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    Am making an extremely late arrival, I only pray I won't be kicked out, didn't want to miss this, and I wouldn't be at peace unless it's submitted, I hope am pardoned.

    The line - "There's someone in my head but it's not me" credited to George Roger Waters.

    My gut is frozen and twisted
    They come for me all prepared
    My shrieks are seized and outwitted
    They say my skin is a sin to be abated

    I am kneaded in the corner
    Decked between the pawn and the prankster
    The joke is on me and the rory color
    They say the rumor is out, about a blackish odor

    My mouth gags to an internal executionary
    My head is a bowling droff for attery
    My neck is nosed to a sunken ancestry
    They say vassal brass is a voguish jewellery

    I am an attenuated runner in an abaft race
    I am a pendulous yoyo, pinned in a devenustate chase
    I am a deformed embryo from the womb to the mirror's lase
    They say beauty is not some dark phase

    I shook hands with the harvester ant
    Only to be clipped and plucked from the plant
    Scattered and wasted as a basket of bad fruit
    They say black berries are gastroenteritis infectant

    I eavesdrop from my carcass
    I hear the holler and the fire crackers
    I discern pearly dented angels singing the bingers
    They say the baptistry of purification is the geyser

    My soul is exorcised with embrocating pallets as a by-product of dark matter
    Barrels of bloodcurdling bubbles flow from my inner
    Deluging to the sides, uncontrolled, without stopper
    They say washboard in running water makes blemish cleaner

    There's someone in my head but it's not me
    Because they say the dead don't see.

    Image Credit: to rightful owner.

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  • bliss__ 80w

    "You re-arrange me till I'm sane
    You locked the door
    And threw away they key"
    - These lines are taken from the song "Brain Damage - Roger Waters"

    I'll always be thankful to my parents for keeping me sane��

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    You re-arrange me till I'm sane
    You help me get through all the pain
    I feel them crawling in my brain
    The struggles of the past deep in my vein
    I don't know who is to blame for the shame
    I have my reasons all so lame
    People looking at me like a psychopath
    Thinking I am mad
    All cause I was depressed and sad
    Emotional outburst were really bad
    Was even sent from the psychology ward to the psychiatric ward
    You picked me up
    You locked the door
    And threw away the key
    As of now I think I'm free
    Hoping I'll become the daughter you always wanted me to be
    You re-arrange me till I'm sane
    You help me get through all the pain
    Gave me shelter from the pain that poured down like rain
    Thank you for keeping me sane
    I promise I will never again put you through such pain and shame....

  • soulfulstirrings 80w

    " Could you hold my hand please ?"
    I ask .
    Naah...don't have the time .
    Is the reply .
    "Could you listen to what I have to say please ?"
    Too busy .. maybe some other time .
    Is the reply .
    I retreat once again .
    Into the latibule of my mind .
    Where I have befriended a whisper , a voice .
    Each night she comes alive .
    And listens to what I have to say .
    I rave . I rant .
    In silence .
    The echoes of which
    Only this voice hears .
    Ricocheting off crimson walls ,
    With scratched surfaces .
    I am besotted by this voice .
    She says she's my isolated heartache .
    The one that sees how I am a deemed misfit ,
    In the eyes of those around me .
    But not her .
    She's taught me how
    To make paper boats of solitude .
    I hold an amethyst washi in my hands ,
    And make one each night .
    She says try sailing it on waters of HOPE .
    I set it sail ..but it always turns around ,
    And finds its way back to me .
    Perhaps loneliness has found a home in me .
    And just as I am about to give up ...
    She whispers yet again...

    Draw those curtains of past and let go .
    Don't you know you are worth
    Than what you are judged for ..
    Fade away you will if you let it happen .
    Look for a spark that frees your soul .
    I have seen paper boats pile in a corner ,
    Waiting to sail ..
    And every day the paper boy brings more /


    "And every day the paper boy brings more" credit to Roger Waters .

    Washi - traditional hand made paper used for origami in Japan

    #cees_dsm_chall @sumana_chakraborty @preetkanwal
    Image credit to the rightful owner .

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    Sometimes the only person who can help you is YOU .


  • shaiz_fs 80w

    All the reasons to live vanish away
    mind is surrounded by hues of grey
    even the twilight feels like a gloomy sight
    you are only left with grief and fright
    pleasant zephyrs of morning no more refresh you
    your life turns into dull and pale blue
    there are no more tears left to weep
    It becomes impossible for you to sleep
    you have forgot the art to smile
    happiness hasn't made an attendance for a while
    you start romancing alongside melancholy
    you bath in the showers of pain
    you feel broken and shattered every single day
    you no longer hold the desire to live
    you start looking for an easy escape
    you shout and no one seems to hear
    And that is where you start losing yourself.

    The line "you shout and no one seems to hear." is from a song written by George waters in 1973.
    #cees_dsm_chall #mirakee #writersnetwork
    Pic credits to the rightful owner ��

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  • penny_pavi 80w

    Knowing this morning,
    I sat at high noon,
    A little excited
    And I thought of writing
    About the magical moon,
    But then I got confused...
    Between Lunar and Lunacy
    To my wonder why would
    Someone originate something
    Like a mental malady
    From our closest planetoid,
    Unquestionably discriminating...
    I thought it's like metaphysical moniker
    Cause they define lunacy
    As a madness made by the moon
    Just like, "you lock the door
    And throw away the key"
    But blame goes on your misfortune...
    Notwithstanding I found
    Several sound similarities
    But still I sense some stupidity;
    Half moon is closer to the half minded,
    Crescent shares the same C with Craziness,
    Supermoon sounds like super-sanity...
    Aside from a lot,
    Lunar and Lunatic
    Both have a dark side;
    Far away from the Earth,
    The hidden and untold logic
    And that's the mystery which is hard to find...

    *"you lock the door and throw away the key"
    Written by: Roger Waters
    Song : Brain Damage
    Album : Dark Side of the Moon

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #mirakeeworld #writersbay #ceesreposts

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    Lunatic Moon...

    Song of a Lunatic...
    Madness made by the moon
    Just like, you lock the door
    And throw away the key
    But blame goes on your misfortune...


  • zoya_charmz 80w


    The darkest fears bewildering me,
    I fear no more now whatever it be.
    The paths I crossed had shaken me
    Still never lose hope and the exact key;
    To unlock the closed doors,
    To unchain the every shores.
    I knew I need to break out of that cage.
    Even when massive tsunami arises
    Or the mighty thunderstorm begins,
    Strongly have broken the barriers often.
    Being charismatic and energetic ever,
    I fear no more any fortuitous failures.

    But suddenly I heard a voice raised to me,
    "And if the cloud bursts, thunder in your ear
    You shout and no one seems to hear"
    "How would you vanquish the danger?
    How would you boost yourself further?"
    I suspect if it was my own spirit then,
    I counter it far with my inner strength.
    The catastrophe I faced couldn't break me apart,
    I gained courage and conquered my every fears.
    Moulded myself more stronger like a true warrior,
    Took rebirth like the Pheonix of Greek folklore.
    A new life "Rising From The Cloud Of Darkness",
    Victor ever after "Rising From The Sacred Ashes".


    "The Dark Side Of The Moon" Challenge
    The line ---
    "And if the cloud bursts, thunder in your ear
    You shout and no one seems to hear"
    Is taken from George Roger Waters' lyrics, 'Brain Damage' by Pink Floyd (1973).

    I don't know if I could justify the line but thanks for the beautiful challenge...�� @carolyns_challenges
    #cees_dsm_chall #lyricprompt #ceesreposts

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay @writerstolli
    #pheonix #risingfromashes #cloudofdarkness

    Image - Blue hills of Assam, India
    Image credit goes to myself.

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    "And if the cloud bursts, thunder in your ear
    You shout and no one seems to hear"

    Please read the caption!


  • sahnah 80w

    Life looks lifeless
    When flowers become colourless
    How can I see height
    When the eyes lost its sight

    Love is just a game
    When heart wants only fame
    How can I remain alive
    When you cut me with several knives

    You raise the blade, you make the change
    When you act strange
    How can you be not among the villains
    When mirrors show bloodstains

    You are venom, you lay death
    When hate veils your breath
    How can you be brave
    When digging others graves

    You split the heart in twain
    When chaos seize your brain
    How can you be lame
    When you know how to light a flame

    I throw my heart in deep a well
    When my life becomes a hell
    How can love grow in yourself
    When no soul resides in thyself

    #cees_dsm_chall #pod @writersnetwork @mirakee @freespirit13 @optimism @twinkling_girl

    This line credit goes to Roger Waters;
    From Brain damage
    "You raise the blade, you make the change".

    Pic : Pinterest

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    One sided love


  • sruthisankari 80w

    #cees_dsm_chall #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod
    The lines used here of Roger Waters is 'You raise the blade, you make the change'.
    This post is written against increasing police brutality in various parts of the world.

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    Power's rights?

    My weak bones and parched skin
    Are paying for the untold sin,
    The fragile knees and muscles I made
    Tear down while my fight begins to fade,
    The once happy child, my mother bore
    Is frantically swimming towards the shore
    In a sea of blood, submerging me,
    Will my eyes be ever again free?
    You raise the blade, you make the change
    For, the power today, you proclaim
    I'm a puny human making human mistakes
    Who made you Gods with fancy blades?

  • maanvi_bhagat 80w

    Thanks for the challenge @carolyns_challenges

    Song line used: You shout and no one seems to hear.
    And the credit of this line to songwriter Roger Waters.

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    I feel like a butterfly,
    a butterfly without any feathers
    I feel like I'm trapped about
    In this cage forever and ever

    You shout and no one seems to hear
    You are surrounded overall by fear
    You find the struggle period long
    You feel more weak rather than strong


    You are left with no right to choose
    Your insecurities are let on loose
    You have no one to place your trust
    Your dreams are turning to dust


    You find yourself just totally lost
    To save it, you can pay any cost
    You are tried with everything this time
    Your pocket empty without a dime


  • carrie09 80w

    On twilight years you now regretted
    Those wasted years that had been set
    Your memories now comes and goes
    In labyrinth mind like hunting ghost

    Those rhymes of promise had been sworn
    Then like a rag they had been torn
    Torment you hide in glass of beer
    You shout but no one seems to hear

    The nights under the black curtains
    When insomnia becomes your friend
    The four walls of your lonely rooms
    They mock at you as you feels gloom

    The flames that burned flickered away
    But ash and smoke is there to stay
    Now and then old songs are played
    In memories of bygones days

    When full moon sheds its silver light
    On her French window panes at night
    I saw those misty clouds in her eyes
    Rainfall drops on her last goodbyes

    Lines "you shout but no one seems to hear "
    credit to Roger Water from the lyrics "Brain Damage "
    Pic credit @azureabyss #prettypic 10

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    You shout and no one seems to hear


  • tejaswini_3 80w

    ~On The Russet Platform~

    My dearest Shujin!
    On those thoroughfares of Shibuya,
    Back on that russet platform,
    Your Hachi, the palamino canine,
    Bided to see your courteous smiles,

    Passerbys– in long costly overcoats,
    Were aboarding and alighting hotfoot,
    But me– I could just sense you,
    My guardian; now a waning shadow,
    Never would he be returning...

    O those people! They pitied me,
    For nine years, I waited and waited,
    Those rosy morns and beaten eves,
    Remembering games, and daisy chains,
    and laughs– I breathed serenity all the while.

    Those immortal eleven years!
    I spent; with gratitude and beatitude,
    It's time I come unto you,
    For the chimes ring, of my eleventh hour,
    – breaking shackles of my life,

    The wind tousles my brown pelage,
    Senescence whispers a farewell tune,
    The air is strangely silent; so is my heart,
    As I descend– in a deep slumber....

    And now, my dearest Shujin!
    Hither on this white death bed,
    I lay–with frozen eyes and cold fur,
    A corse; I am for bystanders,
    But forever for you– your pet Hachikō

    © tejaswini_3

    Credits for the phrase 'Remembering games and daisy chains and laughs' goes to Roger Waters


    Shujin: 'Master' in Japanese

    Palamino: light brownish golden colour

    Beaten: exhausting and forlorn

    Pelage: fur of any mammal

    Thank you so much Carolyn Ma'am for this wonderful opportunity. I wanted to write for a long time about Hachi's loyalty, but just wasn't able to get the write words. And your challenge just invoked many thoughts....I hope I have done justice to that pure doggie's soul

    @writersnetwork @carolyns_challenges @tamanna3 @bushra_tasneem @saloni__ @shaiz_fs @the97_introvert @thesunshineloves @btslove

    #cees_dsm_chall #writersnetwork #mirakee #hachiko
    #doglove #loyalty #ceesreposts #poetry #thoughts
    #nature #japan #life

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    On The Russet Platform


  • rusha_c 80w

    S A N E...

    The shrill of denial echoes
    as you slaughter the
    'uniqueness' from people.
    You raise the blade,
    you make the change,
    claiming to be normal
    you declare others insane.

    You make people alike,
    you claim to keep them alive,
    traces of struggle often seen,
    with the pain to let go of
    someone's true being.
    You butcher lives
    giving everyone the
    so called "normal vibes".

    "Sane" you make people sane,
    you play with emotions,
    you claim to take
    away their pain.
    You sketch others
    life once again
    erasing their "identity"
    on the way.

    You make them one
    of your own,
    so they can also snatch
    away others life
    with the same "sanity"
    you have sown.

    "You raise the blade, you make the change" taken from the lyrics of the song "Brain Damage" written by Roger Waters.
    #cees_dsm_chall #lyricprompt #writersnetwork
    #mirakee #pod

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  • austere_kore 80w

    Dark side of the moon

    I'll see you on the dark side of the moon;
    where we're not happy or glowy always,
    where the worst of our behaviour has
    taken the turn to dominate our persona.


  • taetae_ 80w

    #cees_dsm_chall #mirakee #writersnetwork
    #pod #lyricsprompt

    ___Let's meet on the darkside of the moon - credited to- Roger Waters, "Brain Damage".____

    Posted on 8/7/2020, 11:56a.m.


    Uneven the clouds throw me down,
    Should I fly or stay down on the earth?
    How do I convince you to stand up for me,
    Soothing the outrageous editions of mine!
    Possibly you crossed some darker abysses,
    Lesser known or learnt through paracosmic fairytales,
    Featured tear stains, headaches, lamenting heart of yours accompanies a huge stock of - "Sangroid saudades".

    Judging others in this foolish society, I'm struck in meliorism,
    It doesn't seem, to tell someone right, needs any explanation(s).
    Random excuses win need of this world,
    Oblivion to the five worded - " trust/truth".

    Don't hide behind the mirror anymore,
    No one's gonna come upto me,
    Just a flawsome you n me.

    /In this caim, I strongly recommend you,
    Coz only you can save me./

    Let's take a small walk again, In rosemead,
    On the otherside of the windshield.
    Let's stare on the brightside,
    Live one day for a lifetime.
    Counting the stars, let's swim in the cosmic paradigm,
    Round the earth once again in abstract novelty crafted with pure fantasy.
    Let's walk past the ebbs.

    ~~~Let's meet on the darkside of the moon.
    Where the moonbow settles on the dark skies,
    Let me adore you with my love,
    A dazzling diadem on your dainty soul~~~


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  • ishiita 80w

    The line used here, " You shout and no one seems to hear".
    ©Rogers Waters

    Thank u @writersnetwork for ur kind read

    Deaf Ear
    Promenading on mirk paths when you scream for help to bear,
    To every passers by who see but always turn a deaf ear,
    When your derns of past busticate your every part,
    Seems an unheard melody to them your cries of pain.

    Tyyneys dates are the aroma of cherry blossoms in spring,
    Nesh and dulcet yet breaths only for two or three weeks,
    Once the corollas fall and the leaves turn feuillemort,
    Viewers again turn a deaf ear hearing all your dolent fears.

    You shout and no-one seems to hear,
    Your every pain and repugnance are turned deaf ear,
    Ibrat are those moments loaded with dolent pain,
    Yet always marks your anew epochal in the end.

    They turn a deaf ear to the ammil of relations of love and care,
    They turn a deaf ear hearing you lose your tranche,
    After those harsh winter dates again come spring epochs,
    And return those deaf ears like a rebel kid returning home.

    #cees_dsm_chall @mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld #mirakee #yun_duo #ceesreposts #lame

    Poem no. 23
    Pic credit to the rightful owner.

    Okay this one is lame but plz bear.

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    Deaf Ear

  • shailjaaaa 80w

    #cees_dsm_chall #mirakee #lyricsprompt
    Lines taken: I'll see you on the dark side of moon by Roger Waters©1973
    Picture source: pinterest

    I'll see you on the dark side of moon
    When there will be no lights in the room

    When you'll be sobbing and pondering about your worries
    When you'll be drowning in your furies

    I'll hold you, every void will get filled by hope
    We will ascend up by a secret beaming rope

    We'll the stars of each other's dark night
    Keep pushing towards the happier self till everything again becomes bright

    Tears now have to depart,
    Harmony and smiles now will never be apart

    Your smile will now reign every heart
    A fresh and hopeful journey again will start

    I'll see you on the dark side of the moon
    When there will be no lights in the room

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    I'll see you on dark side of moon

    Read the caption...✨

  • sulu80 80w

    I cry out from the clutches of delusion
    My shouts for you an illusion
    Ringing out in my ears
    Reinvigorating lines from virtuoso
    "And if the cloud bursts, thunder in your ear"
    I live in the world of hallucination
    Screaming out of fright with frustration
    My paths are confined from reality
    A forlorn figure dragged into insanity
    You never care for me
    Nor you came near me

    Hanging betwixt real and unreal
    Beseeching to get it heal
    Lost in the woods of anxiety
    Treated like untouchable in society
    Dreaming about the mountain cliffs
    The fresh air only as whiff
    Changes happen with wink of an eye
    Like dark clouds encircle the sky
    Longing for a compassionate love

    An innocent as pure as dove
    To rule out the encircled gloom
    Let the cloud burst out to bring in bloom
    Sparks to ignite my thoughts
    A battle that is fought
    Let the cruel hands of fate
    Save me out from this state
    Let the dawn announce the rejoice
    Birds chirp with mellifluous voice
    A sun rays hitting my window...

    Virtuoso:refers to Roger Water

    Image credits:pinterest

    #cees_dsm_chall #lyric prompt #writersnetwork @writersnetwork

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    I cry out from the clutches of delusion
    My shouts for you an illusion
    Ringing out in my ears
    Reinvigorating lines from virtuoso
    "And if the cloud bursts, thunder in your ear"
    I live in the world of hallucination
    Screaming out of fright with frustration
    My paths are confined from reality
    A forlorn figure dragged into insanity
    You never care for me
    Nor you came near me

    Hanging betwixt real and unreal
    Beseeching to get it heal
    Lost in the woods of anxiety
    Treated like untouchable in society
    Dreaming about the mountain cliffs

  • yoyowrites_ 80w

    Credit to Roger Waters for the line, "Part of me died".
    Primrose meaning: I can't live without you.
    #cees_dsm_chall #lyricspromt #challenge #mirakee #writersnetwork #proloque #itried #love #scars

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    A prologue

    Yeah, I know, I know, I know
    What you gonna say, I know it all
    A wreck like me wandering like a fool
    Soulless I came, people think I'm a shame
    I ran away from home feeling sick of my life
    And I'm sorry I met you in my darkest time
    When a part of me has already died.

    The night I showed up at your door unannounced
    Blood in my arms from the fight I had
    I prayed that you won't open the door
    But you said you heard my footstep as if in a dream
    As I gave you a bouquet of wrinkled primrose
    The look in your eyes made me spill
    The deepest part of me I hide within me.
    As dirty as I can ever be
    Take it or leave it, I admit I was rude
    Cause I can't drag you in this mud that stinks
    But you didn't flinch a bit
    Instead you ran your hand down my scars
    As if feeling the cut in your own skin.

    Before I write a love song
    I wanna dedicate this prologue
    To the love I don't deserve.
    To my one and only universe,
    Without you, I'm a wreck.
    A part of me died before I met you
    But a whole part of me will die without you.


  • musings_by_gopi 80w

    Inspiration: Brain Damage by Roger Waters

    #cees_dsm_chall #lyricprompt #Rogerwaters #poem #inspiredpoetry

    "Dark side of the moon" challenge


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    There is a lunatic everywhere.
    Who is crazy enough,
    Not to give a damn about the world.

    Then there is a lunatic in every head,
    The lunatic is in my head,
    Who is crazy enough to think
    About everyone else but me.

    The question arises,
    From the two of these
    who is a real lunatic?
    And if both of them are,
    Which one is better?


  • l_wrote 80w

    It was a dark hole and only I never clinch to see
    How viod in archly of a dark matter you Spence
    With taste like that of a drill barbed missile
    Penetrating within drear of frozen gracial.

    mind-numbing through the wee-hours
    You were that Creeps and suffocation to the now filled wind.
    With monstrosity for an eyesore, gashing through inferno
    Like a pewter in Vinculum cruxes.
    You were that grey with no hues nor tinctures for a shade
    In chimeric shall all hail for
    "something wicked" has been bore.

    I was with you like a root stuck to it earth
    And I had known you like a mirror would reflect it personal
    But days comes when you sung for how change were the only constant you had. Perhaps, just perhaps those tune spoke credos.
    But always remember,
    When you raised that blade, you made a change
    But whom shall I tell
    How weak or strong, it made me.

    #cees_dsm_chall @carolyns_challenges
    Lines : "you raised the blade, you made the change"is been credited to Rogers water

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