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    @lovenotes_from_Carolyne this story I dedicated to you , your challenge #cees_strange_chall inspired my write ,
    thankyou for always supporting me, you are my inspiration ✍❤
    The lines"no wizardry, nor spelt nor dart ,no fangs nor devil's art could brew that harmed him" taken from the J.R.R.Tolken''s Beren and Luthien
    Hitoritabi - travelling alone (Japanese word)
    Retrouvailles -the joy of reunion with someone after a long seperatin (french words)
    Crepusculum- twilight, dusk
    Discombobulated- confused
    Thanatos- the god of death ( Greek word)

    To my fellow lovely MIRAKEEns I know this is too lengthy, but I hope you will read it , and thankyou so much to all the reader in advance, this is a true story whether you believe or not recounted by my nephew 's story , since we were just sma6 kids ,and I think it's an amazing story
    Perhaps there would be some mistakes here and there but please forgive me , it's just my try to write in prose ..
    Thankyou for a read and like @writersnetwork

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    He mustn't die (Nature's power)

    It was many years ago,there lived a young
    man, my nephew by the name Leetong.
    One autumn on the nineties seventies,
    when trees painted her crimson leaves
    The misty morning crawleth grey
    at dawn to begin another day
    November rain scattered the valley
    Leetong a hitoritabi,set on a journey
    His house is in the village, I know
    Where the lovely woods grow.

    A retrouvailles taste like the honeycomb
    so,he travelled to his ancestral home,
    Excitement on a journey he bouns
    on foot he set at the first break of dawn on his broad shoulders, he bagpacked food and water, nothing would he lacked, twenty miles to carry on, the shrieking bird from a distance portent a warning
    while to the hills he kept on marching .

    The town vanished behind his shadow,
    the sunlight shredded golden glow.
    He walked through fen and bent,
    and rustling leaves in cold silent,
    along the dusty sands, his footsteps
    tapping in the silence of wildernesses.
    His steps took a speed,lest the twilight's
    shadow,cast a spelt on his poor sight

    Where the green patched hills lie,
    across the landscape in the silent sky
    through driving winds ,but in the mist
    of flowing rains that flashed and hissed
    Lo ! through the birchis thickest trunks
    dim shadow lurked ,that spied and shrunk
    Disturbed the peaceful wilderness
    when the sparrow fled from their nests.
    Rumours they were servants of the occult
    that sacrifice human in their dark world
    their raiment dark and dread,watching him from behind the huge pillar branching trees,shadow of fear fed his memories
    he always heard their darkest stories
    their hands were stained in blood
    their victims send to grave this they doth
    in a desolate and barren land,
    after the crepusculum, when the sun
    darken and goes down.

    Chasing through a narrow broken path
    by them, and like a deer swiftly he darted
    down the mountain to escape death
    he prayed he wouldn't fall into their nets
    In the wild , in the hands of demon's twain
    who suck the blood of sinners and saints
    Like bad dreams looming in the eerie nights, when evils seeking their preys
    Their madness footsteps thumped on
    the ground, shaking Leetong's bones,
    closer and closer cometh they sound
    to kill their prey on a deathly hounds.
    unarmed, defenceless to defend ,
    he fled to save himself untill the end

    Fleeing through the blanket of night
    ,his strength fallen,he trotted and sighed,
    while the twilight sunk away,
    would Thanatos court him today ?
    Thence Leetong grim now gazed out,
    from sombre pines and heard her shout
    the waters cascade over the rocks ,
    lifting his soul that's been overwrought
    Then she flows with a soft inland murmur,
    the sacred river since its days of yore,
    Of his clan and his forefathers,
    The river seems to beckon him thither,
    protection he needs within her feather.
    the serpentine river flows west to east
    to reach by her side, his last wish.
    Up through the dark echoing gloom
    he fled to save his life from doom
    Down the hills, across the meadow
    To her ripes ,life's redeemer flow.

    His steps touched the blade of grass,
    pebbles dug his worn out canvas
    Minutes by minutes comes a moment,
    Hither to live or die in torment.
    To face death is dreadful in the hands
    of wickedness ,they were on the rand,
    closer to him in the stretched of sand
    Alive or dead, in no man's land.
    The caelum spreads in dotted stars
    and moonglade splash silver on the river
    In solemn he stands, her mercy he seeks
    "Hear me ,O fair river to thee I beseech
    your kind protection,I plead today,
    I seek your power so hear my pray,
    Let me live to see another day
    don't let my soul decay this way
    but,lest by perchance death I may face
    carry my remnants into thy wild embrace "

    What next befelt he knew not that day
    Nature itself if trusted will never betray
    They followed him to the bank of the river
    Searching the spot,armed with quivers.
    Their torches flame at the roaring stream
    but were discombobulated to the brim.
    They sought him hither and thither,
    with murderous eyes, but seen him not
    Winds of autumn wild's beginning sought
    in the boughs and leaves went spinning
    the wicked's eyes were blinding
    Where the river dwelt, they saw nothing.
    No wizardry, nor spelt nor dart ,
    no fangs nor devil's art could brew that harmed him for the river fairyland
    protecting him with her wand

    He lay upon his back,he dozed,waited
    and watched a sleepless night related
    the thousands unfathomable thing,
    amazing that his soul still breathing.
    The river ripples under the moonlit sky
    flowing through ages and never die
    Mortal could never interpret nature power
    neither to count millions numbers of stars
    that flickered against the ceiling sky
    Doth they see someone shoulden die?

    While the river in serenity flows
    In solitude he waits for the morrow
    Through the darkness of night falls
    Those horrors footsteps he recalled
    Slowly the nightly watches flit
    Another dawn the sunlight lit
    Autumn mellows across the river
    The rice fields swaying in gentler
    zephyr, breezing life to a traveller
    In obessiance to the river,
    In deep seclusion and connection
    Leetong touched the river in veneration
    "Fairest river, fo thee I bow in gratitude
    Your sacred power I cherish and salute
    Let the moon shine forever in thy flow
    Whose dwelling from today I know
    me a simple man that you had saved,
    I see the light of day, to thee I am indebted
    that on the bank of this delightful stream,
    My soul and my life had been redeemed "
    That end a strange story,
    his story though not been writ,
    but when autumn falls, Leetong retold
    The power of nature that's been enfold.

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    #epistrophe @writersnetwork @miraquill
    1st April 2022
    Thank you so much for this amazing challenge ma'am💜
    Homosexual~ A sinner of fallacious sins
    A harsh slap on his rose tinted cheeks and he tasted the blood of his innocence. He was dazed by few punches and kicks on his face and stomach. The earth under his feet moved and love stumbled when his father retracted the roof of solicitude from his head disowning him. Words bedizened with blue , fell from his trembling lips begging for the delicate touch of mercy. His mother ensnared him inside the grey boundaries of his dorm , trimming brittle blooms from the plant of her love.
    /His pleas went unheard . He was frail , his masculinity was overshadowed with frail emotions . Perhaps he was sinner. /

    He overheard few confab while crossing the corridor of his school with a heartful of blood curdling anxiety. Some gut-wrenching remarks pulled the pool of tears in his sorrow stained orbs but the residue of pulverized courage fenced them all. He tried to conceal the fragments of his severed life inside the pages of the book, the treasure of wisdom and intelligence. His hopes tumbled and reveries morphed themselves into ephialtes when the black phrases screamed " homosexuality is an infectious illness that needs to be treated , an offence, a stygian stain on the white wings of seraphic society. His soul took a step back from life reducing some numbers synonym of age , betwixt the death and his existence. He plugged in the earphones of fear to listen to the music extracted from the profanities that never fails to lacerate his toned skin.
    /A simple touch on his scar and aching heart turned on the malice melodies , "he deserves to die he is criminal, a sinner. "/

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    The sky inked with dark hues like his youth. There are billions of stars still he was all alone . Mayhaps he is star destined to fall to grant the wishes of people erasing his monstrous existence. There was not a single awning of kindness in this gigantic globe that could protect him from the cruel storms of abhorrence. Everyone gifted him words honed with loathe wrapped with beautiful faces and lethal lips dripping repugnance . He painted the pictures of his epilogue and observed how his end will efface the dust of disgust from everyone's glasses throwing confetti of rejoice all over the cosmos. Not a single soul will shed tear for him. He captured the scenery of sun diving deep into the ocean of pastel pink horizon, splashing pitch black hues. He pushed his numb body down from the edges of tall building to embrace death/peace making his reminiscences seep out from his veins.

    He left behind the burning remnants of his emotions. He is miscreant, who murdered himself. He is a sinner.

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    This happened a few years ago,
    I was in 12th grade.
    I was on my way back from the nearest town, after a movie day with some of my friends.
    And of course the overcrowded buses were the only option then.

    I got into the next bus, found a comfortable seat, plugged in the earphones and put on some songs.

    A few more minutes to start, I noticed the next bus in our route, it was a new bus, and was the first public bus in our route to have an AC in it.

    I got down from the one that was about to start and got into the other one.

    I was about to get down and a couple of furlong before, the bus stopped as there had been an accident a few metres ahead of us.

    It had only been a few minutes since the accident and ambulance or any other services hadn't arrived.

    I decided to get down and go look into what had happened. The bus from which I had got down had hit another car which was in very bad state, and 4 people including a lady was trapped in.

    I walked near the scene and saw my father and people around there trying to pry open the car and rescue them. With my bag still on the shoulder, I too joined them. After a few minutes of effort, the driver's door was opened, but another issue stood up, he was wearing the seatbelt and it was stuck.

    The only option was to cut the belt and since the man was all covered in blood, most of the people gathered around withdrew, by that time the other three were taken out by others through the other doors and was already taken to a nearby hospital in an ambulance, as they were in bad condition too that it was better to rush them that waiting for this one to be rescued.

    As most of them withdrew, my father asked me if I could somehow cut the belt and let him loose.
    I still don't know how I did it, my yellowish shirt was all covered in blood, somehow I cut the belt and let him loose, and at the same moment, his whole body slided out of the seat and rested upon my shoulder and chest. It was the first time I had such an experience, but there was nothing else to do, the value life of that man might've been what have me the courage.
    I pulled him out and he was taken to the hospital too(In a passenger's car).

    That was an experience I cannot express in words.
    And later we came to know all four of them were safe but with some serious damages.

    A few months after the accident, this man along with his family, came to my house, thanked me and my father, had that days lunch at ours, took a picture and left. And it was then that I realised that I hadn't even seen his face as I was pulling him out. It was all covered in blood.

    "Humanity doesn't need a face."

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    Something strange happened in past years, that I never thought of encountering. Always be sure to stay away from the shadow of a closet hidden somewhere within the space of the place I visit everywhere. Never been a day, I skipped it or that part skip me. It pursues the steps I take forward and sometimes backwards too.

    It feels like being under the control of some artificial presence, and sometimes the reality of it, in front of me eating me up and sometimes caressing me with bare hands. It soothes me up when I sense suffocation and choking with weird imagined files of being a tarred mess.

    What is it, might be wondering?
    Should I reveal it or let it be repealed?
    I am not insane, it's just strange.

    Shade, the one in black that gets pictured with bright as a shadow. Portraying a world with no bustle. Moving along me every time I walk around. From the moment I felt filled to the minute, I felt emptiness. It's the illusion of truth. Born and brought up with me. Now a part of me, that is chaotic and made me feel better when it embeds its soul dragging out mine, crossing bridges of struggling to be loved. Makes me feel destructive to feel protected whenever the corpse has been apprehended too much than required, the sigh.


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    Walk around

    strange, for some a term
    for some a sense
    and for me a little lot more than all.

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    While we all laid asleep,
    In a dormitory of room of 60.
    Some dreamt while some blinked;
    Yearning to get a ride back to Dreamland.

    Amongst the wide-eyed was me
    Still recovering from the sweet dream I'd have.
    I decided to wander off in thoughts, perhaps that'd make me sleep.
    It didn't take me long a enough
    And then I found something,
    Not from within, yet from around me.

    Slowly I felt my blanket being pulled off me
    Oh my God! I screamed in my heart
    Which throbbed at an insane rate
    For which feared was too loud.

    What could I do but tremble in fear.
    I cried out within "God help me"
    And slowly began to pray "Jesus save me"
    And slowly did my blanket get placed back.

    It took me a while, trembling in fear
    Yet finally I fell asleep.
    When I told my friends the next day
    No one believed me. "It was a dream" some said,
    But in my heart I know what happened and who saved me.


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    #epistrophe #wod #cees_strange_chall @luvnotes_challenge_host #miraquill #writersnetwork

    Absolutely non sensical something I have written.. ����
    I don't know... There is a thin line between strange and sensical, I guess??

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    And I Died

    It was a warm day
    I woke up as usual
    I looked around my bed
    It was lying in a puddle
    I had turned into a frog
    A princess that I was
    I pinched myself hard
    And I died

    It was a cool night
    The stars shone bright
    I watched them glow and glitter
    They started coming closer
    A void opened in a whorl
    And it gobbled me whole
    I panicked and stopped breathing
    And I died

    It was an amber evening
    The sea gulls were circling
    As I lay on the warm sand
    With a fairytale in my hand
    The waves lapping my feet
    The ground began to beat
    I entered the ocean calmly
    And I died

    It was a sunny afternoon
    And yet I could see the moon
    The moon was a thin crescent
    The day was cool and pleasant
    The sky began to fall
    The sun, moon, and all
    I tried to hold it up
    And I died

    It was a beautiful life
    I was the queen of ice
    I rode a sledge of silver
    And carried an icy quiver
    I killed all that crossed my path
    Everyone feared my wrath
    One day, the ice started melting
    And I died


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    #epistrophe #wod #cees_strange_chall

    Oh wow @writersnetwork a back to back repost. I know you have been so kind earlier too. Thank you for appreciation and encouragement.
    And a heartfelt gratitude to all my readers here. ❤️❤️❤️

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    The scorching summer
    slapped me as I collected
    the footprints of our spent spring,
    yet I don't give up.

    The murderous wind
    thoughtlessly pulled my wounded garbs, to take away your fragrance
    yet I don't give up.

    The fiery Gulmohar tree
    stopped showering on me
    for it too seeked you
    yet I don't give up.

    The small sparkling pool
    witness to our last kiss
    no longer welcomes me
    yet I don't give up.

    The lonely lighthouse
    softly asked me to rethink
    for being different brings isolation
    yet I don't give up.

    I will wait for you,
    I will pray for you,
    I will fight for you,
    let them punish me,
    let them forsake me,
    let them fight me,
    till they forget me,
    till they get tired of me,
    till they regret wasting time on me,
    yet I don't give up.


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    This incident that happened few years ago and I still feel as it had happened yesterday

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    We were teenager group of 12 members. We went for phoughing the field one day. One girl among us was an orphan whose parents had passed away few years back. She was having a stomach ache and went in the shade for some rest. While resting, her parents spirit came and requested her to go along with them. She started moving towrads the mountain. We asked where she was going. She said she's going with her parents and we were shocked because her parents passed away. All of our group didn't see her parents except her. We rushed and caught her back. We decided to take rest and have our lunch together. I opened my water bottle to take a sip and my my friend exclaimed, "don't drink that water because my dad take a sip before and the water in the bottle is blood ,not water". All of us were terrified and speechless because the water is not blood to our eyes. We decided it will be of any good to stay in that field and left for home. We all stay at her place that night to prevent any further incidents.

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    The characters are Punya, Swatantra and Rabi.
    This is a story about a sudden trip to Kolkata
    (State- West Bengal, Country- India)


    Day Zero.

    (Punya calls Rabi {Me.( ̄︶ ̄)↗} and Swatantra on the hostel roof.)

    Punya[P]: How many absents do you guys have?
    (We are allowed to have 8 absents in order
    for being eligible to attend our exams.)

    Swatantra[S]: 3.
    Rabi[R]: 3.
    S: You? (Asking Punya.)
    P: None.
    (At that moment you should have seen my face. φ(* ̄0 ̄) )

    R: Is something wrong?
    P: Let's go to Kolkata.
    (It is not that difficult to go. Just an extra Absent in our record. 4 hours of train ride without any booking early on. Plus, if we are going then it would be 4 hours of train ride back and I don't think we would be booking while returning either so.. not a big deal.)

    S: Is that the name of a new restaurant in the city?
    P: Kolkata as in Kolkata city.
    S: Oh. Okay.
    R: (~ ̄▽ ̄)~
    (I don't know how Swatantra just said yes to something like that. Nonetheless Punya was among the best students in our class but, coming up with something like that so sudden was really off I mean.. too much off about him.)

    I guess, there is no problem in agreeing with that idea.
    (Now you know why I am not among the best students in our class.)

    S: When are we leaving tomorrow?
    P: We are leaving now.
    R: Now.
    P: I have already called a cab. It will be here in around 3 minutes. Just a one day trip. Pack what you would need and meet up at the hostel gate.
    (At that moment I realized why he is among the best students in our class. He had predicted the whole scenario. Or.. maybe he would have gone alone if neither of us agreed.)

    (We are on the train leaving for Kolkata, all three of us sitting near the entrance of the compartment, on the floor because the place is packed. PACKED. (/≧▽≦)/ )

    *To be continued..




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    " Unusual "

    This happened 2 years back when my mother was too sick due to cancer and almost counting her days.

    One day after returning from hospital after 4 days. In the night she told my father that 4 poeple in black dress came and sat under her bed.

    They're continuously provoking her to hold their hand and come.

    In the morning father told me this and mother also said few people are sitting under her bed and asking her to come and I said to mom ...don't listen to them. Just say I will not come and I always go out with my husband or else with my kids .
    Just ignore them whatever they're saying.

    Due to her illness she started seeing what all is happening around her and she started grumbling non stop day and night. Whole day and whole night we all sit next to her. And I keep talking to her.

    And then one day she said her mother is trying to come near her but inbetween on the way too many people are standing and not allowing her to come. They're continuously telling her to go back. Mom told me her mother want to meet her but no one is giving her a way.

    Her grumbling was increasing day by day and again she stopped eating and drinking anything. Just water she was able to drink.

    Then again we called the ambulance and the moment she was shifted in the ambulance her grumbling automatically stopped and then in the hospital again she said that those 4 black dressed people came in the hospital too and again sitting under the bed.

    One week she was in the hospital. After 2 days of admission she lost the control of her eye lids and now she was not able to see anything because she was not able to open her eyes. She was not able to see family members but she was able to see the spiritual world..

    I keep talking to her so that I can divert her mind. One day before her death she said her mother came. I said no one is here. Right now I am your mother. Then she said no you are my daughter. My mother came to see me and she standing next to you, near my pillow.

    I looked around but found nothing but mom was talking to her. And I understood that now Grandmaa will take her daughter away from me.

    In the night after changing her nurse gave her a new white bed sheet and I was like something is going wrong. I felt something is not good happening here, something is wierd.

    Why all of sudden after so many days nurse covered her with a white bedsheet where as all these days they were giving pink or blue coloured bedsheets.

    And my intuition became strong that something is going to happen and next day my mother left us forever and she was gone to an unknown world with her mother.

    After 2 years still everything is very much alive infront of our eyes as if all these things happened just now.

    It's difficult to forget everything. It difficult to forget that my mother actually saw her death and those devil's who were hidden under her bed for 2 weeks and continuously provoked her to leave everyone and come along with them and when they didn't succeeded they have sent her mother to to convince her to leave us forever.

    Rekha Khanna

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    Seeing Things

    Looking up in the sky
    I know not why
    I seen all the, stars
    A million times before
    I see Orlando belt
    The three diamond belt
    The hunter was looking great
    But then I noticed a tiny star
    Moving very fast
    It stopped on a dime
    And was still for ten seconds
    Then moved in a square
    A rectangle, then a circle
    It seemed to to not make up its mind
    Then continued on it lightning speed
    And I seen this twice before
    On two other nights
    I think I got ogled by a UFO
    Before you were not considered
    Nutzoid for seeing
    What you're not suppose to see


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    #cees_strange_chall #challenge #conceptprompt @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Dear readers please give your opinions on this. What was it?

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    What was It?

    The story which I am going to relate has actually happened to my husband and even to this day I get goosebumps while narrating this.

    The year was 2019, around March end or April, though can't remember the date. My husband had gone to Dhenkanal (a district of Odisha) and from Dhenkanal to the village , 60 or 70 kms from Dhenkanal town, to attend marriage function of one of our relatives. Jatni to Dhenkanal is 107 kms and from there to the village is around 60 to 70 kms. He travelled using his new bullet which he had purchased recently. He had not taken anyone else with him.

    He arrived at the marriage place safely, attended the function and started around 3 pm to return back to Jatni. So while returning back, at an isolated place, he met a man who asked him to give him a lift. My husband asked him where he wanted to go. He didn't say anything but only said he wanted to be left a little further at some crossroad. There was no one there, no animals, humans or anyone. It was around 5.30 or 6.00 pm. Evening time. My husband did not think about it when that man asked for the lift. So he gave him a lift. The speed of the bullet was around 50 kmph. The man not was around sixty or seventy years of age, white hair, was wearing dhoti and kurta. He didn't talk about anything. Going some distance of kilometers, there was a turning and my husband drove to around 40.The vehicle was a little slow. After sometime came a temple and my husband asked him if he wanted to get down there. But he didn't answer him. When my husband turned around there was no one there!!! He didn't look anymore and could not think anymore but came straight home, heart beating fast.

    After reaching home he narrated this incident to us. Goosebumps that what we got. We conjectured and speculated many things. Was it a ghost, a paranormal thing or a normal human being, who when jumped when the vehicle was slow? To this day we can't get over it.

  • tuiethetweety 13w

    "The Unbelievable"

    The first ever novel i wrote was around
    a girl who was badly cheated by her love.
    he used her,repeatedly room dated with others.
    the poor girl wasn't able to accept although later
    she put stone on heart and began accepting all
    his betrayals,his open exhibiting polygamy & so on.
    why she accepted such undeserving,ugly fate?
    only because she could do everything but living
    without that bad partner wasn't her cup of tea.
    no matter how he ill treated,humiliated and defamed
    her,she was still madly in love with him,which later
    numbed her feelings,hampered her normal life,
    destroyed her forever,but could never marred her
    from loving such a shameless,heartless person.
    This was the greatest lesson of her life ever.

    After writing this novel,nobody would believe
    but the bizzare fact is,most of the things i had
    written in my novel eventually began happening
    with me too,my whole world was shaken when
    the i faced literally the same fate the protagonist
    of my novel faced,got cheated yet never could
    leave the person,leading me to psychosis.
    suffered the worst experience of my life ever!
    So,does it imply that i was writing my destiny
    in my own hands on the paper through the novel?
    It still gives me chill,i think thrice before writing any
    bad incidents in my future writing projects.

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    A factual piece of strangeness for the challenge @luvnotes_challenge_host #cees_strange_chall

    It's kinda alien abduction, a darkside tale of a people with_, and for everything there's the first time and ever.

    Sleepless Night/s

    On the wall, shaped shadows of distance
    winged and stoned sculpts was longing
    to be touched and caressed,
    of fingers drifting in a draft;
    yet it's not pitchy dark, city was still
    in a hustle with a light wavering in a rush,
    here and there; for the eyes in the bed,
    it was only a wall with shadows
    of sculpt and a bars, light and dark,
    pass and pass with a rushing lights;
    a wind through window sounded dull and loud,
    chill and cold; heart, lost all, to this togetherness
    of nothing and everything; mind heard a
    pumping and beats, that said burn me
    this time, I won't raise, rather remain ash;
    in fraction, again,
    it's shadows and lights and the fingers in an air;
    as hands inside a clock turned,
    day settled to quite and calmness of night;
    believe it or not, waves of thoughts in a high,
    tragically no one there to hear, eyes still open,
    sleep left before a depth of times, but not for everyone;
    howled stray might relate a straying
    soul with star, to which it wished a lasting lot;
    on those moments of pulsating and strangeness
    of the first time, not thought of doomed
    for so many other nights; between the World slept
    as a beauty, then without peace, I walking
    towards a people rest in peace with a pieces
    of winged and stoned, shadows and light.

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    Sleepless Night/s

    On the wall, shaped shadows of distance
    winged and stoned sculpts was longing
    to be touched and caressed,
    of fingers drifting in a draft;
    yet it's not pitchy dark, city was still
    in a hustle with a light wavering in a rush,
    here and there; for the eyes in the bed,
    it was only a wall with shadows
    of sculpt and a bars, light and dark,
    pass and pass with a rushing lights;
    a wind through window sounded dull and loud,
    chill and cold; heart, lost all, to this togetherness
    of nothing and everything; mind heard a
    pumping and beats, that said burn me
    this time, I won't raise, rather remain ash;
    in fraction, again,
    it's shadows and lights and the fingers in an air;
    as hands inside a clock turned,
    day settled to quite and calmness of night;
    believe it or not, waves of thoughts in a high,
    tragically no one there to hear, eyes still open,
    sleep left before a depth of times, but not for everyone;
    howled stray might relate a straying
    soul with star, to which it wished a lasting lot;
    on those moments of pulsating and strangeness
    of the first time, not thought of doomed
    for so many other nights; between the World slept
    as a beauty, then without peace, I walking
    towards a people rest in peace with a pieces
    of winged and stoned, shadows and light.

  • paint_a_poem 13w


    // I always wanted to start with, " T"was a
    dark and stormy night ", and now I have.
    I did not know what I encountered but never again would I walk alone in the woods//

    T'was a dark and stormy night
    But the woods were dark,deep and inviting
    I embarked upon a walk, which in hindsight
    Left me bereft and soulfully lamenting

    Stars shimmered , Moon played truant
    Not a living or dead soul in sight
    Crickets chirped under the dim street light
    The sounds and scenes made me paralyzed

    Walking alone on a loney road in the woods
    I witnessed strange and menacing beats
    Man, woman, child or beast
    That was behind me with fists of steel?

    The sound of running feet was heard
    Stunned and terrorized I turned
    In the moonlit night beneath the shadows lurked
    A ghoul or ghost or gremlin as the road forked?

    Trying to scream I found I lost my voice
    Palpitating heart only made it worse
    Trembling all over I lost my nerve
    And started running before I knew what I saw or heard

    With skidding tyres and smoky fumes
    A car suddenly stopped amidst the gloom
    I saw a familiar face behind the wheel
    And yelped in joy to head back home

    Now, I don't want a repeat of Thriller Night
    Lest I venture for a walk in the woods in the mist
    Ghouls and gnomes and ghosts in white
    Please stay away from my streets at midnight !

    31 Mar 22

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    Halt - Who goes there Ghoul or Ghost?

    T'was a dark and stormy night
    But the woods were dark,deep and inviting
    I embarked upon a walk, which in hindsight
    Left me bereft and soulfully lamenting

    31 Mar 22

  • pallavi4 13w


    When I was young, I awoke one night
    And heard the clock in the clock tower chiming
    I realised I was covered in sweat
    And that in my ear there was a slight ringing

    In the darkness although I couldn’t see a thing
    I noticed a very faint light
    On squinting my eyes I saw a shadow
    Of something strange standing by my side

    Too petrified to move or fully awaken
    I lay in my bed trying to wish it away
    When I felt this unknown form kick the side of my bed
    For god’s benevolence I began to pray

    I’d read about demons in books in the past
    And knew immediately something was very wrong
    The minute I heard it’s breath near me
    I realised this thing wasn’t planning on moving on

    Not sure I was grateful for the faint light
    That let me see the demon near me
    In a fright I pulled the covers upto my neck
    Waiting and praying for it to leave me be

    It slowly moved around my bed
    Kicking the bottom of my bed regularly
    The jerks from the kicks made me squeal
    Although not a sound could be heard outwardly

    I heard it sniff something near my head
    It seemed to be pacified enough to move on
    For it proceeded to walk down the stairs
    I could hear the footsteps till it was finally gone

    When the night became quiet again
    And I stopped being drenched in perspiration
    I noticed I’d wet my bed like a child
    So terror struck I’d been in this duration

    I couldn’t stop wondering why
    That demon had chosen to haunt me that night
    Why while it strayed, why I couldn’t move a muscle ?
    Why I was completely frozen with fright ?

    They say that demons choose to dwell
    In the homes of the emotionally weak
    What did that then say about me ….
    That I was a meek terrified freak ?

    On consulting a shaman I found out I was being
    Haunted by something that was half lion, half bear
    I think I was in a way happy on getting to know that
    I wasn’t seeing things that weren’t there

    I cleansed my room by spritzing holy water
    In the hopes of warding off the demon the next night
    I woke up again around three in the morn
    Only to find him standing overhead in the faint light


  • bonitasarahbabu 13w


    It was an overwhelming day,
    I just couldn't control my emotions.
    Run upstairs to the non classroom area, I did,
    I cried to relieve the stress I was undergoing.
    My head was resting on my arms,
    And my face was looking down to the floor when I felt consoling pats on my head.
    In shock I looked up,
    And there was no one there!
    The door was still closed,
    And there was none in the room.
    I felt a hug and that scared me,
    It had me running downstairs to be with people.
    My fear was noticed by my professor,
    She reminded me that our facility used to be a convent in the past.
    Then I rembered the history of the location I was studying at,
    And also remembered how it was haunted.
    Too many horror movies I have watched,
    I was expecting to be possessed.
    To this day, I am apprehensive to be there at night,
    But I have learned to be open with the paranormal.
    Life is filled with unexpected events,
    And this was one such event.

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  • luvnotes_challenge_host 13w


    The two previous challenges focused on humor and positivity; so today we're going to head off in a new direction by delving into the bizarre, the mysterious, the weird, the unexplainable, and the unknown!

    CHALLENGE OBJECTIVE: For the purposes of this challenge, in a poetic or prose rendering, tell us a tale about the most wild, weird, and/or unusual thing that's ever happened to you (or someone you know). Think alien abductions, or the shows "The Twilight Zone" and "Tales from the Darkside" for clarity on what I'm looking for.
    This is to be a factual piece that tells a true story about something strange that happened to you (or someone you know), thus it should be clearly depicted and well detailed. No abstract pennings for this challenge. One submission per participant, penned in English please.

    *Please allow up to several days for me to see all submissions.

    -Heated political/religious topics
    -Inappropriate language/content
    -Offensive/foul language or topics
    -Hate speech, harassment, or bullying

    DURATION: This challenge will be open for 48 hours from the time of posting. It's over when it says "2d" in the upper right corner of this post.

    MANDATORY HASHTAG: Please use #cees_strange_chall for this challenge only.

    TAGGING: When participating in the challenges, please tag this account, not my main one.

    *Don't forget to support your fellow participants by checking out their submissions, commenting, and reposting!