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  • dieudonnesong 79w

    Poem from an amazing book I once read and I would recommend to anyone titled "Good Friday People" by Sheila Cassidy
    Struggle and comfort goes hand-in-hand and I believe that's why we have one another on this planet ����

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    Starting over

    And so we must begin to live again,
    We of the damaged bodies
    And assaulted minds.
    Starting from scratch with the rubble of our lives
    And picking up the dust
    Of dreams once dreamt.
    And we stand there, naked in our vulnerability,
    Proud of starting over, fighting back
    But full of humility
    At the awareness of the task.
    We, without a future,
    Safe, defined, delivered
    Now salute you God.
    Knowing that nothing is safe,
    Secure, inviolable here.
    Except you.
    And even that eludes our minds at times.
    And we hate you
    As we love you,
    And our anger is as strong as our pain.
    Our grief is deep as oceans,
    And our need as great as mountains.
    So, as we take our first few steps forward
    Into the abyss of the future,
    We would pray for
    Courage to become what we have
    Not been before
    And accept it,
    And bravery to look deep
    Within our souls to find
    New ways.
    We did not want it easy God,
    But we did not contemplate
    That it would be quite this hard,
    This long, this lonely.
    So, if we are to be turned inside out,
    And upside down,
    With even our pockets shaken,
    Just to check what’s rattling
    And left behind,
    We pray that you will keep faith with us,
    And we with you.
    Hold our hands as we weep,
    Giving us strength to continue,
    And showing us beacons
    Along the way to becoming new.
    We are not fighting you God,
    Even if it feels like it,
    But we need your help and company,
    As we struggle on.
    Fighting back
    And starting over.

    Anna McKenzie

  • dieudonnesong 79w

    When I'm dead and buried away

    There was a thought as dark as night;
    One quite dreadful to my mind's eye
    Which caused me to be short of sight
    And inconsiderate of when I'll die.

    But I thank God I can now think
    Fearlessly of when I'm six feet within the earth
    And can rest my mind's eye without a blink
    On the task of building a legacy filled with mirth.

    When I am dead and buried away
    I'd like to be a reminder that love matters
    And that in the lives we live day-by-day
    We should not only preach of it but be practitioners

    I'd like to be reckoned as the guy who made people grin
    Even when they had no reason to do so
    And who in the face of discord, union did I always bring
    And was a true friend till the very end

    In a few words I'd love to be known
    As the guy who loved and sacrificed,
    Kept his word and gave his best
    And was a good Christian till the very end.


  • dieudonnesong 80w

    A twofold relationship

    In ceaseless Joy I'll repeat,
    Praise to him home myself I do bequeath.
    Oh Lord make me know you like Peter
    And may I never cease to remember.
    The twofold Union I have with you
    Which is a disciple and a friend who is true.
    May my words always in return be:
    "Yes Lord, you know that I love you"
    And when you ask a third time of me,
    May I as your friend in hurt always say I do.
    I don't want to only write and talk of you,
    But I'd like to know you as a friend;
    Nevertheless I adore you as my Lord,
    And do all that you recommend.

  • dieudonnesong 77w


    Rooted in my individuality,
    Is a unique personality
    Grateful to God Almighty,
    For all his capabilities.

    I very much love being practical
    And enjoy being methodical.
    I'm a little bit of a perfectionist
    And order is my forepaw.

    I often times get taciturn,
    But trust me, I do have concern.
    For I am somewhat of an altruist
    And I am quite optimistic.

    I like to carry on my face, a smile
    which often runs for a while,
    Especially when I'm chatting
    And sharing a laugh with my inner voice.

    I am often left perplexed by nature;
    Bewildered by the beauty of every creature.
    In effect I find animals cute,
    With cats being my favorite.

    I am equally an introvert
    (Though becoming an ambivert)
    And enjoy having my affairs covert.
    So having the spotlight on me,
    Isn't really my thing you see.

    I'm a little bit of a nerd;
    So, from my buddy have I heard. ��
    I love books and documentaries,
    But of course, games, commedy and movies (especially SciFi).

    I'm more expressive in writing than talking;
    Some conversations get me stuttering.
    I love words especially when they Rhyme.
    This has led me to the art of poetry.

    I'm a kinda guy who keeps his word
    For otherwise, I'd be left perturbed.
    I do my best to fulfil a promise.
    If it's above me, I'll explain my failure.

    I'm a big fan of Justice
    Even though it's hard to practice.
    I hate moments that prompt me to lie
    And I do my best to hold to truth.

    I share much love for pictures,
    Though I've got limited postures. ��
    I love capturing moments you see,
    For pictures are like time travel to me.

    I equally love music
    And my singing isn't that terrific.
    I'm not quite genre specific
    I prefer good meaning, beats and Melody

    I have quite a huge appetite ��
    That always cares for a bite.
    Unless I'm seriously ill,
    I'll always care for a meal.

    I enjoy challenging questions
    And finding for, them solutions.
    This has led me to the doors of science,
    Even though, literature had more to do about this.��

    On March 2nd 2001 was I born,
    My blessed mother's second born.
    Dieudonne Song was the name I bore,
    This is who I am; of these do I consist.

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    I am equally an introvert
    (Though becoming an ambivert)
    And enjoy having my affairs covert.
    So having the spotlight on me,
    Isn't really my thing you see.


  • dieudonnesong 80w

    Keep hope alive

    Truth be told there is a pandemic
    And it's normal of us to panic.
    So many are jobless and face hunger,
    Children are displaced with no shelter.
    Under the mask we gasp for air,
    Daily longing a cure be near.
    We will achieve a cure together
    But fear and indifference will kill us much quicker.
    A synergy of faith, hope and charity is a solution,
    And will continue to be if we make it a foundation.

  • dieudonnesong 81w

    You probably don't get asked this everyday, but I'd like you to give it a thought...
    What does it take to build Heaven on Earth?

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    Credits: Designed on Canva

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  • dieudonnesong 83w


    Many people have fathers,
    But only a few have daddies;
    And that is why I call this Daddy's day.

    Fathers have biological roles,
    But daddies have significant ones.
    I can count quite many experiences
    Which have become memories;
    Memories that cannot be stolen
    And that eliviate me when I am heartbroken.

    From you daddy, I've learnt to be brave
    And that I'll take to my grave.
    Words cannot quite express my gratitude;
    For the Love and care you've given me.
    Nevertheless this is your day,
    And I shout it with joy:

  • dieudonnesong 95w

    The power of love

    A few mutations may keep us apart
    And melanin too play its own part.
    But we are more than we are
    We are humans-we are one.
    Shoots from the same stump;
    Children of the same Mother
    Everyone being so special
    No one luckier than the other
    We brothers and sisters - are one.
    Let not language keep us apart
    Meanwhile we could harness together
    The greatest power made by God forever
    The power of "love for one another"
    Which makes life meaningful and smoother
    Together let's find the purpose of life
    Which hides in the gallows of our hearts.
    Finding it is like solving a puzzle;
    With each human bearing a piece of it
    Only together can we find peace.

  • dieudonnesong 96w

    And someday it will be told as History
    That sometime in the 21st Century
    There was a plague that brought a quarantine
    And families were together for quite some time

    The streets were dry and ghosty
    And for that time less noisy.
    Hand hygiene was quite necessary
    And wearing a mask somewhat obligatory.
    Once full Church benches were scanty
    And in Rome was St. Peter's square empty.
    Sneezing was considered out of line
    And communication was done pretty much online.
    For gatherings were banned
    And schools were closed
    So too were bars and clubs deposed

    And when we'll count our loss
    In tears we'll repeat one name
    The name of the Pandemic
    The famous, Corona Virus

    Of course it will be remembered
    How handshakes became obsolete
    And how many memes arose
    Arousing tremendous laughter
    But which made the truth some how severed.

    But then it will also be told
    How others accused God Himself
    Of punishing us for our sins twofold
    And how faith and hope returned to the hearts of many

    Then our Children will hear and wonder
    How could a disease have such power
    To breed in us good manners
    And keep families together.
    In their little eyes will doctor's be heros
    Considering what they did long ago;
    Risking their lives for the safety
    Of everyone infected, so willingly.

  • dieudonnesong 109w


    When two different worlds met,
    A great light was born;
    Like stalagmites and stalacites,
    A great pillar was formed.

    A light for the blind;
    A pillar for the weak.
    This happened not in a castle
    But in a place that is meek.

    And so we call it Christmas day;
    For Heaven met Earth.
    Jesus Christ the God-Man
    Came to us by a Virgin Birth.

    In a manger of all places
    Layed the source of all Graces.
    So too in a humble heart,
    Will reside the Prince of Peace.