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  • tamanna3 32w

    This is to every person who had dreams in his heart, was stuffed with dejection in his pockets, but made it to victory in his hands. coz such days maybe many, but not forever.

    A far cry ~ from zero to today

    /he wrote for aversion to ordinary faces and willed subjugation of rhapsody in penniless hands/

    /he created his own techno-world in an otherwise biased spotlight-forum that rips even the strongest of thick skinned/

    rings of Saturn
    lay unfolded in his eyes,
    as if surrendering to the faith
    of a home in the celestial hiraeth
    they've always guarded like a mother.

    he toils on petrous grounds
    paving routes for returning
    suicide-makers, hails to the
    god and asks for forgiveness.

    he stands on the pinnacle
    of a Mt. Halla, he built with
    every inch of himself.

    /a trail of selfless imposters
    trace his footsteps in silence;
    their mantras to depose him,
    only bring self-annihilation./

    /he is someone you'll pray for
    in your genuine prayers, and
    someone your out-stretched arms
    will never suffice to hold in them. /

    he writes to the whalien
    swimming in his open prison,
    until the last letter of its screams
    outvoice your petty grumbles.

    his melancholy sits cross-legged
    on a lighter shade of your rainbow
    and he sings for his grandma,
    still knitting on her favourite chair,
    but within transparent crescents
    hanging from tip of his eyelashes.

    there's a piano in his room
    and he plays like a maestro
    until the wayfarer on his fingers
    finds shoes, 134340 times larger
    than the saudade in his heart.

    his eyes trace the outlines
    of a horizon drenched in rain,
    but onism brings him back
    to the doorsteps of self-love.

    he is caught in a time-spiral,
    but he keeps running until
    his hodophile eyes see his
    insomniac dreams floating
    like petals along a road that
    leads to reality.

    he feeds his dark brooding eyes
    with years of sleepless nights,
    just to bring to life, the prayers
    buried in silent graves
    of his mother's heart.

    the kalico cat plays
    with filtered sunrays,
    he looks at it like a pridian being,
    still immersed in the serendipity
    of a blissful yesterday.

    /he is a holistic home
    and his songs, selcouth tales/
    the halcyon epoch of our lives
    will make the story of our existence,

    the warrior in us will be living evidence
    of his victory in this nebulous battlefield,

    where each of us will rebirth into stars
    glowing like diamonds in a purple sky.


    Date: 13.06.2021 ~ also marks 8 years of BTS, the ones who taught me life, second to the ones who are my lifelines. Anyone can tell I did a not so good task of merging them together #farcry #bts_T #bts #8yrswithbts
    But it's ~ Happy Bangtan day ��

    And 'he' refers to every member; if you know, you know ♾️

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  • tamanna3 33w

    "Spring Day” by BTS is a reflective, passionate tune about love, loss, and yearning for the past, although it is unspecific about what exactly the yearning is for. It has been speculated that it actually refers to a novel named ‘The One Who Walk Away From Omelas’, also a movie “Snowpiercer” and relates to Sewol ferry incident in April 2014 that killed over 300 people, majority being High school students.

    This being said, the song to me, brings back bittersweet memories yet helps me accept things in life I can't change. Hence, one of my favourite songs of all time, like most armys too. "Spring day" will always be a queen-song ��

    Here's a poetic rendition of the same -

    A Spring Day

    /i love us ,
    but despise our photograph;
    it lived longer than we could/

    every day we saw together,
    now replaced by nights; forlorn.
    august feels like december,
    this winter seems to last forever.

    wish I could hold your hand,
    like falling snowflakes on land.
    but they pierce my heart instead,
    and i hurt but can't bleed.

    /I'm frozen like this winter ,
    spring weeps from within the photograph;
    but the glass frame sits unyielding; frozen/

    past every night that I stay awake,
    this longing only gets longer.
    the cold spreads like white smoke,
    and shoves us apart, even farther.

    a spring day awaits us at the end,
    when these wakeful nights will slumber.
    cherry blossoms wait for a daybreak,
    when we'll meet like dust particles in air.

    /so i'll still wait for you ,
    with every snowflake falling from above
    until the sky voids on me like this solitude/

    ~ wait for me until the next spring
    this darkness will wither with our longing.
    ~ wait for me until I miss you less
    this moment will hurt only a little longer.

    /Someday, seasons will change and we'll be together/


    P.s Purple for me, is synonymous to love and BTS, to life. They're the first and only reason I could embark on this journey of accepting, learning, loving and improving myself. The only thing I can say about them is, when you'll really know them, you'll know. Just that ��

    #cees_bts_chall �� many thanks for the BTS challenge, ma'am @luvnotes_challenge_host
    I could write only for this :) #bts #bts_T

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  • tamanna3 35w

    Happy Birthday Jelsa love ( ꈍᴗꈍ)♡

    Dated : 26.05.2021

    I'm the happiest to wish you on your special day. Though it's my first time, but the bond we've built this year is stronger than ever. And I'm so glad to meet you, jelsa love. I'll be there for you whenever you need me, and that's a promise. Love you loads ❤️ @fairytales_

    #rainbowletters4jelsa #purplefambdays #bts_T

    Inspired by your post " I'm a burning rage "��
    Mine's BLUE ��☄️

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    ~ You're a raging love ~

    / Love is the reason of your existence
    You can kiss death for it too,
    but you won't die,
    coz you know you're worth this life. /

    / A rose blooms only once in its lifetime,
    But you rise back up, higher than ever,
    even if you fall a thousand times. /


    ✩ When they point out things you leave undone, please know that you're doing your best and a time will come, when they'll thank you for all that you've done. 

    ✩ When they call you out for saying things that aren't pleasing to their ears, please know that you're speaking your heart and oneday, they'll cherish the fact that you spoke for yourself better than they've ever done.

    ✩ When your love seems too far to hold your hand, please don't be sad, for life has its own way to bring you together for when you're to stay.

    ✩ When you can't give back love to those who give you theirs, please know that you only did the best by showing them the right way.

    ✩ When they thrust sweet words into your pockets that shed off their sugar coats after a day, please know that you helped them survive another day with their phoney tongues and be glad you didn't give in to false faces when that was all they could become. 

    ✩ When life gets harder and you feel like giving up, please look in the mirror and  be proud of the person you've become, coz you're a warrior who will never back down. 

    ~ ~

    You're a beautiful human born in the land of Nepal, and I won't be lieing if I say, you're the most beautiful person in every way possible.
    ♡︎ If love were a person, it'd be you ♡︎

  • tamanna3 37w

    To my dearest eonnie
    @the97_introvert ��

    Dated : 13.05.2021 #purplefambdays #bts_T #birthday_T

    Dear May child,

    I know we've been like day and night, meeting only to exchange two glances a day, at twilight and daybreak. On somedays however, we aren't allowed even those, for the clouds are too empowering and the world too chaotic. This changes, not at the slightest, the fact that our hearts beat together, everytime spring knocks on our door, and patterned snowflakes of winter bring back the love we've kept hidden within our transparent eyes.

    Today, as the flowers bloom once again, I hear the universe singing our favorite song, just to make this quiet world feel alive, atleast for a day. My words have been sitting cross-legged for a long time, waiting for a forgotten love to resurface, from the insurmountable depths of an unending ocean, and rejuvenate the moribund sunsets sleeping motionless at the back of my mind.

    Let's not forget the day our paths crossed and our hearts collided in an explosion, so massive that bonded us in a way we could never seperate. Not every day after that has been peaceful, but everytime your words met mine, they brought me closer to the earthly paradise that homes every restive heart like ours. Do I sound too selfish if I say I want us to last forever?

    I'm glad we've completed one year of traversing this universe that started as purple and expanded to home every color that comes our way. Let's keep going till we see forever becoming real :')

    Happy birthday, eonnie!
    (Feels so good to say this a 2nd time)

    You're the only one I call eonnie (though you're only a year elder but I love calling you that��) I hope you've a beautiful day, and a more beautiful year ahead. I know times are tough and nothing seems to be going right, but we can always hope for the better, only then it'll come. Wishing you a healthy life. Take care��

    n.b. Lots of love��
    (you might find a similar letter somewhere else too)


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    You're the cause of my

  • tamanna3 37w

    This is all for you @the97_introvert ��

    Hope you're enjoying this literary mini concert of ours �� #concertforkookieN #purplefambdays

    Unit 1- By @arya_abhipsa @fairytales_
    So hopping right onto the next segment -

    Unit 2 : An evening of •Euphoria• and •Lights•

    • Song - Euphoria ��

    I was living in the aftermath of sunsets,
    You came like a sunrise I was reborn in again.
    This feeling like a mirage, is what my priori beliefs call a dream.
    I feel like a child again, as environs of caducity fade away from around me.

    Standing on the other end of the world,
    I still feel the ocean waves crashing on my feet.
    As I walk along the mossed lane through the woods,
    The fog around my eyes start to clear
    and I see your light right next to me.

    / Take my hands now,
    You're the cause of my euphoria.
    Take my hands now,
    You're the cause of my euphoria /

    When the door closes in on me,
    Your heart opens up just to let me in,
    ~ You're the cause of my euphoria.

    I still see you wandering in search of rainbows,
    And the butterflies dancing in rhythm to your giggles.
    They call it fate when euphoria paints your skies,
    I call it love when you make dreams out of pink lies.

    Are you a dream or are you my reality,
    I need no definitions to tell whether I'm sleeping or I'm awake.
    This ground may crack or befallen tides may pull me under,
    But my feet will never cease to run towards the mirage that looks like you.

    / Take my hands now,
    You're the cause of my euphoria.
    Take my hands now,
    You're the cause of my euphoria /

    Even when distances call our love a lie,
    Your light dictates we're only closer.
    ~ You're the cause of my euphoria

    / Even when horizon looks far and away,
    The light in our eyes will guide us home.
    ~ Let's sing our hearts out in euphoria

    We'll rise, we'll shine,
    You'll be my guide, I'll be your light.

    We're love, we're joy,
    I'm your oasis, you're my euphoria /


    • Song - Lights ✨

    The clouds parted ways,
    But it still rains like monsoon.
    All the time in my hands,
    Flows like sand on the loose.

    I'm scared to look up,
    What if the sky appears darker?
    I'm scared to face the chaos,
    What if I don't hear your voice?

    / When I close my eyes, I'm safe from my shadow, coz I see your light.
    You show me the sacred path, and we walk together through day and night. /

    You're my light ~ You're my light,
    You reach me across the unlit orbits.
    You're my light,
    You show me the path to my heart.

    Angels with broken wings still fly,
    They don't need validation to be.
    Days and nights hurt alike,
    This pain lingers like an eternal vile.

    Say you need bright songs to be happy?
    I'll tell you, you're the home to smiles.
    Say you're tired of sleepless nights?
    I'll tell you, it's the nights overdoing their love for ya'.

    / We show the world our scars, that glow brighter than a million stars.
    The mirror we despised, now transports us to the most beautiful place, that exists inside us. /

    I'll be your light ~ I'll be your light,
    I'll reach you even if we're worlds apart,
    I'll be your light,
    We'll shine together through the dark.

    We still close our eyes,
    But darkness scares us no more.
    Time still flows but not away,
    It only walks alongside, holding our hands.

    No more shall we let definitions limit us,
    We now define happiness in our own ways.
    No more shall we search for light,
    We now carry light within our hearts.

    / I'm the light. You're the light,
    We're the carriers of light.
    So let's shine. Let's brighten up this world,
    And revive the ebbing tide of life.

    I'm your light,
    You're my light,
    We're the lights of this world /


    Forever may grow, the spectrum of our Love and there be no limits to our Universe. ��✨
    Happiest birthday, once again !!

    Keep enjoying �� #bts_T
    Unit 3 by -@btslove @taekook_maknae @thesunshineloves
    Unit 4 by - @ak_anjali_daydreamzz

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  • tamanna3 42w

    A day to cherish ��
    7th April '21
    #aryabirthday #chimchimbday
    #purplefambdays #bts_T

    (A)pril rains birthe a daisy,
    (R)ainbow heart lives in whom.
    (Y)odeling verses from her pen reflect harmony,
    (A)esthetic, her soul and graceful, her disposition.

    ~ She's like a gentle reminder in the midst of chaos that every bright morning births from a dark night.

    ~ She's like the first ray of sunshine that breaks into your cold home of darkness, rejuvenating the moribund bud within you.

    ~ She's like the warrior, pronounced of worldly battles, that sit by the fire at the end of day and tailor your senses with lessons of wisdom.

    ~ She's like the butterfly that flutters its delicate wings along your steps so you don't astray from the path that takes you home.

    She has always been a giver, holding onto the airial thread of a neonatal friendship ever since it birthed between our hearts. She has been the one who fueled my extinguishing core, brought me closer to the million stars in a purple galaxy I never knew, would become the home I've always sought for. She's the most humanoid fairy that has gracefully sprinkled her fairydust on my withered soul and brought me closer to the heaven on earth where every moment spells happiness and love.

    Thank you for being the only and most precious aryu I've ever known. It hasn't been even a whole year, but the thread that binds us together has held onto the standing grounds of a statement saying 'time doesn't matter when your hearts resonate with each other' in the best and most beautiful way possible. From sharing our love for the purple world, to the love for ( ꈍᴗꈍ), I know we've come far. (Let's only go further from here!)

    So today, as your 18th year passes and 19th arrives, I wish you all the best things in life. May your words bloom into beautiful verses and love flourish on your heart's soil. I wish every passing day makes your stronger, wiser and more mature to go through all the things that get in your way. I love you, and I hope you've an amazing year ahead.

    Happy birthday ( ˘ ³˘)♥ @arya_abhipsa
    and let's meet soon! Here's Tam waiting for Aryu to have that fish curry together :P ❤️ ; Have a BEAUTIFUL year ahead !

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  • tamanna3 45w

    @jias_wand ��

    she's the happy face birthed
    from the lap of a myriad of efforts
    that bore sweet fruits on a may day.

    she's like the mild lavender that blooms
    as a blend of fiery red and ocean blue
    gifting your mornings a harmless hue.

    the sterile air of yesterday's gloom
    reside not in her sunflower words as if
    no hindrances can work her aura down.

    the complexity of the world's systems
    can't enter her zone of happiness and love
    for she belongs to a universe where geniality reins.

    -from comi to jomi XD
    ���� Happy birthday ����

    thank you my dearest @jias_wand for being the loveliest sister I've come across. And when I say loveliest, I mean the most most most loveliest. from the day I've known you, you've been a sweetheart. ofc we don't talk everyday, but whenever we do, you manage to crack me up with the most little and sweet things. you're one person I can't afford to lose. I hope we meet soon, sooner than we plan to. and I love you so much! thanks for being the cute jomi to comi. ����
    thanks for being born. happy birthday!!
    I wish you all the happiness you deserve, and yk you deserve the world. enjoy your day :')

    P.s early so you don't disappear before �� ~15/03 ~
    #purplefambdays #bts_T

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  • tamanna3 49w

    A glimpse at my Curated Army Room ��

    A whole world exists within these four walls-
    The concrete stand adorned in lilac,
    Hanging fabrics on window frame bleed violet.
    A Calico cat and a winter bear remind of youth,
    Seven years of blood, sweat and tears framed-
    hang on barricades of this Utopian abode.

    Fingers press on piano keys to summon bliss,
    I cherish the waves vibrating my eardrum-
    vowing to preserve the crystal snow until last.

    The clock hands strike 00:00 at an hour-
    when day and night make love with each other,
    Birthing a promise to preserve this world forever.
    The sky and the sea, each validate our love-
    by raining purple drops of rhapsody and fervour,
    Soaking our hearts in an epiphany that lasts forever.


    On the occasion of our 1st anniversary together in this �� heaven. Long live Purple ✨

    P.s. Thanks to Everything and everyone that brought us together :')

    #ARMY_ROOM #BTS #ARMY #bts_T

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    Army Room : A world within a world


  • tamanna3 56w

    'coz it's V day ��

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    (V day)

    From the petals of peace, like
    a bud blooming as a synonym
    of blessing, you capture every
    second of this time-spiral as a
    moment of magic. Purple be
    your identity and love be your
    guide, you walk along a road
    held together by broken cobble-
    stones that still fit together.
    Like a grandiose chandelier
    hanging from the azure sky
    above, his aura spreads far
    as a winged parachute,
    Brightening up even the dark-
    est crevices of this humanly
    land. Hence, blessed is this
    world and the people receiving
    your light, for this love is eternal
    and eternity is You.

  • tamanna3 62w

    How Do You Listen To A Song?

    You play the song. The beat starts off like a ripple slowing gaining momentum, then it flows, the beats slowly humming at your eardrum, then it makes its way through your ossicles, then via the fluids in your tympanum, all the way to your cortex. The beat sinks in, your brain cells interpret the ripples in air as sound and if they manage to resemble your frequency, your heartbeat starts resonating to them and before you know, you fall in love, all at once, to that perception of yours that in this world, is called a song.

    Every song isn't same, neither everyone listens to them in the same way. The physiological mechanism may yet be the same, but every individual has their own criteria to select a song that'd suit best to the needs of their respective moods. Yet we can't help thinking, somewhere deep in the core of our perceptions, we're all yearning for a single song that'd say to us, " No, you're not alone. I know how you feel. I know you. I'll speak for you. Just listen to me, accept me as your own and I'll comfort you. No matter how hard it gets, we'll go through it together. I'll never abandon you. So let me play on, I'll smoothen your edges and cover your wounds. If you let me, I might heal you too. Just let me, just let you be me. Just for today, just for now. "

    With this, every song I've added to my playlist until now has spoken to me, in the exact same language of the heart, a word or two less or more at times, but never any different. Each of them has traveled with me, through me, along tunnels, too long and dark, never letting go of my hand before I let go of theirs. And I've entered many, gone through some, and submitted myself to most of them. The tunnels know me better than myself. But I doubt they'd recognise me ever, without the beats hanging on my auricles like passes that bear my name and the destination I sought to reach until my playlist ends.

    I've loved every song that came into my life like the most beautiful flower I could ever have, knowing well enough, it'd someday wither soon, for seasons pass through me faster than I can know when I'm to bloom. I've loved roses, daisies, peonies, daffodils and chrysanthemums, each of them has lend me their own colors at times when I ran out of rainbows to paint my greys with, and I can't help but keep them within my closet, even when they've retired to being nothing more than dried carcasses of their older blooming selves.

    Now songs live in me too. We exchange smiles and shed tears together. When seasons change, we wither and bloom too. Perhaps me and songs were always meant to be this way.

    [ You can't be alone when songs live in you. The most beautiful thing in this world is to grow old together with the songs you love. You never walk alone 'coz when songs hold your hand, you live within them forever. ]


    #songs #bts_T ( 방탄��콤벡 ~ 20.11.2020 )

    Today couldn't have been any more better ��
    #lifegoeson & a POD :')

    Thanks a lottt @writersnetwork @mirakee ��

    I'm unable to be here. But couldn't help writing this today :)) Hope everyone's doing well .

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  • tamanna3 66w

    Here's to my 'good days' love <3


    Dear @purple_
    I know it's been long we've had a good talk, but I want you to know, those days were the best and I miss you a lot. Well, how can they not be- 'acche din' means the best right. And on your special day, I wish for all good things to come your way :')

    Happy Birthday my @purple_ love!
    Saranghaeyo ��

    There has always
    been a long distance,
    Between our hearts and
    the purple universe we belong to.

    Perhaps a thousand miles
    seperating us from our heart's abode,
    Yet touching along the dwindling
    threads of happiness,
    We walk together, swaying
    with the beats thudding at our eardrums.

    For now or forever,
    whispering in soft breaths,
    Promises of never letting our
    foreheads wear the frown of incertitude,
    Glow brighter than the golden sunlight
    of October.

    From yet another
    thousand miles away I wish,
    Your heart's essence to be blessed
    with spring days forever,
    And your presence to embody
    the epitome of love like always.

    From Tam :p

    Enjoy your day, hoping to see the light soon :")
    #purple_birthday #jdopebday ❤️ #purplefambdays #bts_T

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  • tamanna3 75w

    #dynamite_night #acrostic #bts_T

    Dance your way through it all,
    Your path might well be adorned with thorns all along
    Nothing seems to be going your way;
    Aspirations and dreams all crumbling upon your soul.
    Might be it's all part of a dark lone night;
    Inside a chamber of broken walls you lie
    Thrusting your blades into those impassable blocks
    Eventually yet, the dawn breaks through them all,
    Beats of your favorite song now hums at your ears,
    Trotting your feet with glorious moves of euphoria,
    Sunshine dissolving the thorns into lavenders bestowing your every step with benisons of love.

    © tamanna3

    P.s Didn't at all think I'll post at this hour, but yes! When a supreme form of love speaks to you, you just do *_* Do you see an acrostic here �� goodnight too :)

    #mirakee #bangtan �� And there @btslove @nivey14 @ak_anjali_daydreamzz @chinu27 @the97_introvert @_nikithasharmabts_rare

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    it up


    dynamite !

  • tamanna3 82w

    Stay Gold

    It's a cold world;
    Chilled are you, to the bone,
    Your dreams packed up inside,
    All within a small closet of darkness.

    Your feet stuck inside a puddle,
    Still holding onto brittle strings of hope,
    Shaking twigs form the floor,
    Yet this frame of yours stand tall.

    The broken strings of your guitar,
    Lay sprawled out on the dirt,
    Blue walls and a grey window,
    Your gullible companion for now.

    Crammed up with filthe,
    Sleeping on pillows knitted with guilt,
    Carrying crushed hopes in your hands,
    Scarred but learned, your grip only tightens.

    A light, at once so fragile and smudged,
    Brim into those hazy eyes,
    With a heart pumping with passion, you see
    Fleeting yet promising, a horizon awaiting for thee.

    The golden tree and its flowers radiate,
    A dazzle worth more than a gem,
    You touch the purple moss and feel,
    The unison of the universe and your self.

    The light emerges now,
    Your soul glittering like a diamond's glow,
    Now you let the glee emit through your hand,
    And wish for the whole world to glow.


    Something I couldn't help but write, for my ��(tae) love! �� #staygold @mirakee #bangtan #bts_T

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    In a world where you feel cold,
    You gotta stay gold..

  • tamanna3 84w

    Here's to 7 years of pain and glory, with 7 angels-

    --------From Sea to Louder Than Bombs---------

    Walking over the barren terra firma,
    Endless sands and rough winds
    Forever your sole company.
    Ampled with hardships and hopes, hand in hand
    You climbed the rocky terrains and told your stories with glee
    //Heads held HIGH, chests puffed UP,
    Hands adorned with SCARS, you budged ON//
    Knowing not if it was the sea or the desert,
    Unsure of it being real or fake,
    For in your minds whole was nothing, but a sole spot
    No matter if spared by some big idol
    For its diminutive and plebeian setting.
    You slumbered in league with inane hopes
    Of seeing a tomorrow healed of today.
    The mirage of triumph at the far flung corner
    Called out to you everyday,
    You prayed to grasp it, hoping to live forever
    In this desert till the end.
    The mirage became your reality,
    The desert you feared transformed into the ocean,
    That swept off all grime from platforms
    On moratorium for your renditions.
    The loud cheers, the blinding lights
    Came your way in colossal,
    For you knew the sea was once a desert,
    You realized it's only life, it's variant disposition
    The oceans, the desert; the world
    Took on different names as you saw,
    Yet it remained all the same.


    The sea calmed your inanition for acclaim,
    The hosannas yet behoving incessant toil for zest,
    You see it clear, the unfamiliar penumbra
    Betwixt those cheers.
    You can't believe in the words that read
    "Let's see and hear only good things from now"
    For in this silent sea, the waves would rise
    Every so often, again.
    You're voider than the voidest,
    Ampler than the amplest,
    You shine brighter than the brightest.
    This estate you own now is more of a maze,
    The grounds you stand quakes still,
    You tell us there's no end to darkness,
    That we shall collapse and be muted oft,
    Yet we chose this game, so on we've to play..
    The shadows seek to swallow you whole,
    But you fight and shine against them all.
    But not anymore, for now you run not,
    Away from throbbing waves of envy but,
    Let it not sweep you away, instead-
    YOU SING //
    No matter how hard you try,
    The lurking shadows keep yowling at your back,
    Natheless you'll triumph over the murk;
    As towards us, you keep singing,
    Endlessly promising to walk together,
    This flower path adorned with thorns,
    With one accord in mind-
    "To paint our mikrokosmos a lucent purple glow"


    (Dedicated to the most important part of my life
    방탄 소년단 aka Bulletproof Boys Scout )

    #1306_7yrs #BTS×ARMY ��������������
    #bts #7years #bts_T #army @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    The sea calmed your inanition for acclaim,
    The hosannas yet behoving incessant toil for zest,
    You see it clear, the unfamiliar penumbra
    Betwixt those cheers.
    You can't believe in the words that read
    "Let's see and hear only good things from now"
    For in this silent sea, the waves would rise
    Every so often, again.

  • tamanna3 90w

    I've been planning on doing this since a long time, and finally it's today. Through this I want to thank each of you, who've become a part of my purple fam; you guys really made mirakee a home! & I never want to lose 'us'. Let's promise to be together for eternity, shall we?! Loads of love to each of you! �� Please be patient enough to read it ��
    (This also has a small reference to the song Umbrella, by RM & Yuiko)

    Our purple mikrokosmos

    Standing all alone in the rain,
    Without an umbrella in hand,
    I felt this relentless quaver,
    Travelling down my whole being.
    The dampness of my jacket,
    Chilling me to the core, and
    Reminding me of the forever rain I had stepped into.
    With the beautiful memories of the spring day,
    Still alive in my mind; and our free runs,
    Just like a butterfly flying over the green fields,
    I missed my inner child,
    Knowing as well there are many like me,
    I kept striving forward,
    Hoping just one day, I will make it.
    Calling on to our magic shop to make it all right,
    I felt my heartbeat becoming louder than bombs,
    As the world of shadow came into life,
    I could see them, walking up to me with umbrellas in hand.
    Now the raindrops turned into purple,
    And our umbrellas shone like beguiling waves in the sea.
    For now we are together,
    Our laughs echoing throughout the entire globe,
    Yes,the chamber of secrets is finally revealed,
    And it contains the Platinum of our reveries.
    Shining like diamonds, blinding out all hate,
    We advance forward, hand in hand;
    Promising to one another, we'll never let go,
    The crystal snow reflecting back our smiles,
    In this prismatic perception of our harmonious mikrokosmos.
    Yes, we won't back down, not today;
    Or any day; yes we are bulletproof.
    Be it antis or be it haters,
    Throwing out blades in the form of our clandestine locutions;
    Saranghae, Borahae, annyeong, and many more.
    We'll keep walking eternally;
    We and our seven angels traversing through,
    This ardent universe of our own,
    Till the end where we'll also become one of those,
    Orbs of our purple galaxy.

    #purple #cees_reposts #mikrokosmos #bts #bts_T
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writerstolli

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    Our purple mikrokosmos

    For my purple hearts!
    Let's promise to be together, Forever?!
    (Read caption ☺️)


  • tamanna3 124w

    I don't know if there are army in mirakee.
    Still let's see if I find some today!
    #남준 #namjoonbirthday #to_rm #mirakee #army #bts #happy_rmday #wte #pod #bts_T

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    Happy birthday , to the first love of my life,
    to my first love of BTS, and my first biggest inspiration.
    The statement he made "At least this planet has namjoon" is actually so damn legit!
    I'm so grateful for your existence among us, namjoon.
    Hail to the mother who gave birth to you
    Hail to the day you were born
    Hail to you for being you !
    I love you more than I can ever express, and I'm so grateful!

    You've inspired me to accept and love myself!
    And BTS inspired me including so many important things; to learn Korean 한글 myself! I'm giving my best to do that, I promise !
    Enjoy your day