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  • divshetty04 33w

    Woman - A Boon

    "You once told me"
    I remember Mother,
    We daughters are boon
    Then why is that
    For some we are curse?
    Why is that
    She is discriminated everytime?
    She is not let to live
    & aborted in the womb,
    She is not let to grow
    & raped for their desires,
    She is not let to stay happy
    & burnt for dowry,
    She is not let to be a widow
    & condemned,
    She is not let to be a divorce
    & harassed,
    Why is that her body
    Plays a vital role?
    Why is that her vagina
    Plays a vital role?
    Why is that her skin tone
    Plays a vital role?
    Why is that her form of dressing
    Plays a vital role?
    Why is she not let
    To touch books?
    Why is she not let
    To play outdoor games?
    Why is she not let
    To go in the nights?
    Why is she forced to cook?
    Why is she let to do household chores?
    Why is she forced to hide her face
    Behind the veil?
    Why her menstrual cycle is still
    Considered as a taboo subject?
    Why is her voice ignored?
    While the labor pain she tolerates
    For a child to be born, is worth saluting,
    The blood loss she tolerates in
    Every menstrual cycle, is worth saluting,
    The physical pain she goes through
    In her entire life, is worth saluting,
    The mental stress she goes through
    In her entire life, is worth saluting,
    Then why, why & why
    She is considered to be fragile?
    While she is the vigorous of all
    & a boon for every being.

  • ishu_deepthinker 46w

    *Doctor on the earth is a #Boon*
    It's time for their exams
    protection of the people
    forget your own relief
    remove all troubles
    see neither day nor night
    with patients
    keep heart and mind
    don't let anyone slack off
    another form of god
    give new life
    donating your service
    keep all faith
    try to save
    we value them
    _Doctor on The Earth
    is a #Boon_
    We salute them_��‍♀️��‍♀️

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    Doctor on The Earth
    Is a #Boon

  • suprajaasubbu_94 54w

    Curse or boon yet to know my mind holds every storm, captivated. My eyes burst like a, cloud to let my tears rain all along to have held me break apart. And on the otherwise even a simple cup of coffee's breeze, can lift my mood alighted. Even a small thing can make me happy and a small thing can,  shattered by a, side.

    #scribble, #curse, #boon, #rainfall.

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    Curse or boon yet to know my mind holds every storm, captivated. My eyes burst like a, cloud to let my tears rain all along to have held me break apart. And on the otherwise even a simple cup of coffee's breeze, can lift my mood alighted. Even a small thing can make me happy and a small thing can,  shattered by a, side.

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 58w


    People may hold contrast opinions,
    I percept, science is a boon to humankind for sure,
    we ought to be grateful to the scientific inventions,
    for all the modern problems call for a technological cure.

    Imagine corona hiting our Earth a century back,
    world would've been like an aimless train out of track,
    it's the science, the sword to split the pandemic, that owns,
    It's the technology feeding us whilst we sit at our comfort zones.

    Education of youth would've witnessed a full stop,
    parasites of idleness would've hampered each learning crop,
    just because of our saviour gadgets and applications,
    medicos could serve us with online prescriptions.

    If we choose to call technology a curse, shackling our lives,
    as addiction and crimes has engulfed new generation,
    then so should be blamed the fire, stones and knives,
    because they too can cause burns, bruises and laceration.

    I simply mean that science and technology is a vast ocean,
    if we are wise enough, we can treasure the corals and pearls, like luxuries,
    if we choose to play with the turbulent waves without caution,
    the shark of consequences is bound to enjoy the blood of our miseries.


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  • gutzwvw 58w


    I am going to write something.
    I don't know what.
    But it will be fast as lightning.
    Striking all and frightening none.
    For clearer then the sun.
    Shall I inscribe these lines upon you.

    Mine ship is wrecked.
    Mine illusions spent.
    Mine boon, just one.

  • siksty8 59w


    Neither anyone learns to walk at their first day nor any child
    call their mother mom so soon.
    Even the animals also learn the tricks with some training and we are the humans so lets use it as a boon.

  • the_precious_quotes 62w

    रिश्ता कुछ ऐसा है,
    तेरे सबसे करीब भी मैं,
    तुझसे सबसे ज्यादा दूर भी मैं।।

  • jeetspeaks 66w

    ପ୍ରେମର ବାସ୍ତବତା

    ପ୍ରଥମରୁ ଲାଗେ ସେ ବୈଶାଖର ବାଦଲ
    ଶୀତୁଆ ସକାଳର କମ୍ବଳର ଉଷ୍ମତା
    ବସନ୍ତର ଆମ୍ବ ବଗିଚାରେ କୋକିଳ କୁହୁତାନ ସମ
    ନିରାଶ ଜୀବନରେ ଆଶାର ସଂଚାର।

    କିଛି ବର୍ଷ ଉତ୍ତାରୁ ଲାଗେ
    ଅଦରକାରୀ ଆସବାବପତ୍ରର ବୋଝ
    ଏକ ଅସହଜ ଜଞ୍ଜାଳ
    ଏକ ଅପାଙ୍କ୍ତେୟ ଅଭିଶାପ।

    ତଥାପି କେଜାଣି କାହିଁକି ସମସ୍ତେ ପାଗଳ
    ସେ ଅମୃତ ସମ ହଳାହଳ ପାନ କରିବାପାଇଁ?

  • angeljohn 70w


    Collection of fronds
    offering a finish, so grand;
    on top of the darkened-amber stands..
    Freshness blue,
    catering lives-new,
    with no stock of self-centered deeds..

    having a seedling start..
    parenting; the whole of Divine-Creator's art..
    Greenish-mole, patron are you,
    of a noble boon and of an optimistic-trust!

  • shamli_mali 70w

    "I understand"
    A boon to the listener
    A curse for the one who says


  • shamli_mali 70w

    "I understand"
    A boon to one who listens
    A curse for the one who says


  • the_precious_quotes 71w

    Do pal k sath k liye khud ko zindagi bhar ka zakhm dete ho
    Kitne nadaan ho tum murshad..
    Unke dimaag se kahe alfaazon ko apne dil se sunte ho..

  • random_nandy 80w

    To My Mom

    Can't compare the world
    With your love,
    For world is lacking,
    Before your love.
    Loved the mischievous me,
    As you followed,
    Like my shadow.
    Like the mirror,
    You reflected,
    My pain and joy.
    I got everything
    From you,
    Except for temper.
    My shoulder to cry,
    When needed,
    You were my friend.
    Nothing in this world
    Is enough,
    Before your unlimited love.
    If God gave a boon,
    I Would ask for you
    To be my Mom,
    If I'm ever born again.

  • akshay_vasu 82w

    In that place, everyone had wings. The ones who were flying always wanted to touch the land. But they were always the prisoners of the fear of not being able to fly again. The ones who were on the ground always wanted to fly. But they were always the prisoners of not being able to touch the land again. In that place, the wings weren't a boon. They were a curse.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • sanju13 84w


    I'm very week at studies I can't remember one question properly then
    But I can remember your shirt color a month back.
    Now, I'm very good at studies I can remember anything I learn within seconds.
    But now I have even forgotten your phone number and our memories.

    My career which I thought is a curse given a boon to live my life after you left me.
    You turned my life into a curse which I thought it will a boon.


  • vaishnavit 90w

    ofcourse darkness is one kind of a boon...
    why else do you think the moon shines so bright?

  • thearchanasingh 91w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld
    Online Education can be boon & bane both at a same time depends upon experience of the people.But I really think that Classroom learning will always be much beneficial that this in every aspects no matter what!!��������
    #education #mirakee #onlinelearning #ASwrites #share #like #comment #online #boon #bane #article

    Your views ??

    Thank you so much for reposting!!����❤️

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    Digital Library for All

    Online Education is played, displayed, practised & cherished in almost every house of the world.From the low thinkers to the high readers it had become a part of daily work.There is no doubt on the fact that it has been boon for the learner's who really want to get filled by the knowledge.The Educators have been working hard to full fill their needs and providing them proper education.
    E- learning has not only helping students but also teachers who are learning new more creative digital learning technique for students.Online learning is mostly of all is saving our time which we can use in to learn and discover new things.
    In for future aspects it is necessary for the teachers to switch on video lectures and online study which helps learner's to enhance their imagination.Also the Government is providing funds for the need in online education and giving it a platform to rise and shine in future.It will eventually help our coming century's to rise and develope.
    There is no doubt in the fact that on face to face interaction the students had been observing and practically understanding which will be always beneficial.Many people are against the online lecture (p.s: Including me) and want to end it as soon as the pandemic gets over.But we have to see the good side of it as many students are using the saved time from online lectures to do other fun learning activities(P.S: That also includes me).
    Moodle source had been launched last month for virtual learning by proving online classes and e videos for slow learner's.It had drawn many students to it and results in a great engagement.Online education and lectures had also decrease the financial burden of several coaching centres that are now not necessary for students.
    This creative mode of learning is only increasing the participation and most of all it had open access for all.In a developing country like India it only going to help for higher educations for learner's in future.


  • sairam24 91w

    Imagination is such a wonderful thing to possess. It is a double edged sword. It holds the power to create something as beautiful as this piece of writing and at the same time create unnecessary scenarios that need to be run through which are otherwise useless to be visited.


  • nishamrut 95w


    The quality of being truthful,
    Don't expect it from fools,
    Because it is only the wise boon.

    -Nisha Vasant Hanwate

  • scribbler_shree 98w


    Home is a boon to my creativity

    It flows and flows and flows

    In this flashy world of 

    Cash and cash and cash

    Home is a peaceful tune

    My legs moves & 

    Smile as the glowing moon

    And wake my creative artist 

    With an electrical shock

    Different ideas popping

    I can work onto them freely

    Nobody to judge here

    It just me and my muse, baby !