the burning bones under this flesh and blood...

    Somebody feels...
    Somebody don't....

    But we are the buring bones...

  • pranalishah 20w

    - Changes -

    I’m at point where,
    I wish to let go the habits of —
    Pre-defining things,
    Deriving conclusions,
    Making assumptions,
    Creating presumptions,
    Excessively bleeding my thoughts,
    Unconsciously, wounding my bones…

    As the pain sometimes exceeds the beyond,
    As the pain sometimes exceeds what’s seen,
    As the pain sometimes bleeds colourless…


  • wanderlust_dreamer 25w

    Flesh and bones❤️

    I want someone to take a look
    at what's inside me,
    Something that's beyond skin and bones,
    To pry into the deepest parts of me,
    Tear out all the impediments in the way,
    Until there's no more to go, nothing to hide.
    And then caress my bruised soul,
    That I've so willing laid before his eyes.
    I don't want to squirm beneath
    His scrutinized eyes, rather I want to be
    Soothed by his gentle touch, and reassuring gaze.
    I've been judged all my life, for things that
    I'm not liable for, by people who see
    Nothing beyond my superficial front.
    They don't see me for who I am,
    Rather they tattle about what I am not.
    And for once, I want to escape into the outer vastness of the universe, like stardust
    Smeared in the night sky.

    ~ Ira

  • vera_anne_wolf 29w

    All That Remains

    And all that remains are broken bones
    Left in a pile she once called home.
    The fire burnt out long ago…
    Where she went, nobody knows.

    A veil of ash upon her face
    What fire took can’t be replaced.
    All her dreams are filled with ghosts…
    But when she wakes she’s still alone.

    A melted photograph remains
    Upon a tombstone with two names.
    Where angels and gods all turned away…
    From the one who wished she hadn’t stayed.

    Time moves on without a tear
    She was but a soul who lingered here.
    Until she breathed her last with grace
    With a smile of relief upon her face.

    All that remains are dust and names,
    But I feel her smiling all the same.


  • sayaliparkar 43w

    [A manual for peace]

    I once longed for/
    Peace to cradle
    My heart /but it
    Didn't arrive /when
    My bones were /
    Carrying too many/
    Yesterdays/nor did
    It come /when weight
    Of tomorrows/was
    Clouding in my throat/
    It arrived unabashed/
    When I was too busy/
    Floating effortlessly/
    In the Now.

    -Sayali Parkar

  • spontaneous_flow_of_emotion 47w

    The night oozed out of our chilled bones, succeeding sinners.

  • babershaik 49w

    The Clavicles ( collar bones)

    The clavicles are two bones that are attached to the sternum bone in the centre of the body at one end and to the scapular bone on other sides respectively, where the collar of shirt appears when we wear it thus it is called collar bones.


  • amysticalmess 53w


    And when darkness crawls through the curls of my lashes,
    I hold tight to my bones and close my soul with latches.


  • mmbftd 60w


    There was frost on the ground
    I need not brave the elements
    To know
    For your tiny paws
    Handsome dog's
    Little black and pink toes
    Wore the temperature to tell.
    Wrapping you up close
    To me
    Bundles of fuzzy warm cloth
    Enveloping us together
    As I held your cold paws
    In my warming palms
    To take away your chill
    Winter was hard for us both
    We hated cold
    It made us lazy and pained
    Old bones growing old together
    And as our breaths became unison
    We drifted in and out of dreams
    Together and apart
    I felt your dream paws running
    After something fun to chase
    And why not let you dream
    Of springtime's squirrel chase?
    Were there tiny purple blossoms
    An explosion of new growth
    Beneath your paws?
    I nestled my nose
    In your long soft neck fur
    A mane of silky white
    With large black swaths
    Your eyes now
    Half opening
    In their new blue color
    Cataracts like ghosts
    Concealed your once dark
    Brown, round eyes
    Little black eyelashes a flutter.
    I pulled you closer
    Trying to stop time
    And appreciating all these silent moments shared.
    My companion, my confidant
    My protector so fierce.
    Your Papillon-Chihuahua smarts
    And sweet loving glances
    Comforted me and brought me outside myself, when sometimes
    I needed that.
    ColdPaw, I shall warm your paws for you until the end of our days.
    Loving you is the greatest gift.
    As you announce all seasons by walking on my lap.
    Now we are warm again, let's slumber a little longer, and let no one disturb these precious moments. Let me just love you.

    For Loui Pup Pup, my faithful companion in this world.

  • jadeivy 73w



    Bones of stone,
    Skin of paper,
    Eyes of jelly,
    Teeth of sand,
    Nails of glass,
    Hair of straw.

    Wobble around,
    Try to make it to town,
    Stumble and fall,
    To the Earth
    you are bound.

    Knees are down,
    Bones break skin,
    Muscles snap in place,
    Tears run down your face.

  • isid57 78w

    ... Who Are You?...

    Behind the flesh and bones, are you what you think you are?

    You are a soul, which can never have a scar...
    You are a spirit, which can leap far... And far...
    You are those vibrating strings of optimistic guitar...
    You are that enthusiastically shining star...

    Oh Man! Behind the flesh and bones,
    Do you even know who you are...??
    © Siddhesh Sawant

  • robomahim 87w

    April 30, 2020
    I've writing this poem for quite a time. But I finally finished it today.
    Note 1: This poem is dedicated to 'Shunsui Kyōraku'.
    As I have taken the aspect of the poem from his Bankai's name 'Katen Kyōkotsu: Karamatsu Shinjū'. Which literally means bones of heavenly blooming madness.
    Note 2: Corazón is a Spanish word that means 'Heart'.

    #Heaven #Flower #War #Bones #Bleach #Shunsui

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    Heavenly Flowers

    The wanderer passes
    through the field
    That once happened
    to be a ground of fiend.

    Seeing the decaying dead
    on the now quite battle zone
    Grief had just clawed
    through his soft Corazón.

    Not later, but soon
    the wanderer gazed upon
    The gorgeous heavenly flowers
    that had just bloomed.

    The heavenly flowers had bloomed
    From the bones of the fallen ones.

    The wanderer questioned,
    "For what had they redeemed?
    For what had they given away their lives?"

    Astounding the wanderer,
    The heavenly flowers smiled and replied,
    "As, it would have been impossible
    Without them, for us to arrive."

    ........... ©robomahim

  • agirlwithapoem 90w

    Beautiful girl,
    Listen with your eyes,
    Carry light in your smile,
    Love in your bones,
    & power in your
    Pretty little skull

  • aryanakhan 91w

    I embraced my lonely bones, mostly because no one else wanted to.
    Lewanai Shpana

  • altairviolet 93w

    Spring Cleaning

    Spring arrives, time to clean the skeletons out of your closet.
    Because it's eventually going to become time to be honest.

    You wait and you wonder, where to bury these bones.
    Time to put those bodies back, to whomever they were owed.

    You've made sure to take beautiful care of them.
    When the time came to finally beat your own drum.

    Kept them all dusted off and polished.
    While you watch your hopes and dreams become demolished.

    You don't know what you'll do after clearing the skeletons from your closet.
    You wonder why they're there from time to time, and always wonder the cause of it.

    Put up the tombstones and call the church and bury.
    Covering all your dark secrets in the dirt while acting all cheery.

    You burned up all the bodies and crunched up all the bones.
    Because this is the only life that you will ever know.


  • nleroy8 97w


    i have picked between
    many poisons and i am
    surprised that i am not
    living not dying always
    being bit by life's venom
    teeth in skin, bones crunch
    and i cannot run, yet i am not


  • mikayla_lynne 100w


    Apart. Picking myself apart. Pinch by pinch scratch by scratch. I pull apart my flesh until nothing stands but bones.

  • saltwater_life 105w


    Like a seed buried in lies and watered with saltless tears,
    Crooked bones and peeling flesh grow.
    A monster, a horror, the truth of your soul
    Blossoms into the nightmare
    We all had to know.

  • victoriastokoe 170w

    Doing time

    'Time for a break now.'...
    'But I already broke bones?'

    And time spent thinking, ain't good for my soul.

    'Can't I keep busy? I'm already in hell?'

    'No, It's the rules here...
    Now back to your cell.
    You know where the key is, it's there on the stone and the devil knows your limits,
    he's in charge of the show.'

    'Ok, ok.'