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  • smartsam 3h

    Rain Unexpected!

    It winter emerged
    after a long time if course!
    I was happily waiting for it
    but weather here
    altered its course!

    Winter hold on
    rain zest many towns!
    The earth shoot green
    which supposed to be brown!

    I think this rain was inebriated
    it faltered again uninvited!
    People twist nose & crops too
    weigh down & soiled!

    Now that rain zoomed in
    mercury down drip,
    uninvited so winter shall flare!
    Lookout this month & coming
    cold, quiescence & doldrums!


  • angels_halo_shines 7h

    Once Upon a Past Life & The Next

    Once upon a past life I must have been in a drowning. In a big Titanic like ship, I was a seaman’s wife. The ship sank with no survivors. I thought if that was true or not, as it was told to me. Every time I’m by deep water, I have this scare about me. The water itself fascinates me, but the depth it gives me chills to think about jumping in as others do. In water 168 ft. deep, I cannot do it. Not even in an 8 ft. depth. It concludes that’s a past life that I have lived. To me. Fears carried from life to life shows as lessons have been learned. That’s how it works I suppose.

    What have I learned in this lifetime?
    Hatred is everlasting, hate brings violent shooting rages. Seems like most will go out of their way for hate.
    For the most part, hate is based on what is out of our hands. Like race and color. We can’t control any of that. Wouldn’t that just be the key to life if we could. Then it still wouldn’t be right. Something is always wrong when hate is brought in the equation. The lesson here is no prejudicial bones in our bodies in our next lifetime. Then maybe less violence.
    And then we could all live a life with less fear. Wouldn’t that be something?
    Yea, I can hope for a miracle in my next life. It could happen.

  • abhishekkamble 13h

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    You and I, I.. Ridin' Harleys in Hawaii I...I
    You are on the back You are holding tight I...
    I want to take you for a ride ride.. I..
    - Harleys in Hawaii by Katy Perry

    Her eyes spilled the water colors in the brooks of Amsterdam, when the creaking doorway lied to the dust particles that gramophone's sick harmony won't stir her black coffee. her shawl fell for the teasing curtains undressing the jackets hung on the door. "last leaf would make it more colder, she said as none in the fallen heap cared, who will sweep away the autumn?".
    She pinched the wooden logs fenced around the sun-kissed balcony, while her maroon goggles who got hooked on the tank top, made jealous the untamed rocks smudged by the crawling tides, but it didn't make any sense for her to flee away her scented shores when all her anklets could tinkle were the sand parched on her feet while she smelled the emptiness away from the crowded throats and mocking honks, where the palm shades tanned her winter scratches and her eyebrows coasted across the forehead that was few days ago, moisturized upon the sweats where her suburban summers wrinkled. The garland across the hair band was hysteric upon the lady whom she saw peeking the coconuts that grew the Hawaii older. She asked the lady, "would you mind burning woods?"
    Lady chuckled and said, "you mean the bonfire invite?".
    She nodded her priceless "okkay". There he came with a floral shirt buttoned to the bottom and he said, "listen my girl, where have you been? Searching yaa", he pats her head and pulls her muffler in a childish way and she says, "where is our Harley?", He said, "oh my better half, you were weaving sweaters and your eyelids were blinking, I thought you forgot your afternoon nap! So were you making the seat cover for Harleys?", he said exaggerating the laughs, she annoyed him replying, "oh I would better make it one instead of you".
    And the Amsterdam dark conifers snowed a little Christmas, for he tucked herself, belling the ear ring, he bought her and said, "do you think we left the Harley to rust?". All the rooms could blush were their cheesy flirts.

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    Rusted Harley


  • blackshadezs 15h

    Harsh reality
    Of humanity
    We weep with the actor on screen
    Pretending to be in pain
    But feel nothing
    For the homeless
    Next street
    Sick and shivering
    Almost lifeless.


    Date : 2/12/2021 09:15 PM
    Lat,Long : 11.706,78.416

    @miraquill @writersnetwork #ceesreposts

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    ~Black, white, brown
    Everyone bleed red
    The colour of humanity~


  • sunseeker 20h

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    If I fled free,
    Would life blossom crimson sprees?
    If I held fame,
    Would life reap gladsome games?
    If I inked enchantment,
    Would life mold holy ornaments?

    Life is a question,
    Keys dive directions.
    Life is a verse,
    Unnerving, as buds of burst.
    Life is a labyrinth,
    Colors toss in millionth....


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    Life is a question,
    Keys dive directions.
    Life is a verse,
    Unnerving, as buds of burst

  • pink_berry 1d

    #berryliners #wod #pod @miraquill @writersnetwork #ceesreposts #aalowrites #oneliners
    One liners are something everybody writes , mine are berry liners ����

    When I made my brother read this
    HE - whom do you wanna flirt with��
    Me - The one who has not yet come ��

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  • katladyt_ 1d

    Faces of Pain

    Pain is a struggle
    And a hard reality for many
    Physical, mental, or emotional, there is no discrimination
    At one time or another, it affects every one one of us
    But sometimes, what hurts us more than the pain itself
    Is knowing that the pain has changed us in some way,
    or in many ways
    Having to compensate for loss of function
    Having to admit you aren't as capable as you once were, and then learning to accept those unexpected limitations
    Learning to cope in ways you are unfamiliar
    Dealing with the critical eyes of onlookers
    Or insensitive words from the mouths of others
    Combating self-deprecating thoughts or low self-esteem
    Weathering raw or unpredictable emotions
    Knowing that you just don't feel like yourself anymore
    Yes, pain can be so much more than
    just something that hurts
    Sometimes the worst part is not
    that its effects go unnoticed
    But that they often go unnoticed by those
    that love us the most

  • silver_flakes 52m

    Staring at open space
    I appear blank like an empty slate
    But in a maze of dreams I'm far afloat
    Envisioning lives and colours unknown to reality

    As the world bleds soot into clear eyes
    I close my eyes and hide in the calm waters of dreams
    Or perhaps they are wild musings, imaginations
    They entail bouts of insanity to some
    But cool springs of relieve to my aching soul

    As the world cages us in its bitter vise-like grip
    I escape to the realm of imagined fantasies
    Where damsels truly lie in distress not fradulence
    And knights in shining armour wear not slimy sneers
    Where dragons are slayed and not daily fed with bones
    Where kings care to love and protect not enslave

    I've been dreaming since forever
    In them I find shelter from mournful tunes of sorrow
    The piper calls not rats into the city's heart
    His tunes are for fair maidens to dance in delight
    Underneath the night sky that showers stars as rain
    Where the princes are no frogs turned by evil hands
    And the castles are not foreboding towers of Rapunzel

    I dream of dreams in broad daylight
    I smile at follies committed in dreamy corners unseen
    Bewildered looks peep at me from reality's wornout eye
    But leave me be please O eye of sore Truth
    That I might indulge in my dreams of solitude
    For there lies my sanctuary
    And in it the world is sane

    #flakeyy #pod @miraquill @writersnetwork #ceesreposts #cees_options @luvnotes_challenge_host

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    Imagined dreams

    //I'm a dreamer
    Come day or night
    Search for me
    Not in reality's house
    For in dreams I reside//

  • the_rainbow_chronicles 1d

    The sky stole me
    Away from the mundane
    And with its palette coloured over
    All the shades of grey.

    For a moment brief I was a guest
    In the ethereal domain
    Before the soul unpaused
    Its physical restraints.


  • carlizah 1d

    People won't give up on you
    If you don't give up on yourself

  • sunseeker 2d

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    Legend wield untold tales,
    Verses shine endless strides,
    Walks etch thick trails,
    Diverse aisle, life rides.
    O' hear me!
    I too own a story.

    Born from cold sea,
    Flowered, flawed glory
    I hold a weary warrior
    I gulp liquor of grief,
    Rich troubles, carrier.
    Yet in silvery hopes, I believe...


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    hear me!
    I too own a

  • angels_halo_shines 2d

    Always it never fails people are in a rush. Rushing to go here, go there. When you rush you miss out on your life. Where you are on your path, you mustn’t rush it along. Take time. Enjoy life while you can. You just never know when your time has come. You can’t take for granted what you have or your heart beating. Enjoy the simplicity of everything life offers
    while you still can. I have taken a lot for granted throughout my life. I have regrets, you can believe that. I had to do in my life what I was chosen to do. To realize what I had. To be thankful to know I’m blessed. We all are to be here today. Take your time, appreciate life.

    #empathmind #time #thankful #ceesreposts #life #live #blessed #howto #wod

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    Take Time

    I had to do in my life what I was chosen to do.
    To realize what I had. To be thankful to know I’m blessed. We all are to be here today. Take your time, appreciate life.

  • mahtobpensdown 2d


    Comparison kills
    Self confidence in a pit
    Let's accept self first

    Jealousy Brings Hate
    Always wastes your super mind
    Can you be moral?

    2 social issues - comparison and jealousy

    Let's spread love and be a support in this dramatically twisting Life! Let's make our Lord proud of our birth! And not get mingled with the petty social issues!
    Let's not make an audience that lives under pressure and forgets it's uniqueness!!

  • angels_halo_shines 2d


    November has come to an end, as we welcome December. A lot happens here in the month December. I turn another year older as each one passes. Christmas Day & Christmas Eve comes & goes.Last but not least quite possibly the most important days of all for many is New Years Eve. The celebration of the year, many parties. I will be thankful for a new year to begin. So, I welcome 2022 with open arm’s. And wish for the best. For everyone!!

  • pink_berry 3d

    #howto #wod #pod @miraquill @writersnetwork #ceesreposts #aalowrites
    @tortoise the only one who knew what I meant through the post ����

    (When I read today's challenge,
    Me scratching my head ** , thinking about all poetic ways to on a lamp and pour a coffee.��)

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    How to love you

    And honey , I can do all the chores and get rid of all my chaos.
    I can metaphorise non existence and bleed poetries for you.
    But even after knowing love I don't know how to love you.

  • queen_butterfly 3d

    How to kill a feeling?

    1. bury it

    dig it a flowerbed grave /watch the way marigolds bloom over a dead thing /do buried bones still ache? /I say I am better but I sleep with a knife under my pillow and a shovel by the backdoor /I say I have gotten rid of you but there is still dirt of you under my fingernails.

    2. burn it

    platform shoes and a rage that's been bubbling inside me since I was born /give me a box of matches and a neat little ribbon to deliver it on your doorstep /a molotov cocktail and a list of reasons to let it die with November /a back-up plan to the back-up plan to set this place up in flames.

    3. poison it

    your guilt never belonged in my mouth /your aching never belonged in my bones /the rotting began in my roots and now my fingernails are bitten down to nothing /equal parts killing and mourning /but I won't swallow this sadness.


  • blackshadezs 3d

    Date : 29/11/2021 08:50 PM
    Lat,Long : 11.706,78.416
    #ceesreposts #beauty #wod #pod

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    Her beauty ❤️

    When I saw
    Her picture
    For the first time
    It took my breath away
    When I saw her
    Rosy cheeks
    Her luscious
    Pink lips
    And those
    Ocean eyes
    Oh how they
    Drawn me in
    Hypnotizing me
    Pulling me In
    Her beauty
    Making me weak
    Losing my breath
    Every time
    I stare at her
    Mind racing with
    All things
    I like to do ...


  • a_franteen_writer 3d

    #lifeadvice #letter #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #pod
    Well wrote this a long time back .. it does not match the theme but still it's a letter to myself and how much I miss her. I miss her alot. Sometimes.
    Love ��

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    एक खत

    डियर सिरिशा,

    अक्सर जब मैं भीड़ में खुद को अकेला पाती हूं
    मुझे तुम बहुत याद आती हो।
    वह खुलकर हसने वाली
    छोटे बाल
    लंबा कद
    खेलना और गिरना
    गिर- गिर कर उठ जाना और
    अगले ही पल तारो के साथ लंबी लंबी बाते करना
    दिन में बस शामो के ख्यालो में दुबे रहना
    मां के तकिया कलाम को
    २१ तोपो की सलामी देना
    और उसके बनाए हुए खाने पर
    मिर्ज़ा ग़ालिब के शायरी वाली
    वाह वाह! अदा करना
    बहुत याद आता है।

    कहते है कि जब पिता के जूते
    बेटे को आने लगे तो उनके कंधों को आराम देने का वक्त आ जाता है
    मैं तो पापा की सोन परी हूं ना
    और परियां कभी कांटो के जाल पर भला
    थोडी ही चलती है!
    सब ये तो बताना ही भूल गए की
    कांटे अक्सर फूलों पर ही तो खिलते है।

    जब कमरे में बैठी मां से ज्यादा पास
    चंदा मामा की गोद लगती है
    और उसकी धीमी आवाज़
    में लोरी, एक मरते हुए इंसान की आखिरी इच्छा
    तब तुम्हारे शब्दकोश में
    "ज़िंदगी" का मतलब ढूंढ़ती हुई बावली सी हो जाती हूं
    तब तुम्हें कोई बताने वाला नहीं था ना
    की एक वक्त ऐसा भी आएगा जब
    यही शब्द तुम्हे मारने दौड़ेगा
    और इन ही पलों में तुम्हरा
    बचपना बहुत याद आता है
    जो कि तुम्हारी आखों की तलहटी से बहता रहता था।
    जब कंक्रीट के जंगलों में
    अस्तित्व की तलाश में भटकती हूं
    तो तुम्हारी हसी पहाड़ों में गुम हो चुकी
    गूंज की तरह कानों में गूंजती है।

    तुम्हारा गिरना, रोना, हसना
    मेरी रातों की नींद चुरा ले गया है
    बस इन्हीं रातों में तुम्हारा चेहरा धुंधला सा दिखता है
    मेरे मन में एक आवाज़
    सोचने पर मजबूर करती है कि
    क्या तुम वही हो जो मुझे याद हो या
    वो जो लोग मुझे भूलने नहीं देते
    वैसे तो मिलना कभी हो नहीं पाएगा
    लेकिन कहीं याद्दों में मुलाकात हुई तो
    तुम्हें हस्ता वा देखना जरूर चाहूंगी।

    कहने को तो बहुत कुछ है
    लेकिन शब्द आजकल मेरे आंचल में
    आने से इंकार कर देते है
    तो बस इतना ही लिख सकूंगी तुम्हें आज।
    तुम्हारी प्रिय,

  • pink_berry 3d

    To the berry inside me

    ~ You are strong ! No matter how hard people try to put you down , rise again like a phoenix.~

    ~ You will be okay ! Things go wrong, but they will be right soon. A berry needs the coldest season to nurture, just like you , the coldest embrace will bring out the warmest personality of yours. ~

    ~ It's okay to be sensitive and emotional. Be proud that you are not like those dead emotionless souls wandering like demons. ~

    ~ Patience is all what you need berry. The almighty tests his favourite person. Don't complaint for the tough question paper , feel special that you will be rewarded.~

    ~ You are adorable and sweetest. And people call you fake , because they can't accept your beautiful reality. Chill out. ~

    ~ When people around you bring out flaws, remember, that a garden full of blooming flowers and lush green leaves need some withered buds and dry leaves too. Nothings perfect, but you are. ~

    ~ I know we are scared of darkness and touch. It's okay, there's nothing wrong with that. You'll be fine soon honey ! ~

    ~ Don't wait for them to appreciate you , tap your shoulder yourself. Sometimes even self appreciation is important. ~

    ~ Being sad eventually leads to crying. But stop it now! My eyes are running out of water!~

  • pink_berry 2d

    Bear with your berry ppl , she is not in her senses. She gone mad. She is madly in love with her imaginations. ��������

    #dearfuturelove #hope #love #ceesreposts #berrygonemad second last part.

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    Dear Future love (XV)

    It's a gloomy Friday night. I can't breathe. There are bricks build in my nose , and it looks a cherry. I'm struggling to sleep. My head feels heavy. It seems like there is huge stone placed over it. Stupid nausea . I'm shivering, I wrapped myself in my blanket.

    I was freezing with cold. I was on my left side and then turned to my right. Only then my tiny nose brushed your chest. I looked up to you , then huddled into your arms.
    I folded my hands vertically, my fists overlapping each other and your arms were around me.

    You rested your chin on my head. You were combing my hairs to the side and setting my hairs behind my ears. I kept rubbing my face onto your chest like a restless kid. You started laughing and joked that their is no one inside your heart except me , so I need to stop searching. (Indeed , your heart belongs to me.)

    I looked up at you and then again went back to do what I was doing. It felt so warm in your arms. Your chest was softer than cotton. Your hands around me , makes me feel secured and safe. For me this is my home. This is the perfect place to find peace from your inner chaos.

    You tickled me behind my neck and I moved away. You pulled my cheeks and kissed my forehead. You were glancing me. Moving your fingers around my face. And I joked that you gotta see me all your life , you'll get tired , stop it now. You smiled and said that staring at your blessing makes you no tired.

    " Really! Think again. I can be the punishment for your sin's as well "
    You laughed and said " punishments aren't soo beautiful, and even if they are , I would love to cherish them." I started laughing. And suddenly I realised that I can breathe, the bricks have fallen apart.

    Huh , I can breathe! I started sucking in air. Yay ! And then another nostril got blocked. Ah! Annoying shit! I started mourning like a child. You pressed your finger on my lips , sshhh! I was quite. We were just dwelling in each others eyes. Your eyes were like a whole universe. Looking at them was like stargazing.

    Hazel brown and holding hopes. Your nose touched my nose. Our forehead leaning on each other. You were getting close , I pushed you away and moved back. And DDHHAAMM! I again fell from my bed. Rubbing my elbows and head. Sun rays sneaked in through window. I started laughing and blushing .

    I've promised myself today that the day you'll be here , I'll make you fall from bed ten times , I'll avenge. Coming in my dreams and making me fall from my bed but not coming in my life and making Me fall for you, huh!

    I got up and stretched my hands . Standing on my toes and yawning. I heard you whispering in my ears, " sure ! If that makes you happy I'll surely do that." I started smiling, ✌. And you disappeared. I laughed at my stupid imaginations, blushed at the romantic thoughts and covered my face .

    My future is yet to come. My past has gone. My present is filled with your empty presence , and my lost hopes are again born.