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  • _mathematics 12w

    Imagination has no limit it possesses a reach that embraces withheld emotions as if a beautiful love has bestowed all you asked for to survive forever once.
    So dive into the ocean of beloved speech, composed of aesthetic metaphors and ironies of moments as seasoned as the wine.

    Confessing the grief saga ripened into a myriad of memories behaving as an ice cube, saviour in the precedent season that dried up the woke lips.
    Calling out your name as if a pill to escape from the smoked galleries with shredded leaves and fallen anthers of a flower matured enough to escape extinction through living sepals and living petals.

    The glass approaches me to engulf the translucent emotions even when ignored doesn't affect the standing body. On the floor, a white shirt all coloured blue and black, some ink and some wounds. Hiding the slashed scars of the love killing itself every minute with unknown clauses.

    step ahead, one by one towards the room, enclosed with the touch revived through artificial intelligence of words scribbled in torn pages of messed up drunken confessions.


    Pardon me ma'am for the late submission but I very much wanted to do this. It was important to do so.

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    Drunken confessions

    Drowned in the glass
    flooded with wine
    the red colour of translucent
    portraying crapulous imagination
    ripening the grief saga.

  • pallavi4 12w


    Deep seated you reside cocooned
    From the outer world concealed
    You soften all the rough edges
    Helping one understand others in need

    Being able to empathise with another
    And having the ability to their mood read
    Sympathising alone isn’t enough
    When another’s feelings you can feel

    What if all of us could be more empathetic
    Helping others who need to heal
    Become kinder and more receptive of emotions
    Becoming supportive spokes in life’s wheels

    There would then be no strife in the world
    Precious moments of brotherhood we would steal
    From the distractions of distress pull one another
    And live a life filled with compassion and zeal


  • safiya_motiwala 12w


    Petty quarrels or big fights
    would surely shrink in size.
    if each one of us
    learnt how to empathize.


  • nocturnal_enigma 12w

    * 7.4.2022; 5.23 P.M (Malaysia)

    #cees_attributes @luvnotes_challenge_host


    * I was diagnosed as schizophreniac by psychiatrists.
    But, I have some signs of Aspergers Syndrome, though. I read that AS often minsdiagnosed as Schizo-. Plus, those who have Schizo- can also have AS.

    * Hope you don't mind to be tagged? Tell me, if you do.

    @stable_equilibrium @unspokenpen1927 @oru_btech_braanthan

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    Honest ~

    It is said that honesty is the best policy.
    Of course. But, sometimes, secrecy...
    is better. We all have our own privacy.

    Based on Sln.me, it's written that I'm Honest.
    Well, I used to tell lies. Then, like a harness,
    they tied me. So, I become honest. Manners...

    of mine seems none, when I have mental-
    breakdowns. I shall be in an asylum; Hospital...
    for psychos like me. Suicidal-thoughts; It's fatal.

    I was in a psychiatric ward for 2 months.
    I just want to live. Have no demands.
    I want to be loved. To have romance.

    But, what if, my death come before...
    my soulmate? I shall be prepared for...
    it. I still want LOVE though. That four...

    letter feeling. Am I honest to a fault?
    Love Vs Life. Both that I have fought.
    I want pillows-fight. Build pillows-fort.

    I actually suffer with nerve-pains.
    It feels like being stabbed by pens.
    I imagine, my blood's flow as paints.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • coded_text 12w

    Special thanks to @maiatamarain
    #cees_attributes @luvnotes_challenge_host
    Will be gone for a while.
    Would come back in summer break,
    Till that adios!

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    Treat people with kindness

    ~Harry Styles

    Melody and beauty their charm bestows,
    For kindness to the people they have shown.
    Integrity and intelligence their eyes convey,
    As they heal the deep scars with their humbleness.

    Pain and chaos runs away,
    As they sing their kind words down the lane,
    Snoozing the devil screaming in our head,
    And reviving the peace from its graveyard bed.

    How noble, how divine, how pure souls are they!
    Who've learnt the art of patience, love and humane,
    Which on mingling with their calm aura
    Spreads happiness like the blooms of flaura.

    They treat people with kindness,
    For they've personally known the devil of rudeness,
    Who had tortured them for ages,
    And almost killed them by frustration,
    Caused by the forced introversion.

    They're treated by people with kindness,
    For they're humble, they are kind,
    Because they know apathy rewinds
    All the miseries that have last,
    And the tears shed in past,

    For they treat people with kindness.

  • sreeraj_k 12w

    Is leadership a quality?
    Or a combination of many?

    #cees_attributes #challenge #pod #writersnetwork @luvnotes_challenge_host

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    Who was he?

    He had goals to go after,
    Not with the help of dreams,
    But with conscientiousness...

    An optimistic alchemist;
    He seemed to be,
    Mixing up the right doses;
    With utmost confidence...

    The courage to imagine,
    The curiosity to be creative.

    A humorous extrovert?
    Or an intelligent introvert...??

    Paved a path of honesty;
    Welcomed others with modesty,
    Loyal to his cause;
    Sincere to his mates;
    Moving towards THEIR destination...

    And the world called him,
    A Leader..!!

  • i2rhyme 12w


    Do you tribute to an attribute?
    I believe there are many attributes that define a person.
    I also believe there are many that we feel we don't personally hold.
    As confident as one may seem within themselves, there's always a part of us that is not so confident.
    One does not hold the key to perfectionist.
    Because truly perfection does not exist.
    What defines a person's attributes?
    Within the moral compass?
    Is not envy of another
    Is not outshining others.
    Is perhaps, humility, morality, responsibility, integrity, loyalty, remorse, transparency and truth.

    ©i2rhyme #751 4/6/22
    Laurene Woods Labriola

  • dishang8614 12w

    #cees_attributes @luvnotes_challenge_host
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Either I'm the worst or the best
    still, I'm human
    when my pride consume me,
    I always look for some cure
    and I know humility is my antidote
    with all honesty, I let humility speaks in high volume.

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    None of you will get starved if you will love the taste of humility, besides it will take your hand walking home safely without burden.

  • kin_jo 12w

    #kjpod (3)


    Edit:- Gracias @writersnetwork ❤️.
    @miraquill you always surprise me . Means a lot. Thank you ❤️

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    Of resurrecting dreams
    ~ an enlivening light

    A fool I was to cage my dreams
    And put an ornament lock, Assenting
    To my birth gift of mediocrity
    Fitting within the universal phrase
    'A C C C E P T" in bold
    Where each letter bleeds crucified
    Inside my barbed wired world.
    But days when valleys quenched my dreams
    And the sun burned my tortured words,
    The dragon Inside me fired and mountain
    Echoed back crimson flaming roar in me.

    Ever wondered where did my contempt go?
    I tamed my inbuilt dragon, adorning it with
    Golden Feather and wings, and consumed the fire
    To Appear infinite.
    I used my tears to extinguish the fire I blowed
    And separated blacks from greens
    And stood on the standing water under the
    Glorious moonlight like an owl,
    Repenting in desire to see all WHITES

    As time slipped, dialling years ahead
    Like sand drips in an hour glass
    I felt a door opening inside me
    Morning of clarity and gaiety
    Welcoming me with opens arms
    I swallow and gulp
    All my inherited paranoia
    That marked the Incongruence
    Staining my cheeks
    I gulp until the time
    It starts refracting LIGHT,
    A light of tomorrow,
    A light- painting enlivening shades
    Of my DREAMS in an austere sky.


  • childauthor_345 12w

    Columns of eye #cees_attributes ,
    And later #repent of ungrateful route ,
    Where spring has caged itself in the prison of heat,
    Unstoppable caravan there , and are running seats.

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    Repent in my cupboard ,
    Rests taking whistles in unison ,
    Hence , I want a new accomodation ,
    In a your secured memories.

    Commotion of aches in my region ,
    Spectacle broken and highlighted blurred vision ,
    Flamingo in thy hut , nourished hope on crease,
    Lend me this optimism , or give your heart on lease .

    Aches reside in my abode ,
    Give some ointment to let it erode ,
    Deviation of time didn't allow the expedition ,
    So share a piece of telepathy , or declare a benign mission.

  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 12w

    All Rights Reserved
    6 April 2022 2.30 pm

    #repent #cees_attributes

    || ɴᴏᴠᴀᴛᴜʀɪᴇɴᴛ ||

    I repented my desire for redemancy in love
    For I didn't know this urge of mine was
    Foxing the forelsket pages in my life
    Into feuillemort stamps shedding regrets

    I wish I'd paid heed to the fabulist fonts
    Scribbling curses in cursive over my skin
    He neither touched truth, nor cwtched trust
    I was on my knees in the altar of self-love

    I passed seasons, changing hues ploughing my path
    From livid to irenic, from denial to acceptance
    From dolorus to dauntless, my blossoms flourished
    I grew my thorns for the sake of repentance

    I've erased chapters that fulminated the book of my life
    No more levitating in lugubrious waters and sinking in sorrow-dust
    No need for me to wear winter frore above my sleeves
    For those who were an absquatulating autumn to me

    T'was a herculean task to be exonerated
    From the addiction of extremistic tendencies
    By taking reins of optimism and balancing empathy
    Yes, I have sinned, but No, I'm not a sinner

    The difference lies in the crystal clear reflection of my thoughts and actions
    And the fact that, reciprocity in love is what every soul deserves at the least


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  • sproutedseeds 12w


    Being optimistic
    makes it easier to handle
    the challenges for just moving ahead
    with hopes and self confidence
    to win the race of life.

    There were and are many hurdles
    Rocky and some pricky
    muddy and dirty
    but keeping in mind
    the beautiful Lotus and Rose
    I see my future ahead.

    Coming this far was also very tough
    but my strength were my prayers
    and faith in the Lord who was always
    with me.

    Though dark was and is scary
    but with my optimistic attitude
    see the rising brightness
    there far off in the East
    to complete the unfinished tasks
    in the journey of life.

    I am not admired
    for being optimistic
    for I am judged by my looks and
    simplicity in this glamorous world.


  • mahtobpensdown 12w

    Brave are few but that makes me stand out
    Honesty is my favourite attribute without any doubt!
    To speak upright whatever be the situation;
    Means no regrets or any tensions
    It takes courage to stand out of the crowd ��
    When the whole world usually follows deceit very loud!
    My inner soul scorches if I do any twist
    Be it simplest thing of my to do list;
    I have shunned speaking lies since childhood
    I walk with pride with a no discrepancy mood����


    #cees_attributes #miraquill #writersnetwork #conceptprompt #challenge #life #thoughts #poetry #pod #repost #repent #900

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Brave are few but that makes me stand out
    Honesty is my favourite attribute without any doubt!
    To speak upright whatever be the situation;
    Means no regrets or any tensions
    It takes courage to stand out of the crowd
    When the whole world usually follows deceit very loud!
    My inner soul scorches if I do any twist
    Be it simplest thing of my to do list;
    I have shunned speaking lies since childhood
    I walk with pride with a no discrepancy mood


    Thank you Writersnetwork for your ❤️

  • themoonandthesun 12w

    I remember sitting here, in the backyard. Thinking..

    I remember sitting here, in the backyard
    Thinking of my future; of my present

    With summer flowers blooming all around
    I declared my life a success. Not a joke!
    Optimism parallel to Aurora of rising sun
    Shooing away darkness and negativity
    Mind riding high in the clouds, with
    Rainbows and dews to swim around

    I loved those souls who were "glass half full"
    In love with the air that filled it till the brim

    Time slipped, so did I ,slipping into reality
    I outgrew childhood like a shedding snake
    A painful mandatory process called life

    I remember sitting here, in the backyard
    Spinning lies and memories; betrayal called future

    With heat waves dehydrating my soul
    Dreams unrealistic, wavering, changing
    Yet, they were mine, weirdly mine alone
    Drowning in rejection, in blinding brightness
    My mind numb and fingers dry, sweatless
    I feel a storm, waiting for fissures; an escape

    I hate those souls who are "glass half full"
    In hate with repentance and apologies of life

  • mangolover 12w

    Killing the cat
    We see the
    Complying and
    But no Curiosity
    How, why, where, when?


  • bliss__ 12w

    Humor one and other

    Just like how good food fills the tummy
    Good humor fills the heart
    With joy happiness love laughter
    Instead of holding grudge
    Instead of backbiting
    Instead of fighting
    Instead of arguing
    Just humor the situation
    It's good for your soul
    It's good for those around you

  • bonitasarahbabu 12w


    The beautiful attributes that make up humans,
    They are plentiful and awe-inspiring.
    Where to start I know not,
    But starting from the beginning seems to be best.
    Creativity and loyalty,
    These are two attributes that I love and exhibit.
    I can creatively get out of trouble,
    And I am as loyal as any puppy that you may know and see.
    These are two attributes that define me,
    And they are what makes me who I am.
    Courage and leadership,
    Now these are two that I yearn to learn,
    For through them, life can be better.
    Leadership, an attribute to be used in service of others,
    And courage to bear the weight of the responsibility.

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  • mariateresa 12w

    The process of death and rebirth is constant. As humans we are built to change. In every second, within each moment. Tuning into my own heart is what fuels this poetic art. Celebrating the ability to discern my inherent wholeness. Always.

    #soulhealing #soulcleansing #shamanicjourney #healingjourney #feeling #feelingishealing #poetryart #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #mirakee #miraquill #cees_attributes

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    Resounding rhythm

    Struggling to breathe
    Dropping to my knees to grieve
    Everything I've known up to now is over
    Colors flashing with feelings that tingle like open nerves to the elements in exposure
    Lost and found, I've done this dance a million times around
    Relinquishing control, no longer searching, leaning into the unknown
    All the moments I thought I was broken
    Turned into a lottery of golden tokens
    Strengthening my resolve and a deepening within
    This is the path home, to love again and again

  • msushil 12w

    Leadership is the attribute
    That my action
    Wants to have
    For my
    Mind wants
    To jeopardize the life
    Of my ego
    And heart wants
    To throw
    All evilness to oblivion.
    Yes, alone I don't
    Want to be,
    Pathless, I don't
    Want to be,
    As my Residence
    Demands a place
    In the capital
    Of leadership.


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  • paradoxicalpenman 12w

    Thank you @writersnetwork for the kind repost.������
    #cees_attributes #writersnetwork

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    Flavours of Humanity

    While discussing the recipe for any dish
    People often skip the step how ingredients are made,
    I get its quite common,
    So you don't need to demonstrate,

    Same goes with the journey,
    From foetus to it's conception,
    You know the story,
    So let's get a move on,

    Without the spices, food is essentially bland,
    Results in different flavours depending on their blend,
    What spice results in what flavour of humans,
    Delaying no further, let's begin the exploration,

    Honesty instills a sense of duty,
    Power makes you proud,
    Trust takes time,
    Deception sows doubt,

    Love makes you lively,
    Depression leaves you hollow,
    Connection requires endeavour,
    Separation causes sorrow,
    Hate creates agony,
    Jealousy forces you to grow,

    Money leads to materialism,
    Spirituality leads to contentment,
    Wisdom results in modesty,
    Knowledge can make you arrogant,

    Injustice makes you seek retribution,
    Conscience keeps you honest,
    Behaviour reflects your character,
    Activity exhibits your interests,

    Curiosity causes progress as well as anxiety, Ignorance makes you common,
    Music gives your life rhythm,
    Sports is expression of passion,

    Responsibility provides meaning,
    Desire fuels your ambition,
    Art enhances imagination,
    Science changes your perception,

    Life seeks immortality,
    Death makes you human...