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    I a bit too late for this challenge.
    Also I am breaking rules on profanity.

    A bit about the piece:
    An archangel, disturbed by what people have interpreted about homosexuality from the biblical stories, come to earth to show people what love is. However his actions are deemed improper thus misunderstood.

    Ps.: Forgive me for the lack of my understanding of biblical theosophy. Hope you value the emotions and not the words.

    All rights reserved. Nirmalya Panigrahi. 2021.

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    We plucked feathers off our Cherub wings,
    Sallied forth the garden of eden,
    When Gomorrah engulfed in flames of rage,
    And Gimeah ravished on young levites
    When the daughters of lot, offered as bribe
    To save angels from the Benjamin tribe.
    When slaves stamped in seething steel,
    Their woman milked, their infants killed.

    We plunged down to this hell of life,
    We shared the poison in the flesh we dine,
    When the churches closed their doors at us,
    We slept in the matress of concubines.
    For a forbidden pleasure of lechery
    We whored our sense of probity.
    lord did we lust upon the bodies on men,
    That we became one just like them.

    The soils seeched the blood of saints,
    Who bleed on the cross for our sins,
    Roots that savoured on those sands,
    Have lent their woods for larger cross.
    Where shall they flame us, with butane
    For our deeds have been so profane,
    Charred bones, will whisper our vice,
    As ashes claim our foundered wings.


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    Hello @writersnetwork it's been long, since i tagged you! :)

    I know the challenge is over, but i promised her to participate, after i finish up with my novel ( it's #TheBestManSeries if anyone wants to read it!).

    So yea, here's tagging her challenge account! @luvnotes_challenge_host

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    Past L(if)e!

    Who might you have been in a past life?

    If i were to believe, just like you, to have lived a life in the past, i imagine to be born as a guy, with an immense longing to feel how it would be to live like a woman, who doesn't need to work, or struggle and gets everything by men. And may be, that's why, I'm born as a woman to acknowledge what all they go through all their lives.

    If i were to believe, in my past life, i imagine myself in the tattered shoes, or may be walking on the rough lands barefoot, since I've respected the invention of footwear more than anything else, and i absolutely love my comfortable sports shoes.

    If there was any past life of mine, i imagine myself to be overburdened by my appetite, that i had to put my passion away for mere survival, since the only driving force in my life is passion to achieve my goals, even when there's no external force. I fear failing in making my career more than anything else. It's like what if i couldn't make it, that keeps making me work my ass off!

    If i were to believe, anything about my past life, i imagine myself to be a taker, of goods, and feelings, because all this life, I've been on the giving side. A giver of money, advices, notes, work, friendship, happiness, and second chances. It's like paying off the debts, with interests.

    And, lastly, if i were to believe in any past, i imagine myself to be an orphan, or someone who couldn't receive true love, for my life revolves around people who shower me with their immense love, in every form, of family and friends, to which I'm absolutely grateful!


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    The Fighter



    I'm the tiger with strength in each step she takes

    I bled for my stripes, but my back didn't break

    I am the bear who will fight with tooth and claw

    I am still breathing, I escaped his maw

    I am the lioness protecting her pride

    There is power in the tears I’ve cried

    I am the bull, a raging storm Inside

    I wasn’t always this way until I died

    I am the rhino boisterous and proud

    Standing my ground screaming aloud

    I am the eagle soaring over the land

    I'm a survivor, and forever i'll stand

    I am the cheetah running to the fray

    I will not cower anymore or run away

    I am the gorilla beating my chest

    Calling out to those in unrest

    I am the jaguar with virtue and stealth

    My past experience is knowledge and wealth

    I am the shark with such veracity

    I don’t wish to tear down, but heal my enemy

    I am the sun fiercely hot

    The anguish wasn’t for naught

    I am the tree stalwart in the tempest

    I will keep going, I will not rest

    I am the milestone

    I fight, but I am not alone

    I am the stars watching over them

    Like my ancestors from heaven

    I am the earth

    I am a fighter, this is my rebirth

     Stina Louise


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    The sky turns dark sometimes
    Even the trees shed their leaves
    The rivers dry
    The wind sometimes stop blowing
    The mountains are grounded to fine sand
    Nature and life leave nothing untouched
    Everything perishes with time
    If the love in your heart doesn't then you are lucky.

    Failing is normal
    Falling is normal
    Not being perfect is normal
    Not wanting to be perfect is normal
    Sometimes even the best is not good enough
    But being you is enough.

    Not always finding someone to love is okay
    Not having someone who loves you is okay
    Not feeling someones pain is okay
    Someone not feeling yours is okay too
    It's your wound to feel
    It's your scars to wear
    Being flawed is okay
    Loving yourself is okay

    Wanting to hold someone's hand is okay
    Scared of telling them that is okay
    Giving people time is okay
    Wanting time for yourself is okay
    Not having any is okay too

    Knowing what you need and what you want is enough
    I know what I want
    I know what I need
    Getting one is enough
    Getting both is enough
    Getting none is enough too
    As long as I have someone to love and someone to love me.

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    I am enough

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    An Analytical Approach

    Who am I to judge myself?
    Says the world, so
    I just repeat what people
    think of me.

    From their perspective
    I am just mediocre,
    with no entity.

    They say
    I don't have emotions,
    Maybe. I am hardcore outside,
    I don't show my emotions easily.

    On display is my compassionate
    nature, friends say I can't hurt
    a soul, either animal or human.

    Elderly people gives judgement
    that I am honest to the core,
    Truth is my salient word.

    The greybeard also say
    Anger is at the tip of my nose,
    I get angered easily.

    Sometimes my colleagues
    find me funny and otherwise
    dark and somber,
    thoughtful and pragmatic.

    Whatever everyone says,
    I have gone through
    self-retrospective analysis
    and I have concluded myself as
    kind, lovable and sensible
    with a thoughtful disposition.

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    Wow!!! Repost ����
    Thank you so muchhhhh��

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    May Be They Are Right..

    For people I'm frozen ice(glacier)
    Amidst high peaks
    Freezed with attitude and pride
    May be people are right
    Yes I'm a glacier chunk
    Waiting to melt by
    sunshine's warmth
    (people's compassion
    and understanding),

    For me I'm a running river
    Agitating all fields
    Try to moist surface rigid
    Seeing obstacle escaped
    in small stream
    People think, unknowingly
    I'm a rivulet lively
    But I'm a sadden rill
    Broken from its origin
    Waiting to meet ocean,

    Some people thinks I'm a star
    Twinkling, decorating dark sky
    Perhaps they are right
    I'm the star of midnight,
    Alone,afar, apart,unnoticed,
    ordinary in the shine of moon
    like others(stars).

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    ¹Mount Nemrut notable for the summit where a number of large statues are erected around what is assumed to be a royal tomb from the 1st century BC. It is one of the highest peaks in the east of the Taurus Mountains.(source: wikipedia)

    ²solitary reaper - poem by William Wordsworth


    And there's nothin' like a mad woman
    What a shame she went mad
    No one likes a mad woman
    You made her like that.
    ~ Mad Woman, Taylor Swift

    #cees_options #writersnetwork #gdx_refrains #wordsnthoughts @writersnetwork

    Thanks for the repost wn!! Means a lot.♥️

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    How would they describe me?

    Who do they think I am?
    Maybe a vellichor
    of a bookmark
    That used to be pretty
    but is now stark

    Who do they think I am?
    Maybe a saviour of
    the limestones
    That were created to
    protect the bones¹

    Who do they think I am?
    Maybe a daydreamer
    once ebbulient
    And now turning

    Who do they think I am?
    A river that'll flow
    along the course
    And never towards
    the lands remorse

    Who do they think I am?
    Maybe fire that will
    keep the hearth warm
    And they could put it off
    Whenever they want

    Who do they think I am ?
    Maybe purple tinted ash
    From the planets' dawn
    Or the cold wind from
    The long lost brawn

    Who do I think I am?
    Soul diving in the elysian
    Melodies of the solitary reaper²
    Preparing for a comeback
    Yes!! Like a Pied Piper

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    #moviefwp (idk when I'll be able to direct or can do production of these movies, miraquill help me with money money money'-')

    @writersnetwork I'm grateful and thrilled :)

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    (First look- beyond the wild blue yonder)


    A georgette doona draped over
    the night. When a voice halted
    the diasporas from entering in
    their homes. Lights went off &
    everyone felt a jolt in the earth.
    And it was the first time when
    stones sup the synchronization
    betwix' the unknown and known
    a chaplet arremonops crocheted
    around someone whom people
    were not able to discern


    'gatecrashing in, I smelled a
    rotten odour of inhumanity and
    my skin burned when I abutted
    the scrumpled papers begrimed
    with depression which once had
    folded with glitters and giggles
    to feel one's smile liberated by
    taking a seat of paper planes'
    'first time I ought to take a look
    beyond the wild blue yonder but
    I never knew, my telepathic brain
    will hear such shuffles of thy
    mind's shelves which hath such
    orthodox volcano-eruptions
    to think how to get me abducted
    and then auction me in higher
    prices– I want to bow to thy
    thought process but if any of you
    try to touch me will taste the
    bitter reality of death'
    'I visited thy houses, grubby souls
    of thine. And I feel pity for you
    keep this in your mind
    Eternity can never be mine or
    Eternity is for those pale scrounges
    who looks at you with a pile of
    questionnaire and you answer them
    with envelopes of exasperation'


    A white shade shrouded the
    cosmos, mountains smelted,
    rivers morphed to cemented
    clay, the celestial bodies burst
    into doldrums, livers hung out
    of blossom's mouths and the
    homosapiens lost conscious
    sight at sides hexed holocaust


    An old man with wrinkled
    skin and cauterize head came
    forward and parodied everyone
    later he splintered on the floor
    all clocks stopped ticking and
    the world mourned on demise
    of time

    /THE END/

    It rained so mercilessly for the
    first time in centuries, doors
    were shivering with thunder
    and I felt an islet made an abode
    in my dimples when a cup of
    water was thrown on my face
    And then I realized it was a dream
    but my mind said
    'It's a soon to be reality,
    I'm your Arkhangelsk.'

    ▪️ It was the first time I saw death so closely in the arms of an Arkhangelsk.

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    Pic credit - Bitmoji app

    Continual (at times unconsciously) coping has been a favorite baseline personality trait that
    I wasn’t immediately aware of though out my training years.

    I relentlessly batted my way though life, dodging others wayward pitches at my

    Some clipped me,
    left me bruised with doubts and swelling insecurities until I finally started practicing how to duck and start jumping from their erratic throws.

    Honestly, in retrospect how I wished I relied sooner on God to catch them instead.

    Before I did, I got whacked without receiving free walks, every run from one base in time
    I earnestly strived and earned.

    I eventually made my way rounding life bases until I was called temporarily out. Instead of forfeiting, I took position in experiencing being in the outer fields…again and again sometimes seemly alone.

    Adjusting to the high and lows lessons that flew towards me.

    Some I simply missed catching.

    Too many, I relentlessly chased.

    It was strenuous to say the least.

    Admittedly, a few unexpected pop lessons soared my way dropping at my feet.

    Progressively, I started becoming more aware of catching the hardest lessons with some type of determined finesse.

    At times, I thought the sun was blinding my view but in hindsight it was directing me to peer upwards for assistance.

    For additional aid to continually cope in this so-called game of life.


    This was a bit of stretch
    poetically & figuratively
    yet truthfully inspired by
    the simple fact the game
    must be played continually
    even while coping.


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    This was a bit of stretch
    poetically & figuratively
    yet truthfully inspired by
    the simple fact the game
    must be played continually
    even while coping.


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    लगता है पिछले जन्म में मैं एक बहुत ही पथरदिल व्यक्ति था,
    यूं ही नहीं भगवान ने इस जन्म में मेरा दिल तोड़ा है!
    मैने उसे तब तन्हा छोड़ा था,
    तभी उसने अब तन्हा छोड़ा है।
    पिछले जन्म में शायद मैं एक नास्तिक था,
    इस जन्म में तभी भगवान ने मुझे खुद से जोड़ा है।
    जैसे बीता पिछला जन्म वैसे ही ये भी एक दिन बीत जाएगा,
    दुनिया में जितना दर्द है उसके सामने मेरा दर्द तो फिर भी थोड़ा है।
    Looks like I was a very stone hearted person in my last life,
    Not just by chance, God has broken my heart in this birth!
    I had left her alone then
    That's why she left me alone now.
    Maybe I was an atheist in my last life,
    That'swhy In this birth God has connected me with Himself.
    Just like the past birth, this too will pass one day,
    My pain is still a little in front of the pain in the world. -Kps©2021

    #kpspoetry #kpsshayari #kpsquotes #cees_options @luvnotes_challenge_host

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    My past life

    लगता है पिछले जन्म में मैं एक बहुत ही पथरदिल व्यक्ति था,
    यूं ही नहीं भगवान ने इस जन्म में मेरा दिल तोड़ा है!
    मैने उसे तब तन्हा छोड़ा था,
    तभी उसने अब तन्हा छोड़ा है।
    पिछले जन्म में शायद मैं एक नास्तिक था,
    इस जन्म में तभी भगवान ने मुझे खुद से जोड़ा है।
    जैसे बीता पिछला जन्म वैसे ही ये भी एक दिन बीत जाएगा,
    दुनिया में जितना दर्द है उसके सामने मेरा दर्द तो फिर भी थोड़ा है।
    Looks like I was a very stone hearted person in my last life,
    Not just by chance, God has broken my heart in this birth!
    I had left her alone then
    That's why she left me alone now.
    Maybe I was an atheist in my last life,
    That'swhy In this birth God has connected me with Himself.
    Just like the past birth, this too will pass one day,
    My pain is still a little in front of the pain in the world.

  • childauthor_345 7w

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    I've seen you as a cluster of hope
    As Schemering sketching the curtains of Ochtendgloren
    A pair of climbers , climbing with curiosity
    To catch the conclusive destination of rope.

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    To mankind , realistically kind

    Imagine that you're a planet in crowdy sky ,
    You may not manage to take a nautical fly ,
    But the candescent - you is addressed high
    So dream , dedicate and delight with a sigh .

    ~ a dwarf.

  • cutie_hedgehog 7w

    I was the wind
    Who traveled to every corner of the world
    Laughing with the butterflies
    Flying with the birds
    And dancing with the rain


  • cutie_hedgehog 7w

    I'm a good listener

    Maybe I'm not as bright as the sun
    Not as cool as the morning dew
    but I can accompany you to sit and sip our coffee
    listen to your every story
    laugh and cry with you
    I'm a fun travel companion for sharing burdens and happiness.


  • angels_halo_shines 7w

    Once Upon a Past Life & The Next

    Once upon a past life I must have been in a drowning. In a big Titanic like ship, I was a seaman’s wife. The ship sank with no survivors. I thought if that was true or not, as it was told to me. Every time I’m by deep water, I have this scare about me. The water itself fascinates me, but the depth it gives me chills to think about jumping in as others do. In water 168 ft. deep, I cannot do it. Not even in an 8 ft. depth. It concludes that’s a past life that I have lived. To me. Fears carried from life to life shows as lessons have been learned. That’s how it works I suppose.

    What have I learned in this lifetime?
    Hatred is everlasting, hate brings violent shooting rages. Seems like most will go out of their way for hate.
    For the most part, hate is based on what is out of our hands. Like race and color. We can’t control any of that. Wouldn’t that just be the key to life if we could. Then it still wouldn’t be right. Something is always wrong when hate is brought in the equation. The lesson here is no prejudicial bones in our bodies in our next lifetime. Then maybe less violence.
    And then we could all live a life with less fear. Wouldn’t that be something?
    Yea, I can hope for a miracle in my next life. It could happen.

  • bonitasarahbabu 7w


    Dear Children,
    How did you all end up like this?
    Everywhere we look,
    All we see are those committing mortal sins!
    Pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth,
    The deadly sins are all we see galore.
    Hatred for each other,
    Lack of empathy!
    Where are the children whom God loves?
    Where are His soldiers of peace and love?
    We, the archangels implore you!
    Please change your ways for the end is nigh!
    Christ gave two crucial commandments,
    To love God with all your mind, body, and soul,
    And to love your neighbor, as you would love yourself!
    Children love each other beginning now!
    In the image and likeness of God you all were created,
    Be Godlike to each other.
    Help when you can, and love all
    Even those who persecute you!
    Children, only in unity can you stand together,
    Because through division, you all will fall.
    Share love, be love, and stand together,
    The end is nigh, and we want to see all saved.

    Your loving protectors,
    The Archangels


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  • bubbly_bluebells 7w


    Just like philosopher
    I am digging back time
    Like an archaeological research
    Studying the debris of my past
    Believing in the black holes
    camaflouged words by cheesing teeth
    will only drain and shatter
    While real words said by well wishers
    standing on them will hold you to rest
    Notice the difference!
    Why you can't hold yourself anymore?
    Even harsh words don't break you
    When said by any warm person;
    Could I say who thinks good about you
    Want you to grow
    Toxins are toxins whether look sweet
    Or stained like coaltar
    Inhaling them only poison the heartbeat
    And accepting that kinds metaphors;
    Choosing willingly to be stabbed
    by the cold daggers
    Stay away from the people who say
    "That they have trust issues!"
    it's their personal character
    As emotional person can sense
    Something fishy is going on!
    While manipulation blames
    Here or there
    It's true circle makes a huge impact!
    My non-physical trait is that
    My cruel experiences has trained
    Me much about to understand
    Human physio(cho)logy
    And I learnt why lying is sin
    Cause its basic nature is hollow
    And absorbing it in kindness
    Inside the fluttering box of love
    plants a hole;starts sucking out life
    And everything slips out of control
    like sand of an hour glass
    As you get hooked by liers
    To hijack the mental programming
    For fun


  • leo0707 7w

    Once trapped in an abandoned tale

    The decayed soul,
    Once trapped in an abandoned tale,
    Finally managed to escape,
    Leaving its essence behind.

    How it hoped...
    For just one more day,
    Of Sunshine to blaze
    And Breeze to glide.

    But as the sun went down,
    So did its spirit.
    The death was slow
    As the petals withered.

    Now reborn,
    Cherishing its days..
    As the soul starts to blossom again.


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    Once trapped in an abandoned tale

    The soul remains the same,
    Though it escapes the core...

  • _serenity 7w

    / Dying is an art,
    But I am horribly limited,
    I am, I am, I am.
    Silence depresses me /
    ~quotes by Sylvia Plath.

    The moon and The yew tree
    ~Poem by Sylvia Plath.

    Sylvia Plath rented the apartment where poet WB Yeats once lived and died there due to suicide.

    #cees_options @luvnotes_challenge_host @writersnetwork

    @aperture @woodsorrels_ because you wanted to read and because I wrote.

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    Oh Sylvia,
    I think you were me in the past life,
    I think I am you in the present life.

    Oh Sylvia,
    The girl trapped in bell jar
    built with her own austere chaos
    hiding behind the art of death,
    I feel you, dissolved in my blood,
    when I look at the moon and
    the yew tree I planted beside your grave.

    Oh Sylvia,
    Melancholy is eating my bones,
    withering my insides like fallen hopes
    and the yearning to transcend the
    boundaries of horrible limits is
    creating fissures inside this
    crimson hole expanding in my chest.

    Oh Sylvia,
    like all similar things have their own peculiarities,
    I never keep my head in the oven,
    and wait for it to burst like a bubble,
    instead I sit in Yeats' chair
    and write about your grave,
    depressed by the silence of its own.

    Oh Sylvia,
    You were, You were, You were.
    I am, I am, I am.


  • pallavi4 7w

    Many masters, many lives

    I was born an old soul in the body of a child
    To loving parents in a comfortable home
    And knew as a youngster that this would be
    The last time on this earth that I would roam

    I was born and became a young widowed Indian woman
    With a small baby, a white sari and long raven hair
    I still remember the feel of the cold wind on my cheek
    And always wishing that I could go back there

    I was born and became a fat Chinese priest
    Who was councillor to a powerful king
    I sold important state papers to the enemy for which
    I was thrown into boiling water on a fire ring

    I was born and grew up to be a teenage French boy
    Who would watch his landowners’ daughters play
    As they brushed out their hair sitting by the windows
    Hoping to be one of “them” one day

    I was born and went on to be a English boy of five
    An orphan who would beg for food on the streets
    Who died hungry, of malnutrition and starvation
    A small blip on a city’s garbage heap

    I was born and became a Scottish soldier who fought
    Wars in Her Majesty’s army to protect the crown
    I died on the battlefield nameless and unknown
    My body lay lifeless and crushed on the grassy ground

    I was born and grew up to be a female Egyptian dancer
    In the court of a powerful pharaoh - the king
    I was kidnapped by the enemy and died after being
    Bitten by a snake while wearing lots of bling

    I was born only to one day became one
    With the earth of which I was born
    This time whenever I breathe my last
    It will be last time I see another dawn

    In most cultures across the globe it is believed that each of us are reborn 7 times before being given salvation or “moksha”. Each birth is significant because it may follow a sequence or in some pattern fulfil the roles of - the infant, the learner, the explorer, the lover, the achiever, the giver and the transcendence. Since only the soul takes another form/body it is said that as children we are born with some knowledge of our previous births which gradually fades as we grow older. Some people believe that we are watched over by our ancestors that become our guardian angels/masters , hence the term seven masters, seven lives.
    In my culture, Hindus believe reincarnation is a continuous process till the soul attains the qualifications required for Moksha or salvation. It is then that the soul moves to another plane, another dimension, free from the cycle of rebirth and hence the burdens and pains of life.


    2nd of December, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    “Many masters, many lives” taken from a book by the same name by Dr. Brian Weiss

    #cees_options #past_life #many_masters_many_lives #past_life_regression #plrt #energy #form @writersnetwork #miraquill #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill

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  • silver_flakes 7w

    @writersnetwork ��������♥️♥️♥️ thank you so much for repost!!!!!

    Staring at open space
    I appear blank like an empty slate
    But in a maze of dreams I'm far afloat
    Envisioning lives and colours unknown to reality

    As the world bleds soot into clear eyes
    I close my eyes and hide in the calm waters of dreams
    Or perhaps they are wild musings, imaginations
    They entail bouts of insanity to some
    But cool springs of relieve to my aching soul

    As the world cages us in its bitter vise-like grip
    I escape to the realm of imagined fantasies
    Where damsels truly lie in distress not fradulence
    And knights in shining armour wear not slimy sneers
    Where dragons are slayed and not daily fed with bones
    Where kings care to love and protect not enslave

    I've been dreaming since forever
    In them I find shelter from mournful tunes of sorrow
    The piper calls not rats into the city's heart
    His tunes are for fair maidens to dance in delight
    Underneath the night sky that showers stars as rain
    Where the princes are no frogs turned by evil hands
    And the castles are not foreboding towers of Rapunzel

    I dream of dreams in broad daylight
    I smile at follies committed in dreamy corners unseen
    Bewildered looks peep at me from reality's wornout eye
    But leave me be please O eye of sore Truth
    That I might indulge in my dreams of solitude
    For there lies my sanctuary
    And in it the world is sane

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    Imagined dreams

    //I'm a dreamer
    Come day or night
    Search for me
    Not in reality's house
    For in dreams I reside//