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  • brahmleen_ 53w

    If scars are the wonders you sew everyday
    than the battle to plot life would never kibosh....


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    If scars are the wonders you sew everyday
    than the battle to plot life would never kibosh....


  • jeelpatel 53w

    Battles till bones

    Battles, throbbed fields under very foot step
    Bulwark pierced, will inside you, still intact

    Collision, buildings of power, predicament fall,
    Some days, scattered survivors, death soaked

    Alleviate chatter blasts inside mind, fight hard
    Neutralise triggers by patience, flooded veins

    Scraped teeth, smashed head on hourglass,
    Embrocate bruise, don't paint edges, let em be

    Symmetry runs asymmetrical, in your lifetime
    Exhortation, breathe it in, break the shell again

    Broken windowpanes by stones of challenges
    Juddered tiles of tolerance, thou, persistent

    Sabotage, ugly scars, reminiscent of fighters
    Write raw poetry, don't decorate with metaphors

    You, pragmatic life, goin' through experiments
    Don't leave battlefield before sun dies within


  • indheevar 53w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #cees_tp_chall

    Have you seen the sadness trapped in my eyes,
    the madness draped all over my brows
    Have you laid your eyes on the
    Thousand shades of darkness layering my heart
    Have you heard the thunder
    That I buried beneath my gaze
    Have you crossed the thorny bush
    That I planted around my heart,
    Have you heard about the scars I adorn
    In my pain dripping skin
    Have you read the saga
    Of my endless battles with my guilt
    If you don't
    Don't let your monotonous words to claim
    That you know me too.

    Thanks @writersnetwork for the repost.

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  • kosachaya 53w


    Thanks @writersnetwork for the lovely repost

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  • thebrain 53w

    Be proud my dear,
    Be proud my friend,
    The scar you wore
    should be worn with pride,
    It's scar from battles to survive,
    Let them judge you with it,
    It's what they all do,
    Let them jest you through it,
    It doesn't cancel out how far
    and how hard you have fought,
    Be proud my dear,
    Be proud my love,
    The scar you wore,
    Only confirm you are stronger
    than the jesters.
    Wore it with pride.


  • carrie09 53w

    Battle scars
    pic.credit to rightful owner
    #writersnetwork thanks a lot for the read and like

    I witnessed her battle
    bottled inside her heart and soul
    she lost a battle, got a scar
    Scarred in humiliation and agony

    Queen of heart, thrown and towed
    Defeated by her trusted close aide
    betrayal broke the heart, trust torn apart
    when love breach the vows

    Who will win for her the war ?
    While she wail , while she wimp ?
    In the oubliette then she hid
    Shocked and shaken soul she worn
    for how long?time I lost count

    time the great healer, I believe
    in silent ,healed her wounds
    In Phoenix likes, emerging again
    from the remnants of her gray ashes

    Like Scar moon shines at night
    she grew again in glorious sights
    Now she shines in cerulean sky
    In grace and serenity
    Albeit, now and then I still can see
    scars surface in her eyes,but
    her battle scars,becoming her strength
    her power throughout her life.

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    Battle scars

    A true warrior is the one who
    gets scars in the battle
    Who fights back and a fighter
    Is born.


  • starlet18 53w

    I'm preparing myself
    To bare the coldness
    To get to know you well
    To be the best for you
    To melt into your arms
    To make love
    With the whole oh my heart
    Mind and body



    #cees_tp_chall #battlescars
    @sakthi_____ @candis @damn254
    @mr_lucifer @violetblackfire

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  • sulu80 53w

    Life itself a battle field
    Everyone fights to yield
    Not only in legends we find
    We rage within our mind
    Painful moments we bear
    Turning into memorable scar

    A child struggles, comes out from the womb
    Tearful, joyful, expressive mother's bloom
    Undergoes transformation in stages
    For finding justice he/she enrages
    Always on wheels to find a place
    Fulfill the dreams with a race

    Like spider we weave the web
    Rising and falling on the ebb
    Our goal act as a Spur
    Driving out with Utmost care
    Celebrate the triumph of victory
    Finding a place in history

    Facing life like a brave soldier
    Battle field's sole controller
    Each day a war front
    For getting a treasure hunt
    A makeover from the wound
    A joyous leap into the abyss found

    Lot of hurdles we face with fear
    To overcome a thrill we bear
    Some were born rulers, warriors
    Tasting the hardships victorious
    An amalgamation of happy and sad
    The spark within us makes it glad.

    #cees_tp_chall #challenge #topicprompt #battlescars #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Battle Scars

    Life itself a battle field
    Everyone fights to yield
    Not only in legends we find
    We rage within our mind
    Painful moments we bear
    Turning into memorable scar.

  • jmack1997 53w

    Its hard to tell how far
    My dark days go
    Without any battles scars
    That I can show
    For im fighting a battle from within
    I'm fighting my own head
    Watching everyone grin
    About what someone did
    To get their battle scars
    While I'm over here drowning
    Noone will know how far
    In the dark im going

  • anugraha_99 53w

    Inspired (somewhat loosely) by Arya Stark and Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, whom I've grown to admire.
    #cees_tp_chall #perfection #gracec #pod
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #readthisJ

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @lovenotes_outpost @writersbay

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    She was showered with dolls to play with,
    She chose to swing a sword instead,
    She was deluged with gems & jewels of all sorts,
    But facts & knowledge she decided to embed.

    "One day I'll fight in wars & conquer lands,
    I will lead & rule the world", she said,
    "You've no place in the field of combat,
    Queens don't govern in this realm", they yelled.

    Realization dawned, her strife was battlefields beyond,
    To her parochial foes, in perfection she had to respond.
    She trained, she whimpered, lessons she learned,
    Kept faith in herself, to austerity she was inured.

    Her rivals she overthrew, her challengers humbled,
    The Queen she'd been crowned, provincial views crumbled.
    Sitting on her throne, her scars with grace she flaunted,
    Scars, which reminded of the forces she had shunned.


  • no_one07 53w

    Stitches in heart
    (Mother's point of view);

    He might not be a commander in chief,
    But is a soldier,
    Who guards the nation....
    A son,
    Who is almost everything to me...

    All of a sudden they declare war,
    He darted to save the country,
    With my heart still pounding...

    Each day passes by,
    With the fear of mislaying my heart....
    Months pass by,
    My heart full of worries and scars..

    Waiting till he returnes...
    Either way bringing honour to the nation

    (Son's point of view)
    She might not be a doctor,
    But is a mother of a soldier...

    Every time she stitches her heart,
    Faces me bravely and bids me goodbye....

    Suddenly they wage a war...
    Her heart shatters for the millionth time..
    But does not dares to reveal it,
    It remains bottled up.

    Oh ...they say,
    Battle scars...
    I just get them physically,
    But she.......
    Suffers from them everyday,
    Till I arrive......

    #cees_tp_chall #battlescars


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    Stitches in heart

    My heart still pounding,
    With each day passing by,
    And the fear of mislaying my heart....
    They say battle scars,
    I just get them materially....
    But she suffers from them every second......

  • words_flake 53w

    A fighter without
    battle scars is incomplete..

  • monikakapur 53w


    Some visible, some not
    She carried various scars on her soul
    Judged by her outer appearance
    Looked down upon by the society as a whole
    Brandishing the labels of patriarchy,
    The world dumped her inside four walls
    Meekly she followed the instructions
    She stopped her flight and began to crawl.
    Then one fine day she dared to dream
    Dreams of flying high in the sky,
    Wounded, she was, defeated she was not
    Murmuring therapies under her breath, she set her aims high
    Slowly and steadily picking her broken self,
    She fell in love with her own scars
    A dream is a wish your heart makes
    The universe conspired and she touched the stars

  • dil_k_ahsaas 53w

    Some scars, some pains we may forget.
    Those scars and those pains always remember us.
    When ever I try to smile, they pinch me and say we are still alive.
    Sometimes pain empowers our happiness and allow us to die with it's slow poison.
    Scars, my scars always remind me of my innerself, who is hurt, and writhing in pain.
    When you give new shape to broken things ..it appears new n looks fresh
    New vibes works like a wonder
    Broken things are full of cracks ....which can't be hidden. ..
    How much u try to give a new shape. .scars still tell a old story.


    #cees_tp_chall #challenge #topicpromot #battlescars #writesnetwork #mirakee #ceesreposts #readers #writers #battle #scars #pain #feelings

    #reposting with new #caption

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    " Scars "

    I m proud of my scars
    Scars on my soul and on my heart
    My scars shows that I m a winner over my sorrows, agony, pain, crying heart, betrayed but still alive and many more hard to describe
    Each scar has one story to tell.

    My eyes full of tears
    Each drop falls deep inside the heart
    Each drop helps to grow a tree of sadness from bottom of heart
    And roots of this tree run through my body.

    My lips are very soft
    When I try to smile it shows cracks in it
    Cracks of painful smile when heart is crying but lips are trying to smile
    Many times I turn fake smile into the real one
    Your smile is beautiful most of the time I get this compliment for my fake but real looking smile.

    Scars which doesn't allow us to live peacefully
    One has to learn the art of hiding the scars
    The moment you show it to others
    It becomes talk of the Town.

    Poeple enjoy describing you in different ways with each scar
    Poeple feels good in making matching story with each scar .
    Inspite of not knowing anything they will make u feel that they knows more about you than you.

    Rekha Khanna

  • soulfulstirrings 53w

    We are all warriors .. each one of us is as mighty as the ocean and as infinite as the depths of the sky .
    Limitless .
    Survivors .

    #cees_tp_chall @odysseus @sumana_chakraborty @preetkanwal
    Image credit to the rightful owner .

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    Battle scars ..
    Etched on papyrus like skin
    Withered with time yet holding ground
    Each a reminder of when she ebbed and flowed
    Decayed and growed
    Of how she became the river that never stopped meandering with grace
    Of how she bloomed amidst a world seeking perfection
    Of how her soul rose from battlefields of doubts that mar
    Of how she now wears her scars like stars

  • joan53 53w

    The crack appeared just the other day
    The loss was devastating in every way
    Disappointment showed in shadows
    As I looked out my double window
    Tears formed around the battle scars
    Their hate and treachery went too far

  • writeforjoy 53w

    bid farewell to the past
    I bid farewell at last,
    to the pain that made me cry at night,
    to the fear that stopped me from turning on the light,
    that sparked from within.

    i bid farewell to the people who oppress,
    thinking that by doing so I can never surpass
    them and therefore suppress
    their fear of failure

    I bid farewell to the thoughts that say that you are less,
    than everyone else in the room,
    and to the thoughts that make my life a mess
    And on the darkness of like zoom

    I bid farewell to the scars that pain,
    The scars that yell that this battle is in vain,
    But little does it know that we all are fighting the same battle in a different war,
    So fellow warrior,
    Get rid of the fear,
    Get rid of the pain
    and in turn embrace and welcome the people who truly support you
    and welcome them
    may you stay and enlighten the world
    because together we can be so much stronger.

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    Battle Scars

    So fellow warrior,
    Get rid of the fear,
    Get rid of the pain
    and in turn embrace and welcome the people who truly support you
    and welcome them
    may you stay and enlighten the world
    because together we can be so much stronger.

  • piu_writes 53w

    The battle scars on my face you can Guage , life has not been a bed of roses you can guess, traumas and hardships I have faced, but I have learned to live gracefully as I age.

  • aivsairandhri 61w

    #medusa #cees_tp_chall #battle #past

    The worst battle is when you wage it against your own self and your past.
    Here, 'medusa' is the haunting past.

    Medusa slithers around
    Hissing the scaly past
    Turning present to stones
    And smashing them to scintillas
    Such 'eyeopeners',
    Their pity crash the ears.
    They giggle at the blindness
    And mock the escape plan.

    You had sworn to kill her
    But you are no perseus.
    You have no thunderbolt,
    No pegasus will fly to you
    You lost before the battle,
    You think and sigh.
    Then the puzzle gets solved
    The light at the end of the tunnel
    Has grown.
    Looking at Medusa
    You saw the marble tears.

    Its upto oneself whether to slay or to embrace their demons.

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  • mikeanthony 53w


    The war zone of low self esteem

    No one sees the raging war within my own soul
    The screams of agony are silent to human ears
    From childhood I heard the inner thunders roll
    Ravaging the land of my mind as I seek sanity

    Forever wounding myself from a low self esteem
    Believing I am worthless yet knowing this is a lie
    Every emotional wound created by mental grenades
    Covered the land of my mind with torturous wounds

    Now this internal land is covered with healed scars
    Through it's now a darkened rugged rough terrain
    Battle scars growl in silence like cold larva stones
    As they were once self affiliated wounds of self hate

    The war had been won though battle scars remain
    Reminding me of the dark battle to love myself again
    Like medals of honour these battle scars warm me
    For they were healed by a courage stronger than life

    "Now no longer wounded,the stench of war is gone
    Only leaving a legacy of healed past battle scars
    Which give honour to my inner strength to be free"

    ©mikeanthony 2021 ✍❤