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  • aarya__ 79w

    July 18 , 2020

    From the fallen majors of a man's world
    To the steel jots of my pen's sword,
    Witnessed to a cruel turn,
    Lost cause was how they begun.

    Surpassing the fatal norms,
    Mending to my cracked deform;
    Succumbed to scant chumps of coin,
    Yet never throwing the goals to purloin.

    I want you to remember me :
    The girl who outshined.
    Not minding the odds;
    Had her vision underlined.

    Grave in her mien,
    Apt regard for morality.
    Independent character,
    With belief in humanity.

    So when the clock ticks end,
    Tending to my mortality;
    In the caress of loved arms,
    I'd smile at my reality.

    Recall my feat :
    The girl who struggled hard,
    With her adage and mind.
    Kept bearing the curses,
    But never fell behind.


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    @carolyns_challenges @colourfulgreys

    I know I'm late for the challenge but I just wanted to write. I humbly apologize if this violates the rules.

    @writersbay My favourite word is faith.

    Image credit : Pinterest

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    Remember me


  • pensive_pen 79w

    I think this challenge is closed. But i just had to post this.
    The topic inspired me and could not but pen this down.
    Please give it a read. ❤️


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    When i have had my last taste of this
    Rollercoaster of a life
    Mourn not for my spirit nor loose sleep
    Over recalling my mischief gleaming eyes
    fret not over the words unsaid
    In anticipation of a tomorrow that never came
    Above all, dear you, guilt not yourself
    Of living a full life with me not in it.

    But if you should remember me,
    Give yourself a warm embrace
    When the petrichor hits you after the first rain
    Spare a smile at the cocky cuckoo
    Who challenged us to duels
    As we leisured over the velvety green grass.
    Hold me in your thoughts when
    the wind brings our half forgotten melody
    In its humid soothing arms

    And when you feel cheated
    to have been left alone in this strange land
    that i promised to explore with you
    Feel free to scream obscenities at me
    But when you miss me the most,
    Come sit under this old oak
    In the stillness, i promise you
    You will hear me by your side
    Cooing a melody to your quivering heart.


  • nibras 79w

    #cees_memo_chall @carolyns_challenges

    Whoops! I wasn't aware that the challenge had closed when I submitted this.....forgot to check that.
    I will just let it stay here I guess.

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    After it ends

    When the animated turbulence of this tedious life
    Finds final rest in its last laboured strife,
    It seems I would be glad to see written beside my name
    Great, grand words that bring everlasting fame.

    To leave behind a life and works so great
    That would for ever after continue to scintillate.
    With the light of virtue to have illuminated
    My life, my name and all things to them connected.

    To have admiration evoked by my name
    For having won at this long, drawn-out game;
    With the stroke of grandiose brushed onto my canvas
    A vibrant painting of the life that once was.

    To leave a legacy that will fill with wonder
    This world, its hearts and minds old and tender;
    To have lived a life that looks like a grand dream,
    Having held in its bosom a laugh, a sigh and a tearful stream.

    The ardour to leave such a magnificent memory behind,
    I am sure in our deepest desires we all will find;
    For even in telling of our humblest legacy goals,
    We do hope that the world remembers and knows.

    I too am not indifferent to the allure of the eternal flame;
    To that urge to have people mention my name
    After the vessel that cradled my heart and soul
    Refuses to bear this heavy burden anymore.

    But should I never leave a grand name behind
    For the tumult of fate its place shall find;
    And it may well knock over our grand plans
    Before they have the chance to fly and dance;

    Should my legacy be no more than ink and words,
    I would be happy to know that long afterwards
    Some curious, sorrowful or searching soul
    Had read my words and was by them enamored;

    That in my words he found a reason to hope
    To hold onto what remains and never let go
    So I would say that I would want to leave behind
    Words that are good, true and kind;

    Words that may perhaps in another time,
    In a different world and a changed clime,
    Make better minds dream of and perceive
    All the greatness that I could speak of but not achieve.

  • gra_chiwriteups 79w

    Remember Me Always

    In times like this
    Thoughts began to chaos my mind
    Asking alot of questions
    Who am i?
    Am i going to be remembered
    Even for the bad ones? .
    Sometimes i feel i won't be remembered
    Even when death comes
    And my grave calls.

    But remember me always
    For the good things i did
    Even for my bad deeds.

    Remember me always
    In my depressed moments,
    As my tears glistened,
    And soul laments,
    As you tried to listen.

    Remember me always
    In my blissful mirth,
    Before i leave earth ,
    How i made the fun time worth it,
    As we would gamble and bet,
    And play in the rain as i seek your warmth.

    Remember me always
    In my imaginary stories i wrote about ,
    In my poetries i wrote about,
    In my fairytale dream,
    The songs i sang to you,
    The colour i loved.

    Remember me always
    In everything,
    in many ways,
    wherever you go,
    in your dream,
    in your life ,
    in your heart.

    But mostly
    Remember me
    IN MY SMILES.......

    #cees_memo_chall #mirakee #writersnetwork
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Remember Me always

    But mostly
    Remember me
    IN MY SMILES.......

  • carrie09 79w

    I had attended several funeral services.
    What impressed me the most is when the around saying goes like this "Oh at the moment before her death she speaks to everyone who surrounds her death bed ,saying goodbye and pass away peacefully "that's what I can say a graceful and beautiful moments which our loved ones will cherish in their memory.//

    Life is precious but bound to end
    Time none knows how and when
    Death supremacy is still a mystery
    to the mortal its our last enemy

    Some are born to die but shine like stars
    their names printed forever to be remembered
    Some are born to demise in rotten
    Scar and mar their names forever
    but will never be forgotten

    My name could never be livened in fame
    Neither I wish to be remembered in shame
    I am just a faceless amongst millions souls
    Living as layman nothing great to behold

    Like a grass on earth I grows today
    Comes tomorrow I faded away
    Burn or bury in soils then turn to dust
    Will anyone miss me and feel their lost ?

    But times surely come I closed my
    eyes and sleep forever
    I will go alone to the yonder
    to the unseen land of no return
    and wish them me to remember
    that I depart from my earthly life
    With no regret, remorse or pain memories
    but in grace, peace and tranquillity.

    Pic.credit @azureabyss #prettypic 163

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    But times would come
    I will go to the yonder
    alone to the land of no return
    I will close my eyes and sleep forever
    and wish them me to remember
    how I end my journey on earth
    With no regret, remorse or pain memories
    But in grace, peace and tranquillity

  • theportraitcaptionist_ 79w

    I'm not rare,
    i feel fear and despair ,
    Imagining about eternal rest
    my soul gets depressed
    Nothing is too hard
    than leaving this world being scarred ,
    I know I can't go higher
    without any burning desire
    By feeding hope now and then
    with my perky pen,
    I preserve my fading hunger
    which can't be always younger
    Each and every step weigh
    cause every mistake turns grey
    And if i turn back now
    there won't be any rainbow to love.
    Who am i? I'm no one now,
    but not for long
    I'll come back strong
    Like a spirited man 
    who heals with words
    and cures with love
    Who conquers all stages
    and be rememberd for ages
    I don't want my name to sustain
    I want my words to reign
    I don't want my face to be recalled
    I want my art to be retained
    Like a tale that lasts forever in everyone's mind,
    Like a song that gifts sight even for the blind,
    Like a river that endlessly flows,
    Like the moon that eternally glows!
    There's a lot more in my heart
    that i couldn't express
    I have a sea to surpass
    to seize success.��

    By unknown writer

    #cees_memo_chall @carolyns_challenges @lovenotes_from_carolyn @colourfulgreys @writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • yoyowrites_ 79w

    When I'm dead

    May my eulogy be short and not euphemistically composed
    Nor do I want to be recognised as pillar of wonders.
    But I want to be your daily lessons,
    Answers to your unending thread of questions.
    Let my perseverance remind you that you can do it too,
    That fortified walls around you shouldn't be an excuse.
    Though I know I am no history
    One that spoke of war and victory,
    Let me be remembered for being courageous,
    A wise person whose deeds exceeded honey dripping words.
    Let me be the daily verse you recite
    In hard times, a poem that brings you respite
    When I return to dust in misty shore
    May my awkward jokes hit you to the core.
    I want my laughter to be that residue
    That remains in your heart as an unpaid due!


  • nolaawritings 79w

    Remember me love��

    Thank you @carolyns_challenges this challenge was like a enlightenment thing. I never really bothered what is gonna be my legacy after my death... But today when I think of that I was like- are people gonna remember me? Well, eventually I find the answer. I inked what I want as my legacy after my soul leave this place.

    Every tongue has different tastes, one with sweetness other putrid. So when you live on other' words or opinions you will taste their tongue(not like actual tongue����)

    We have many passions, I think it's a myth when people say I've a passion! It's just we don't find...we find the already made treasure in self♥️��
    #mirakee #writersnetworl

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  • noor_mehra 79w


    Embracing the shadows of my mortality
    I too shall die one day
    Leaving my earthly body
    Like a lunatic on which I worked, every morrow

    It will be an exotic moment
    People, mourning over my body
    I will be happy, very happy
    To have my soul released, from the clutches of this phoney world

    During my vitality, I was invisible
    When I am dead, I am visible
    Don't remember me for who I was
    Feel my absence, when I am not
    Let me perish, let me die in peace!

  • thepeacefulquotes01 79w

    "If snow melts down to water, does it still remember being snow?" - Jennifer McMahon

    An amazing challenge to participate in
    "MEMORABLE ME CHALLENGE" #cees_memo_chall

    Picture - Pinterest

    #mirakee @mirakee #mirakeeworld @mirakeeworld #mirakeewriter #mirakeewriters #writersofmirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork #thepoetrycommunity @thepoetrycommunity #pod #thepeacefulquotes01

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    After I left

    Done several roles
    When lived on earth,
    Known by few
    That was my only world.
    After death everybody is crying
    I know you, they say,
    But we hadn't talk much
    And now they care.
    I may be remembered
    For few days or weeks,
    But my existence won't be removed
    By my close friends and family.
    When I will live the earth
    Everyone will cry,
    They will say I was good
    Even they don't know my existence that time.


  • sahnah 79w

    Remember me when first ray of sunshine touch you in bed,
    When morning dews seize the eyes
    When flowers beautify your life
    When the blue sky touch your sight
    And the running clouds drag you high

    Remember me when you hear the chirping of birds to relief your stress
    When the flowing streams render you breathless
    When serenity in the aura reign
    And peace gain wash away your pain

    Remember me when happiness make you reach the sky
    When sadness kill you in darkness
    When victory make you fly
    When relations make you blind
    And failure break your heart

    Remember me when the heat make you sweat
    When the rain drench you dead
    When the breeze touch your tress
    And the seasons make you rest

    Remember me when the sunset make you smile
    When the night bring you outside on the terrace to chat
    When loneliness embrace the breath
    When the stars twinkle in your eyes
    And the moon show you the way to paradise.

    #cees_memo_chall #dream #smile #paradise #sky #moon @writersnetwork @mirakee @optimism @freespirit13 @twinkling_girl

    Dead : completely

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    Remember me


  • indijctrn 79w

    The collapse of a dancer falling into song.
    The taste of adrenalin pre released.
    The echo of a single heart beat dispersing light through rain drops drumming against the inner edge of my solar plexus.
    The colours of your love intensify as my body absorbs the sound.
    The blending of salt in to the sea.
    The perfect height of each wave in slow motion paused on the crash.
    It pulls me into the push and I burst.
    Cushioned by the soft lustrous sensation of all that floods through me whenever I so much as hear your name.
    That's the way my love, feels you. For you are the seconds after each breath out between the rising as the chest caves.

  • preetkanwal 79w

    Whole of my life
    I have remained a nobody .
    Why anyone would miss me
    after my demise /what is my identity/
    Why they would visit my grave
    when I have left no rich legacy.
    O’ Lord ,allow me to be remembered
    in few notes from my study
    I want my very own to read them
    on my death anniversary.
    When I am no more
    I want to be heard like a musical rhapsody
    I want to see my verses spreading
    fragrance in the garden of remembrance
    and being noted for their veracity.
    I want to see me smiling in words
    of love ,peace and sincerity
    I want to be forgiven by those whom
    I hurt knowingly or unknowingly
    I want to remain alive in the hearts
    like a sweet memory........

    ©preetkanwal 18.07.2020

  • safiya_motiwala 79w

    When I'm gone

    I wish they remember me
    after I leave the earth,
    as the one who spread smiles;
    The one who spread mirth.
    I'd like to be known for
    the compassion flowing in my veins,
    and also for my apathy
    towards all the worldly gains.


  • sweedle 79w

    Thank you so much @carolyns_challenges for tagging me just before I was going to switch off my phone to sleep. I wrote this without editing or much thinking. The prompt was like a wake up call and I enjoyed writing it . I hope all of the things come true and people remember me as ME and nothing else.

    #sweedledsouza #pod #wod #rememberme #memories #prose #poetry #poem #cees_memo_chall #challenge @mirakee @writersnetwork #mirakee #writersnetwork #hope
    #conceptprompt #writingchallenge

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    I hope this world will remember me
    as the girl who spoke too less but listened to every word, said and unsaid by every soul she met.She read more than she wrote for she believed she still had a lot of learning to do before she could sum up the courage to call herself a professional.I hope you remember how beautiful and genuine my smile was even though my teeth looked terrible and my laugh was so weird. I hope to be remembered as someone who loved more than she was loved back, who did everything to ensure you reached home safe and you were tucked in bed to dream of the sweet things she said. I hope this world finally gets hold of the book that I never opened to read about the tales I wrote behind my tears and anguish and how I regained my power after every pain.
    I hope to be remembered as someone who made a difference in a person's life and that she knew it and cherished it till the end.

    © Sweedle

  • circle_tea 79w

    someone who cared
    who did all that they could
    to prevent kids from becoming serial killers

    a good wife
    a weird kid

    i honestly don't know how i want to be remebered but
    i know the things i want to accomplish

    after all im just a drop in the ocean
    one single person

    one really weird




    if only there was more people like me then maybe i would fit in just a little more

  • tejaswini_3 79w

    The Clavier In The Corner

    O my Mistress, of the gravelly citadel!
    –Thou, if shalt ever will to pass by–
    This flinty chamber; do come unto me
    For an old clavier– longs to greet thee,

    The breezy tangerine skies in the eve,
    –The flowery portières by the sills–
    Inveilage thee– to play mellow crotchets,
    Glance o'er–just touch its keys peaceably,

    Some appoggiaturas–quiet and ecstatic,
    –Euphonious songs of moon flowers–
    My damsel– the piano played all thy airs,
    –Of many laments and delectations,

    In those cahiers of scores and octaves,
    –I awaited– thy dearest bosom friend,
    'Til Heaven chose me to shimmer there–
    Still I did breathe– a last whisper of love,

    And my maiden fair; in taciturn echoes,
    of reverberating verses of a sad past–
    Remember me, in the lyrics of my ballads;
    In those tuneful songs– do evoke my name,

    In the lawn – of primroses and carnations,
    –on those rusty swings of our childhood–
    Perchance– if thou not see my silhouette,
    I'll be there– as the soul of that clavier,

    /A clavier which would be wanting another touch of vintage memories/



    Clavier: A keyboard instrument ( here, a piano)
    Tangerine: Orange shaded
    Portières: Curtains
    Airs: songs


    @writersnetwork @carolyns_challenges @tamanna3 @the97_introvert @saloni__ @fairytales_ @the_creation_in_our_stars @eternallypurple_starstruck @btslove @dove_wings

    #cees_memo_chall #writersnetwork #mirakee #poetry #thoughts #life # Julietscorner #challenge

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    The Clavier In The Corner

    /A clavier which would be wanting another touch of vintage memories/

  • bethinkful 79w

    I am a single raindrop
    Falling, fast and alone
    In the vortex of the storm
    You can see my edges
    And yes, I see yours too

    We are from the same
    Place, both headed down
    Where we will merge
    With the ocean, no
    Longer drops, but soon

    The sea itself

    And the question of legacy
    Will matter no more
    Because "I" and "you"
    Will be replaced in our
    Poetry by our beautiful,



    ©bethinkful / Image ©Emiliano Arano (Pexels)

    #cees_memo_chall @colourfulgreys

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  • fairytales_ 78w

    Memorable me

    Life was never a choice it's been a huge question mark to me. What's the purpose of my existence?
    Every once a while I asked myself, what's my ability?

    Her eager mind has lots of bizarre question which was quite tough to respond. The knowledge she gains from numerous streams isn't enough. The answer to each question reveals another question.

    // She witnesses the cruel reality after
    living in fiction for long
    She endured the agony
    chewing the grief
    Anxiety knocks her door as
    a shunned companion
    She pretends to be livable
    when depression engulfed her
    She is in the verse of breaking
    where living seems impossible //

    She survived to breathe when love
    embark her way after
    bunches of the battle
    Love happens to be her fresh
    exotic enlightenment
    Love revealed her a unique
    a world which was different
    than her past
    She discovers herself through
    love it is the hidden answer
    to all her answered question

    Before her body caresses
    the graveyard
    She vowed to spread love
    desire to live even in the catastrophe
    She wished to be hope for
    the hopeless
    She dreamed to be a healer for
    the broken
    She yearned to be the
    example of love
    She is a love who is born to
    be as remembered
    as love

    Thank you so much, mam, for the cute challenge.
    I'm sorry for posting late @carolyns_challenges
    I got to explore myself more.

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  • joan53 79w


    This was meant for a challenge long closed and past. But I finished it at long last.

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    I use to live upon a dusty shelf
    Drawing pictures of myself
    Watching others do as they do
    Not knowing if I fit in too
    A watcher of people
    Quiet as a church mouse
    If it weren't for the bullies
    I probably could have gone undetected
    But it was impossible to go unnoticed
    When you're the giant among the shrimps
    They started to behave like chimps
    Though I was stronger than they
    I didnt want to hurt them
    I just could not fight them back
    But I survived my childhood woes
    I found my freedom to be just me
    But by than I did not care
    I found motherhood my forté
    I loved it in every way but one
    Potty training is an absolute pain
    I'd rather get hit by a freght train
    I had my ups and i had my downs
    I picked myself up and flew til dawn
    That's when I realized that I'm complete
    All I ever wanted was my family
    Who loves me and who I can love back
    I hope they can see that they have everything
    And this world has nothing that can compare
    I leave with a heart filled with love
    And just as naked as I came
    I will shed this chrysalis behind me
    And like the butterfly flit away to heaven
    Where beauty, peace, and love doth dwell