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  • tejal120 17w

    This time if I ever fall in love i will not try to hold you
    I will just let you go my love

  • bugsbunny_13 19w


    Now I just feel like we are strangers again but this time with memories.


  • medha_singh 34w

    Love yourself

    No one will Love you
    the way you love yourself..
    So Baby just Love yourself and keep smiling

  • tumhari_skhi 35w

    तरंगित प्रेम

    प्रेम निभाते सब प्रेम भूल गए
    दिखावे के नाते अंजान निभाते गए ।
    अपने अपने तरीके सिखा गई दुनिया
    दुनियां असल प्रेम भूल गई ।
    कोरा यूं तो दिल का इक कागज़ नहीं
    पूरा दिल की कोरा है
    .... इल्म कही अब होता है
    नाम इस पर कितनों का लिखा है।
    प्रेम व्यक्तित्व हर कोई भूल गया है।
    संजोह के ख़ुदको किसीने न रखा है ।
    परिभाषा सबकी नई है यहां
    उसमे सबको डालना चाहता है।
    प्रेम से बड़के प्रेम निभाना होता है
    समझने वाला वो ज़माना नही है।
    समझ जाए जो कोई
    समझने वाला जो मिल जाए
    आदर संग सम्मान जहां निभाया जाए
    प्रेम वहीं तरंगित होजाए ।

  • sachinjeswani 35w

    accept that things end.

  • ahuralilith 35w


    Now we are just a fragment of imagination-
    Nothing more than imagination-
    Nothing more than a fragment-

  • januchandrababu 38w

    If I wanted to hold on to that relationship, I had to hold on to this pain!!


  • bleeding__words 38w

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    THANK YOU SO MUCH @writersnetwork for liking the post..Means a lot

    1st August, approximately at 12:00 pm, when she left from Mumbai Airport to her Hometown, little did she know,what looked like never ending fairytale has reached its end.This tale of two hearts ended two years back with so many things to comprehend.

    He dropped her at the airport with a promise to stay together forever and this distance will only make their relationship stronger.As the flight took off his phone switched off too . Now you might think how long she must have called that number, let's say for the next one year she called every hour.

    All his friends dodged her calls,crying for help she lost every ounch of respect and confidence she had earned after all.As days passed by, three months later her phone beeped with an email notification, it was from one of his friends informing about some dengue situation he had fallen int..Suddenly all the anger shifted into guilt, worrying nothing about but his health.

    She couldn't perform well thus decided to quit job till he is unwell. His friend asked her to stay back at hometown and wait for his call as his parents are against the caste to which she belongs.

    She asked this friend to just pay a visit to his home to which she bluntly opposed..Now the anticipation had transformed into worry and all she could think about was is he alive??

    Sharing three long years with eachother that last goodbye changed her forever. The chirpy loving girl went into depression feeling alive only when panic attacks hit her.

    Young, Strong, Independent and friendly soul went into a hidden shell. She fought all this alone not letting anyone know what's wrong..

    Cried in the corners, fake-smiled in the office, slept on the station floors, booked god knows how many cabs to possibly nowhere searching for little comfort to takeover. She looked for help here and there, knocked many shut doors but nobody came near.

    After nearly 11 months the phone was on but yet nobody would ever answer her calls.Now she asked help from her friends and associates, who till now had given up on helping her think straight. She heard from some FaceBook connections that after all he is doing fine, taking some deep breaths of relief, she could stop herself from crying.

    After a year and a half of failed calls, fearing the consequences to meet him and to end the misery and pain, she gained all the strength and went to his house..What she was about to know turned her world upside down.She saw him standing tall feeding his son across the hall.

    Living in nothing but denial, she couldn't believe the most valuable nurture relation has come to an end. Like many people she failed to keep her composure and messed some of her priceless relations.

    IT TOOK HER ALMOST 2 YEARS TO HEAL! Even though she has survived but the trust and faith, basically the urge to save any relation had to END in exchange.

    For some say it is a good excuse to escape from things, but ask me I have seen her growing. Remember there is nothing wrong in putting yourself first and sometimes being selfish helps...

    Sometimes no matter how impossible it may seem relationships come to an END till the smiles get real it is ok to pretend..

    ( thank you for giving it a read. If you have read it, please share your kind words )

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    Never Ending Wali Ending

  • bliss__ 47w

    Gathering shattered pieces
    Holding onto hope
    At times falling apart
    Holding on to hope
    Self love

  • itskirti 49w

    Kaisa ishq tu jataaye,
    Kaise pass mere aaye...
    Main nibhaaun tere Dil ki ye choriyaan...
    Main Teriiii ho gayiiaannn

  • raul12 50w


    Nothing is more dreadful than falling apart and shattering into pieces with each passing day and nothing is more progressive than collecting those shattered pieces and stand like you were never broken

  • januchandrababu 52w

    By unknown writer

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    It takes a lot to heal a broken heart but it takes a lot more to trust that it won't be broken again!!

  • soshefeels 56w


    There's a youthful woman I found within the reflect.
    She was by all accounts misplaced in someplace.
    She was by all accounts in an interchanging world.
    She was by all accounts on edge almost what to do and where to go.
    I may see her anguish and discouragement.
    Maybe she was broken.
    Perhaps she was in distress.
    Perhaps she was finding answers to her request.
    She had tears in her eyes but she had a smile all over endeavored to cover it.
    And a while later, there happened to divination.
    The wizardry she won't ever consider.
    A voice that changed her.
    The voice said to her, "no matter anything happens I am with you. You'll reliably be my wonderful delivery person. Just remain with me."
    From that point, she was cheerful, carrying on with a bona fide life.
    It was a voice from her soul.


  • unveiling_thejourney 57w


    Flowers are gonna shed.
    Colours are gonna fade.
    Beauty still continues to exist.

  • thescribbledwritings 60w

    Nature always gets me to writing. On a weekend hike, while waiting under the shade of a tree, here's how the musing was born to life. This musing is called Giving Back.

    Karthik writes a musing for @thescribbledwritings

    Want to pen your musing? Use our canvas, write to us by clicking the link ok our bio - @thescribbledwritings or DM us.

    Use #thescribbledwritings #TSW

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    Ever wondered what is it like
    To give back with a soulful smile?
    Just give it a start,
    And witness the difference it makes to your heart.
    On a hot sunny day hike,
    A tree's shade brings back life,
    Without expectations, no strings attached, she stood tall,
    And stopped all the light crawling on me, I liked her gall,
    Watching her leaves rustle through the wind,
    She peeked at me to boggle my mind,
    I asked, "Why do you give your shade all day long?
    When most we humans do is hurt you and go wrong."
    She chuckled,
    And responded,
    Your father planted these seeds of mine,
    Nurtured for a decade, to reap the fruits over time.
    Sometimes all it takes is an effort,
    That will convert,
    Giving the money you can spare,
    To someone whose life can repair,
    Letting someone tell their story,
    And help them share their lonesome worry,
    Helping someone struggle with difficult feelings,
    Who is trying hard to find some healings,
    Making that apology you owe to every one,
    Forgiving those who wronged you once,
    Holding that hand when vulnerable,
    Letting them know they are valueable,
    Giving full attention to the one in front of you,
    And delve into every conversation as it's new,
    Give anything with a full heart,
    That is what I want to share through my art.


  • shristi_kumari_312 61w

    Ye behti hawa kuch kehna hai chahti
    Zara sath baitho to sahi
    Ye shayad humari hi dasta hai batlati
    Ye behti hui hawa apne sath sab kuch hai layi
    Zara ruko to sahi
    Isne bhi shayad humari hi tarah , chot hai khayi

    Yu to iski bhi aadat na thi-
    Bass chukar nikal jane ki
    Ye to sabko gale lagana chahti thi
    Per maari hui hai shayad, ye bhi kismat ki
    Yu to humesha muskarti rhti thi
    Or aadat to isse bhi ho gayi hai-
    Aasuon ko chupane ki

    Aajkal to isne bhi aahista se muskurana chor diya hai
    Aajkal to isne v aandhi or toofan ka roop chun liya hai
    Kha ab wo halki si thand ke sath behne wali hawa hai
    Jisne naa jane dheere se chalkar , kitno ko ishq ke rang me ranga hai

    Ab shiqayat karu bhi to kisse
    Sab to bss hai zindagi ke tute hisse
    Kaha wo behti hawaeyin
    Or kha wo bheegne per kadwi dawayein
    Sab to bass chut sa gaya
    Or ye dil bhi to tut hi gaya.....

  • muski_ki_baatein 63w

    Dear Agastya,
    You taught us the greatest lesson of one-sided love. You knew you were never Rumi's first choice. Despite all those things you chose Rumi every time. I still remember how you completely mended yourself just to get Rumi's attention, and that's what we all do. Love makes us insane. We get impulsive, We become obsessed. We go that mad that we break all self-esteem boundaries and go beyond our ethics. But that's what we call the magic of love. It gives us the power to care and worry about others more than our feelings. How beautifully you grabbed and held Rumi in her worst times when she was fighting with her insecurities. And my most favorite part when You taught us "koi tumhe Pyaar na kare isse tumhara pyaar kum nahi ho jaata.Tum kaafi ho.Tumhara Pyaar kaafi hai" and I truly felt that. How fantastically you handled yourself after getting broken and Thanks to Sakshi Gupta. She held your hand and had been a great partner throughout. She taught us the most astounding fact that "everyone comes in your life for a purpose for a cause and when it's done then they have to leave and you need to learn t let them go". I am also grateful to Rumi for teaching us that we all make mistakes and it's okay. We all have our insecurities. We crave for others' approval and that's real. We all have been through it at least once in a while. Agastya, you said so well that we are our only competition. Our chase should make ourselves better and that's damn true. All in all, you made this hopeless romantic again believe in the magic of love. I don't know where Agastya Rao of my life is hidden. But I hope I will meet him soon someday, somewhere amid some blue sky. Yes, Broken but beautiful. A broken soul is beyond beautiful you know why because that soul knows the pain and so they never hurt anyone the way they were hurt.
    With Love,

    #muskikibaatein #brokenbutbeautiful @mirakee #pov

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  • shree_tanwi 64w

    #brokenbutbeautiful , captivated by #sidharthshukla

    Something I wrote when I watched broken but now #SidharthShukla has just left us disheartened, never new this will be ending to the story of stanning him... He remains an ideology for rest of my life, his journey in biggboss has already shown a blueprint of life. Glad he happened in last two years, it was full of love and affection for him, stanning him and now when he left he took a part of dream, heart and solace with him...

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    Why any other soul can overpower our all emotions,
    Why our body is devoid of any kind of motion,
    Why heart starts functioning as mind,
    Why all real emotions are left behind?

    No I m not speaking it being in love,
    I feel possessed by emotions,
    I feel filled with nervousness,
    I feel emptiness,
    And still
    I feel zeal and enthusiasm...

    Unaware of this feeling,
    My heart is healing...


  • _desaiagraja 66w


    Poems are the mosaic,
    made of broken piece of heart.
    Moved some of them together,
    And may be some pressed apart.
    Careful to not leave one behind,
    Scratched and dull they didn't mind.
    Until every gap was occupied,
    And then my heart beat was amplified

    I've starved,
    For a long time now,
    Shredded pieces were all around.
    But he Gathered them in the cart,
    to form me, a exquisite art.
    Poems are the mosaic,
    Made of broken piece of heart

  • ekk_banjaran 66w

    Samajh nhi aata kya jada dukhta hai
    Tmhara mera hissa le jana
    Ya tmhara mujhe hisson me chhor jana