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    A breath of fresh air.
    A jolt of familiarity.
    Destiny is calling,
    It's waiting for an answer.

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    The bullet

    I'm thats bullet who shot in the sky
    no one cares of,
    The person who shot the bullet even he/she not gonna know where that bullet go
    Even bullet not gonna know where i will go.
    Sometimes I think I am that bullet who don't know where is life going? , where it will be collapsed to? Or whom will kill ?

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    The most powerful weapon on Earth is words ,
    When a bullet fired , it can be taken out by surgery, but words cannot, it hurts .


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    गजबे है भाई !
    इस भौतिकवादी दुनियांँ मे हर वस्तु कीमती है,हर रिस्ते कीमत के बुनियाद पर टिके है।
    कल तक जो आपके लिए समर्पित थे आज किनारे पर खडे है,भाव उसमे अब भी है बस यथार्थ से परे है।
    समाज का रिवाज पुराना असहाय का अहसास कम, जो समर्ध उसका समर्थन दीन का बस आँख नम।
    हे प्रभु ये तेरी माया हर किसी मे व्याप्त क्यूँ,है सुना सब तेरे अंश हैं फिर भी इतना दर्द क्यूँ।
    तू है अगर तो दफन कर दे बैर विग्रह दोष हर ले हो सके तो भाव भर दे राम का कुछ भाग भर दे।

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    So this contest was held, unfortunately, I couldn't participate , but I can assure you that it is a good story line, please check it out! Thank you.

    @Mirakee @Mirakeeworld @Mirakeeworldwriter @writersnetwork
    #Mirakee #storycontest #Siya #storywriting #bullet #life #writingcontest

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    Siya and the man from locket

    She felt a shrill buzz in her ears and sharp pain in her temples that made her sit right up from her slumber. Her vision was blurry she couldn't stand without falling, nothing made sense, nothing did. She could not understand where she was. The surroundings were alien to her. What was going on? She was a moment away from losing her mind. When she looked at a calendar and it said 1942. What? All that Siya could last remember was getting blinded by bright light emerging on opening up a pendent locket that her grandma had given her.

    Siya reached out for the locket on the floor, cautiously, as the light slowly faded. She brushed her thumb over the glass which was emitting light. While doing so, she noticed the minor abnormality on its edge. Maybe she haven't noticed it before when her 'almost ninety-seven-year-old' Granny gave it to her in her last days. Anyone could tell that the locket was something so close to her grandma.

    Siya traced the irregularity of the locket, and it pooped open. In there stayed two pictures on both sides. A girl and a boy. Noticing the similarities and differences between the picture and herself, she thought to herself that, the girl in the frame looks quite familiar.

    The way her features matched her, those doe shaped eyes, eyebrows the straight tiny nose almost like her, she even mused at the thought that the picture was 'A black and white version of herself'.

    She observed the man in the picture, no wonder, he was quite handsome. His face was the epitome of perfection. The look in his eyes was amusing almost as if he was smirking just with a beautiful smile residing on his full lips.

    When she glanced at the calendar, 1942. she remembered being in 2021. She was confused as if why the calendar says so?
    All the equipment inside the hut looked quite old fashioned.

    "Is this some sort of Prank?", with that said she peeked out of the window. Huts, grassy meadows, horses, cattle. The scenery looked as if she is in an entirely new era. Or should I say old? She was sure it's not a stupid prank for once. But does that mean she transmigrate through time? To figure out more she thought about stepping out.

    When, she was about to step out of the door when the handsome guy from the locket came in, panting as if he just ran laps on the ground.
    She stood still looking at him.

    'He looks better in person ', she thought.

    After looking at her, the guy put aside the plate he brought and hugged her tightly.
    Siya was stunned by his sudden affection.

    But before she could reject it, he held her shoulders with his hands, looking straight in her eyes, searching for some answers.
    He broke the silence
    "What is this, Avani? Do you even know how scared I was? What was I going to do, without you? Tell me? How can you just faint out of nowhere? Did you even eat anything?".

    Avani? Siya was taken aback. Why was he referring her with her Grandma's name? She wanted to correct him. but before she could
    she was forced to drink some liquid from the glass.

    She coughed involuntarily.
    "Slowly Avani, Now you will eat while I am the one who will talk, Okay?", he asked maybe he was expecting a nod. So she nodded while Downing the glass, wiping her mouth.

    "Good! Now, promise me one thing that you will look after yourself always, even if I no longer will be there. I love you so much Avani but I love my Nation too. I owe my everything to this motherland. I am just a mere fighter. I do agree, I do understand your worries about my life but it's for a better future. This is how the lives of freedom fighters like me are.

    We can never predict what will happen tomorrow, we can't even predict what will happen today. This is the life I chose for myself, but I do want the best for you. I want you to take care of yourself if someday I am no more.

    And as for your parents, They are looking for a good husband for you. You are just going to calm down. I will do everything from here onwards. I will certainly find a good solution.
    We will get married for sure, I promise you."

    "But-", Siya uttered a word

    " Shh- I told you to not talk right? Give that little mouth of yours rest. I am certain that they have a lot more important tasks to do, What do you say?", he smirked.

    Siya blushed redder. He kissed her forehead and secured her in his arms.

    They parted he stood there looking at her affectionately like his entire life depended on it. The beautiful moment was broken by the loud knock on the door.

    He turned around and opened the door, there stood three police officer,

    Fear was evident on her face. As the officer asked, "Are you Vikasrao?".

    One question was asked but two answered,

    " Yes, I am", he said boldly.

    "No, he isn't", Siya replied.

    Siya was terrified at the moment that her tongue was working on its own.

    Another officer said," Shoot him! It's an order from Head."

    With a loud thud, a bullet was shot right in his chest and the officers walked away leaving the man to die.

    Siya reacted fast, catching him before his head hit the hard floor. Tears streaming down her eyes, clutching the locket hard while she held Vikas. His exact last words were, coincidentally the same as her grandmother's.

    "Remember the Promise, Avani, Marry him, he is a nice guy, I approve", Siya could only scream and cry. Denying the whole time.

    "No, No!"
    Many gunshots were heard that night. Cries overflowed the village. Tears never once left her eyes. As she slowly started fading. And darkness drifted her away.

    Everything was now clear to her. Everything made sense, it did.

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    Me to We (part I)

    When you look into my eyes what do you see?

    The ocean, more like a chaos filled sea of dreams,
    Anxious to express yourself but you lack the self esteem.

    Must you be so mean,I mean, you just drive me to scream,
    The wall you built so high nearly reaching the sky; you know I'm afraid to fly.

    Tell me, when you look into my eyes what do you see?

    A sunset so lavish with a marvelous glea,
    A genuine soul too difficult to read.

    Is that all you see, what about the wounds from your velvet bullets;
    Can't you see, you are the one I need?

    Always been the timid type afraid to take the lead.

    Follow me, we'll navigate your sea together; eliminate my misery.

    ©thehealer10 & Sav

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    #song #mirakee #valentine #bullet #breathe
    This song hit me very hard.
    It relates a lot.

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    Breathe Underwater

    My head is a circus
    It's all just too much
    I guess my best was not good enough
    And something is certain
    I miss you around
    And all that I want is to be with you
    You kept me breathing under the water
    When everyone else left me to drown
    You were the light that shone through the darkness
    Now I'm blind 'cause you're not around

    ~ Bullet For My Valentine

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    Bleeding for Her

    Cupid is an assassin
    You go about your life
    You follow the rules
    You avoid meeting people
    For fear it will go wrong
    Then, you're stuck
    Across the elevator she stands
    Like a blossom on a wall vine
    Her faint glow enchants
    And then he gets you
    When you were least expecting it
    A bullet, red as passion
    Your heart is pierced
    You bleed for her
    Because of her
    It steals your breath and halts your mind
    Cupid in an assassin
    You never see him coming

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    Real Talk

    Your lie will die
    By the bullet of proof
    Proof will protect the Truth
    From any lie
    Real Talk
    I Got Proof

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    Just Listen

    One bullet
    6 chambers
    Is the only way
    I can channel my feelings
    Spin after spin
    I'm still trying to win
    Really wishing that the bullet
    Never connects
    Still looking for some time to rest
    One bullet
    6 chambers
    Is the only way
    I can think
    Spin click
    Spin click
    I'm sitting here waiting for the end
    Just Listen
    No games
    Real talk
    Don't wait until the gun goes off
    Because then
    There would be nothing to talk about
    Just walk out
    Don't sit there and watch me bleed out

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    Ok It's Time

    Ok It's Time
    Time to tell the truth
    Anything you say
    I'm going to need proof
    I'm sorry I don't trust you
    Ok It's Time
    Time for us to sit
    Stop playing around
    Russian Roulette
    I already put the gun on the table
    Next to one bullet
    I'm sorry if it seems like
    I'm forcing you to stay
    I know
    I know
    I handcuff you to the bed
    Everytime you threatened to walk away
    But babe
    But babe
    I love you so
    Ok It's Time
    It's time
    Are you ready

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    Sometimes we believe that person who is silent is voiceless,
    He is a silent storm yet calm,
    He is a warrior blood, yet he thinks before what he does,
    He knows what to say, yet he chose to be gentleman
    He can wage a war and would win it, yet he knows it will destroy lives of others,

    He thinks about others than himself.
    Because words are more powerful than bullet
    He is his own God, and he its own Satan!


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    My Hurt Caused More Hurt

    My past be haunting me
    My dreams is like rollercoaster
    That wake me up
    Leaving my tears on my pillow
    I was shot
    The bullet was lodged in my heart
    Killing me slowly
    My brain is so scramble
    I just laid down on the highway

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    And her prayer saves him
    From militants bullet everyday

  • anthonyhanible 137w

    Snap Snap
    Snap Snap

    Gun shot
    Right to my brain
    Sitting at the dinner room table
    The bullet went in and out
    Ending it all
    Snap Snap
    Snap Snap

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    I could have killed you with one bullet named GUILT,
    But i will kill you with two,name LOVE and EYES

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    @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @writerstolli @dreamy_eyes #pod

    Dear Indian Governance System,


    1) Reference is made to uncounted rapes, scam and corruptions dated 15 Aug1947 to Till date.

    2) Regarding my concerns mentioned above. I want to intimate you as a citizen with a less hope of rectification of issues as the country is moving towards the dooms day. The stature and goodwill of country is falling down, degrading and tarnished day by day due to our governance and appointed official executive. I am an citizen of this country from a longer period of time even when this country fighting for 2G,3G,4G,medical treatments, roads, railway and other exsisting stuffs, but now a days governing system dips down to deep bottom level degarding their services and support that it feels like a scammer company(might not be a proper methaphor in view of the current conditions).

    3) Problems and fradulent faced by the citizens are as follows:-

    a) Un Necessary Tax deduction fraud on the name of devloping country, which I feel, we will never become coz its the main propoganda of looting money on the name of
    #ONE TAX

    b) On the name of IT Hub we will always be the hidden unemployed IT labour working all day night and shifts without the proper festival holidays as we still love to be slave to foregien country as we always choose english over hindi.
    We cant build but we can repair them.
    We cant hire but we can serve.
    We the slave mentality filled Indian governed citizen.

    c) Research and Developement is a biggest joke for our goverment, we would like to invest on bollywood rather more. You know for us its always about money.

    d) Regional Transport Office biggest joke of millennia.
    #noise pollution
    #harley davidson#superbikes
    #bullet(I think I indicated enough) You pay the price and you can make us all deaf, blast our ear lobes with loud exhaust of your superbike but indeginous bike no deals. Its all about money.
    F*ck pollution norms its superbike with super import amount paid to goverment right.

    e) Arms Act: We need better guns for decades but we wont let you buy it because
    if you buy it
    you will know it
    if you know it
    you will rectify it
    If you rectify it
    Then wat about Bofors...
    just Joking
    Hail Indian governance system...!!!!

    Impose thing on the name of BAN,
    name of patriotism
    name of development
    Narcotic, Tobacco Nicotine
    Its a circles it revolves
    ---Loot Higher taxes on tobacco✓
    ---Loot through cancer Healths care Funds✓
    ---Make people fool that you care✓

    g) Degrading patriotism Integrity honesty and nationality.
    #Proud to be an Indian
    But wait, Where is my India.
    Does is dissolve like
    Sindhu to Sindhistan
    to Hind to Hindustan
    to so called Indian Of So called India
    Theres always a question to our exsistences,
    N we always answered with diffrent explanation.
    Irrelevant to the existence.

    4) This is few of many for your information and necessary action, which I believe now a days our country governance system dont believe in.


    An unsatisfied,
    looted and

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    Gone too far and yeah I'm gone again
    It's gone on too long, tell you how it ends
    I'm sitting on the edge with my two best friends
    Ones a bottle of pills, ones a bottle of Gin
    I'm twenty stories up, yeah I'm up at the top
    I'll polish off this bottle, now it's pushing me off
    Asphalt to me has never looked so soft
    I bet my momma found my letter,
    now shes calling the cops
    I gotta take this opportunity before I miss it
    'Cause now I hear the sirens
    and they're off in the distance
    Believe me when I tell you that I've been persistent
    'Cause I'm more scarred,
    more scarred than my wrist is
    I've been trying too long, with too dull of a knife
    But tonight I made sure that I sharpened it twice
    I never bought a suit before in my life
    But when you go to meet god,
    you know you wanna look nice

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    I gotta earn
    it's name,
    it's gotta
    earn mine.

    - Sarthak