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  • 11maria 11w


    I wrote something after a long time.

    In peace with capturing Moment's
    Memories came rushing forward
    Frozen time, nostalgic, euphoric!
    It was Hard to Inhale Candids and Awkward!

    Looking back in the days
    I think a lot of time has passed
    With Scrapped knees and cherishing heart, came along
    Little rain of tears for the Time which ran so fast.

    Never have I thought about how,
    How Easily our life will be here
    Stuck in Frames and Photo books,
    Books which will never be opened for years.

    It's time for farewell
    A bye bye to the past
    Hard to erase the Joyful years of our life
    But still, nothing lasts!

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  • nocturnal_enigma 11w

    * 19.9.2021; 7.31 P.M (Malaysia)


    #start #wod @miraquill

    * Start with:

    1. I am painting my nights with happy lies
    2. Is there an anwer in those blank pages
    3. I was never a speck of dust
    4. Sway with the wind and leaves


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    Untitle 78 ~

    I am painting my nights with happy lies.
    Hours passed as I slept. Time do flies.
    Those sweet dreams are like fireflies.
    While in my stomach, there's butterflies.

    Is there an answer in those blank pages?
    Inks of pen jotted, to make some changes.
    I've been writing for years. Seems ages.
    Emotions and thoughts get out of cages.

    I was a never a speck of dust.
    I'm like a sun that set at dusk.
    I remember, they treat me dast....
    ardly. Revenge? I never does.

    Sway with the wind and leaves.
    One day, this world, I'll leave.
    I have faith in God. I do believe.
    Prayers said. I feel relieved.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • sachi__ 19w

    Recently,i've learned the facts of existence,every day gets tough when you feel like you're in need of something or someone. Like why do we always run behind things,and just not let ourselves calm down & wait for a while to process down things . Everyone around just gets so hyped up this days,each & everything gets over-dramatically pictured.
    This is what makes feelings like love or pain or affection feel like an burden,or like something that's too hard to try for. I gave up,which helped. It surely did.

    The day you finally step out from the toxicity of your own people you feel free,you feel different & that different is easy to breathe in. No doubt every change leads to inhibition,but remember it's just matter of time
    everything settles,you heal & bloom .
    You find yourself,you explore,create,smile & LIVE.

    What happens next,don't let that stop your feet to walk on right path. What if i am wrong,mistakes aren't crime,you tend to make then to grow. So relax,take things easy and you will find real peace into life.Each day won't be same,some days you do well some days you don't. Doesn't matter,not even a percent.

    Also,always and always understand people around you everybody has a heart which beats,just like yours.
    If you're in pain they too might be,if you cry in cold nights feeling you are left all alone and helpless,it might be same on the other side. There's a reason and good will in everything that happens to you.
    Turn the pain into power.

    This is just so random,but i wanted to let it all out.

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    Turn the pain into power.

  • rani_shri 25w

    Within the seven days of a week, she theft seven colours of the rainbow consisting seven letters,to give the seven rhythms of music to the seven wonders of the world, like she created the seven edges of a heptagon and put all the seven seas of the earth in that.

    �������������� ���� ��������������

    VIOLET, here is the reader's glee,
    Who is enough with their glances.
    INDIGO colour is our Mirakee,
    Who keeps harmony & gives us chances.
    BLUE looks like Writersnetwork,
    Who keeps exploring our art.
    GREEN is our evergreen love and perk,
    Which touches down the deep heart.
    YELLOW indicates Carolyn mam and chums,
    Who sparkle like sunshine.
    ORANGE heals like Mirakee Assistant welcomes,
    Who comes once on the post of yours and mine.
    RED,here is the each writer,
    Whose pen makes the life more brighter.


    #rainbow #wod #pod @writersnetwork @mirakee #ceesereposts #haiku

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    Haiku on Rainbow..

    I took VIOLET,
    To show my lonely body,the
    spirit as a mate.

    I chose INDIGO,
    To pour the harmony in
    the breathings that flow.

    I snatched BLUE colour,
    To fill my eyes with the deep
    Sea of metaphors.

    I then brought the GREEN,
    To nurture heart beats with rhytms
    of rhymings unseen.

    I, then, theft YELLOW
    To give my cheeks, beautiful
    Verse of sun to glow.

    I,then, caught ORANGE
    To heal all the known words of
    My emotions, strange.

    I hid colour RED,
    To give bleeding nerves of ink
    A different shade.

  • rani_shri 28w

    Like every other city,
    That wasn't evergreen.
    That wasn't ever seen.

    Like every other city,
    That wasn't populated.
    That wasn't educated.

    Like every other city,
    It didn't consist infrastructure.
    It didn't consist any nature.

    Like every other city,
    There were no accidents.
    There were no incidents.

    Like every other city,
    There weren't any dreams.
    There weren't any screams.

    Like every other city,
    There was no woman or man.
    There was no life and lifespan.

    Like every other city,
    There wasn't any soul.
    There wasn't any role.

    Like every other city,
    That was not alive.
    That couldn't survive.

    Like every other city,
    There wasn't a ray of hope.
    There wasn't a knot of rope.

    Like every other city,
    There weren't sky and earth.
    There no one took birth.

    Like every other city,
    There weren't any streets and parks.
    There weren't lights and darks.

    Like every other city,
    There weren't stars and moon.
    There weren't sun as a boon.

    Like every other city,
    There no one lived or died.
    There no one laughed or cried.

    Like every other city,
    There wasn't love to give.
    There wasn't hate to recieve.

    Like every other city,
    Nobody wanted to stay there.
    Nobody could be found anywhere.

    Like every other city,
    That had no motion.
    That had no emotion.

    Like every other city,
    There were no you no me,
    There weren't even we.

    The city, which was our part,
    Was the city called 'Our Heart'.

    Our heart was 'the city we always were'
    Our heart was 'the city we never were'.


    Note:- here, you and me are sharing the same single heart, so it's written as "OUR HEART".

    #cg_city_chall @luvnotes_challenge_host #ceesereposts

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    The City We Never Were...

    The city of our heart..

  • rani_shri 28w

    He was writing a never read poetry,
    Writing poetry was his passion.
    The title was like a mystery,
    'The nightmare of a parnassian'.

    In the night time, he went to the bed,
    And fell asleep.
    But felt an ache in his head,
    By the time which got very deep.

    Suddenly he woke up,
    And listened to a sound.
    Suddenly he took a hiccup,
    And fell down on the ground.

    He saw, his 'Poetry' was dead,
    The 'Characters' of the poetry had killed it.
    The 'Pen' was bleeding red,
    He was now scared a bit.

    The 'Metaphors' were crying,
    Because of the death of 'Sonnet'.
    The 'Verses' were dying,
    Why he didn't understand it yet?

    'Words' were scattered on the floor,
    The 'Rhymings' were broken.
    The 'Emotions' ran away from the door,
    The 'Haikus' were died unspoken.

    The 'Acrostic' & 'Erotica' were invisible,
    'Symbols' had lost their identity.
    To get everything back wasn't feasible,
    The melancholy,there, was now in the entity.

    He couldn't find the 'Syntax' anywhere,
    The 'Meters' were getting ragged.
    The 'Syllables' were running here and there,
    His every poetry was getting dragged.

    His 'Pen' was called his weapon,
    Now which was unable to write.
    And was killing the one,
    Who couldn't fight.

    The 'Onomatopoeia' died in the night,
    Along with the 'Consonance'.
    The 'Enjambement' wasn't right,
    And burnt with the 'Assonance'.

    Alas! all the 'Stanza' faded away,
    The 'Imagery' was lost.
    'Elegies','Ode' & 'Limericks' also couldn't stay,
    'Languages' couldn't be found at any cost.

    'Epics' left the place,
    'Pastoral Poetry' lost it's life.
    'Soliloquy' & 'Ballads' didn't find it's face,
    'Villanelle' was killed with a knife.

    The 'Mimesis' started chortle,
    The 'Alteration' was on the knees.
    Immortal was getting mortal,
    Someone save them please.

    The characters were moving towards the parnassian,
    And suddenly he did scream.
    And realized between reality and imagination,
    He found that it was just his dream.

    He saw in dream, whatever he wrote,
    But he was alive.
    With a dried throat,
    He got a revive.

    As soon he realised,
    He understood that

    "The dream that does scare,
    Is called a nightmare."


    #nightmare #wod
    @writersnetwork thanks for the kind repost ❤
    @mirakee a read?

    Image credit- rightful owner

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    The nightmare of a parnassian

    A dream that scared the one,
    Is what he called
    The nightmare of a parnassian..

  • travellers_nirvana 31w

    As I unintentionally tripped into the nostalgic boulevard
    A lot has changed since that dreamy summer has passed except that fiery flame vine
    It still holds on intently to the now decrepit wall
    Like your memories that keep simmering in the pyre of what used to be my heart
    My vined soul lays tangled amidst the debris of broken dreams
    Refusing to revive
    Gazing at the lone crumbling wall I realise
    It's been quite a while since I felt alive


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  • deserted_soul_ 36w

    You leave and i let you,
    You come and i let you ;
    One of us has to STOP

  • kin_jo 38w

    ~ A tale of a child in warland

    It's summer
    Earth is wrapped in emerald green and steam
    Joyous and bright, evergreen
    But here, The sky and ground holds much of same colour
    Filled with dirt, smoke, carcasses and odour

    It's summer
    The ears so tuned to the sounds of
    chirping of birds and humming of bees
    Flying in unison in the sky above the trees
    But here the sweet melody of thee
    Are replaced by the sirens and Guns along with cries and pleas

    It's summer
    The vast blue rug holds the same yellow lamps light
    Reflecting its glow on mother nature, golden bright
    But our insides are filled with darkness and deadly sight
    Where A mother weeps for her lost son under the starless night

    It's summer
    Time for gulmohar and tulips to bloom
    Time for butterflies to move out of their cocoon
    But here I sit at the edge listening to nature's healing symphony that goes out of tune
    Dreams slayed and burried alive in debris strewn

    It's summer
    Time for kids to spend with their mom and dad
    To surf and built castles on the sand
    But here i sit with blood stained hat
    In between empty walls with mournful waves on my land

    Summer is a time to begin anew
    But what is a hope for the hopeless crew
    Summer is a time to be happy and cheerful
    But what is a smile when burried under walls, clogged and suffocated under blood pool
    Summer is a time for colourful rainbows
    But what is the colour when veins are dried, filled with triumphs and tearful yellows

    It's summer
    Squeezed between spring and autumn
    Squeezed between joy and sorrow
    Squeezed between half alive and half dead.

    #wod #summer #pod #writersbay @hiesenberg
    @writersnetwork #ceesereposts #healc #writersnetwork @odysseus @absynth

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  • m_etanoia 40w


  • m_etanoia 40w


    I plunge into darkness
    To know where it all began
    I billow with the clouds
    To trace my breath prints

    I rub hard against the wretched
    Etchings on my soul
    To sever all chords
    Of my eidetic memory

    But I fail to maneuvre it with dexterity
    And so my ill faced efforts
    Render its silhouette legible
    No wonder I swim back in darkness
    Because it is where the shadows don't haunt

    - Harsha Lohani

    Staying near your reality is okay
    Staying in denial isn't.

    @writersnetwork ❤️

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  • healing_pen 41w

    #writersnetwork #sijo #wod #pod #ceesereposts
    Thank you for ❤️ @writersnetwork

    Date :- 20/02/20021
    Picture Credits : google

    I am Sorry

    Every line I write, you cross my mind
    Every song I hear, reminds me of your presence
    Every zypher that hits my face, brings your scent
    Every scribble takes a form of either your name or a abstract heart for me
    Even today you are words of my numbed soul
    Then why did I crush our yellow stars, without a sigh.
    Why did I disappear into the void without leaving any traces of mine?
    The love which once bloomed in blue and sparkling rays lays now in the churchyard low
    May be the relation was never complete with me being a part in the word 'US'
    Or may be my alter ego was too high for me, to be called yours.
    Or may be I was too afraid to participate of what we had created.

    I want to admit today, it was love! It was love rare to be found. It was one of the kind in books. It was love one have ever witnessed
    Just it was not for me.
    I am sorry. Beaking your heart seemed the only way.

    Yours truly,
    The rose that lost all its hue.

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  • daphnae 48w

    blue and brown were all i could see. as far as my eyes took me i went down to the sea. the sun and the waves, perfectly latched themselves into my iris, promising me to stay until i let them. the spaces between their orbs and mine slowly started to flow along the lines of my fingers. they took me to wander around the threads connecting fingers and spaces, how closely they bound to form another city of nonchalance. i wait for the alternate solutions to the equation for my solace, secretly spying over the sanguine lights over my feet stirring the water nearby.

    pruning through the surfaces of my soul, i withered away to the greenish tint catching upon my dreams in resemblance. i surrendered my body to the sand shining below the achromatic liquid in the bottom. while taking me in bit my bit, it clutched my legs towards the trench steep and callow. the virgin yoke of my pain, stripped me in blue over and over until it summed up to zero once again. sore and bare, i walked and stumbled over and over again against the currents of your voice, its grip over my shrieks.

    grey walked up to my door, croaked along the hinges. and remained there, as always. behind the hollow grave, still needed to be buried. the fresh question whispered to me "when will 'you' and your pain trudge away?" "when will their colour stop adding to my colourblind glasses?"

    ���� #mirakee #wn #pod #ceesereposts #jazzyjanuary @writersnetwork

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  • voices_as_thoughts 64w


    To the lust for alphabets;
    Blurry the words formed and South-South the direction words to sentences laid in my head
    I preached about spheres of life amongst the beings in my head
    "Maybe the pen is serving in a sphere else,effortless patience needed for its debut"
    Seemed perfect,
    Until a junction
    I am played by my preachings and I have scored a loss
    Riding on my loss is a journey to my pen
    Mission completed is my sanity to gain

  • pratikroutray 68w

    Sad life of an elephant

    The life of a elephant is a sad one, in today's vile times.
    Don't mistake my words as a direct attack on the creature's shortcomings. Far from it, this magnificent beast is a gentleman amongst  ferocious predators.

    Its us humans, that the fury of my words spray fire on.
    We destroy the life of this peace-loving animal and make its life a sob story.
    We poach them for their hide and tusk, enticing them using petty tricks like bombs inside pineapples.
    You must have read or seen the vicious killing of a pregnant female elephant on news in recent times.

    This heinous act, which killed two lives at the same time, for what?, a piece of hide and tusks. Acts like these occur everywhere, world-over.
    Elephants are so nice ans warm, rarely attack anyone without provocation or if they haven't gone mad. Personally I have only received love and positive vibes from an elephant whenever I have interacted with them.

    I believe its our humanly duty to allow such a magnificent creature to thrive peacefully in its natural habitat,without the perils of poaching.We cannot eliminate the bad guys or change their mentality, we can only stop them by setting up stringent laws and taking swift actions against them.

    If we dont mend our ways and keep meddling with nature, nature has its ways of mending our ways.
    Before nature shows us its dark sides, we need to take care of our destructive habits!


  • pratikroutray 68w

    What should I write for?

    Write not for fans and followers,
    or comments and likes,
    write for you,
    write what sets your soul on fire,
    and brings a smile on your face,
    dont be bogged down by the voices of the world,
    stopping you from breaching new horizons.
    Write when you are sad,
    write when you are happy,
    just dont write for the fame and all the fakery,
    just write for writing's sake.

  • nocturnal_enigma 70w

    * A double 9-lines poem = 18 lines
    (Background picture by Mirakee)

    * 4.08.2020; 7.56 P.M; Malaysia

    * It's been 22 months since I joined this app. (4.10.2018)

    * P.s:- My grey rabbit, Rey, she died, today.
    The white one, Whey, he's still alive.

    * 3 months ago, on May, during Ramadhan, I saw a ghost inside of the house. (Hopefully, a good spirit. At first, I thought, it was a death-angel as it move so fast! It's not my first time seing supernatural beings. You may check out my ghost story: # NuEmGhosts )

    #ceesereposts (I was shocked to see that Mrs. Carolyn's accounts are deactivated. I miss her. I hope she'll come back, soon. Plus, I want to wish on her birthday in a few days, which is 2 days after my Mom's)

    #Old #Silence #Time #Gold

    * I hope the 4 of you don't mind to be tagged in my last post. (Tell me, if you do feel borthered, though.)

    @miss_rose_gold (It's her birthday �� today- 4th August)

    2 of the best male-writers on Mirakee: ��
    (I'm a fan of you 2!) @mikeanthony @robertwjeter

    @misz_k (She's like an older-sister, to me.)

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    -old ~

    I'm timid, but I pretend to be bold...
    in the seems cool, but actually cold
    world; As I wake-up on bed & fold...
    a blanket, I remember "Silence is gold"
    I need to shut-up! I must try to hold...
    myself together; Does the past mold
    us, into who we are?; I will be old...
    in a few years; If only I could sold
    my soul to death; Will I be told...

    when will my time's up?; I've told...
    myself, my heart can't be sold;
    Well, my soul's age seems old;
    I have a broken-heart; But, I mold
    my feelings into it; No one to hold
    me, as I mess-up; "Time is gold";
    but, I waste it; Bad things un-fold...
    in life; Somehow, I've become cold;
    Sometimes, I hide my fear; Am I bold?
    © Nuruliffa Emirah

  • 11maria 71w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork.

    How tough has been Life become these days?

    In this Painful world.
    It's tough to joke,
    When most are broke.
    Tough to make today a Success,
    Tears fell like rain, But It's hard to confess.
    Like a piece of paper, being torn down,
    Confidence being tossed and bullied "don't you dare to show me that frown".
    "You silly child, with vacant mind don't you feel ashamed?"
    "No momma, Imma exploring social media to get some fame".

    Everyone's going through hard times
    "We see ourselves in Memes, Poems and Lyrics"
    Earth still moves, Sun still shines, Moon still reflects it.
    But We are still, still
    Sitting and watching Breaking news, ruining our butts.
    Let's not wait for another day
    Work with "Four agreements of life"--"Don Miguel Ruiz"
    The time is now, Not sometime.

    Hey People, Let's listen to these songs,
    Youth -- Shawn Mendes
    Older -- Sasha Sloan
    Show me the Meaning of Being Lonely -- Backstreet boys
    The nights -- Avicii

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    How tough has been Life become these days?

    Earth still moves, Sun still shines, Moon still reflects!
    But We are still, still!

  • pragya_a_dreamer 72w

    I had whelved
    All pain
    In the deep
    Dungeon of my
    And now
    I am set free
    Fire up