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  • tithi_b 16h


    I knew, like every other day
    This sun won't keep shining
    Longer than the half of it
    But I hoped for once..
    Dreadful evening will be
    Passing storms in disguise.
    Wouldn’t it have been nice?
    To see mountains belittle us
    Only when we're grounded?

    I'm not brave enough
    To see the doom in the eye
    But regardless..
    If pouring life into this moving grave
    Meant my downfall
    I'll be waiting for the avalanche;
    I have nothing to regret.


  • bubbly_bluebells 19h

    What else is brave rather than showing up infront alone though?

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    Wondering choices;courageous scintilla & Passion drinks

    Our hearts would be brave
    if they understand,spoke the language
    of nature and it's habitats
    also components,ruminates in winds

    We made us believe we can't!
    But ever tried to translate what birds are
    Singing in the human vocabulary?

    What if our lives are mere
    A pseudo mechanism?
    Happy,sad or whatever, just fed
    our mind as truth to make it believe
    and then its setting made us believe.
    Everywhere as that's the reality!
    Though it's chosen first virtually!

    Instead of one mindset
    we would have involved us whole
    In the uncertain questions to ride
    the outcome would have been
    much different and view although

    I want to be this or would have been alike;
    Is a materialistic noun to disrespect Truth
    A limited cage that cuts off own wings!
    I will become... is a verb,which represents
    in the way of finding, accepting all flaws
    To be it's candle also burning gleam ️

    A universal commitment to cherish
    This special oath to place hands
    on its destiny's lap forever!

  • sougata_ 1d

    ~Be Brave~

    Be brave.
    Fight your inner demons first,
    only then you can face the challenges
    this life offers.
    The world is cruel,
    make your way
    through it's hurdles.
    Learn, grow
    Be thirsty for more
    Improve, adapt
    Put up a courageous act
    Be bold
    make memories of gold
    and until you face your grave,
    remember to be brave.

  • joan53 1d

    Brave soul
    Traveling for foreign lands
    Through times shifting sands
    Bus ride to a get away
    To get away from it all
    No longer, as prey, to fall
    To a place I know not
    But a place to not rot
    A place of hope to find
    A chance to be safe, be near kind
    But the war followed me there
    For the devil is everywhere
    Fight continues on unawares
    Day and night
    And into the broad daylight
    Till I win the fight of horrors
    Till in the end I win the war


  • ct_and_skylines 1d

    Brave, You Are.

    Do you realize how brave you are? You are so very brave. This world is wild and the truth is we never quite know what’s around the corner. To continue to move forward today is a beautiful thing; it is like a war outside sometimes, and often you’ll find peace.
    The mind will tune in to whatever you see, you have to decide what you’re going to look for: will it be harmony and peace? You are so brave, don’t you forget, keep moving forward..tell the ones you love, that “you love them.” Dont forget.

    -Christian Taylor

  • reneewolfcrowdenunez 1d

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    "A person often meets their destiny, on the path they took to avoid it"'Jean de la Fontaine'

    She didn't exist
    Before she was six..

    No God
    No Santa
    No birthday gifts..

    Yet, many a foster home
    To treat her like sh*t..

    I suppose it didn't matter
    She had no social security card..

    Or a birth certificate
    For birthdays she never
    Remembered having..

    Shoes to wear
    Food to eat
    And she was dirty..

    But not just her
    Face and tousled
    Chopped off hair..

    Inside her
    It felt dirty as well
    Growing up
    Inches from hell..

    I think it mattered
    The most to her
    That she had no mama..

    Especially to explain to her
    That life, very rarely
    Was ever, very fair..

    All of her "various mothers"
    Who let all her "various fathers"
    Take her
    Off and alone..

    And when they were done
    They left her
    And raw to the bone..

    Her heart weighted down
    Like around her neck
    A heavy stone..

    Yet, a Heavenly Spirit
    And Earth Angels
    Lifted her up
    And tore off the bindings
    That left her to drown..

    She became a person
    That not only existed..

    But a woman
    Who lives
    And loves
    And laughs with her children..

    Her friends
    Her loves
    Her angels
    Her God..

    Broke her free
    From a cycle
    She DIDN'T pass on..

    Turned to light
    And broke through
    A seemingly
    Never-ending night..

    There's a possibility
    It can be, someday
    We all end up
    Brave and free..


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  • nocturnal_enigma 1d

    * 18.1.2022; 6.36 A.M (Malaysia)

    #brave #wod @miraquill

    * There's an ATV that I mentioned in poem at the right of the pink building! I rode an ATV at a long shore of a beach. (But, the ocean wasn't blue like this & there was no people swimming.)

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    -rave ~

    There are a lot of things that I wanna rave.
    One of them is about when I feel so brave.
    Such as riding ATV very fast. As I crave...
    adrenaline rush, until death. Buried in grave.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • abhibd 1d

    How did it feel, to let go ?
    At first it was painful,
    Like it wasn't me but someone else,
    Then after a while it became easier,
    As there was nothing to go back to,
    Just some etched memories ,
    In time they shall too go away ,
    For now this will suffice ,
    As it felt like relaxing on ice ,
    How did it feel you ask ?

  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 1d

    Perhaps it could be considered #brave to witness such things happening to loved ones; and to face, thwart, and overcome death multiple times, on behalf of others.

    by lovenotes_from_carolyn
    Death assailed her ghastly lips
    Stark white they were, within its grips
    The pallor seen, as yet unspoken
    Their healthy sheen, an absent token

    Death assailed unblinking eyes
    Turned heavenward, by their demise
    Dilated now, wild, unstaring
    Proved how poorly she was faring

    Death assailed her wobbly legs
    Made noodles of the once strong pegs
    Her weight, no longer could they hold
    A fated future they betold

    Death assailed her spoken voice
    Gone missing now, against her choice
    No screams, nor whispers, not a squeak
    Her vocal cords left mute and weak

    Death assailed her beating heart
    I prayed and prayed it would restart
    Barely a thump within that chest
    Silent now, in need of rest

    Death assailed her, Lord 'tis true
    Skin from head to toe 'twas blue
    Vascular, was this restriction
    The folly caused by drug addiction

    I beg thee please, cherish your life
    All are subject to such strife
    Seek out comfort, peace, and joy
    A therapist, you might employ

    Death assailed her, I've seen it twice
    This artifice does not play nice
    Yet here I stand, through tears I've cried
    And not a once, have left her side

    Death you fool, you've come too soon
    For you, we'll neither bow nor swoon
    I cast thee back to depths of hell
    By now, you know me very well

    Assail you may, but win you'll not
    It's me, you fool - have you forgot?
    Make haste, be gone, your ruse is done
    Give up, retreat, you have not won

    I'll peel my loved ones from your hands
    I'll overcome you, where you stand
    I'll warn you once more, loud and clear
    Away with you, dare not come here!
    ©lovenotes_from_carolyn 1/17/2022

    @miraquill Thank you very kindly for Editor's Choice team!! ������

    #writersnetwork #miraquill #wod #addiction #death #love

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  • cherrypauper 1d

    #comingout #nonbinary #twtransphobia #confessions #selflove #mirakee #writersnetwork #brave

    Sometimes when too frightened to speak, you just need someone to read the brave words that could left the weight off your shoulders. There is bravery in cowardice, as hypocritical as it can be.

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    A Brave Bout of Cowardice

    Why did it come to this?
    Slipping confessionals beneath table tops
    Topics of false neutrality opened the floodgates
    towards my unbecoming
    Unbecoming to you
    Unbecoming what you want of me witless to who I am
    What I am
    I am the thing you fear and disguise your uncertainty with hate
    My brother reads my shaken scrawl as I leave to scream within restless rooms
    Too nauseated to stand your sight yet
    too frightened to stand up when seated

    I am done with make believe
    He can never know what I am for I know not if his truth will break me
    I trust you to know me. I trust you act as if you don't. Play the part of the part of an oblivious crowd; You can take stage left if you wish not to be noticed still.
    I love him, even with all he does to make his words law and pierce me within the crossfire of his passive war against us and I know you do to. You just woke up from the rosetinted void before its noose could find perches and know his love isn't worth our continued decay.

    I am a coward, brave enough to ask for a shoulder to rest my dizzy head upon.
    Please, please let that be enough for now.

  • akshiwrites 1d

    But being brave was never about escaping the storm rather embracing it and the growth it would bring with it.

  • his_aesthetic_ink 1d

    I was braveheart soul ,
    until she walked away.

    Shattering my illusion of facade
    making me realise how timid
    is my soul...


  • christinaoconnor_ 1d


    When I was young my voice was hoarse
    Then I sang in freedom's sweet chorus
    I grew so extraordinarily brave
    Giving my testament from the grave
    I died as a child but look at me now
    I can speak my truth somehow
    The first time I came forward
    Is the same day I came toward
    Realizations it wasn't my fault
    Even if he was never caught
    I stand alone in my statement
    Even if it causes abandonment
    By those who still mourn his death
    Take a deep breath
    Tracing the night's skies constellations
    Feeling the earth's reverberations
    I can say it clearly
    He molested me
    Strong where he was weak
    I have yet to reach my peak
    Bolstering myself up to the top
    Climbing the mountain, knowing the drop
    Knowledge my sword, and pain my shield
    Words my fatal blow, the ammunition I wield
    Actions of a madman
    An infection to his clan
    Traitorous and an abomination
    Hear me, hear my proclamation
    Love has given me wings
    Releasing the anguish it brings
    Living to tell my story
    I have found the I of me
    Through the suffering I have been blessed
    I have the validation I need, so I can rest
    Even if no one believed me, I’d still riot
    This is my phantom to fight
    My chance to live anew
    To forge forward with you
    I made my final strike
    Is this what independence feels like?
    I am putting myself out there once again
    I will go to hell or move Heaven
    To get my message out to you
    If I can help one person through
    These words written here
    I have nothing more to fear
    A new fortitude to conquer the test
    I have already defeated the rest
    My mission is to help others make it
    To kindle the fire that’s already lit
    Turn it into a furnace
    We are capable of overcoming this
    Stina Louise

  • kefi_kat 1d


    Is the thrill of fear
    & the will of faith.

  • mysteriousde 1d

    #brave #pod #wod
    @miraquill @mirakeenetwork

    Once in a time when
    nobody wanted a child
    Yes in a beginning of her life,

    She came to her side
    N became her source of light

    She was gorgeous as roses
    Brave as soldiers
    N shine as stars in the skies

    She taught her right wrong
    fight back on her own
    She was love n loves her a lot

    One day she went away
    Without said a word

    The child became very sad
    Unhappy in her world

    She never met her again
    N felt guilty for her games

    She wants to tell everyone
    But Abid with Some tails

    Because she wasn't that much brave!!

    <<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>

    The days when I felt that I should
    Be brave to fight back n not remain silent

    I just didn't make it possible
    I couldn't say no to myself

    I know i have wasted a lot of time
    Since the days of my childhood
    When I just took things granted

    I couldn't fully spend n realise my beautiful
    Time with the one who enshrined my life

    I couldn't realize how this time come to me

    I wasn't that brave to handle all that
    Feelings, emotions and situation..

    काश तुझसे फिर मुलाकात कर पाती,
    काश तुझे में समझ पाती..

    मुझे आज भी भरोसा है,
    मैं तुझे बचा लाती!!

    #myheart #p_d #brave but broken

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    She is the soul of my heart
    She is the sun of my Galaxy
    I just can't decode her words
    "I'm her last wish.." ♥♥

  • aye__writes 1d

    -@miraquill @writersnetwork #brave #wod

    To my beautiful mother in heaven. ��

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    After she was gone, I stayed brave, too brave for me to comprehend the opposite of brave.

    Her absence breathed more strength into my soul but little did I know,
    I had to give myself space to break down,
    to stop being brave
    let my tears dance to the sad rhythm
    with my heart.

    She always knew how brave I always was but without her,
    being brave was just survival,
    leading to my own revival.

    I am brave, a short but powerful word, making its way to preserve me as brave as I am.

    I just am.


  • sonu99 1d

    Being BRAVE

    Being BRAVE is to tackle the failures;
    Being BRAVE is to flaunt your imperfections;
    Being BRAVE is to overcome inner fear;
    Being BRAVE is to strengthen the weaknesses;
    Being BRAVE is to boost self-confidence;
    Being BRAVE is to face the life's challenges by being upgraded each day.

  • lovesunflower20 1d

    As a child I always want to be grow up
    now begin adult I regret my decision,

    Then one day at my bestfriend funeral-
    I realised being left alone is most hard

    Just as the winter gonna go away-
    As the summer clouds rise in spring
    I laughed and murmur

    I could almost be brave- at my death grave.


    #brave ⬅️maybe ��

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  • aipyunpyun 1d

    A living proof

    A child born out of fear,
    Obedient she grows up,
    Too perfect she perfected,
    Saying Yes is her forte.

    No complaint, she kept it well,
    Well, for fear she is hated,
    Not to one but to all,
    She' s brought just like that.

    In a phase, where control refuse her,
    She blasted all over the place,
    Tears and tears and tears,
    Occupy her mind and soul,

    The betrayal they inflicted,
    Surge her for bravery,
    She love them dear, too dear,
    But saying No is what is right.

    Years of suffering and tears,
    Left her heart and mind,
    For the first time in years,
    She had fought for herself.

    Such act left her peace,
    So, for those who read this,
    Keep in mind, darling dear...

    We are brave in nature!
    Nurture the torch, you are not alone.

  • safu_1 1d


    More quotes follow this page ��

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    A person change for two reasons
    Someone special come in their life..
    Someone special left their life.