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  • herteddy 69w

    Thankyou so much for this challenge @lovenotes_from_carolyn this was fun and exciting to be a part of this ����.

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    I visited the ocean
    At one evening
    There I met a sojourner
    Said he came from
    A different time
    Seeing me so silent yet
    He asked me if I'm fine
    I didn't knew him
    But the evening tide
    Did some magic on me
    And i expressed all
    That I was feeling inside
    He sensed everything
    Talked nothing much
    But said, keep visiting
    This wonderful place
    It will inspire you
    For some more coming years
    Though it isn't the same
    Like my horrid world
    I feel lucky to sojourn here
    In this time

  • shrey2310 69w

    Memories trapped inside photographs
    Warm piece of wool stored in cupboards
    And those essence of the ode so old
    Strangely they whispered, "Why we never change?"

    And strangely I'd reply, "Cause you're not living."
    Neither you can breathe air of betrayal
    Nor can you sense the warmth of love
    Neither can you taste this handful of care
    Nor can you care for bounty of acumen
    But you can heal others cause you can't change.

    And then I'd smile and wonder
    If that's what makes us human?

    We're sojourners moving round and round
    Country to country circling around
    Labyrinth we walk in, in the centre lies destiny
    And for that one destiny we change ourselves infinitely.
    Friends and love we leave behind,
    Letters of love saying goodbye
    Memories we keep untouched and serene
    And before changing anything
    The first that we change is "WE"

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  • starlet18 69w

    I think of you
    our days in clouds,
    the summers in bloom
    and sojourns in moon
    they always end so soon
    I miss your shorts sojourns
    I heard you whisper to the mountains
    Those three words
    I always wanted to hear
    Now they are fading into echoes
    And you, too far to hold
    Just don't end up as a sojourner
    Just don't..

  • inara__ 69w

    Shaking a leg, you hatched.
    Pearly smiles covered their teary delight.
    Raptures of flowers bloomed in their garden.
    Impeccable nexus turned idyllic.
    Nifty junctures became protuberant.
    Giggles and grins were only heard around.

    Sojourner of shrewd toddler to a novice juvenile you became.
    Ubiquitous you flattered in a while.
    Merrinent encrusted your tan,
    Mirth became your favorite pill.
    Eagerness to grow up was all you wanted, With
    Radiant and rakish sunshine beside.

    Altering your happiness, adult you became.
    Unbidden responsibilities knocked your door.
    Time left your home in slighter interval.
    Unnatural swaping of esteem took palce,
    Mincing the jouissance, crops you mowed.
    Naive vexations ruled your head.

    Wearing snowflakes at your head, carrying burden of dreams
    In your flimsy and frothy heart.
    Next day you became decrepit and suddenly
    Taboo on puerile fantasies cropped up.
    Etched with all the memories and reminiscences, there you laid
    Right in front of your frame with a garland you made.

    There is a close corrrespondence between the seasons and the stages of life from birth to death. In this sense, Spring represents birth while summer represents youth, autumn adulthood and winter old age and death.
    Source: google.

    Another piece of

    #acrostic #cees_soj_chall #cconcrete

    @poeticgirl here you go with a 5(-2) petal leaf. Sorry.

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  • leo0707 69w

    World inside books

    Some call me lunatic,
    Some call me strange,
    But to me, I am a sojourner.

    I travel from Earth to space,
    Or any corner of the galaxy,
    But is that even conceivable?
    Sure it is......

    One moment I might be in a magnificent mansion,
    While the next in a lustrous barn.
    And can even go on a world tour,
    Relaxing in a four-walled room.

    I drift away in my world of imagination,
    While staring at space.....
    With the addition of music,
    Might even take me to heaven!

    #cees_soj_chall @_luvnotz_outpost #sojourner
    Pic credit to Pinterest rightful owner

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    World inside Books

    I drift away in my world of imagination,
    While staring at space.....
    With the addition of music,
    Might even take me to heaven!

  • brahmleen_ 69w


    Night's graveyard from skins of four
    armed fan within the molten glues of wall
    behind the lump residing in your
    chopped throat not are I and we be so reckless under punched bags of dead souls we see upfront our necks cycle of light
    gasps dead here where the pink souls of barbies cut without knives with brutal heights misery moulds for sojourners turning to wildest wolves trembling eyes rock with shock walking amidst lonely streets full
    of flagitious silhouettes of black
    boards cry over innocent dolls drapes of liberty flew with heavy
    hearts of seventeen strolling along
    pals sojourner cups of folly mind
    making dark residence within the
    shelves of a forty year old soul
    and ill universe blow rotten
    candles for bushel melts of
    stygian mind


  • absynth 69w


    What does home mean to a sojourner
    Except a cliche enclosed misnomer
    Which bursts like a bubble when touched
    As the walls disappear and the roof opens up.
    Though the wanderlust flowing in his veins
    Is as ancient as stardust
    still the only phosphorescence known to him
    Is the muddy scarlet of blood.

    He stays on the road and only prefers inns
    To spend the weary nights alone
    Because he knows he carries this curse
    In his knapsack
    Which can wreck any home
    Whose front door bears the name plate
    of his namesake,
    Can fade away the shine of all interior decor
    And flake away all the plasters and paints.

    He prefers heart sized suites
    And mind sized balconies,
    A room service of curiosities
    Served on the trolley of melancholy eyes,
    The balm of placebo skin to embalm him for a while
    So that his calloused hands and blistered feet
    Can heal in the shadows of a forever dream.

    Did he lose the map to guide him home
    And now pines for direction from the stars and moon?
    Or did he drop his identity tag somewhere along the road
    And now searches for its pieces in the dirt?
    Is that a vulnerability he fears to expose
    Or has he walked towards the horizon for too long
    Staring at the setting sun till the colors of hope and the color of his eyeballs became one?

    Perhaps the travails of this sojourn
    Have taught him to be wise beyond his years, fears and words
    But what is wisdom when the lines between joy and sorrow are finally blurred?

  • a_gentilischi 69w

    Sojourn For Time

    Spring, summer, autumn, winter sunder
    Each is same, since I became your blunder
    A thorn in my mind, thoughts shaken asunder
    Slithering nightmares that pull me under
    On the edge of Styx's currents, I flounder
    Never tasted life, since it's mine you plunder
    Shouldn't have ever loved you, now I wonder

    Since I've met you, all you've ever done
    Overall is use me and have some fun
    Just another heart! , it's how you seem to run
    Once I thought you were the much coveted "One"
    Utopia of lies, held at the point of your gun
    Ruin me once again, for, to you I am no one
    Null void of a heart, a sojourn which time has outrun

    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi
    PC : Pinterest

    #acrostic #wod #pod #sojourn #sojourner
    #mirakee #writersnetwork
    #cees_soj_chall @_luvnotz_outpost
    #time #seasons #thoughts #life #change

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  • msushil 69w

    Prescribed Hour:
    I am a sojourner
    For the wee hour,
    I am a sojourner
    For the wee hour.
    Oh! Callous world,
    You can't
    Deprive me
    Of my right,
    You can't
    Deprive me.
    In the balcony
    With an innocuous smile,
    Sylph dotes on me.
    Cajoling her hair,
    I ooze
    Umpteen emotions
    To make love triumphant
    The naysayers, the looser.
    Yes, sun winks,
    Morning azures the sky,
    Tears drop from her eyes
    And my errand ends.
    I return to my world
    With a promise
    To come
    Without any fail
    in the Prescribed Hour
    To again vanquish
    The recalcitrant world.

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    Prescribed Hour:
    I am a sojourner
    For the wee hour,
    I am a sojourner
    For the wee hour.
    Oh! Callous world,
    You can't
    Deprive me
    Of my right,
    You can't
    Deprive me.
    In the balcony
    With an innocuous smile,
    Sylph dotes on me.
    Cajoling her hair,
    I ooze
    Umpteen emotions

  • _diyapatel_ 69w


    Its been many suns
    I havent felt your soujorn
    In the city , where we
    Were just we , hardly not meeting
    And then one day
    I realised your vitality
    Now but, your memories
    Became sojourn , sadly.

  • slnksachin 69w

    Stuck inside loop of similar heartbreaks,
    as fate keeps shoving me towards brand new mistake.
    Experience soldiers me up, and implores to raise the stake.
    But, love must be just a sojourner, staying for lust's sake,
    while loneliness must be a refugee, hiding away from reality check.


  • monika1 69w

    'As God is the Creator of all..,
    And the Ultimate power permanent in all forms..,
    All other things are temporary so they are sojourn..,
    And we all are related with them as sojourner..,
    Do friendship with everything one by one.

    Do friendship..,
    With life..,
    And it will..,
    Surely forwarding..,
    Our life-ship on shore.

    Do friendship..,
    With time..,
    And it will..,
    Surely supporting..,
    Our strengths.

    Do friendship..,
    With family..,
    And it will..,
    Surely caring..,
    Our needs.

    Do friendship..,
    With road..,
    And it will..,
    Surely directing..,
    Our destination.

    Do friendship..,
    With nature..,
    And it will..,
    Surely nurturing..,
    Our path.

    Do friendship..,
    With goodness..,
    And it will..,
    Surely captivating..,
    Our deeds.

    Most importantly do friendship..,
    With your own..,
    And you will..,
    Surely knowing..,
    Your aim.

    #cees_soj_chall #ceesreposts
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    'Sojourn or Sojourner'

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  • phoenix_in_ashes 69w

    Castle of Boredom built in insipid year
    Bid adieu to nothing but the time it self
    Bewildered badly Bruised conscious seek help
    As confetti of musings spread everywhere
    An affinity towards enrapturing escape
    Not to any long distant forsaken place
    But ephemeral stay inside dreamy head
    Unperturbed by chaotic world for days
    Profligate with imagination I'll paint portraits,
    From colours of mocking madness
    About the story of catharsis i have here
    Felicitous arena for my complacent self,
    Uttering melodies that many disregard as bane
    Often alone this place has no dubious ways
    Just reluctance to love this soul i carry within
    Here i am touching cosmos in imaginary space
    Abstruse to all, this Sojourn makes me complete


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  • moon_child01 69w

    The Sojourner

    Why moments come in a life
    If they are meant not to last long?
    Only leave some shimmering strands of lie,
    In the blue veins of ongoing prolong.

    Spells of love, witchcraft of sorrows;
    Seasons are celebrated in chests' red hollows.
    Awakening of the sleep of Earthly life and narrows;
    Realisation of sojourner, the pen of a soul follows.

    (Inked by a soul)

    The era is never ending for the people like us.
    How can one deny the truth?
    Every portrait is made on our canvas.
    Otherwise the mechanical future stops it's growth.

    Money? I never feel the peace in my life!
    Black men, white men, women, children—
    Our sweat produces products, we work knowing die.
    I'm a sojourner— the pen of a worker writes down.

    (Inked by a worker)

    Battles and wars, many times we protect the scars;
    Can we say ourselves the travelling sufferers?
    Staying alive may be a mirage when a bomb blasts,
    Happy family are the most unfamiliar words in camps.

    Since the beginning of civilizations, young members
    Have been protecting everyone by being martyrs.
    We are the true and gallant lovers of nations;
    I'm a selfless sojourner — the pen of a soldier commands.

    (Inked by a soldier)

    The lifetime labyrinth of lullabies and lies;
    Religion, racism, subordination— where does the Humanity live?
    The happiness can be found where the togetherness grows;
    The Dove of peace with love wants to arouse.

    The harmony is fading day by day.
    Isn't it something to worry about?
    People should promise to make a better world of obey.
    Am I a sojourner?— the pen of Humanity can't sort out.

    (Inked by the Humanity)

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    The picture cradit goes to the rightful owner ��.

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  • _geenha_ 69w

    Yesterday brought me here
    Like a doorstep delivery
    A sojourner wrapped up in gauze
    Like a babe I was tucked away
    In a world of only two colours
    Thus far my sight could travel
    Unprepared to see beyond the hazy sunset
    To unwrap the cloak with which I was draped
    Like a stubborn pimple
    I clung to my beliefs
    Blind, unrelenting, obnoxious
    A hundred traumas later
    Today is borne to us
    Tears glisten on the path behind me
    Mine and others I cared for
    I have hurt
    And I have been hurt
    Life's a jagged edge
    It tears at us relentlessly
    Yet delivers us right where we need to be
    Somewhere on this path
    A piece here a piece there
    It all came together
    A new pair of not so shiny lens
    I still see the black
    And the white too
    But there's something else now
    A gray coloured place
    Where they both meet

  • taekook_maknae 69w

    Locked in labyrinth of life
    Struck in womb of time
    Love wafted through my heart
    Perpetually it ended as sojourn
    Thence you left me and snatched other !

    Life would be beautiful, if love is not a sojourner!


  • shailjaaaa 69w

    #cees_soj_chall #mirakee #writersnetwork #poem
    Picture source: Pinterest

    Pondering over the thoughts
    Of what I got or what I lost
    I took my old pen,
    and began to wrote
    The words, weaving a warm blanket of memories were falling apart
    Making it ardous to hold the fragile thread of words
    It was slipping down my hands repeatedly
    Making it extremely difficult to explain the misery of my heart
    Memories of a loved one
    Who made me believe that warm blankets do exists
    That the threads of mere words could be turned into a warm cloak
    I again mustered up all the courage
    and stopped myself from thinking about a sojourner
    A sojourner who was part of journey
    A journey which is not over
    A journey which I will complete with my
    woven blanket
    I again picked my pen
    And started weaving a new journey
    of eternal peace and happiness.

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  • paint_a_poem 69w


    / This is a literal poem about sojourn /

    I like to think I have travelled the world
    Now I find myself literally home-bound
    Should have visited the Sphinx last December
    Would have been a vacation to remember

    Now travel does not seem to appeal
    The world is bruised and has to heal
    My idea of a sojourn is in a village far away
    No five star hotels just a home stay

    Yellow fields will be filled with corn
    Bullocks will plough from dusk to dawn
    Trucks will be loaded with sticky sugarcane
    Sacks of wheat will fill dusty barns

    This time I won't jetset
    I won't visit Bali, Male or Tashkent
    Will choose my sleepy village, my quaint town
    And stroll along yellow fields till they turn brown

    Piccredit myself

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  • aurora_aks 69w


    I went to bed and got up
    At my place of sojourn
    The skies were pink
    But the snow was falling
    Fog was there like air I breath
    I was wearing the most beautiful
    Dress I had ever seen
    There was no pain and
    None of the scars on my skin
    Not all the trees were green
    Nobody was there laughing at me
    Not laughing , nor criticizing my life
    The whole place was like a fairy land
    But then I realised that was a dream
    A dream which became
    my place of sojourn
    And made me it's sojourner.
    © aurora_aks

    Help: sojourn - a temporary stay
    Sojourner - a person who resides
    temporarily in a place

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    My dream was my place of sojourn
    And I was it's sojourner

  • yashvibansal 85w

    #zephyr #mirakee #wonderful #wind #wings #breeze #hurricane
    A bit weird maybe, but that's the only thing that struck me in the midst of the hurricane that is my online classes.

    This has been written solely because y'all have been wonderful people❤ and have stuck around despite my inconsistency. I love y'all��

    Not quite sure if it qualifies for this challenge, but I do feel that a holiday sometimes feels like a weekend getaway(from work!!)

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    A holiday from work feels like a zephyr in the midst of a hurricane...