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  • kitpit 15w

    Somebody...plzzzz can't tag app people..no use...#ceereposts

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    Ek Kam thi


    Doosri aagayee


    Winter ke baad Summer special hai kya !?

  • ivy___ 16w

    I really did that didn't I!

    Broke the ocean in half
    To control the split
    In spaces, simultaneously.

    But misinterpreted the salt
    Both waves were carrying

    Both were mine
    Yet no one see each other
    Eye to eye

    This stored storm
    Met me
    Only to give me nothing
    But a desire
    A want

    To be one again.



  • the__meraki__ 20w

    September was her favourite month, for she could see the strong hues of endless sky...

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    #ceereposts #miraquill #writersnetwork
    It's lovely to see @writersnetwork reading me recently :))

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    I wish we never met, now
    I hate the lustrous September sky,
    For all I see is an ivory canvas
    And colourless poems about you.


  • the__meraki__ 20w

    Your kiss turned me into a star.
    Kiss me more I'll turn into a galaxy!

    Let's dance while the moon is out
    And make love till the sun shines!

    Let me write a cursed poem,
    Adorned with metaphors of your love
    And irony of your betrayal!

    Darling O' darling...


  • wanderinglass 20w

    'Remember, remember'
    The days, of sprouting blossoms;
    Nurturing the slumber chain of delightful spring:
    Away from the cacophony touching the wolf cloud,
    Running under the blue universe of embullient "me".
    Wrapped in tussore, but not hussel:
    The journey inked with mellifluous tales,
    Collecting dream, festooned rims; running to the palace of hidden snails.

    'Remember, remember'
    The days of bursting monsoon:
    And your elixir's Ellison of delighted teen;
    Like knitted gossamer of glory and rebel:
    Canvasing your halcyon as eloquence lass,
    As wanderer, as explorer, as lover:
    Your sprinted emotions were housed in florals vase,
    Printed with Felicity and fetched strings of emotions
    Bonded smiles of that espying curves.

    'Remember, remember'
    The shredded autmns, forbearing the essence
    Of missing strings:
    The last maples of Dalhousie lanes;
    And sprinkle feathers of abandoned links.
    The day you left your birth place:
    And the people's you lived since ages;
    Were passing with the car's window glasses,
    Figuring all imprints of nostalgia, either as dust:
    Or amongst the finger drawn masses.

    'Remember, remember'
    The cold and still winter, confining you amidst it's
    ephemeral blanket,. uttering the silence of the
    Wondering nebula, and the lithe of vestigial basket:
    The last chapter of your woebegone slay,
    And your duskin solitude of grey:
    And the disappearing scintilla to your bygone memories;
    Were draining to your coffin as cascade.

    'Remember , remember' You are the sculpture of
    Talisman aura;
    With your shades of spring, autmn and winters,
    From black and white till colour,
    From vintage till newfangled
    You fill the rills of seasonal chapters.

    Your season of life cycle ��
    .........to be contd........

    @writersnetwork @miraquill @childauthor_345 @love_whispererr @alisdaire_ocaoimph

    #remember #wod #pod #ceereposts

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  • the__meraki__ 20w

    Remember, remember!

    Remember, remember that summer morning
    You fell upon me like a maple leaf,
    The first time I melted by your warmth.
    Remember, remember that long walk to the hospital
    The pain I felt was an excuse to be with you,
    The first time I lied to get close to a stranger.
    Remember, remember that spring time
    Our love bloomed like the cherry blossom,
    The first time your gooey lips explored mine.
    Remember, remember that winter night
    You painted me with your endless hues,
    The first time my body smelled like you.
    Remember, remember that autumn evening
    You hesitated to leave me with that longing eyes,
    The last time I ever saw your alluring smile.

    You left me alone in this tedious world.
    You left me miserable with your undying love.
    You left me with a precious piece of you.
    You left us!


  • crystalwords 20w

    Thank you WN for your kind like and repost ❤ #sd_wnr

    Remember, remember;
    The time you committed blunder,
    And I,
    losing my importance in your capriciousness
    Yet accepting and moving on with etched heart;
    The corridors that swept past
    In the memoirs of dusky twilights,
    And you being an incorrigible liar
    Always hyping me up for impeccable desires
    I yelled and screamed,
    With shattered heart constant
    Fragile heart, brawny mind,
    Lost in the holt of despair
    Yet recollecting folios of gold,
    Of our memories so old,
    Do you remember?
    Those streets gazing us,
    Rains and autumn showers,
    Those sunsets and sunrises,
    Morning teas and evening coffees
    Winter nights cwtching tight
    Confronts and adore,
    That somehow got lost out the barren door!


    #remember #wod #ceereposts @lovenotes_from_carolyn

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  • african_nate 25w

    The most fucked up thing is,it didn't hurt when you left even though I know it should have.

  • autumn_fairy 30w

    Did you know,
    About my secret gardens,
    That when I'm happy and content,
    Where flowers bloom,
    Crimson red cores,
    And auburn daffodils,
    Swaying to the playful wind,
    With the beaming sun rays,
    Touching the florals below....

    Did you know,
    About my secret gardens,
    That when shimmering tears evade my eyes,
    Raindrops fall from the night inked sky above,
    Touching every evergreen plantlets,
    Swaying to the crying wind,
    Drenching in the thoughts of darkness,
    Then and there...

    Did you know,
    About my secret gardens,
    That when sudden hopes come into my mind,
    Fruits bloom within the lively buds,
    Giving life to another creation,
    With the brown crispy boughs,
    Swaying to the hopefully laughing wind,
    Like I do....

    Did you know,
    About my secret gardens,
    That when I sing lullabies within my dreams,
    The nightingales invade the boughs of the trees,
    Singing their hearts out,
    Sophisticating the aroma of mystery lullabies,
    With freshly created night dews,
    From the night sky,
    Decorating my secret gardens,
    With vibrant melodies...

    Did you know,
    That my secret gardens,
    Lies within me,
    Blooming of flowers,
    Drenching within the darkness,
    Creating of lively buds,
    With hope,
    And the mystery lullabies,
    With vibrant melodies,
    Are the chambers of my heart,
    Which changes into a garden,
    With every blending emotion of mine,
    The vibrant yet dark chambers,
    Are revealed,
    And more are yet to be revealed,
    Within the gardens,
    Of my chambers,
    My dear secret gardens...

    #epistrophe #wod #ceereposts
    @writersnetwork@queen_butterfly @crystal_snow @doux_torment @2chinmayee

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    Secret Gardens....

    Time to reveal the vibrant yet dark chambers..


  • crystalwords 30w

    ~chords of an infinite loop.

    The heart goes on loving you,
    It never ceases anyway,
    Somewhere between your ego
    and my tacit words,
    I miss us, yeah I absolutely do!
    The twine of the bestrew promises,
    The stalwart of trustworthiness,
    And that every single gesture that
    Acts as an intercessor of vintage canvases,
    Words that caterwaul in the midnights,
    And despondency that capers,
    In between the veinlets and the
    sinuses of my void heart,
    It unceasingly reminds me of you and
    your warm embrace!

    That unambiguous moon, and
    the starlight reflecting in between
    the window panes, and the sheeny velvet
    of the scintillating azure, that made us
    gaze interminably;
    The web that pinions our relationship covertly,
    The gust with its furry touch, nudging our physique
    The daffodils waving in the garden with serenity;
    And that 'we' framing moments, unaware of the fact
    that all these would turn into memories!
    The mirror, the novels, and the cup of coffee,
    Everything seem to have lost their identities;
    Because in every spaces in between,
    It misses you, yes it does!


    #random #love #ceereposts #wod #pod #words #word #writersnetwork #miraquill @writersnetwork @miraquill @writersbay #heartbreak #heart

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  • ivy___ 31w

    #ceereposts i guess i am in love with these small diamonds.

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    Arms or two stones
    Are kept on the boat
    Look at the river
    Taking waves
    Then look at me.


  • ivy___ 31w

    Face like rose
    Moon like eyes
    The change of the change
    The market is now open.


  • ivy___ 31w

    Faint pain
    In my spine
    Least instructed
    Of vanity

    I am in need
    To have and to give
    I let
    That pain bloom.

    -coming out

  • ivy___ 31w

    I don't matter to anyone
    Besides these blank spaces
    I dangle inbetween
    "Hidden" and sometimes " caught "
    I have chances
    Like boundaries on my fingers
    I seeing wind brushing by
    And traffic signals are wrongly lit
    Reds but still on the run
    Green and rain started
    To overturn her thunders
    On my feet
    Yellow has love for radio
    I lost myself
    When i lost you

    In crossroads
    In alleys of our name

    You and I
    New bridges turned
    And we become our forgotten melody

    God knows I tried
    God knows I tried.

  • ivy___ 31w

    What you dont tell
    You can tell me.
    I want to stay somewhere
    Near your flow of tears
    You are very brave
    Holding the bitter cinnamons
    Between your teeth
    War is over
    We can have our lemon tea
    Under sycamore tree
    To see sunsets bloom
    Against all the dews
    You can write letter to me too
    I am not scared
    You can pull our heart
    I know you are brave
    Brilliant blue
    I am attracted to you.....

  • ivy___ 31w

    Your initials
    I stitched
    Last summer rain
    Our weekly goodbyes
    Feels daffodils near my sore eyelids
    Our love was
    Retro coloured
    We touched our love
    Weekend by weekends
    Sundays and Saturdays
    We smile
    Re-reading our roses and lilies
    And all the garden of flowers and heavens

    I woven beauty
    Next to my arms
    Whenever i see you
    Walking side by side.

    Oh love!
    Stay in my aesthetics forever
    Will you?

  • ivy___ 31w

    Sequence in my tears
    Walks like Thunder
    I wished I've never met you
    Never in 9 lives
    But we were meant to
    To write the poetry
    If not the song
    Of our life.

  • crystalwords 31w


    //Still hope blooms every moment, just like the flowers do;
    My heart beats nimbler every second when I reckon about you,
    Every moment, every day, every single second of mine is allocated to you,
    With the thought of your arrival until the grey turns into blue,
    Still hope blooms every moment, just like the flowers do!
    The more I drench myself into you,
    The more and more dopamine pursue,
    Silhouettes of the perturb mind framing in the vermillion hue,
    Holding onto the stoicism, fervour needs to subdue,
    Still hope blooms every moment, just like the flowers do! //


    @writersnetwork @miraquill @miraquill_assistant @writersbay @lovenotes_from_carolyn

    #refrain #wod #pod #ceereposts

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  • a_franteen_writer 31w

    #pod #wod #end #miraquill #writersnetwork #ceereposts
    Trust me I'm not even in my right senses. Like I don't what's wrong with me. Like I've kind of lost my inspiration but I still write because I want to be prepared when the inspiration arrives in its own mysterious way. I'm stuck and it's very hard to come out of it.
    I'm lost~~~
    But I don't want to be for long.

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    I even hate the sound of your breath.
    The last time I woke up in your arms,
    Was the last time I was in touch with my sanity
    The words you wove
    To give me sweaters of lies
    And a morsel of chicken noodle soup
    With the soda on the side
    That you made me drink
    From the kisses you left on the kitchen counter
    The sole witness to the love we knew we held between the trap
    Of your stained shirt and mine swollen lips
    Presumptuous prophecies
    That were never meant to be true
    Died on the night
    We fell in love
    Under the moon
    Beyond the stars
    The sky flew
    Glaciers melted
    Rivers changed courses
    When we commanded
    Infinity to fit under a single kiss
    Hushed under our one single breath;
    That is when I knew that love doesn't last forever,
    It is made into one
    Hence scarring you for life.

  • ivy___ 32w

    Behind a broken heart
    A puzzle of Emotions falls down
    And you don't know
    Where to fit it
    Where to connect it any longer
    You scribble Shakespeare
    In footnotes
    And speaks Nietzsche
    As if picking one pearl amongstt the pebbles
    At a time
    Discreetly, following the book
    Mark Manson said to " Fuck it
    I love you"
    But you,
    I feel doesn't seem to be
    Disciplined by your own
    Always going back to
    Staged funerals- The Last Supper
    And looking into it
    Like really invested in it
    Alarmingly, you are asphyxiated
    By its lingering stimulus
    But you don't know
    Why did that happen again?

    A personal idea of freedom
    Is the space between the heads
    You drifted through different psychology
    You met while wandering
    Yet again you know
    How to come back to that
    Your own Utopia.

    Why did it happen?
    Is the occurence of
    Your findings.
    Having a say on this
    That it is inhabited

    Not born
    not practised
    Not created

    Just the
    God particle
    Of your existence.