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    * Inspired by #melody of #KPop #song by #BTS #Butter #ARMY


    #smooth #better #Batter #EaseUp #Dont #Bitter

    #NuEmKpop #NuEmChangedLyric

    * 14.8.2021; 5.27 P.M (Malaysia)
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    B-tter ~

    I am smooth, like butter.
    I know my own self better.
    Even though they batter.
    Ease-up! Don't be bitter!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • tejaswini_3 24w


    ��alubrious; you are like a panacea for my pain,
    I was a nomad with broken bows and some
    splintered arrows; directionless and deserted,
    You showed me dreams I could never ascertain,
    We both shot those coruscating jewels of the
    moon– these stars paved our discrete pathways
    We mused together– now the present is in vain,
    I hide in crowded places yet I can hear your voice,
    In my dreams, we both fly across horizons,
    /When I open my eyes, the room's empty again/

    ��eenage seemed so unworried and surprising,
    But somewhere there has to be a balance—
    Between joy and sorrows; the scale may topple
    otherwise— every passing second was advising,
    Until I needed just a quiet place all for myself,
    I have said it a thousand times and still I say,
    / Even repitition seems like a blessing/
    I can win my battles, only when you rebuild
    my fort— of uncertainties; I run after dreams,
    Will you hold my hand if I fall while chasing?

    �� tale of us, parted by a bittersweet farewell
    But joined by some undelivered messages—
    They do a lot of magic in this 7G world,
    / I quietly cast a spell/
    A selfless one— to not let the clouds hide
    my Polaris, to let my star sparkle just for me,
    In a calm paradise—soon— we shall dwell
    I hope one eve—our sorrows would be dispelled,

    ��ears shall pass, we shall grow up; go far away,
    /Wherever you are, I know, you always stay/

    "Our tale won't end so abruptly, it will continue for ages till the river of verses penned by me for you, merges with the ocean of ballads, to form an eternal epic– which shall speak volumes about our eternal friendship"


    Stay is an upbeat song written for ARMYs by BTS wherein the members express their yearning to see their beloved fans, who have been their inspiration and their sole reason to follow their dreams. Although we live in different corners of the world; they know we are always going to stay with them, lend our support during their darkest phases and smile with them during their joyous moments. And that's what they assure us of– they won't be leaving us ever.

    The lyrics hit especially when you are missing the person closest to you, as there already so many who have abandoned you. You both will be choosing different roads in your life, and will eventually seperate, unwillingly most of the times. Even when you know that still nothing has changed between both of you, you will feel a sense of dysphoria; and then you comfort your aching heart by remembering the endless memories that you have created, and then cheer up again hoping to see that person, someday.

    There isn't a specific reason for me to love BTS. Maybe their words inspire me to compose literary pieces like the one above. Maybe they became role models for me, while at times they became my best friends whose laughter gave me joy and made me forget whatever I am going through. Maybe, they just stayed with me all the time through their tunes when there was no one else, and told me: You don't need people around you to make you feel as if you are in a crowd; you need them to be with you in your mind and their absence won't even matter to you. We are always there, so whenever you feel left out, visit us in our magic shop!

    A special thank you to @/lovenotes_from_carolyn for hosting this challenge. I purple you��

    PS: This is an extremely late submission, but I couldn't come up with anything suitable for the song, until today.

    #cees_bts_chall #challenge #poetry #bts
    #writersnetwork @mirakee @luvnotes_challenge_host

    @tamanna3 I wrote it finally....!

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  • wildpoetess 25w

    My favourite song of BTS is HEARTBEAT


  • fairytales_ 25w

    #cees_bts_chall #jelsalove maybe heartbreak?

    Besides all the war and battles
    I still chose to love

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    I can't think of choosing anything else when I'm going through spring day

    All of my senses are gone with you
    A bit of your essence left in me

    Desire to dwell in
    the realm of love yard
    left me just like you did
    abruptly yet, for forever
    I had to live a life
    which is no life at all,
    A void that won't let me
    inhale bliss, exhale misery
    each breath on your name,
    until I finally reach
    the place where you settled
    yearning to behold
    the home for which
    you betrayed me
    screaming at the midnight
    a pillow covered by moist
    running to our favourite site,
    to find out the lost significance

    I don't get peace
    even in the hallowed temple
    I don't see a sun
    even in the month of may
    I don't feel cold
    even in damp december
    without my approval you
    flew to the dark grey sky
    towards the dark black hole
    perhaps to the different universe
    from where coming back is forbidden

    All of me faded away along with you
    A bit of you is hidden somewhere with me

    I feel your presence beside me
    when I sit on our secret spot
    but I don't feel the touch of your hand
    like I used to do
    the holy fragrance of red roses
    smells different from usual,
    like a bruised heart
    ignored inspiration
    failed motivation

    All of me is in you
    A bit of you is in me

    I can't hate you for breaking my heart,
    it belongs to you more than it did to me
    You must be broken just like me

    Some of me still have you


    7'15 pm

  • the97_introvert 25w

    #cees_bts_chall @writersnetwork @mirakee

    Spring Day - BTS
    The ones who walk away from the Omelas - Ursula K. Le Guin

    Song - Spring Day by BTS

    The ballad expresses the pain and yearning for the lost ones. The agony of the survivors longing to meet their lost friends, unable to erase their memories from the heart, still waiting in the snow for a Spring Day to come.
    It is believed to have poignantly potrayed THE SEWOL FERRY TRAGEDY occurred on April 16th 2014 in South Korea and has deep rooted connection with the book titled THE ONES WHO WALK AWAY FROM OMELAS by Ursula K. Le Guin


    ���� SPRING DAY ����

    Can't take it anymore, this solitude skirting me, this gaudy crowd ignoring my loss, this inclement weather, callous and impenitent.

    This eternal winter is hard to survive, and the snow is time, a cruel gift that keeps me frigid, yearning to hold on to your hands for warmth.

    I hate you for leaving me here, to heal from your loss, I miss you everyday crying into that photograph and I wait for you again at end of every night.

    The blame of being the survivor cripples me, and I exhale in that pain, to breathe in a promise to never forget you, to never resist this longing for you.

    But this winter, why won't it end ? I'm beseeching as the snow sticks into my heart. How long will this feeling, this waiting, perpetuate until I meet you ?

    And it hurts, this waiting, but it hurts more to move on, to walk away from your memories, erase them like a cursed spell in a fairy tale and silently walk away from Omelas to succumb in acquiescence.

    But the snowflakes are falling, my hope is in this bliss, sanguine for the change, waiting for the cherry blossoms to flower from this snow one day.

    This darkness, this season is not forever, mornings will burgeon with a halo in the azure sky, so wait a little longer at the other end of time my friend, a spring day is coming.


    ~Penned on 7th June 2021, 3:15 PM

    This song consoled me every time I held on to the past. It made me feel that sometimes it's okay to not let go, it's right to remember the deceased, keep them in our hearts and not forget them but live by keeping them in our past. Memories keeps me fragile yet stronger, it somehow makes sense that I could have done nothing to change what happened, and blame me a little lesser to love me better.

    @luvnotes_challenge_host Thankyou for this wonderful challenge, and for letting me participate in it.
    Your challenges are always exciting !!!! Thankyou again !!

    P.S. Listen to Spring Day atleast once. You will know why.

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    Spring Day

    This darkness, this season is not forever, mornings will burgeon with a halo in the azure sky,
    so wait a little longer at the other end of time my friend,
    a spring day is coming.


  • himanshi_sharma 25w

    #cees_bts_chall #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork @mirakee @writersnetwork

    Song name - STAY GOLD - ��ᗷTS⟭⟬��
    This is my interpretation of it ����

    THANK YOU SO MUCH CAROLYN MAM ��❤��for giving us this beautiful challenge ...
    I think whole Army ⟬⟭�� will be forever grateful to you for hosting this challenge mam ������
    The line's in // // are of BTS.

    Ps- So sorry for late submission mam �� I really want to write this but got so busy �� with my online classes.... Classes are so hectic.... ��
    @the_muted_voice @inked_selenophile .. Have a look guys

    // In a world where you feel cold
    You gotta stay Gold . //

    Red flares and moon flowers
    blooming under the moonlight
    Our currency are heart beats
    Only to shop with time .

    Empathy at it's best
    becoming national possession,
    So spend your heartbeats wisely
    And gift a warm smile at every door.

    ~ Uh let it glow , Wooo
    STAY GOLD , adding more grace to this beautiful sky ☁
    STAY GOLD , let peace and silence rule this time.
    There's no noise, no violence.

    STAY GOLD , creating our own magical rhythm
    STAY GOLD , matching our heartbeats as we touched the sky.
    STAY GOLD , let's fill this world with hope notes.

    Etched in a lilies bloom ,
    beneath the attic of blue moon
    a sleeping heart,
    listens to this tune .

    Our hands like small cathedrals
    Catching the heat of dark ,
    Shimmered beneath the summer sun ☀️
    Spilling ambers ,
    Upon the necklace of optimism.

    ~ uh let it show , wooo
    STAY GOLD , adding more grace to this beautiful sky ☁
    STAY GOLD , let peace and silence rule this time.
    There's no noise, no violence.

    STAY GOLD , creating our own magic rhythm
    STAY GOLD , matching our heartbeats as we touched the sky.
    STAY GOLD , let's fill this world with hope notes.

    Let it glow , your heart of gold.


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    Let it glow , your heart of Gold.

  • aquapearl 25w

    I sound so biased :/. I took an underrated solo song of Jin's which was his first self composed song. He written this song for his pets which passed away.

    Time lapsed as days rolled on.
    Memories captured my eyes,
    Slowly and momentarily your presence
    Faintly remembering your feelings with me.
    I painted you and me,
    With a touch of different hues,
    And the traces of last moments bring mists and tears down my chest.
    Oh! How was I still confident,
    That I wasn't going to loose you caressing you!
    Then a sudden stillness struck in,
    Without knowing your farewell,
    Just you lying on my lap letting out the last whine.

    "I wish you a good night in peace"
    "You have been a walkthrough down the lane of emotions"

    It's been so long I wrote something this much. This write feels a mess.

    #cees_bts_chall #temporary_highly

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    Tonight- A feel of mizpah


  • fromwitchpen 25w

    //Like an echo in the forest
    the day will come back around
    as if nothing happened
    Yeah, life goes on//

    Lines in // are from BTS song (life goes on)
    Well, I first time listened to this song for this challenge it felt soothing and relatable. So, I thought to write on this .


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    Like a pale sandy fawn
    in awe when it see the
    footprints of its own
    /A mere sign of its extant/

    Like those street lamps
    fly every night, I used to look
    at them with fascination
    /Later I learned to punctuate
    them as fireflies/

    Like those sandcastles
    morphed into sepulchre
    of my jocund chortles
    /1 constructed them as a child
    to rest in peace under their

    //Life goes on, life goes on//


  • luvnotes_challenge_host 25w

    Attention BTS challenge participants: I've closed the challenge, as we've reached the two day maximum, but those who wanted to participate may still do so. I'll be away resting for a day or two, but I look forward to reading the remaining submissions when I return. Lots of love, and see you soon.

  • heart_wrenching_stories 25w

    Thank you so much ma'am @luvnotes_challenge_host for hosting this amazing challenge. I saw it pretty late so couldn't officially participate in this amazing challenge but as an army my hands were literally itching to write something. Borahae �� #cees_bts_chall

    Tell me, how can I not crumble when everything reminds me of you and how you are no longer here.
    Tell me, how can I live, when my only prayer is to worship the ground you walk in.

    Tell me, can I still be part of your beguiling galaxy? Or are you now in love with the magnificent Eris?
    Tell me, did you let the world forget my name or the amorevolous moon convinced you to erase it?

    Can you atleast hold my hand & tell me you will be my starlight when I wake up.
    Even if it's a lie.
    Even if this is the only way to see you.
    I'll accept this colourless goodbye.
    Date : 6/6/21
    PC : Pinterest
    //All rights are reserved//

    //If only I could, I wanted to ask you
    Why did you do that back then?
    Why did you kick me out?
    Without a name to myself, I still revolve around you
    Our goodbye is colorless, that unchanging color//
    ~ 134340�� by BTS (lyrics)

    134340’ is the 4th track in the album Love Yourself: Tear. I34340 is not a random number. It was assigned to Pluto when it was discarded as a planet and excluded from our Solar system. So it reflects on how Pluto felt when it was rejected by everyone and how a person feels when they loose their place in someone's life. We all have seen songs written about love stories which are eternal. But this heartbreaking song echoes the sentiment of someone who is forgotten. It's for those people who don't have anyone to reciprocate their love with. It is for those people who are always replaced by someone who is more magnificent than them. It's for people who still long for a lover who won't forget them. That's why this song is such a great source of comfort to people like me because it speaks to our soul. It speaks to my existence.
    #BTS #army #pluto #love #life #forgotten #mirakee #cees_bts_chall

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    Tell me, how can I not crumble when everything reminds me of you and how you are no longer here.
    Tell me, how can I live, when my only prayer is to worship the ground you walk on.

    Tell me, can I still be part of your beguiling galaxy? Or are you now in love with the magnificent Eris?
    Tell me, did you let the world forget my name or the amorevolous moon convinced you to erase it?

    Can you atleast hold my hand & tell me you will be my starlight when I wake up.
    Even if it's a lie.
    Even if this is the only way to see you.
    I'll accept this colourless goodbye.

  • simranbawa 25w

    This is my interpretation of my favorite BTS song and it is called Butter��. I love this song because it gives an upbeat summer vibe and motivates me to dance even in these lazy days��

    @luvnotes_challenge_host please accept my entry for the challenge, I worked really hard on this one ��

    @writersnetwork Thanks for your kind like��

    #cees_bts_chall #poems #BTS #BTSARMY #songprompt @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Far-flung and off lying,
    I fathom out this blissful brilliance
    Of twirling in a trance:
    Tip of toe,
    A toe to tap;
    Beats that entrance
    Into treacherous trap.
    Howdy doo
    My baby boo
    Beat this bass
    Like fresh, new, brew
    Throw it back like you always do
    Hit it in that hater's face
    Come on baby it's your space.
    Sound in stereo
    A roar on radio
    Everyone shout "Heyo! Ayo!"
    No time to temper the tune,
    So step in the streets
    My nutter-butter
    Make it pop like pitter-patter;
    Left is the slide,
    Right for the glide,
    Over the top-
    Again, side to side.
    Smooth and smitten,
    This rhythm is both
    Bustling and forbidden,
    Catchy or cursed
    Still dancing dispersed,
    Move like it's morrow
    Dance like there's no tomorrow.

  • chinu27 25w

    #cees_bts_chall @writersnetwork @mirakee #bts #army
    I chose this song because why not (T▽T).
    It describes the true and painful love in such a beautiful way that you will cry, feel sympathetic and smile at the same time.

    For those who don't know about this song- The Truth Untold by BTS- I will tell you. A painful love story where man, who thinks himself as ugly and rude falls in love with a beautiful girl who comes in his garden for flowers. Not to mention, the man always used to shoo away all the other people, but his heart spoke differently for that girl. He always wore a mask in front of her to hide his reality from the girl and never confessed his love towards her.
    One day, he decided to leave his hometown and make a unique flower for that girl. After years, he was finally able to make a beautiful blue colored flower, which was later named as the 'Smeraldo' flower. Only to return to his hometown, and find that the girl was no more in the world.
    The song is about guilt, about the man's sad love story and his untold feelings.

    Here, I wrote the poem from the girl's point of view. What if she knew everything but showed nothing.....


    Why is it that we can't meet?
    Why is it that you are so afraid of me?
    Maybe because you think you are ugly,
    & that I have a lot of beauty.

    But what is the use of this beauty,
    when I can't find true love,
    when I can't find the one,
    who is made for me.

    But then I found you,
    hiding behind a mask.
    Hiding your true self from me.
    I thought you were cold and rude,
    & so,
    you always pretended to be mute.

    But soon,
    I heard you chuckling on me,
    probably because of my stupidity,
    your voice made me smile,
    it made my stomach have butterflies.

    As soon as I turned to see you,
    you ran away from me.
    Leaving behind your mask,
    & a confused me.

    My heart broke into a million pieces,
    seeing you run out of my sight.
    Maybe you need someone else,
    maybe I'm not right for you,
    maybe I can never be the light for you.

    I came back to my home,
    deciding not to see you anymore.
    My heart was now practically aching,
    my breath becoming heavy.
    I take your mask,
    & clench it tight to my heart.

    The pain keeps on increasing
    day by day in my heart.
    I know I will die soon
    but still, I can't meet you.
    I came to know you left home,
    after the day we met last,
    after the day,
    you left me with your mask.

    Maybe, this was our destiny.
    For us, to never be together,
    For us,
    To never have a happy ever after.
    But even now,
    when I'm dying on my bed.
    I can just hear you chuckling,
    not able to stop myself from smiling.

    And now,
    I can't even tell you,
    how much I want you,
    how much I love you.
    Maybe, it will forever remain,
    a truth untold.

    While a tear rolls,
    out of my eye,
    & my lips come across
    with a beautiful but weak smile,
    I close my eyes,
    & think about you.
    I wish I could tell you,
    I love you..............


    Happy BTS Festa ARMY��

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    The Truth Untold

    A pure love,
    Bound to restrictions by fear and insecurities..

  • arya_abhipsa 25w

    Theories have it that this song comes into play when you're in love with someone who wishes to end their own life . Fortunately enough , I've never fallen prey to a situation like this , but this song ( especially the 'prologue mix' version ) is my safe place and has my whole heart and I've tried to write here exactly what this song potrayes . #butterfly_aa


    @luvnotes_challenge_host Thank you so much for this beautiful challenge ma'am . Means a lot to all of us :^)��

    Thank you @writersnetwork for the ♡ :')

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    my gaze collapses
    into a lamenting mess
    just at the meanders
    of your receding smile
    but you're not looking at me
    you're watching the sun instead
    it's dissolving into the shadows
    of an infantile dusk
    you're looking at it
    as if it has tucked in some promises
    between the blends of the
    remaining hues of crimson in the sky –
    promises to return back
    once the moon folds the stars
    into another slumber


    you look at me all of a sudden
    and breathing upon your lips
    trying to make up
    for your exhausted lungs
    is a small smile –
    less of a smile
    and more of a dungeon
    for your tears to sink into
    so the world will never ask you
    for reasons
    of your eyes stealing
    shades of crimson from the sky

    ? ? , ?

    "no! don't!"
    i beg my silence to scream
    for courage to speak i don't have
    and courage to let you go
    i don't have either
    "don't say anything . not even a word."
    because i recognise that look
    metamorphosing over your eyes
    i know what you're trying to say
    "i wish my heart stops here –
    just at this moment
    so i'll blame it upon the sun
    and this sky
    for stealing my breaths away."
    but instead
    you whisper back an answer –
    an unexpected reply :

    "do people look into the eyes of someone or something they love the most and end everything – then and there , just so they'll be offered the blooms of a happy ending atleast ?"

    i look at you
    hoping to catch reflections
    of the sinking sun
    as you speak the words to me
    but instead
    find you looking at me
    eyelids parted like two palms
    begging for answers
    i turn away from you
    upon feeling the tickles
    of some threatening tears
    i don't wish for you to see me cry

    , ? ?

    like a butterfly you're
    i push my palms against each other
    to cup you in between
    but i realise
    how darkness sneak into the space
    between them to greet you
    so i spread my palms open
    to let the sunlight nibble at your wings
    but what if you fly away
    and break then ?
    you're scared to live
    and i'm scared to love
    so i pull you closer
    and whisper back to you
    "don't say anything ,
    not even a word
    just give me a smile"
    let the moment stop here
    just at the moment
    i have you here with me

    , . ' .

    15:00 pm

  • _elixir 25w

    "The lines in commas are from the voice message that Brian Sweeney left for his wife before his plane crashed to south tower."

    /The lines in brackett are from BTS 'Spring Day'/

    This piece is written in commemoration of 9/11 incident and Sewol Fairy incident.

    ~Spring Day~

    "Hey Jules, this is Brian. Look I am in a plane that has been hijacked and if things don't go good.."

    /Seeing each other now is more difficult.
    It's all winter here even in August/
    Time played, with the child who believed his father would fight all the demons, with the mother who felt guilty of yelling at her only daughter.

    /My heart is running on the snow-piercer.
    I want to go to the other side of earth by holding your hand./
    All those lilies hung at banquet halls now rests on her grave, the beads of my grandmother's rosaries, now engraved with every stepping feet.

    /Until the flowers bloom again.
    Please stay, stay there a little longer./
    And all those left behind, wishing to touch them as next snow, to smell them as petrichor, to touch the crimson zephyrs again, still smile at the sky.

    /I say that I'll erase you.
    But I can't really let you go./
    And we crash in the bed, panting every night to fight those memories, to forget those pictures but still the mementos engulf us in themselves.

    /And how many do I have to pass?
    To meet you? To see you?/
    And all of our smiles has just turned to gratefulness, so next time they look down at us, they don't feel guilty of saying goodbye.

    "I want you to know that I absolutely love you and I want you to go have good times."

    Spring Day| 06.06.21

    (Please refer to 1st comment in comment section for explanation)

    @luvnotes_challenge_host Thank You mam for organising this��


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  • sayuriii 25w

    @luvnotes_challenge_host Thank you so much ma'am for this wonderful opportunity, your challenges are an inspiration ����

    And Oh my gosh y'all armys are too sweet ������
    Thank you so much for the beautiful comments, you guys are lovely people, love y'all, borahae!!����
    Song ~ "������������������" by ��︎��︎��︎

    //Don't let go off my hand, like yesterday.//
    The sky is a scrapbook of broken constellations,
    each searching for another lost star,
    tis' a dark, dark night
    full of ugly blues,
    will you take my hand
    and guide?
    I've been to the mere,
    edges of hell
    and I wish to visit
    the heaven gates,
    but oh! this darkness,
    this utter gloom
    has made my path forbidden.

    //I feel you're a heartbeat away//
    Do you listen,
    to the melody in your ears,
    that plays like a refrain,
    in sync with my heartbeat?
    Whenever I look,
    at the mirror in front of me,
    I find your eyes,
    gazing back at me.
    I believe one day,
    we'll meet under the stars,
    and join our verses,
    of this incomplete song.

    //Now I need no space, I got Youniverse.//
    And now,
    the light has travelled
    to my heart's core,
    and my soul has breathed,
    with the same rhythm as yours.
    Love, has bloomed,
    betwixt our galaxies,
    there's no more,
    no more of fantasies.
    And now that destinies,
    have smiled upon us,
    the sky shall protect,
    our entwined stars.


    The "//" lines are taken from the song.
    Not sure if this qualifies as an interpretation ^^"
    Also, I'm extremely sorry for exceeding the line limit.

    This is one song that I've listened to on repeat during long nights when studies exhausted me and also on lazy weekends. It sounds like the echo of the universe. There is a specific reason why I chose this song for the challenge, it is that I want people to believe in good happenings. In these times of despair and darkness we all need some light in our lives and BTS has undoubtedly given that. "Heartbeat" was originally the OST for the "BTS World" game but it has a special place in the hearts of armys. The underlying meaning of this song is how all the 7 members have been entwined by destiny and how they're always meant to be together. I know many people don't believe in destiny or luck, but we all need to believe that there's at least one star in this large universe that follows us and only us, and it lights up our dark days. Struggle and hardwork go hand in hand with success but if you don't believe, you cannot achieve. So, this song gives me hope and makes me believe in the universe and it inspires me to be optimistic even in the darkest times :)

    And about loving BTS, even if they would've never shown their faces or never really went in front of the camera, I would've still fallen in love with them, their voices, their music and their souls a million times. Thank you BTS, you make me a better person ��

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  • taetae_ 25w

    I'm glad to be participating in this beautiful challenge of our veryyyyy much beloved admin Carolyn Mam!
    Mam! Thanks a lot for conducting such a beautiful challenge! You know it means a lot for BTS ARMY in here!
    I know all your challenges have been awesome ;))❤️
    But this is close to our army emo hearts *puppy eyes*
    Ps: BORAHAE! ��

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #cees_bts_chall


    //Film out - //

    //������, ���� ���� ����������������������, ������ ���� ����������, ����
    ���� ���� ������ ������ ���������� ����������, ������ �� ���������� ������ ���� ��������,
    ������ ������ ���������������� ������������������....//
    ���������� �� �������������� ��������������������,
    I'm thrown onto land,
    quivering in the dark world,
    I latch onto your paracosmic aubades.

    //�������� ������ ������ ���������������� ������������ ���� ���� ����������
    �� ������������ ���� ������ �������� ���� ������, �������� �������� ����������������.//
    Like a shell that's taken in by shores into sea,
    I'm pulled into your memories with utmost care,
    finally meeting you in orphic oblivions.

    //�������������� ���� �������������� ���������� �������� �� ����������������, ���������������� ������//
    in the fear of melting mountains,
    strange series of paramnesia,
    my heart floats on the volcanic lava, with your stories,
    that still project on ���� �������� ������������ �������� ���� ������������.

    //������'�� �������� ���� ���� ����������,
    �������� ������������ ������ ���� �������� ������ ������ ������ ������,//
    will those halcyon swevens tend to be true?
    �������� �������������� �������� ���� �������� ���� ������������ ���� ������������,
    I'm normalized while in psychomachy.
    rainbows and butterflies were the same to me as
    moonbows and owls with you....

    //��'���� ������������ �������� ���� ���� �������� �������� (������������ �������� ����)//
    paths filled with sunshine never excite you as much as paths filled with storms did,
    like a angelic aureole, you a cosmotellurian,
    you sailed through the oceans.
    �������� ������ ���������� ������ ����������? ����������!

    //������ ���������� ������ ��������������, ������ ������������������
    ������������ ������������������ ������������ ������ ��������//
    Have I not lost your foot track,
    followed you in the storms,
    might have been my destiny,
    ������������������ ���������� ���� ����������������.



    ♡ The lines in // are from the BTS single playback ost or song for the Japanese remake of the Korean movie, ������������ released this year on 2nd of April! ♡

    ♡ This song describes what it feels to not be able to meet the loved ones in real life. The loved ones are not present, yet their memories keep us alive.♡

    ♡ Bts has always been showing the importance of human emotions and feelings in every song they produce. ♡

    ♡ This means a lot to anyone and everyone as the lyrics resonate with our hearts! Missing them the torment, of any dear departed or any beloved being away, will let us down, but their memories are always within our hearts.♡

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    in the fear of melting mountains,
    strange series of paramnesia,
    my heart floats on the volcanic lava, with your stories,
    that still project on .

  • btslove 25w


    A special thanks to Carolyn ma'am, who gave us a beautiful opportunity to reunite again��

    I'm standing under the frozen light, but
    I'll walk step by step towards you
    Still with you ~JUNGKOOK
    Inspired by Still with you by jungkook.

    this song has special connection with my heart
    Whenever I left in daze, heart filled with sorrow
    This song come like a rain and
    With my flowing tears
    Take away all my burden.
    Whenever I listen to still with you it's feel like I'm not alone anymore.

    S T I L L W I T H Y O U

    When miniscule particles of hope shattered on floors,
    And Lost beneath the Pieces of crumpled papers
    Then he always come like an angel whisper in my ears,
    "still with you"

    Unbeknown to me when felicity left from my life
    Like a sun rays
    With the warmness of hope,
    He always comes and embrace me
    And humming in mesmerizing voice "Still with you"

    When tears conflict in heavy rain,
    Holding them in his palm
    He come like shimmering sea waves
    eradicate all my agony,
    smiling Like crescent moon,
    he's singing
    "still with you"

    When I'm falling like an autumn leaf
    In tenebrosity,
    Breaking all the lines between reality and fantasy he comes like a sirius
    He's singing me lullaby of
    "Still with you"

    Perhaps, this is a dream
    but for me, he is an immortal reality.

    2:56 pm
    6 May 21

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  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 25w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #mirakee #writersnetwork
    #autumn #wod #pod #haiku #bts #cees_bts_chall

    Inspired by Autumn Leaves (Dead Leaves ) by BTS
    Thank you so much Carolyn ma'am for this dream challenge. This is one of my most favorite song, that I listen often, the smooth melody in this calms my mind.

    6 June 2021 12. 39 pm
    Haiku - 575

    Autumn Love / Leaves ~

    Awaiting amor
    Rendezvous reminiscence
    Days fall like dry leaves

    Autumn sky fading
    A Frail leaf hanging on branch
    Longing for lost love

    Memories crush mind
    Crumbling dead leaves,like my heart
    Forever's fading now

    Tears cascading, I
    Fall apart, fate's blow shatters
    Crimson fall in eyes

    Last golden leaf of
    My memory, mi amor
    Never ever fall

    Lest I'll die, crumbling
    Becoming one with the soil
    Autumn love Martyr

    Quietude enshroud
    Wistful of your aloof heart
    My failed fifth season

    I've shed my last hope
    Lost seasons, graveyard of grief
    Can't catch (you), I'm falling

    // Autumn leaves falling
    Swirling memories swept by
    Timely wings of wind //


    3 #ak_amor_anejo check out this for more

    Thank you so much for EC ����

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  • tamanna3 25w

    "Spring Day” by BTS is a reflective, passionate tune about love, loss, and yearning for the past, although it is unspecific about what exactly the yearning is for. It has been speculated that it actually refers to a novel named ‘The One Who Walk Away From Omelas’, also a movie “Snowpiercer” and relates to Sewol ferry incident in April 2014 that killed over 300 people, majority being High school students.

    This being said, the song to me, brings back bittersweet memories yet helps me accept things in life I can't change. Hence, one of my favourite songs of all time, like most armys too. "Spring day" will always be a queen-song ��

    Here's a poetic rendition of the same -

    A Spring Day

    /i love us ,
    but despise our photograph;
    it lived longer than we could/

    every day we saw together,
    now replaced by nights; forlorn.
    august feels like december,
    this winter seems to last forever.

    wish I could hold your hand,
    like falling snowflakes on land.
    but they pierce my heart instead,
    and i hurt but can't bleed.

    /I'm frozen like this winter ,
    spring weeps from within the photograph;
    but the glass frame sits unyielding; frozen/

    past every night that I stay awake,
    this longing only gets longer.
    the cold spreads like white smoke,
    and shoves us apart, even farther.

    a spring day awaits us at the end,
    when these wakeful nights will slumber.
    cherry blossoms wait for a daybreak,
    when we'll meet like dust particles in air.

    /so i'll still wait for you ,
    with every snowflake falling from above
    until the sky voids on me like this solitude/

    ~ wait for me until the next spring
    this darkness will wither with our longing.
    ~ wait for me until I miss you less
    this moment will hurt only a little longer.

    /Someday, seasons will change and we'll be together/


    P.s Purple for me, is synonymous to love and BTS, to life. They're the first and only reason I could embark on this journey of accepting, learning, loving and improving myself. The only thing I can say about them is, when you'll really know them, you'll know. Just that ��

    #cees_bts_chall �� many thanks for the BTS challenge, ma'am @luvnotes_challenge_host
    I could write only for this :) #bts #bts_T

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  • taekook_maknae 25w

    I chose spring day , cz it's related to me in many ways , i'm missing many, who had polished my life
    And BTS dedicated this song as a memory of SEWOL FERRY TRAGEDY
    Edit : Do you wanna know why i love Bts?
    They make me inspire and they are always the cause of my euphoria, there's times i hate myself the most , but they changed me to love myself ,
    And if i lost them in anyway i'm losing myself! Etc..

    ~Bogoshipda - i miss you~

    I mourn with your portrait, Still i miss you
    Exhaling you in every breaths
    Hard to know if i exhale CO2
    Loath the hours of your dearth
    How could it be so cruel to keep us apart!?
    Ahh! No seasons, No darkness is eternal
    So your adieu wouldn't be eternal!?
    So will i able to see you again!?

    I exhume those nightmares and reminiscences
    To disentomb you
    But was it a futile attempt!?

    Please Come back again ,
    Say goodbye to those goodbyes ,
    Let's hold our hands together
    And flee to our past to savour
    Morsel of joy once more
    Pierce the ice of my scarlet heart and
    melt freezing loneliness ,make it spring once more
    before falling like Autumn maples !
    How much did it take to melt the gloomy snow!?

    Neomu Bogoshipeo ~

    For @/lovenotes_from_carolyn
    You have been a protective shield in many ways ,like a mom .i have to thank u more ,but my words are dumb enough to Express . Thank u for being a supportive n loveliest soul to everyone, i adore uh alot
    And your challenges always stimulate me to write ,even i couldn't participate in it , Actually i was going on a break ,but i couldn't go when i saw your challenge, so i thought i will leave after participating this challenge. I know my words aren't good enough , still i tried something

    Now i'm going on a break ,i will be back soon
    Everyone Take care
    Bogoshipdaaaaaa :(

    #cees_bts_chall #springday #lame

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    Say goodbye to those goodbyes
    Let's hold our hands together
    And flee to our past to savour
    Morsel of joy once more!