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  • ariel_writes 60w

    Time was running out and my vision started to get blurry . I had to save Dad, I couldn't let him die!


    what's this noise? No, I couldn't be distracted. I knocked my mom with a wooden piece and ran as fast as I could.


    I saw dad , his face drowned in blood ..



    I wake up with my head spinning . It took me a moment to realize that I stink of medicines and I'm in hospital.
    I hear the footsteps of my mother outside the room, how can I forget that sound. Her footsteps are disrupted by the voice of a man who is dressed as lawyer.

    "Since It's been two years Mr William Smith is dead and the reason of his death is unknown . Finally investigation has stopped. So now you have the full custody of Abarrane"

    My mother gave him a warm smile and as she enter room, a guy dash into her and run towards me, hugs me tightly and asks, "Remember me.. I'm Alec..its been two years since you were in coma"

    I nod my head and as I try to tell him that my mother killed my father, none words come out of my chapped lips. I clench my hands in anger. I try to speak again and I cannot. I try yet again and fail.

    I look at mom, she smirks behind Alec. My heart crushes and tear droplets make their way through my eyes. Mom runs to me , holds my hand with sadness,"Abarren sweetheart, mom is so sorry to tell you that you can never speak again."

    My whole world just shattered in numerous pieces-

    *THE END*



    @_aesthete_ Mihiiiiii ,our whole team is so so glad that you came up with this challenge and we all could write together. We all just cannot THANK YOU ENOUGH. We had such a great time writing together and it was all because of YOU .


    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • daphnae 60w

    "Da...!! "
    He gently smiled at me.I tried to tell him in gestures that I will come back for him and I heard a violent sound of feet approaching me. The red of my head kept dripping marking the pathway I walked. A huge figure clasped me from back and whispered..
    "Sweetheart, remember how I killed Lizzie..~

    Mom you killed Lizzie??!

    "Honey, I love you most and none can take your attention away from me ,not even your dad.. ~"

    I bit her arm and kicked to get out of her hold but my mother indeed is an anaconda.
    I was losing consciousness and all I could think about was dad and Lizzie.

    I reminisce of the days when my happiness used to lie within the little things, like coming back home from the school with dad and sometimes eating ice-cream from the corner shop, and cuddling Lizzie like my soft toy. I always cherished her she was a pack full of joy. Playing video games, watching movies, going out for night walks, and writing poems with dad after having our dinner.

    But now, little by little every memory seems to blur along with each drop of crimson blood emanating out my head -
    ©ariel_writes and ©jerry

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  • diyabedi 60w

    I coughed painfully and dragged myself close to the window pane. I was flabbergasted to see Dad there. My nerves benumbed. He climbed all the way up through a ladder just to talk to me, to see me. I curled up in the dark facing away from the window.

    "Go away! I don't want to see anyone"

    "Abarrane, I am sorry my child that you have to see us fight. You are a strong girl and you have to take care of yourself like you have always done", Dad almost sobbed while speaking this.

    "Leave me alone", I almost cried.

    I heard his footsteps moving down the rungs. Slowly fading as if all those good memories with him were fading away. The thought of this bled my heart even more. A pained expression appeared on my face and I went outside so that I can hug him and preserve those memories. A commotion disturbed my thoughts and I saw them quarreling again. I was hiding behind the wall, listening each and every word they spoke. My mother was raging in purple and was grabbing a heavy, metallic vase. Until I could understand what her intentions were, she hit him and he was all in blood.

    "DAD", I shouted panic stricken.

    I immediately ran towards him all in tears. I hated her the most. Dad pointed me to run away. As soon as I ran towards the door to escape, she hit me in my head.
    I fell down and this was the first time that I could not depend on myself. I was bleeding and darkness invaded in front of my eyes. I was breathing slowly and wanted to talk to the person I loved the most.


    — Diya

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    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • daphnae 60w

    On the way to home, I handed over my notebook to dad.
    "For God's sake Abarrane, let him drive." Mom cried.
    "What's your problem with that? Are you jealous 'cause she shows me her notebook daily?" Dad exclaimed.
    "I don't want you to bust our car somewhere. Shut up and drive William." Her scream shook me a little.
    They started rumbling and spatting. Their screams started hurdling my lungs and numbness crept inside my body as I crammed my ears. And I could hear my desperate breaths engulfing their vulgar wails. As soon as the car came to a halt, I hastened to my room. I heard dad screaming my name. This time, I didn't stop.

    I locked the door and occupied the dark corner beside my table. For some moments, the silence there felt like home, again. But it couldn't last as their shouts filled the air. As their voice amplified, the pain in my chest did too. With every beat, the pain increased. In a trice, I was drenched in sweat. I started digging my finger nails, to take out the pain, somehow. My nails were painted with my blood, and I couldn't help but scream. My terror swelled as I looked at my shirt, absorbing the blood. I stripped it off from my body and kept on ripping it until my heart skipped a beat, when I heard a knock on my window pane.

    For full story: #ccc_eo_chall

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  • ariel_writes 60w

    I noticed an unusual outrage in her voice, it seems like she had done a quarrel lately. I went down and sat on my chair. The dinner was already served, there was piquant Lentil Soup and my favorite ambrosial Vegetable Lasagna. Mom was a little engaged in official work as she got an urgent call from one of her clients, and dad was not at home. I didn't want to eat alone so I threw my food in the outside dustbin and gone upstairs to sleep.

    As usual, before sleeping I took up my journal, the pen of dad, and wrote about the loneliness that I was feeling. It always felt somewhat good after scribbling down the whole mess of my nous on paper, maybe because of my connection with poems, or maybe with my dad and his pen? I was utterly lost in my thoughts then abruptly I heard some noise coming from the basement. I was prying to know who was there, so I went outside nonchalantly?

    It was my dad and he was fighting with mom. I heard both of them screaming about something related to Divorce and my custody. Suddenly the air feels too short to breathe, it started strangling me and the tears started oozing out of my eyes. Afraid of mom I rushed to my room hastily and laid down on my bed, sobbing alone hiding under the blanket. It had been three hours I was crying, the time was almost 1:30 AM and somebody opened the door-



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  • mr_lucifer 60w

    Mom opened the door of my room to check on me and she noticed redness in my eyes. She knew I had spent hours crying. She with her mulberry like hands patted my cheeks and said
    "Everything is fine "
    and the irony is it's not. I (didn't) sleep eventually . As the Sun rays filled my empty room early morning I woke up with my barring headache and yet I went to school.
    I was walking down the corridor and suddenly a boy dashed at me and said
    I gave him a fierce look and he ran away . I entered my class and saw the same boy again occupying seat next to me. His giggles just made my headache worst and anger on ninth clouds. and I murmured to myself
    "why the hell is he sitting here?"
    and he heard me. He bent towards me and I finally noticed his ocean green eyes (whoops! Focus!) .
    He stretched his hand towards me for a hand shake and said
    "Hey, I'm new here. I'm Alexander aka Alec and apologies for what happened in the corridor, I hope you are not hurt ."
    He was a little nervous and yet the optimism could be felt seeping out from him. I replied,
    "Hi, I'm Abarrane ''
    with a plastic smile (that's the only way I know to smile) . By the end of school, we talked a lot and in just such a short time we became best friends .I tried to introduce him to my parents but now they don't seem to be the same people I knew yesterday..

    ©Vichu and @ariel_writes (thank you )


    @saya__ will carry on the story under the hashtag

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  • say_me_krish 60w

    @_aesthete_ Thanks for this wonderful prompt Mihi. And apologies for being too late ಥ‿ಥ

    Euphoric Octet



    INTRO: "character synopsis"

    1. ᴀʙᴀʀʀᴀɴᴇ:
    The lead character of the story, a young and beautiful girl of just Twelve. A wench, who is unknown of the things happening around her. Hates her mother the most. Loves her father, but he isn't together. A ranker, who loves studying and writing poems with the pen her father gave when she was 5.

    2. ᴀsʜʟᴇʏ ᴡɪʟʟɪᴀᴍs:
    Mother of Abarrane. A gorgeous lady of 37, longing for her daughter's love. Tries every way to convince her daughter, but seems impossible. Separated from her husband due to a serious fight. An interior designer.

    3. ᴡɪʟʟɪᴀᴍ sᴍɪᴛʜ:
    Father of Abarrane. A person of 42, with grey-complexioned hair, red cheeks and an unbridled tongue. A civil engineer, who regularly sends money to his daughter,according to the divorce rules.

    The rest of the characters will be introduced as the story goes on. Stay tuned and catch the first part as well at @sangfroid_soul or under the hashtag #ccc_eo_chall
    Hope the upcoming reads go well ❤️

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