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  • wordalchemy 5w


    Tonight I feel calm
    Because my heart is filled with melody
    I have forgotten,
    That there existed a past
    And I remembered
    That it doesn't matter anymore.

    Enlightenment at last.
    Freedom from the chaos of the mind,
    I want to live
    In the present to make a future
    With you by my side
    Leaving the trails of our yesterday
    In the hands of time to obliterate.

    Hope brings peace
    To the battlefield of thoughts
    Were I murdered today with yesterdays.

    I scribble these lines
    Craving a piece of benevolence.

  • nocturnal_enigma 18w

    * 18.1.2022; 5.23 A.M (Malaysia)

    Is there an era or decade you wish you were alive in? Write a poem as if you were there. How do you spend your day? What type of clothes do you wear?

    Today write a poem about living in a bygone era or decade.

    #bygone #wod @miraquill

    * For my #crush #AHBA

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    If I was born on 1982, in Singapore ~

    I wish, I was born on 1982,
    instead of 1995. Him too.

    Well, I was born in Malaysia.
    A part of a continent- Asia.

    I wish, I was born in Singapore.
    I grown like a mushroom; Spore.

    5 years old in 1987. Same like crush.
    We met at kindergarten. We blush.

    We learnt alphabets and numbers.
    We ate veggies like cucumbers.

    We played our favourite toy.
    I was a girl, while he was a boy.

    He and me, we had play-dates.
    We believed, we were soulmates.

    Pinky-promise to marry each other.
    For forever after, we remain together.

    We knew each other for 20 years.
    Laughter of us. Plus, our tears.

    At 25, I wore a wedding dress.
    It's him that I had impress!

    15 years married. Now, we're fourty.
    With our kids, we live in prosperity!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • smartsam 19w

    My Lovely Childhood!

    Days are far past
    reminiscent tender memories!
    If only could come back
    of my childhood this story!

    I never looked fantasy land
    never cared what's essel world!
    I trekked all hills mountains
    jumped in water deep like goose bird!

    I hated playing in blocked room
    whatever they called!
    Life begin with new joys
    foothills & in mountain trek!

    I slept on terrace
    almost all my teenage!
    I do know world beautiful
    other thats aligned in space!

    I have seen so many
    falling meteors!
    A boy simpleton me
    skipped retain numbers yet
    again counted stars!

    I never paid any
    fees for swimming pool!
    We boys swimming in dams
    so deep waterful !

    Mountain nature we scouted
    we had no specific plan!
    All we had our beloved bycycle
    many joys spontaneous
    nothing was much planned!

    We laughed till heaven
    reach our soar joys!
    After experimenting curious
    we were growing boys!

    I never climbed artificial
    poles, jumbling
    they made for money!
    What exhilarating fun can be
    than for tamarind on tall trees!

    I played near building road
    games so many beautiful!
    Unique my boyhood
    absolutely 'twas wonderful!


  • abhibd 19w

    Remnants of an era long gone ,
    But still living by those principles,
    What do you hope to gain ?
    Love? Soulmate ? Things that don't exist anymore,
    Or just satisfaction of living an honest life,
    Whatever it is, I am sure you can't be happy ,
    How could you be ?
    You are from a bygone era and living among dead souls and broken hearts...

  • beans94 19w

    The wear that once brought discipline,
    Supplies carried on shoulders was a routine
    Days begun way before the dawn,
    The childhood is now an era of bygone

    Curiosity in the nerves reaping through anxiety,
    Famous at deeds always gained the notoriety.
    Every fall was followed by a laughter,
    Fearlessness to rise always comes after.

    Every step on the ladder alarmed me to look down.
    Brightest bore the future while foolish called them clown.


  • swastanya 19w

    Being in delusion helps sometimes.

  • wanderinglass 19w

    I woke, to some
    Unknown land,
    Laded with lees of Elpeus.
    Imbuing my step to the
    Trace of halcyon, wearing
    The tolga of Hellenistic amber.
    The land tied with thread of lissome,
    Where the inked quill sprouts the
    Verses of Homer's 'oddyssy':
    With medley of zephyrus and Notus,
    Rising skies of love and rebel
    And rocks, smear to
    Cleopetra's beauty.

    I walked to the
    Lands of countryside;
    Coruscating to the cumulus.
    Where nature was crayoning
    An alluring maiden of love,
    Embroidering her gown with
    Sonnet verse, sometimes
    Of blithe, sometimes pain
    Unless I witnessed the magnificent
    Eva's silk,
    Tangled in Shakespeare's pen.
    With mirrors of clarion of
    Beauty and love
    And admirer of inner soul
    Of Elizabethan reign.

    I rose with the ashes
    Of Civil wars
    Witnessed the heap of
    Dead, but in distant
    Bucolic dwells Lucy
    Rowing her solemn barque
    Wordsworth chase for her those
    Syllables, once treasured
    In her orb.
    Beauty, the beauty that
    Preserved in Jane's lips
    Oozes via cascade
    Of poetic heart.
    And I standing on
    A pedestal of bard's castle:
    Adored Mitchell windy
    Touch of love.

    Ah!....I travelled since
    Ages, with Ellison's rhythmic
    Lore, turning the pages
    To and fro with eras of
    Love and courageous Whitman's
    Alas! Not a time traveller
    Just a layman poet... scribbling
    The walls of blue.
    And a small seeping roof
    of 'Chandni Chowk',
    Adding metaphors to
    My room, being a vagabond
    Of words,
    And hypocrite to love
    I paint my era of falsifying
    Wearing the pairs
    Of worn out chappals
    .........I adore' if '
    I could be you.


    I oft...wished if I could ever...be in the pages of classic eras of poetries..as this were the collections I grow reading and feeling their touches since ages...
    ...still today I want to live the wonderous classic era...

    Inspired by
    Iliad and oddyssy: Homer (Hellinistic era)
    Sonnet 29, 30 : Shakespeare (Elizabethan era)
    Pride and prejudice: Jane Austen ( ages of American Civil War)
    Lucy Poems: William Wordsworth (Beginning of Civil War)
    Gone with the winds: Margaret Mitchell ( ages of American Civil War)
    #bygone #wod @writersnetwork @miraquill @alisdaire_ocaoimph @love_whispererr @childauthor_345 #ceesreposts

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    Time traveller


  • joan53 19w

    The mountains rise before my eyes
    My bonnet keeps sacred the prize
    Riding in my prairie-schooner
    Heading for the mountain highlands
    Where one can live free in Gods hands
    Little land to garden, and chickens
    Next to a mountain lake or stream
    A place to build a cabin, a palace in the sky
    No one to bother or even to ask why
    Fresh air, blue skies, a chance to be free
    All of nature, God, and little ole me


  • stevenbates 19w

    As I put on my chain of armor
    I wonder if I will ever see my son again
    His brave little face cannot hide the fear in his eyes
    Of all the things I sacrifice for this kingdom
    My life in war will cost the most
    I fear the king will not take care of my family
    But my fate is in Gods hands

  • miss_phoenix 19w

    Turning the clock

    The era of dynasty,
    QUEENS sovereign,
    They given a way,
    To the EQUALITY,
    Might people lived,
    In the lap of mother,
    They are the walking,
    Goddess on the earth.
    The night discussion,
    With stars before ,
    The invention of TV's,
    The time of natural food,
    Makes a wealthy health life,
    I wish I were born there.

  • childauthor_345 19w

    I landed somewhere , exquisite of everywhere
    The door had stitches , whom angels take care ,
    I saw a throbbing wall , where stardust writes --
    The stanza of heartsease poetries in sweet nights .

    I entered secretly , jumping off the squared fences
    With crystal words striking - mind , I fell on benches
    I found adorned daffodil and pearls glowing neath celena
    I picked that in abound silence , to luminate pillars of life and Athena .

    Entering that #bygone era summed me up in hallucinations
    A bohemian ballerina drew lovenotes as syzygy illustrations
    As Wailing image I had witnessed the phosphenes - to the world
    Pen to paper I constructed the time ; meanwhile gloom flew as a craving bird .

    I could clearly see the century bursting in a realm
    Realm rendering itself in the diary of a gentilischi
    Strange , I found a flower named love that never fades
    A panel painted with ink and fables narrated i am shades of grey .

    I know , I know the lost Metaphors that once were beauteous
    Ran away from the habitat to make an adamant shelter ,
    Treble clef assigning the sane words , dwelling in ballads
    Exactly in the lap of that era , whom we call as limerence .

    ( Thank you so much , and I apologise for using your usernames , if it offended you �� , just shimmer and shine)

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    For the limestone pages of life , be an optimist wordsmith .

    Bluejay hearts and unadulterated adorable soul
    The lunar eclipse embracing selenophilic sun , as I'd read as hypebole
    Hyperbolic sunflower that left Incomplete roof ,
    Roof that was featured with dazzling star
    Stars said I'm the star of my life
    And astrophiles said we are not beautiful without you .

    ~ bonsai betwixt iridescent cheery blossoms .

  • inkandfable670 19w

    In today's competitive world we all just want to acquire success,name and fame and sometimes we don't even care which means or ways we are accepting just to get them.

    #bygone #wod

    ❤ thank you @writersnetwork

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    A robbery of Shakespeare's Soliloquies:

    With my stealthy steps
    I want to enter in theater Globe,
    And steal those texts,
    Shakespeare passionately wrote
    Specifically,the soliloquies and asides
    Wrapped in his genius insight,
    In my satchel,I would cramed wisdom
    Without giving even a damn,
    After collecting all of them
    Return to my home,and
    Here I published those pieces
    Under my copyright claim,
    And no doubt those stolen stars will
    Acquire great fame,
    But how long those lended gems
    Shine with someone else's name,
    One day a true gemologist,definitely know
    To which hand those gems actually belonged.


  • aayush1999 19w

    The rubbed stones sparked fire...
    Unaware were 'greed' and 'lust' for my heart to desire...
    I sat there on the rocky ground...
    The never ending forest was where my limits were bound...
    Then I found a flat stone...
    Unlike paper, the inscribed feelings could not be simply crumpled or torn...
    I picked a sharpened spear...
    'Evolving' into the modern era was what I most feared...
    Setting aside my long scruffy beard...
    I then engraved the beauty of that era where the true value of nature was revered...

  • agyaanee 19w

    ये लकीरें क्यों

    यदि समय का पहिया कुछ उलटा घूमे,
    और जा पाऊँ उस अतीत में,

    जब वह एक नन्हा बालक था।

    हँसता था, गाता था,
    गलियों में बेपरवाह दौड़ लगाता था।

    यारों संग तोते पकड़ने निकलता था,
    रात को अकेले में, कैसा डरता था।

    गुड़ की खातिर, उसका दिल भी मचलता था,
    वो भी माँ का आँचल, पकड़-पकड़ चलता था।

    सत्रह का पहाड़ा, वो भी भूल जाता था
    सोचते सोचते वो भी, अकसर नाखून चबाता था।

    घुटने पर उसके भी, चोट का निशान रहता था,
    जूते के तसमों से, वो भी परेशान रहता था।

    उस कालखंड में पहुँच कर,
    कर लूँ गहरी दोस्ती उससे।

    और मन जीत कर उस बालक का,
    एक दिन अचानक पूछूँ उससे।

    मुझसा सोचते हो! करते हो!
    बिलकुल मुझसा ही दीखते हो!

    'पिताजी' फिर 'पिता' बनकर,
    हम दोनों में लकीरें क्यों खींचते हो?


  • hanshu 19w


    I wish I will be in my imaginations,
    As my dreams or imaginations rejoice me..,
    It's hard to go with any era of reality..,
    But I wish to go for the imaginary world of mine..,

    There the story is written by, to me or for me..,
    There I can be with the moments I want to live in..,
    There I can be me without any worries..,
    There my life wouldn't be uncertain.

  • q_abdoul 19w

    #bygone #writersnetwork #miraquill @lovenotes_from_carolyn


    *TAKE ME! *

    It could only be wishful thinking for today's Earth
    To date her existence back to the times
    Of worldly purity and mass innocence
    When the ambience was soothing
    And the ever green trees oozed out an atmosphere of rejuvenation.

    Where children found a family in every familiar face in the neighborhood, or in the company of teachers and playmates at school.

    Take me back to the days when a man was indeed his brother's keeper
    Where a stranger's travail was shared by the entire community
    And the wayfarer could pitch a tent in the woods at night
    Where every iota of greed was killed
    Where tranquility always lived and breathed.

    Again, the times where a child could easily find a home, away from home.
    Where families and bloodlines were hallowed
    Where families still, weren't marked by bloodlines alone.

    Take me in retrospect down a few decades back, where the world was indeed a better place to be
    Where fathers could go fishing in open air and azure skies,
    And mothers could chitchat while making simple and tasty cuisines
    And the children, oh! the children would frolic on the fields, stamp their feet in muddy puddles,
    make sandcastles at the beach from dawn till dusk..

    Because in that world, only a few decades ago,
    We could write posies and read books under sun-kissed clouds and moonlit nights, about genuine love without hatred, trust without betrayal, peachy years and tragic times.
    Because we knew the emotions portrayed were real and not make believe...
    We knew what we wrote, we knew how we felt when we read what we wrote.

    Take me back to the years, only some mere decades ago, when the world was indeed a better place
    Where every life in it truly felt safe!

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    Take me back to the days of yore,
    when we could read and write posies under sun-kissed clouds and moonlit nights
    About emotions that were once real and true

    Because we knew what we wrote and we knew how we felt, when we read what we wrote.


  • rahmahdi 19w


    Smiling a genuine smile to each other
    Give and get a hug like it was a greatest gift
    Run,jump and laugh like all world is theme park
    Fight stupidly because of candy
    Sleep on the couch wake up on the warmest bed
    What a tragedy when that become a bygone era
    Era where innocence still exist

  • rehnumai 19w

    I wish to be in the era of wizards, learning wizardry at Hogwarts under the kind guidance of a man wearing the spectacles of half eclipsed moon. Dining at the great hall with lots of Butterbear and kidney pie, I want to hear the hooting of owls bringing letters. Smell the draught of living death in the potions class and hark the legacy of Godric Gryffindor by Professor McGonagall. More often I want to hold a wand in my hand that is connected to the nerves of my heart and engender a patronus to shroud the evil in me.

  • lazybongness 19w

    Topic Majedaar hai , Vivash kar diya likhne par
    Kyuki samay Nakko , jaldi jaldi likho ��

    Thank you for your like @writersnetwork❤️

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    Bygone era

    When nostalgia and bygone days keep you awake just choose your favorite novel character and start playing your role.
    With a slow smile a story came to me as I sat on the couch with a cup of coffee.
    Here comes the daydream of sunshine.. I am happy to be the queen's horse
    The pride of her sweat and pain, I shine like a moon and star.
    I live in the barn of the palace, I am the ride of a brave queen, who shattered the whole patriarchy.
    I paved the way to be with Rani Lakshmi
    Being her favorite has brought me fame in history.
    I faced many waves with Manu
    Journeys, Friendships, Wars and Battles
    I was standing on the ladder of life.
    She named me Badal and rides me happily
    I had seen the first freedom fighter woman of the revolution, her aura and her valor.
    It all ended in a tragedy, while the breath of freedom was spreading rapidly
    It's time to wake up from the daydreaming so that I can taste back reality.
    I love those random inspiring stories and characters that make me smile no matter what, so I want to know if I was in that golden age when I was experiencing this fact with a sharp gut.
    //We all have the good old days in our hearts and sometimes we like to go back to them through daydreams or time machines.//


  • arun_jayaraman 19w

    90's Kids : A Millennial's Memory

    Pogo, Nick and Cartoon Network,
    Were the heavenly worlds where fantasies lurked.
    Beyblades, Yoyos and Ping-pong balls,
    We spinned outside as the eves enthralled.

    Street cricket, we played outdoors,
    Hitting sixers and breaking windows.
    Twenty bucks for an hour and a half,
    We thronged the cafe for games and laughs.

    Short rides on our bicycles, Seeing
    Crushes on roads with lovely chuckles.
    Nokia phones had peppy ringtones,
    And SMS was the only backbone.

    Loneliness was meaningless,
    Festivities defined joyousness,
    With baby sleeps and healthiness,
    Those days were filled with beautifulness.