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  • _desaiagraja 25w

    I was totally sleepy while I wrote this��
    And the thing is it turned out to be good, I guess ��
    What do you guys think?��

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    The pen in my hand
    Black Ink down, the paper plain
    As I write it all out
    Words distants me to a caliginous state.
    The Caliginous world,
    Like her kajaled eyes,
    It's a dark and Beautiful place to be.

    Place where I forget all,
    sad's and sorrows,
    Guarded around by ink and words,
    As if a black hole of my, i own,
    Where all the pain is Evanescent.

    I'm distanced by my words,
    To a place ruled by love,
    Where tears roll down in happiness,
    The unbroken hearts own the place,
    Where unicorn exists, is not a myth,
    The ashes can still turn to phoenix,
    Happy people dancing around,
    Celebrating Lives being eternal,
    Where shattered things are mosaic-ed again
    Where life can overrule the death

    As the black ink flows by,
    On the same paper plain.
    That's where my words
    distant me,
    To a caliginous dream state.

  • directioner_05 35w

    ~Caliginous clouds rain, showering the earth with aesthetic self love~

    When Caliginous clouds rain,
    showering the earth with
    the dusky droplets of self love.

    The deserted, barren lands
    Shimmer with a viridescent glow
    Under the warmth of the beaming sun.

    While the gardens of thorns and withered petals evolve into the radiant flowers
    Some cherry reds and some berry blues.

    When the rain ends, leaving the nature into
    a state of pure bliss.Everyone blooms with joy
    drenched into the droplets of aesthetic self love

    ~by a mere poet, with sparkling hopes~


  • abhibd 35w

    Shrouded Again !!

    It's not dawn yet and I lie wide awake ,
    How many days it's been ?
    A week ? A month ? Or two ?
    A peaceful night's sleep is yet to come.

    How naive was I thinking a change would help,
    Yet all it did was abet it to further heights ,
    Got out of bed and put on walkers ,
    And grabbed the jacket before going for a stroll.

    As dawn nears the sky is starting to change ,
    Still caliginous enough to compete ,
    With the first rays of sun abyss retreats ,
    Waiting for it to set again and shroud me in it yet again...

  • meedeh 35w

    #miraquill #writersnetwork

    Whatever you’re going through right now, remember, the darkest nights produce the brightest stars. #hangontight #donotloosehope #youaregonnamakeit.

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    A new dawn comes alive,
    but reflects no reflection.
    For the sky remained starless;
    and no hope for a shooting star.
    The stars thy wished for,
    are invisible in the dawn you view.

    A new dusk arise,
    but reflects reflection.
    For the stars appears in the darkest nights;
    Nought scary, but one of the most beautiful sights,
    shining in the midst of darkness.

    There, a gloomy and distressed side of life.
    Glowing and radiant alongside;
    there, thy hope has been.
    Tho' we meet with darkness and strife.
    The brightest side we also may view.

    Impossible for man,
    to recognize dazzling light;
    Without an experience of darkness;
    the doubt, thou hearken!
    Nought comparable to triumph approaching.
    From caliginous to foudroyant,
    Tis glorious!


  • eusmaph 35w

    Wide - Awake

    The midnight blue sky
    And thousands of jewels shining
    Yet my heart earns for someone
    With whom my midnight conversations will be

    Eyes wide awake
    Soft lullaby lulling the tired eyes
    The dark circle even more prominent
    But the brain doesn't heed to the tired voice
    The atmosphere being so caliginous

    The restless nights make me shiver
    Like the fear in a deserted road
    Far and deep
    The darkness of the mind mocks
    How tenebrous life is
    How lonely broken promises are
    And so many in life greet the loneliest
    Only to be lead astray

    Dark dark thoughts
    Lead the nights
    And finally the eye shuts
    Blocking everything – wanted and unwanted

    And the eyes open infinite times
    In a deep despair to remember
    The incubus haunting
    But they have taken shelter again
    In the depth of the darkest shadows
    Waiting for the eyes to close

    When morn comes
    The conspicuous eye bags
    Reveal yet another night
    Haunted by the incubus

    And what hurts is
    No one wanders why or how
    And no one cares to know
    The what either...


  • night_mist_ 35w


    The shadow of someone's caliginous past blew my future into darkness

  • _broken_mirror_ 35w

    Even this caliginous night will not be able to represent the darkness of my desolate life.

  • moss22 35w

    I am weird,
    With many layers of shades
    Sometimes caliginous.
    Thou I bleed through my art,
    It's a sign that I live.

    Telling my stories.
    It's full of love & nostalgic moment
    You don't wanna Miss it.

    I wear my heart's on my sleeve
    You could tell from my poetry even when I grieve
    It's the tears that numbs the pain.

    But am fine knowing how every memory brings an
    Untold joy, a glaring fantasy, & golden hopes, because
    the never left

  • babershaik 35w


    Caliginous nights
    We're my frights
    Burning a candle at night
    Gives me sóme sight
    Winter mornings caliginous sight
    Misty ways jeopardizes the lives
    Jamed the roads and hampered life
    Pausing the vehicles at every point.


  • akshiwrites 35w

    My caliginous emotions
    weave some pretty poetries

  • stevenbates 35w

    We entered a caliginous alley. The hairs on my neck were standing up. Just then two warriors popped out and started fighting. It was Greek versus Roman.

    Wow… this has been one hell of a Cos Play event.

  • syaahiii 35w

    #archaic #miraquill #wod #caliginous


    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    Thank you for the like and EC ❤

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    It's all about you

    You are the moment I live and
    sometimes a memory itself .
    Places highlight the memories
    we made and the poesies
    scrape the moments I lived.

    You are the bookmark I keep and
    sometimes a whole book to read itself.
    Voices apprise me of the journey I am making
    and destiny scares me with consequences
    after reaching the destination.

    You are the sweater knitted by the love and
    sometimes the winter itself.
    The time is slipping away and the footprints
    are deepening themselves in the
    snow coagulated on my heart.

    You are one of my favorite flower and
    sometimes the fragrance itself.
    Hugs are meant to console the
    one and kisses are required to
    suck the complications up.

    You are the sunshine and
    sometimes the dusk itself.
    The pie of my eye is Half burnt in the
    conflagration of devotion and half naked
    to be extolled by my syllables.

    You are the violin in my hands and
    sometimes the pain itself.
    Music notes confront the
    dilemma and the whole song shoves
    me in the depth of abyss .

    You are the contentment and
    sometimes the trauma itself.
    Delicacy sniffs me to the core and
    resolutions jangle to make
    the filled can empty.

    You are the dream I see and
    sometimes the reality itself.
    The war I am fighting is about to
    win and sources say that it has
    already been lost since I started .

    You are the breaths and
    sometimes the death itself.
    Some breaths are so angelic
    and some hands are gonna
    throttle me insanely.

    You are the beginning and
    sometimes an infinity loop itself.
    The caliginous sky in the night is
    kindled by the sun too and its
    expanse gives this bird roof.


  • _subha_subhashini_ 35w


    Is there a path
    In the caliginous cave?
    The path clouded by dark
    With the illusions of fear,
    The thoughts drown and slumber.

    But there is a way out,
    From the caliginous cave,
    The mustard faith,
    Infer the light to guide the path.

  • _subha_subhashini_ 35w


    Is there a path
    In the caliginous cave?
    The path clouded by dark
    With the illusions of fear,
    The thoughts drown and slumber.

    But there is a way out,
    From the caliginous cave,
    The mustard faith,
    Infer the light to guide the path.

  • words_flake 35w

    Caliginous (misty,dim,dark)

    I recall all those memories, not willingly but It took me in caliginous part of my heart...

  • ayu004_ 35w


    Breathe of sun in my morning wrist ,hums foams of minced sea: breathing down my crook in the caliginious frost scattered on the breast of my dismal hope

    He hums to succumb the detested :wry screams lingering in the hues of my cleavage at night-fall where solitude awaits perching in the peak of my gutter

    Hard-core melts in the traces of my screams :melted by the kisses of dove in his lips
    Tamed by the cramoisy lullabies enkindling my skin-bare


  • anavrap 35w

    Caliginous eyes
    Hides and hazes the realities.
    Falsifying the signals to the brain which is puzzled and is often confused drawing conclusions Even in
    Lack of clarity

    O caliginous eyes you see the sun moon and high tides but sometimes you abuse the power and keep the self in state of continuous darkness.
    You can notice the beautiful hairs the bodies and melting looks that eyes just exchanged.
    Taming the brain to react to the situations, forcing the neck to sway in that direction.

    Why can't you see the Lord
    Who's company you seek when you have a daunting task ahead of you
    Caliginous eyes why don't you shed some light that you have absorbed in these years over the lessons that came along with those victories and defeats .

    Why can't you see the real faces of those you meet
    My brain ends up spending so much of time explaining to me how good or bad the person or situation is.
    Covering up the misjudgements that i usually make.

    Why can't you see the Lord
    Who is your friend your master and a well wisher in all your moves.
    You keep us in black when we really want you to show the things as it is.

    #wod #archaic #caliginous #writersnetwork #miraquill

    @syaahiii @muskaanbhatt_ @divyanshi28_03

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    Caliginous eyes


  • nevaleepoetically 35w

    My thoughts & dreams
    Tossed, amiss
    Weighted coins into the abyss
    Going caliginous...

  • _desaiagraja 35w

    Unfathomed love

    He lived in a caliginous dream states,
    While the dark black clouds perfectly camouflaged his luminous thoughts.

    The ruby zoisite eyes of hers, Would squint in his glowing, gleaming radiant art work.

    She could easily explain his allegories,
    Her love was unbounded, unfathomed,
    So much so that she would turn down to ashes,
    To make him rise like a phoenix.
    But he would still live
    In a caliginous world of disbelief.

  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 35w

    Gratitude and appreciation to @miraquill and @writersnetwork for Editor's Choice and the repost! ����

    #archaic #wod #writersnetwork #miraquill #dailychallenge #caliginous

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    by lovenotes_from_carolyn
    Oh how I love
    A caliginous breeze
    Arriving at night
    A delight from the trees
    For the winds doth adorn me
    As they embrace me just right
    Like a gossamer vestige
    'Neath the fairest starlight
    How I flow with the tradewinds
    How I soar, how I fly
    As I drift ever upwards
    In the endless night sky
    So freely I float, no worries, no strife
    Away with the wind
    On the ride of my life.
    ©lovenotes_from_carolyn 12/12/2021