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  • borahae_07 1w

    "You gave me the best of me so you gave you the best of you"

    Not mine a lyrics by BTS song~ Best Of Me


  • borahae_07 1w

    "You can't stop me lovin' myself"


  • loveleyjiminah 20w

    #borahae #mypennings

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    ... BORAHAE...

    You are my everything
    In my world
    My happiness, My hope,
    My love, My comfort,
    My life,
    And my everything..
    Without any reason
    I loved you
    So I won't leave you..
    No matter what problem comes..
    Even if you leave me..
    I love you
    Till the end of my days..


  • _ikraar_ 21w

    They don't just entertain....they teach to live
    #Indianbtsarmy #borahae ��

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    "I don't have friends" - Jin
    Boys: " Ah hyung..."
    "BTS is my family" - Jin

    I lost it....touching moments of Bangtan Boys

  • princessfuzzy 23w

    Armys here?���� Comment below if you are one���� Read this piece of poetry to find out if the male protagonist is your bias����

    @writersnetwork #mirakeeworld #BTS #love #cute #romance #korean #korea #Bangtan #Sonyeondan #realistic #girlxboy #sweet #saranghae #yeontan #proposal #rose #borahae #purple #rainbow #poem #poetry #heart #miraquill #boyinluv

    @bts_fangirl @heart_wrenching_stories @starrytae_ @dove_wings @fellowtraveller @moon_pearl @aquapearl @taekook_maknae @taekook96 (A read?��❤️)

    ❤️.❣️ ❤️.❤️ ❣️.❤️
    ❤️. ���� .❤️. ����. .❤️
    ❤️������ ❤️ ������.❤️
    ❤️. �������������� .❤️
    ❤️.�������������� .❤️
    ❤️.������������ .❤️
    ❤️. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ .❤️
    ❤️. ��������.❤️

    A purple heart �� represents sensitive, compassionate love.
    A blue heart �� represents supporting, deep love.
    A green heart �� represents close bonds, admiration and love.
    A yellow heart �� represents liking and friendship.
    An orange heart �� represents warm and caring love.
    A red heart ♥️ represents flirty, hopeful love.

    But �� is the one I love 'cause it means love will last for a long time✨

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    She stared long at the distance,
    The way he went,
    Yeontan lagging behind,
    In her hand grasped tightly,
    A fresh, red rose,
    Gifted to her by him.
    The only korean word she knew,
    The word he uttered while kneeling down,
    Offering the rose to her.
    The permed fringes that veiled his forehead,
    Assymetrical, yet entrancing twilight browns
    he had for eyes,
    His infectious boxy smile that made her day,
    All seemed so bizarre,
    Too good to be true,
    The only thought that occupied her mind
    Was to hug him tight,
    Her cute oppa,
    Her own bias.

    He had left only after asking her out on a date,
    Somewhere fun,
    Somewhere prodigious,
    Unlike the casual dinner date she always resented.
    She was satisfied that he was weird like her,
    Uncanny like her,
    To assure her that she was not alone in
    Wearing oversized clothes
    Or having a disdain for spicy food.

    He had left only after ruffling her hair,
    Towering over her short stature,
    A wide smile itched on his face
    When she had screamed a yes.
    She was happy to have him,
    And wished passionately that she could have him forever,
    The word she never understood
    for she was not a korean,
    Yet understood its concept
    The moment he proposed to her.
    All days of dreaming him,
    Bearing a wonderful fruit...

  • ishikaaggarwal 29w

    Happy ARMY Day!

    We've learnt so much from our idols!
    Working hard to achieve the Herculean dreams,
    Fighting against stereotypes,
    Confidence in yourself,
    Fighting off depression,
    Accepting life,
    Inspiring themselves and then millions to speak ourselves and love ourselves
    They say we are their wings, but to us they are our seven colours of the rainbow which always bring a smile to our face after the gloomy rain.

    Saranghaeyo Bangtan Sonyeondan and ARMY!

    P.S. We don't need permission to dance, break records, or love ourselves!

  • bloom_tia 30w

    Those 7 colours of the rainbow are inspiring billions of people each and every day with their messages through their music. This one is a small tribute to them by us.
    #btsarmy #borahae�� @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    All of my vitality

    Never knew you have The truth untold behind
    to make you Hold me tight
    am just loving this Serendipity
    that you are the cause of my Euphoria
    Begin during my Epiphany of Fake love Tear days
    made it went smooth like Butter

    you are the only Butterfly of My time that
    I can't Let go on what Your eyes tell
    Promise you never to Lie despite of any Purpose
    let the rhythm of our Heartbeat make out a Magic shop
    where memories can Stay Forever young

    Love like Life goes ON Still with you
    heart said I need u even
    when i imagined being you Like! Pied piper Filter
    even when it went all Blue & grey

    now after all this Love maze
    I know i can Make it right
    there is no 00:00 needed to Fix you
    let me be you're Anpanman
    Stay gold....i found my Home
    let me show you how it looks like
    when it comes to a Boy with luv

    ugh! Everythingoeson Just one day my Paradise!
    but for now let your Inner child
    sleep like Winter bear under the Moon Light,
    Tomorrow let's Awake with a cup of Spring days Coffee
    where i gonna Film out with The eternal smile of yours
    & do anything For you!

  • thepencilwriter 32w

    Since, as long as I remember
    I was never somebody's first choice,
    Not even my own and even if I smiled,
    Somewhere deep inside it hurt like hell
    But then you came in my life,
    Healing my pain and teaching me what life is,
    Yeah, I'm still nobody's first choice
    But I don't care anymore
    Since you made me my first choice.

  • m_dhanju 32w

    Thank you for everything Happy 8th anniversary

  • yourarmy 33w


    I know you are not mine, but when I am not fine
    I feel to hug you holding your lapel
    Placing my head on your chest wanna cry.
    I want you to sit before me, consoling me
    Keeping your hands on my head
    Caressing my hair cheering me up.
    I know you are not mine, but all I want from you
    Is that love which you can never give me.
    Trust me I am not mad at you......
    Borahae baby

  • unworldstories_ 32w

    shine dream smile ��������

    #sowoozoo #btsday #borahae
    #lighthousec @writersbay

    happy 8 years to the greatest treasure this world could ever have!! you've come so long through so many obstacles and you're now at the biggest stage of your lives :') even though I didn't start with you guys from the very beginning, I'll make sure to sit through until the very end.

    let's be forever bulletproof ����

    on a small side note, thank you to 100+ followers!! this is a very late prompt haha a prose for these seven treasures, I guess this is a win-win XD


    If you look pass the darkness of the starless night and sail through the abysmal ocean, you would find a little island, with a lighthouse. the lighthouse was in ruins, beaten down by the merciless wind and eroded by the treacherous waves. it was on the verge of collapse, the light in it dim and faint. the lighthouse keeper needed to find someone else to replace him and restore this lighthouse, and after months of searching, he had gathered seven young boys, different in many ways, yet all fresh and inexperienced and eager, to save this lighthouse.


    When the originally faint white light of the lighthouse turned into a burning fiery red light, there were nearly tears in the old lighthouse keeper's eyes. the lack of life in the previous glow was suddenly fuelled by passion and a collective dream. "one day this lighthouse shall be the star of the sea so bright even vessels will stop to admire it". it dawned on the old lighthouse keeper: this lighthouse would mean more than just a bearing for ships, it would be the guidance for every soul lost and wandering in the dark, and these seven boys would be their compass, like a constellation in the night. however, who was their compass when their light dimmed?


    The toils of being a lighthouse keeper soon came raining down on the seven of them. there was skepticism—many believed that the seven would not be able to hold the lighthouse for long. there was ignorance—many ships took a different route purposefully. there was shame—many claimed that the seven weren't doing a very good job anyway. but most of all what scarred the seven of them the most was hate. it hurt them when ships intentionally sailed in front of the lighthouse to call them names and look down on them. sometimes it even felt like nature was against them; the tides as high as mountains and storms that were a sailor's nightmare battered on the walls of the lighthouse, hoping to strike fear in the boys. on top of that their families were never very supportive of their jobs, and some of them mentally suffered from the lack of support.


    But still they held on. their sliver of hope and their trust in each other were as strong as the fire that burned in their light. there were days where they would fight amongst each other, and they worked hard together to reduce them. there were days where clouds were above their heads, and they worked together to clear the skies. there was even a time when the old lighthouse keeper asked one of them if he would rather go to work at another lighthouse that was in better shape than this one, but the boy rejected the idea as soon as it came up, insisting to stay with the other six. their fight was not in vain as you see, because not long afterwards the sea that was always black started being speckled with purple lights, bobbing along the waves like jellyfish. this started when they heard that there were people who believed that they would succeed, and supported them on their journey. this continued on, and seeing those purple lights were comforting and encouraging. the night mirrored the sea often, and the boys enjoyed stargazing at the view. those nights made the work more tolerable and it was the best feeling all of them could have. so they treasured the feeling, treasured those purple lights, treasured the people who had hope in them and worked even harder. they worked especially harder to give love back to the people who believed in them.


    But good things don't last long. there was a moment in time that came like an absolute hurricane at the boys. it was a time where people made nasty rumours of them and this threatened their roles as a lighthouse keeper. and at this moment, a terrible thought surfaced in the minds of all seven of them, should they... leave? should they abandon this role afterall? the whole world seemed to be against them and it was exhausting to gain the efforts to prove them wrong. it was like swimming against the tide afterall. this thought hung on their minds for a long time, like an elderly pondering their time of death. even the purple lights didn't seem as comforting. the boys loathed the thought of it, but it felt like the thing to do. except that they weren't ready to give up just yet and they clutched on to hope. and hope pushed away the rumours and gave way to more people who supported them.


    The boys grew to become men. and suddenly their ocean is also glowing brighter than ever. the purple lights suddenly became uncountable, and covered the entire surface of the sea. the sky they saw was almost a painting made from space. those purple lights became the constellations in the sky for them, they were their pathways, their hope, their love. and by following those lights the seven of them truly became the star of the sea. the amethyst glow of their lighthouse was unmistakable and ships could never ignore that light. the sea became a galaxy, and they became the stars. and even if the feeling will pass one day they live in the moment. for now it's just them and their constellations, and to them no matter what they get, whether it's recognition or fame, those lights come first, as they were the light they needed when the night was dark.


    you got me, I got you
    we got to heaven with you
    we were only seven
    we are not seven with you
    and we will be young forever
    and we will walk together
    we started with a dream
    and you took it to reality
    and the tides don't scare us now
    and the storms don't scare us now
    for we are bulletproof
    we are bulletproof with you

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    dedicated to the loves of my life
    the seven souls who live in
    the lighthouse in the midst of
    the sea of alluring amethyst asters

    borahae bts


  • aqstar 49w

    A room with some of my basic things,
    A single bed and blue piano inside it.
    A purple blanket and not teddy bear but BT21 on my bed.

    An aquarium with colourful fishes, and
    A bookshelf with lots of books and my diary inside it.

    A blue vase with some blooming flowers ,
    A radio on my table and cute fluffy pillows on my bed.

    An army bomb on my table and photocards of our 7 angels with it.
    A big BTS logo painted on my wall, and some inspiration lyrics written on it.

    A room with big window from where I can take apracity in winters,
    Window from where I can glimpse that twinkling stars at dark night,
    A room that can give me ataraxia...
    A room that whoops An ARMY ROOM Inside it.

    #Army #Bts #BTS #ARMY #Armyroom #ARMY_ROOM ... #btsforever #newchingus ��...#newchatroom #borahae #room #anarmyroom
    I don't know it's that good or not..., but I tried my best... To write it..., (jaldi jaldi.. Likha hai... Koi mistake..ho to ., comment mai btao.. Bina jhijhak..) ��....
    A big bunny thanks to - @arya_abhipsa ,
    And to all the armies...here (I can't tag to all)
    Thank u for giving me lots of love....
    Borahae... Armies n BTS �� ✨��������

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  • mehna_2006 50w

    At first purple meant nothing to me.
    Just a mere colour in my view .
    A colour in the rainbow.
    There was always something that I was oblivious of.
    Sometimes good things.
    But when I knew that purple wasn't just a mere colour.
    It wasn't just something.

    Purple ,
    The colour that balances two colours.
    The colour that is calming.
    A colour that is said to be imaginative.
    The colour that connected me to some people I cherish till today .
    The colour they gave to me.

    Purple gave me peace when I needed it.
    The purple sky was what I yearned to see.
    The purple ocean was something I missed.
    The colour doesn't just mean something.
    It means everything for my people.
    Purple was our colour of love.
    Instead of red we did purple.

    Purple hearts filled my vision.
    Purple lights comforted themselves in me.
    The colour that once meant nothing to me were the colour that meant the world to me now.

    Purple is something that gives you calmness.
    Something that is a mystery unseen.
    Like a truth untold.
    A colour that is believed to be magical.
    It is indeed.

    The people who gave me the colour and meaning.
    Will be the people I remember.
    The people who thought purple deserved us.
    The people I purple .
    They were the one to show me how much one colour meant.

    I don't know when I became someone who writes such big poems for just a colour.
    But this purple deserves it.

    You see purple is not just a colour.
    It is much more than you think it is.
    It is just more than something.

    ' Once you open the door,
    The place will await. '

    ' So show me!
    I'll show you '

    Once you know the meaning of purple .
    You will be too awestruck to let go.

    This is what purple mean to me.
    To us .

    Purple isn't just a mere color in the rainbow.
    It's the colour that starts the rainbow.
    The colour that started my rainbow.

    A mere colour can do miracles of magic.

    @mirakee thanks .��❣️✨
    #purple #pod #wod #BTS #ARMY #IPURPLEYOU #life #me
    #love #borahae #bts #army #purplehearts #mirakee

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    The purple that showed me the wonders.
    Purple skies and purple oceans is what I see.
    The purple hue which left me in awe.
    Everything about purple touched my heart.


  • healerr 50w


    If it was asked 2 years ago
    I would have said
    Just a color nothing special
    I see the ugliness in it
    No reason to call it color of royals
    But now;
    Things have changed
    When red means I love you
    It can be momentarily
    But if I say "I purple you "
    It means I trust you till the very end

  • m_dhanju 55w


  • rainiki 56w

    951230 is the most beautiful day because you took birth on this day.
    You were meant to be the cutest human being alive and a person with golden heart
    Thanks for being born and to healing us with your songs
    The day in the name of taehyung ssi " HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU "

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    Happy V day!

  • anuska_9 56w

    You're my inspiration and my joy....the ones who keep me going through all the sorrows and failures... Thank You just for existing!! #bts #army #borahae

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    My heart and my soul
    My sincerity is unconditional in a LOVE MAZE
    From winter to summer,
    My EUPHORIA belongs to that INNER CHILD
    That helped me find my LOST ways..
    Feels AWAKE at 00:00
    Following your PIED PIPER

  • whatcangoright_7 56w

    Happy Birthday Taehyung Kim

    You crooned the notes in such a way,
    I'm mesmerized by the depth of your voice,
    I know you're luring me with your chants, but it's irresistable to not walk behind.


  • poursomeink 63w

    "The tears
    She wipe away
    so fast,
    Were the tears,
    Which actually
    carried her grief."

    Spending time before she leaves at the dawn,
    Sitting together in the lawn,
    He told her,
    ' look at the stars how beautiful they Are, today'
    She replied - ' you are so lucky, you can see this again tomorrow ' (coz she is gonna leave the city the next morning)
    He - it will be different tomorrow!
    She - are there no stars tomorrow?
    He - " You wouldn't be here tomorrow"


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  • rainiki 65w

    Answering to BTS's question

    To V : when you reply me on any social media i go crazy, and even if i see your
    pictures around me, though u asked other than your songs but i can't
    exclude them they are so amazing and part of my life which makes me happier
    ; )

    To JIMIN : dancing and singing on your songs ,talking about you guys and
    talking to my parents are the stuffs that
    make me happy being by my side.. ♡

    To RM : when I'm happy i do sketching and which eventually makes me more
    and more happy but before that i listen
    to your music or BTS contents to get

    To JUNGKOOK : BTS is not to be remembered coz it reside in my soul
    and every heart beat of mine reminds
    me of you guys, even ARMY exists
    because of you and for you..♤

    To JIN : my happiest moment is when i see you guys working hard and strong
    for us and taking good care of yourself..◇

    To SUGA : what BTS means to me? Ah
    this is an beautiful question..
    Bts is a my soul and a body can't stay
    away from its soul, that's what you guys are.♧

    To J-HOPE : BTS is the word that comforts me the most is "Borahae"
    and bts members name ,because
    whenever i hear it in ads or in tv or internet my hearts goes to a
    different places and you guys are cause of my Euphoria... : )