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  • porcupine 2w

    Midnight the cat

    This cat I know
    I wish I could show
    He's wonderful
    He's remarkable
    He is very smart
    So pure at heart
    Very intelligent
    From heaven sent
    Relaxed and mellow
    Such a great fellow
    Immensely beautiful
    Trusting and loyal
    Friendly as could be
    Nice to you and me
    Deeply affectionate
    A truly amazing pet

  • porcupine 8w

    To: A cat named Midnight

    A cat
    None like him
    Black as night
    Named Midnight

    A feline
    Best of the best
    Calm and mellow
    His eyes are yellow

    A friend
    Side by side
    He counts sheep
    Cuddles and sleeps

    I recall
    I still remember
    The best cat ever
    Will be with me forever

  • porcupine 10w

    A poem about Midnight

    This cat I know
    He is the best
    Friendly as can be
    And never a pest

    Looking for a lap
    He stares right at me
    Waiting for a sign
    To jump on my knee

    Only for ten minutes
    And he feels content
    Then over to his chair
    To become dormant

    He sleeps a few hours
    Changing positions often
    Never very happy
    With the one he is in

    Stretches and yawns
    Gets up and yawns more
    Meows a little bit then
    He's gone out the door

    He drinks some water
    Then a few bites to eat
    Not long after that he
    Wants outside to the street

    He will leave for hours
    Sometimes for days
    A cat is unpredictable
    Returning when they say

    Midnight is his name
    And he has soft black fur
    He has yellow eyes
    And always likes to purr

    No other feline
    Can compare to him
    He is something special
    He filled my heart to the brim

  • claralynne 11w

    LOST AND FOUND: Fair, Feral Feline

    You would not have found my face on a flier stapled to a pole on some road somewhere...
    Or on the side of a milk carton.
    But you should've...
    No one was looking for me though.
    No one wanted me.
    I was so lost when he found me.
    Wandering. Aimless...
    I knew I had made a wrong turn or two. But I had no idea how lost I actually was.
    I was dirty. From the inside out. Unkept. Malnourished.
    I hadn't had a bath in God knows how long.
    . .I mean actually HAD and ENJOYED a bath.
    Felt the warm water soothe my muscles and wash my bad days away.
    I tried to act like I knew where I was and that I was fine.
    He saw right through it.
    He took me in. Kept me warm.
    I could not remember the last time I had eaten.
    I could never find food wandering in the dark.
    I would always wait for the sun to come out, but it never did.
    It was like I fell asleep one night and just never woke up. And the nightmare never ended.
    I kept asking myself why he would want to help me.
    I was a feline on my ninth life, and I had come to terms with it at that point.

    Afraid to live.
    No longer a spunky cat that climbed trees.
    No twinkle in my eye.
    No more did I sunbathe and watch the birds fly high.
    To be blunt and honest, I was waiting to die.
    I was timid when I saw him at first. But I could tell his intentions were good.
    Scaredy cat.
    I thought to myself I didn't have anything to lose.
    The smallest little piece of me thought an angel had crossed my path.
    I had lost hope on that ever happening long ago.
    But Maybe...
    Just maybe ...
    I was saved?
    I just couldnt believe someone wanted to help me find "home "
    He made sure I ate good.
    He would rub me at night.
    I had forgotten how good it felt to actually purr.
    I had been in the wild for so long...never again did I think I'd be dreaming dreams in a cozy bed.
    Not that leaves and mulch couldn't be cozy, but I didn't miss it.
    And to think I always clowned on them domesticated kitty cats.
    I felt like a lucky dog.
    But you see, I had been in the wild for so long, it had somehow become part of me.
    Feline so fair, yet with a feral side.
    I had it so good, but I shamefully found myself longing for that sense of freedom the came with the wild.
    My heart had become so full, and these thoughts world come.... And they ruined everything.
    Absolutely everything.
    And here I find myself wandering in the dark again.
    He just wanted to give me a home.
    He showed me that a filthy alley cat could be loved again.
    I had felt lovable for the first time since I could remember.
    I was mistaken.
    I knew nothing of freedom.
    I was only just learning what love was.
    and what it felt like to actually be loved.
    I had never felt anything like it.
    It was almost scary.
    More scary than the wild could be.
    Scaredy cat... that I was...
    And now here I am...
    The darkness I find myself roaming in once again is not freedom.
    Only the strong survive out here in the wild.
    Winters coming; it's already gotten so cold.
    There's not enough shelter for us all out here in the wild.
    If only I hadn't acted like such a child.
    Sometimes I wonder if he misses me and our night time cuddles.
    Does he look for me?
    Did he stapled my picture on a pole on a street somewhere?
    I miss how he'd give me those saucers of milk...
    All I know is that this is my ninth life. My last life.
    And I hope I can feel that feeling of home again before it's over.
    In the meantime, I will nestle in this mulch and leaves and find comfort.
    I will pretend....
    and reminisce on a happy time that I'm so very grateful to have had... no matter what.

  • pratibhajadhav 14w

    दो शबनमी सी आँखे है उसकी नीली - नीली..!
    दुबली-पतली काया है थोड़ी रंग से साँवली..
    किसी की मेहबूबा नहीं; वो है मेरी कबरी बिल्ली..!

  • theboy37 15w

    Cat #1

    witch cat? planet eyes
    blinking soft, feline magic
    always heals with love


  • seraiah_smiles 16w

    #CA(T) #CAT #CA

    Ca(t), Can't, CA, California/Cat, Can

    CA can mean California, which then can either mean 'Land of Calafia' or 'Land of Promise'.

    What does cat means?
    5Ws 1H

    Written and Published on:
    8 Oct. 2021

    This is a creative nonfiction, a real-life story of mine.

    333rd post


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    I'm walking on the streets, and I saw a stray cat.
    My emotions were stirred for it was the opposite of very fat.
    I fed and pet and took it home to let it feel somewhere it belongs.
    But how sad that when from my bosom I laid it down to the floor,
    It quickly went outside the gate for it was scared to enter the door.

    I'm sorry I couldn't make this house the place you feel belong.
    Maybe I too was hasty, that I brought you down and you felt it's strong.
    It's different from what you wanted.
    Also, that I have a tom cat, mom sternly forbids...
    I think that's why each of them eventually leaves.

    I had to let you go and roam where your feet take you.
    Still, in my memory and heart you have a place—yes, you do.
    I haven't, couldn't speak with my mouth about comforting words;
    So I thought-fully wished that they do it—they, the angels.
    "Live.... LIVE WELL," Wherever I am and wherever you are, my only request of you is this.

    Maybe next time, we'll meet;
    And maybe that time, Mother will permit.
    But for now as I couldn't make you stay,
    Then for you I greatly and faith-fully pray.

  • _truesayings_ 18w

    बड़ी उलझन में हैं कि इश्क़ करें या इबादतें
    वो मुझको पुकारते हैं इतनी अदब के साथ।


  • porcupine 19w

    Butler the cat

    Here is Butler the cat
    He seems interested
    With his tongue hanging out
    What could I be getting fed?

    Temptations maybe?
    A can of seafood perhaps?
    Or could it be catnip? Thinking...
    Please hurry before I need a nap

  • nocturnal_enigma 22w

    #curious #curiousity #cat
    #BlackPink #Blink #Kpop #DduDuDduDu

    * 580th post; 98 posts till 678th
    * 21.8.2021; 3.14 A.M (Malaysia)

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    WYWY ~

    What?! You’re curious like a cat, huh.
    You want to know about me. Huhu...
    Well, curiousity killed the cat. Duh!
    Yup. I like BlackPink. Ddu-du Ddu-du!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • kamrie872 25w

    My clothes are covered in my cat's affection
    I wear like a new fur coat
    Aggressively asking for love
    I have the bites to prove it
    If I am to belong
    It is to my cat

  • the_ramble_queen 25w

    Here i am again
    Drunk as a skunk
    Drowning my sorrows
    Mourning a life lost
    Of my most beloved pet!

    Her video is playing on loop
    Sound of her happy cries
    Resonate in the air so gloom
    Clutches at my gut so hard
    I miss her more than I should
    Unable to look at her now
    Unable to look at her then
    She took her last breath in my arms
    Her favourite place to stay
    She looked so peaceful
    Trusting me with her little self,
    I stroked her gently
    Wishing her to wake up
    Instead saying my farewell
    As I slowly lay her down
    In a tiny box, to be buried away!

    Turned my back on her 
    Knowing it's the last I will see of her
    My tears come fast
    I let it freely flow
    Whenever you are,
    Wherever your soul rests
    Hope you had a happy life,
    My wonderful little furry friend!


    #life #friend #cat

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    Farewell friend

  • porcupine 26w

    Two friends

    Two of the best pets
    A big fluffy black cat
    And a large gentle dog

    The cat was very calm
    The dog would always yawn
    Walking together on the lawn

    They really loved each other
    As though they were brothers
    Like they had the same mother

    The cat has the very sharp claws
    The dog some very strong jaws
    But both had feet called paws

    They shared the same treats
    Took turns on the comfy seat
    A friendship that's hard to beat

    Waiting up above the ground
    The cat perched ready to pounce
    Surprise the dog as he looks around

    The dog liked chasing the cat
    The cat jumped on the dogs back
    Teasing each other like brats

    I miss them both so very much
    One more time to see and touch
    I will always love them a bunch

  • pallavi4 27w

    Cat and mouse

    “Yours is such a long tale “
    Said the cat while talking to the door mouse
    “Yes indeed it is a long tail “, he said
    “It has been in a bed of flour
    But somehow still looks red”.

    “Red? What tale are you talking about ?”
    Said the cat gently licking its paw
    “My long tail that you were talking about,
    It has been looking rather raw”.

    “It seems to me there are a few screws
    Loose in that warped brain of yours.
    You seem to have lost your head while
    Trying to put on that pair of drawers”.

    “Pair of drawers! I was born in a drawer
    On the second floor bedroom of this house”.
    Indignantly huffed and frustrated with the cat
    Said the little but mighty door mouse.

    “Born in a drawer? Indeed you’ve lost your head
    I knew something was terribly wrong …..
    When one fine day you decided to dress up
    And appear all spruced up in a new form”.

    “What a shiny coat you have sir”, you expected me to say
    As if I’d ever let that slip out if my mouth “.
    “I do have a silky, shiny coat”, stroking his smooth stomach
    Said the flattered door mouse .

    “Silky, shiny no matter what you wear
    You will always remain a nobody here.
    They love me to bits in this house besides
    It is me you need to fear”.

    “Why would I fear you Tinkle Bell,
    You are after all such a doll.
    You are cushiony and plush and jolly
    Of white snow a huge ball”.

    “Tinkle Bell ! Tinkle Bell ! Don’t you dare
    Call me anything else but Sir “,
    “Who would have thought a little rodent
    Like you would address me as a ball of fur?”

    “I have a red tail and you are a fur ball
    Aren’t we a pair to be seen ?
    I think it is high time you start being sweet
    And for tiny things stop being so mean “.


    17th of July, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    Thank you @miraquill for EC !

    #wod #pun #stories_in_poems #funny_poems #cat #mouse #tale #story @writersnetwork #writerstolli #miraquill #MirakeeWorld #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill #pallavi_editors_choice

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  • scribbles_of_anonymity 31w


    kills the cat.

    Let's eliminate
    the source of
    cats' curiosity
    and save cats.


  • igautamji 32w

    An old poem I had posted on my blog a few years ago.
    this incident was dated : 4th May 2017

    #truestory #cat #depression

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    I will tell you guys something,
    Something that happened a few days ago,
    while walking in the evening,
    I felt gloomy, my mood really low.

    The world looked weird,
    The colors all wrong
    There was a deafening silence in my ears
    And I wasn't singing any song

    Nor was I playing my flute or harp
    The world had never looked so dark
    Then out of nowhere came my salvation
    A little cat asking for affection.

    I meow at cats, I know it is weird
    But they have never meowed back
    This one came, begging to be petted
    Who was I to not oblige it?

    The little tabby stayed with me,
    Bumping its head, arching its back
    Going around in circles around my feet
    Putting its paws in my lap

    Then as soon as I felt better,
    the world looking bright and cheery
    The cat got up and walked away
    leaving me feeling really merry


  • porcupine 33w

    A cat I know (repost)

    There's this cat I know
    And I can surely say this
    He is one of the best
    Felines I've seen grow

    He is so very mellow
    And calm to be with
    Just give him your lap
    And love he will show

    Maybe a treat or two
    And he is very content
    Then pet him a bit
    And his loyalty is true

    He enjoys time outside
    He is gone for the day
    And still away all night
    At sunrise he wants inside

    He will sleep deeply
    Nothing can bother him
    Just until he is hungry
    And then he's a bit needy

    I love this cat to bits
    He is simply the best
    I want him to be happy
    Though he does no tricks

  • in_fragments 34w

    To the smug and self-satisfied adult I once thought I had to be:
    They're just stuffed animals ��‍♀️ There's no reason to get bothered when you see adults happily owning them! If you need to have- or not have- something just to "feel" like a "real adult", then you aren't a real adult yet. Even if you're 65. So no matter how old you are, no matter how long it's been, it's never too late to grow up and buy a plushie!! ����
    #pod #poem #cat #lamb #animals #thoughts #therapy #trauma #childhood #mentalhealth #mentalillness #selfcare #recovery @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Ode to Stuffed Animals

    An ode to a childhood friend;
    stuffed kitty, pearly white and fluffy,
    with hazel beads for irises
    and a pink nose that fell off long ago-
    on account of decades in my arms
    and decades spinning around
    inside the washing machine,
    removing my tears and drool
    and snot and vomit
    from the surface of his fur-
    unlike a fickle and combative human,
    who will push every struggle under the rug,
    he never seemed to mind at all.
    He was my knight, protecting me
    from anything, carrying me
    through everything, pushing
    to keep me safe and warm every night.
    I lost him once when I was young,
    in an experience I don't remember-
    but when I found him soon after
    in my mother's trunk, in a box
    to be donated and sent away into time,
    I took him back as I recalled who he was,
    I never wanted to lose him again.
    So he's stayed with me since;
    through class graduations, years
    of therapy, hospitalizations,
    and months-long rehab stints;
    through moments of mourning
    and quiet contentment,
    through times of trauma and dissociation,
    abuse and excitement and euphoria,
    explosive anger and fiery sadness,
    dysfunction and love- the greatest man
    to go with me through it all
    was a simple kitty, made of stuffing-
    my beacon of sanity through the good,
    the bad, and the growing up.

    He was worn down and tired
    by the time I was older; fur matted,
    body stretched and flattened,
    stuffing leaking out of holes
    in his back like puncture wounds.
    I tried to keep him in my arms at night,
    but it would never be the same again.
    He was weary and could no longer provide
    the same comfort he brought
    when I was small, and I
    could never recapture what I once had,
    the childhood that time forgot-
    the one I missed out on
    before I even noticed it was over.

    There's a crack in my head, bore early on,
    and all attempts to revive what once was
    are futile. I feel as stuck
    as this empty, old cat; frozen in time,
    rotting inside of myself as well.
    The morning always keeps on moving,
    with us or without us,
    no matter how hard we struggle
    to slow it down.
    Why are we born just to decay,
    and to witness the deaths
    of everything we ever cherished?

    It's getting harder to survive, but I try
    by retiring my old knight and
    finding a new one- a pretty pink lamb,
    bringing back sweetness and solace
    for the inner child
    that still needs it, as childhood
    lingers in places we forgot existed,
    and it holds ancient wisdom
    that adults will never listen to.
    My old kitty watches from
    the shelf now; he's seen so much of me,
    witnessed so many mysterious things
    that I could never throw him out completely.
    As a little girl I was embarrassed
    of my attachments to stuffed animals-
    but now, as a grown woman,
    I am allowed to keep as many
    as I want, as many as it takes
    to keep me cozy and secure-
    as many as it takes
    to alleviate the agony of being alive
    and getting older.
    It is not childish to want these things.

    It is not childish to want to feel childish;
    it is, in fact, the first mark
    of healing, a crucial step
    on the rocky journey back to yourself;
    for allowing all the parts inside you
    to release, breathe, and no longer be
    condemned to their old, aching grief-
    opens up the secret portals
    to myriad lost memories...

  • jade_mccartney_ 34w

    Wow! It's been a really long time since I posted. Jeez! Here is a nice #cat poem. #catmom #druidry #poems
    #kitty #sleepy

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    A cat is softly purring
    There is no sound as sweet!
    The happy cat is curled up
    Gently drifting off
    To a blissful sleep.


  • zoker1991 35w


    Sitting tired
    Just relaxing, chilling
    There's rain outside
    And my cat got scared
    From the thunder
    Yeah i can feel her
    What is this
    Sure she wonder
    Caused me some compassion
    And some laughter