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  • ammy21 50s

    Musafir dil ko bna kar mere
    Tu kyu chhod gya
    Sukhi padi dil ki zami ko
    Tu kyu sard me bheega gya
    Kyun un eshaaso jazbaato ko
    Mere dil me kyu laaya
    Jab nibhana hi ni tha toh
    Waada kyu kiya
    Tu kyu chhod gya....

  • june_margot 10h

    You know what?....
    I should really just leave.
    He must already be someone's.

  • stellaire_mystique 12h

    Jab kaanch tut kar bhikar jata hai na....toh na vo Judd sakta or na ap usse samet sakte....kuki na chate hue bhi vo apko kaatega hii....


  • sree_nidhi 20h

    Christmas Sweater

    Stitching broken minds
    Together into a Christmas sweater
    As most ends up being ugly
    As if it was the goal
    Yet not the memories
    Or the moments, sewed in.
    Putting strips and glitters
    To make it seems shimmer
    As the dark rising waves
    Of emotions covers us
    Yet like a Christmas sweater,
    I wear it over my wounds
    Despite the obvious truths,
    Tuning out the comments
    I wore it like a fool
    To make you smile.

    #love #toxic #pod #broken #christmas #sweater #memories #smile

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    Christmas Sweater

  • squeaker 1d

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    #hurt #broken #brokenheart #poemtherapy #poetry #DV #bruises #love #loss

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    ~I Deserved Better~


    I deserved better
    But we met long before winter.

    When the weather was warm
    And there was never a hint of a storm.

    I deserved better
    But I wrote poems and penned every letter.

    Dreamed of our future together
    I was so sure you were my forever.

    I deserved better
    But even flowers wither.

    Yours turned to ash
    The momoment you treated me like trash.

    I deserved Better
    Your last kiss was bitter.

    The disgust on your face
    When you turned from my embrace.

    I deserved better
    Long before you put my heart through the shredder.

    I am grateful for the lesson
    But I have one final question.

    I deserved better....
    So, was black and blue the color of your love,
    Or did it simply bring you pleasure?

    ©Eryn Ricketts

  • realfeel26 1d

    Sometimes you wanna cry too much because it's the only thing that comes to mind when you get so broken and weak inside thinking that you are so alone there is no one to understand you and you are just useless.


  • whispers_of_silence 1d

    I'll always love you and nothing will change that fact
    It's the truth no matter how many times I may deny it
    I hold you in my heart a place that cannot be taken

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    A dream

    In a crowded place
    There I was
    Standing alone
    All by myself
    And among all those people
    I saw you
    You saw me
    We found eachother
    Amidst of the crowd

    We both took our steps
    Until we were close
    Close enough to hear our breathing
    I took your hand
    And you led me forward
    I followed you
    Happily I gave myself up
    Among all those unknown faces
    I saw yours
    My heart felt safe
    Because you were there with me
    And that was enough.

    You suddenly let go
    And then we got separated
    I looked for you everywhere
    And then I came to realise
    That I had lost you
    I cried and I screamed
    Shouted your name
    Until my voice cracked
    But you weren't there
    You never came

    Thousands were among me
    But I still felt lonely
    All I ever needed
    Was you to be with me.

    I woke up
    And I realised
    it was only just a dream
    A sense of relief
    And tears fell from my eyes
    Much more crueler than that dream
    Was my reality.
    You were already gone and I was all alone
    Everyday waking up
    To remind my self
    That you were there no more
    And I was alone
    All by myself
    Still crying for you in reality and dreams

  • velrus 1d

    I see no future, just past for us, my dear.


  • narcos_ke_ 1d


    I'm broken,
    I was fragile,
    At first i thought i was strong,
    But now i realise I'm nothing different from a test tube,
    I mean had no terms and conditions in my file,
    My smile is upside down,
    Just because im broken,

    Love was my happiness, But now it seems less,
    It covered my sorrows,
    But now its too much that I feel i have an arrow sunken in my chest,
    No ray of hope,
    Its dark and lonely,
    Nothing to lure me
    Coz im broken,

    Love was my hope,
    But like a kangaroo it hoped away,
    Now im in pain,
    Pain with no gain,
    Or is it that my cost is making me soft and weak,
    Cold and curved and just like a beak breaking
    Now I'm broken,

    Love's a fake feeling
    That i sailed on not knowing I'd sink and drown in a lake of lies,
    And now im lying in a pool of tears,
    My handkerchief is wet,
    My pillow is watery trying to comfort me,
    But you know what...Im broken,

    I'm broken,
    I'm frozen,
    Frozen in another zone
    can't face reality just another phase,
    Not of maturity,
    No phrase of connectivity,
    I mean...
    It's paining more than a cavity,
    Its just because
    I'm broken!


  • anuradhasharma 39w

    काश जिस्मानी घाव के जैसे,
    जिगर-ए-खरोंच के भी नज़ारे होते।
    कम से कम मर्ज़ तो करा लेते,
    कुछ दर्द तो कम हो लेते।
    लोग-बाग कुछ नवाजते तो सही,
    झूठी तस्साली बंधाते तो सही।


  • anuradhasharma 39w

    लो कर लिया मैंने दिल बंद,
    बस आंखें खुली है मंद।
    इससे हमें ज़िंदा न जान बैठे,
    क्यूंकि हम जी रहे ठंडे।
    सांसे चल रही है,
    मगर हमारा पता नहीं है।
    ये ही चाहिए था न तुम्हे,
    ख़ुशी है न मशीनी उल्फत में तुम्हे।


  • anuradhasharma 39w

    ढल गई उम्र इल्ज़ाम,
    के खरीद फिरौत में।
    यहां अनपे ने अंज़ाम,
    न सोचा वक्त-ए-हालात में,
    तो कैसा भरोसा,ए रब!
    किस कदर जलू ,गैर उम्मीद में अब।
    -Anuradha Sharma


  • anuradhasharma 39w

    Log baag kuch toh kahenge maryaada ki kaseede padhenge Lekin khud k liy nhi dusro k liy ☺️ #society #life #broken #yqquotes #yqurdu #yqtales #yqdidi #yqquotes

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    ये वही लोग-बाग है।
    जिन्हे समझना मुश्किल है,
    खुश करना बेहद नामुमकिन है।
    भाईचारा, नर्म दिल के कसीदे पढ़ाते है।
    हम संजीदा हुए तो, ये पत्थर दिल बन जाते है।
    ऐसे मुद्दे जहां प्यार ,मुहब्बत से काम लेना है।
    वहां उसूल,दस्तूर,रिवाज़, कायदे समझाते है।
    Anuradha Sharma


  • anuradhasharma 39w

    नहीं रहना,तुम्हें साथ।
    न चलना, हाथों में हाथ।

    चलो सब खत्म करे,
    कुछ तो फैसला करे!

    क्यूं जिऊ,अधूरी मैं।
    ख्वाइशों के साथ पूरी मैं।

    बुनती जाऊं हमारे किस्से, मशक्कत से।
    किसी रोज़ काट जाओ तुम, बेमुर्रौत से!
    ---Anuradha Sharma


  • anuradhasharma 39w

    बेकार गए रुतबे तुम्हारे।
    जो काम न आ पाएं हमारे।
    झूठी शान से अच्छी,
    इमान मेरी सच्ची।
    सोचना क्या पाया ऐसे?
    खोखली खुशी के साथ जीते हो कैसे!
    किस मुक्कदर को पाना है ऐसे।


  • anuradhasharma 39w

    तेरे दिलो-दर की, तफ्तीश करनी छोड़ दी ।
    जिस दिन से तेरी, फरेबी रूह देख ली ।


  • anuradhasharma 39w

    बड़ी सस्ती जान पड़ती जनाब,
    फरेब की कीमत, बाज़ार-ए-आम।
    लेकिन हम तो गुमां कर बैठे थे!
    तुम रब की मेहर से कम न थे।
    जिस फरेब के लिए, दुनिया को कोसा किए।
    उसे ही तुम तौफा दे, मेरे जां से खेल गए।


  • anuradhasharma 39w

    अब तो दिल-ए-नदां, भी थम-थम के धड़कता है हमारा।
    जाने किस पल, सांस छीन लेने का फ़िराक़ है तुम्हारा।

    जाने कब तलक नसीब,...... ये मोहताज-ए-सहारा।


  • anuradhasharma 39w

    दिल ने गुज़ारिश दोबारा की,
    नई हसरतें,अरमां सजाने की ।
    लेकिन अब भी, रूह नहीं भूला।
    ख़्वाब चूर पे, दिल का विरा होना।
    मन चाहे पाकीज़ा बनूं,
    पैर में पाज़ेब पहनूं।
    बेफिक्र हो, ताल पे नाचूं।
    लेकिन, अनहोनी से सेहेम जाऊं।
    ऐसा हो फ़िर बिखर, ख़ुद से जूझ जाऊं।
    -----Anuradha Sharma


  • anuradhasharma 39w

    चलो फिर से, अजनबी बन जाए।
    कि सारे दर्द, नजायाज़ बन जाए।

    जो दुआ हमने, टूटते तारों से मांगे।
    उनका पैगाम, खुदा तक झूठा बताए।