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  • shantishalom 1d

    The Spike Wire Ball

    I have a spike wire ball,
    It is always rolling next to my feet.
    It is like a pet, like a faithful dog,
    It's always right besides me, I can't let it go.

    I recall exactly when the ball did show,
    I mean, it didn't just show, I called it out;

    I hate it,
    It hurts me,
    I carry it,
    It's part of me,
    He says 'just forget it',
    As if it was
    that easy.

    The ball is getting bigger,
    'cause the wire is growing,
    Sometimes I have to 'pet it',
    Sometimes I try to hide it,
    I wish someday the wire
    Get rust itself and vanish.

    Meanwhile I figure it out how
    to cut the string that holds it,
    I heal my scratched calves
    and I try to hide my aches.

  • stella_berlin 2w

    I might have lost today
    But this is not the end
    Cause the next time we meet
    We will fight again.
    Till then I will try with all my might.
    I may perish but not my words.
    Someday when we meet again,
    I will use my sharpened sword
    Till it either breaks
    Or it slices through yours.
    I am prepared cause I know
    One day I have to leave. But
    Till the last breath I will try.
    I will die with dreams of future.

    And even then it won't matter,
    Cause I'm one of the masses who is coming for you.
    But you,
    You are the lone tiger of the mountains.
    Causing fear wherever you go,
    Killing without hesitation.
    Catering to all that evil.
    Fearing no God in heaven.

    All these years of pain and suffering will one day end.
    It may not come through my hands
    But it will be one of ours,
    Carrying all these emotions.
    And when your time comes,
    You will see the eyes of masses cheering at your fall.
    With no one on your side.

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    The dreams
    Of today
    Freeing our burdens

  • piyushalbus 7w

    महरुमीयत- feeling of deprivation.
    बे-असर- unaffected.
    दरख़्त- trees
    फ़िराक़- separation

    #falling_flowers #burden #hindiwriters @miraquill
    @hindiurduwriters @hindiwriters @rekhta_

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    गिर जाते हैं जो हो जाते हैं फूल, बोझ शाखों पर,
    और दरख़्त इस महरुमीयत से रहते हैं बे-असर?
    कहो क्यों नहीं मरते दरख़्त वैसे ही फ़िराक़ में ?
    जैसे मर जाते हैं 'नफ़्र', फूल डालियों से टूट कर।


  • slaughtered_heart 10w

    I don't want to be your burden,
    Even if I am a small feather in
    your wings that help you fly,
    I will gladly accept it.


  • backstorypoetry 10w

    Take stand and grow up. Sometimes taking the blame is a next step to being the best... ������

    Follow @backstory.poetry for more ❤️ ��

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    Blaming someone is a very easy way to immediately lighten any burden.
    It makes us feel good short term because it’s someone else’s fault.
    Bare the burden.
    It’s heavy, it sucks, but it allows an honest look at who we are and gives us insight on how to grow.

  • its_me_luki 12w

    Sometimes all we need is a #hug. Without saying anything, just a hug and cry to get rid of the #burden and #insecurities.

    #mirakee #mirakeewriters #writersnetwork #writingcommunity #miraquill

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    Hugging a pillow tight and cry,
    Imagining someone hugging me tight and telling me that I'm worthy enough and everything will be alright


  • rr_the_writer 12w

    When you start feeling burden living with me then tell me
    I will move away from your life in silence.

  • akshay_vasu 13w

    She has so much love in her heart, which she neither could trust someone and give away nor could give to herself. That's how that love in her heart has become a burden to her soul.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • alltimefamished 13w

    It ached!

    It ached each time he controlled me. It ached each time I couldn't stand for myself. It ached for my mother still believed that it's the best thing to listen to our husbands than putting our point. It ached when I slapped him and he was standing looking helpless. It ached for the burden within me, finally letting it loose.

  • enchantedmedium 14w

    Your cloak

    There are days that feel heavy and days that feel light. There are moment’s of burden and flashes of weightless abandon.

    Peel back and and shine through on the days that are tough and graciously appreciate your blessings on the days that are fancy free.

  • fayello 14w

    #patheticfallacy #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #sad #down #zeal #burden #alone #frustrated #reality

    A poem
    But for me it's not just a poem
    Here I pour everything I have left
    My sadness
    My happiness
    My soul

    I still recall the first day
    When I was left alone
    When I had no one to turn too
    And my family treated me like an outcast.
    When darkness became a canopy upon me
    When my warm heart turned cold
    When I lost my reason to live

    I still recall when I was told
    "You have liver disease"
    When the doctor looked at me
    He said:"You are at risk of developing cancer"
    I recall I laughed and had a broad smile on my face
    Was it acceptance or rejection
    One thing is certain it was rejection

    I still recall I telling myself it'd be alright
    Only to find out
    I was suffering from heart failure
    My days felt meaningless
    The smile I put on my face
    Was that of pain
    Devastated I was trying to find
    A ray of hope in my broken world

    I still recall that I was able to move forward
    I was able to give myself reasons
    To forever remain alive
    My will was blazing like the sun
    My determination was like my heart beating
    Like never before
    I took not only a step forward
    But steps out of my solitude

    I still recall how reality unfolded
    As if to remind me of my place
    The doctor asked me to be calm
    And spoke to me
    I thought it'd be good news
    But, well, it's hard finding out
    I got an autoimmune system disorder
    It's funny finding out I got Crohn's disease
    It's funny trying to keep giving myself reasons
    To be alive when I know life itself
    Wants to K.O me

    Yeah, I write for freedom
    A place I can feel myself
    I wish I had never woken up from coma
    But what I wish the most
    Is to have never wished for that
    I up again like a king standing alone
    In a vast battlefield with no one left

    I think I wish to be alive
    I wish to have kids of my own
    But how can I be at ease
    Knowing they'll end up inheriting such
    How will they look at me
    Will they see me as a caring dad
    Or just a fool that brought them to this world
    To experience what he is experiencing
    Reality sure is cruel

    And that's why poetry has become
    My doctor
    The only friend I have left

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    My Burdens When I Was 21

    My blood has finally turned to ink

  • rika_28 14w

    Can I throwing out the burden in my chest?
    Kick it away so I can get that rest
    Got a space in my brain that constantly in a mess fest
    Tear apart what's drown me so I can free from these conquest

    Playing normal to make it sane
    Playing crazy to balance the pressure
    Playing dumb to make it easier
    Playing smart to get used

    Fly, fly, fly
    Let the bird go out of the cage
    Fly, fly, fly
    Let the bird sing her song with a pride
    Fly, fly, fly
    Cut the bound from the bird
    Fly, fly, fly
    Let she find her missed nest
    Fly, fly, fly
    She keep flying to the east

    ©Rika Febrianti

  • darared 15w

    Hung head, long shadow

    You think we're any different?
    Time and geography don't change a thing
    Show me certitude and I disbelieve it
    It's fiction, it's an act, it's a confusion
    of perspective
    No man can see himself
    All he can do is tell himself a story
    that makes sense
    Survival is in the dance
    It's in only hearing the music that's his
    Then he's the needle in the groove
    Then his world turns

    We all feel the weight
    of heaven


  • cosmicpoet 19w


    I'm done with my emotions,
    So let me surrender.
    I'll kneel down to my feelings,
    Let me rise like a vapour.

    Feelings making me lame and
    emotions trying to conquer,
    I'm tired of controlling them so
    let me surrender.

    I can't handle any longer,
    I won't be strong enough farther,
    I know I'm breaking once again,
    But this time I'll surrender.

    I'm loosing my grip and I'm weak
    once again,
    Too heavy to resist,
    So let me surrender.


  • no_mask_on 20w

    Are you unlucky?

    Most of the time.
    God make me suffer to all terrible experiences.
    No good things ever happened to me.
    Life have turned horrible.
    Do you split your tears for it?
    Yes that's the only option we get at times.

    God hates none.
    We don't love ourselves enough.
    So loves to blame ,every happening to others.


  • akshay_vasu 20w

    After placing all the burden on their soul, they complained about the burden that the world has put on their head. With every single small thing they lifted off from their soul, a bigger burden was lifted off from their head too.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • mrrajain 21w

    I was happy when
    Hormones weren't active

    It felt like freedom when
    Friendship meant fun

    Dreams were wanted when
    They were mine

    Streets were uncrowded when
    Gender didn't exist

    Nights were for sleep when
    I waited for my dreams

    Everything has changed now
    Anxiety has replaced the moon in nights

    Streets appear empty now
    But can't avoid the females in sight

    Some dreams now are bearable
    But I am not alone in there anymore

    There is some free time now
    But it's mostly me and thoughts

    Most goals are realized now
    But lots of understanding is missing

    A space has been carved now like home
    But it's mostly me, music and books sitting there

    The fridge now is full with drinks and food
    But an unknown thirst has taken over

    They say we want what we lack for
    But when did I ask for these changes

    They say time heals
    Only if they know how it feels

    A lot of weed has grown in the garden
    No option left but to smoke it and
    Pretend living the life it was.

    #the #burden #of #unwanted #dreams

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  • bclark2681 24w


    I shall take my bliss,
    Love, torment, burden
    Into the stars above
    Make this my bruise
    Make this my friend
    Make this my strength

  • raman_writes 24w


    बहुत महँगी है ये ज़िंदगी जिसमे तेरी मोहब्बत नहीं ।

    साँसों पर ख़र्चा करना पड़ता ना चाहते हुए भी ।।


  • jyothi630 27w

    Unspoken words weigh more.