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  • thehowlingmaiden 2h


    Heart clenching,
    I think of the days
    When flowers of youth
    Are just starting to bloom.
    Carefree. Unhurried.

    Heart screaming,
    I think of the moments
    When you and I
    Still sit in the same room.
    Closely. Spirited.

    Heart drowning,
    I wonder about how and why
    The space between us
    Grew wider than the river.
    Distant. Unreached.

    Heart beating,
    I wonder if it's me or you
    Or the current of waters
    Pulling us to this route.
    Lonely. Uncharted.

    Heart hoping,
    I think of the ways
    How to survive the waves
    And swim back to you.
    Reaching. Holding on.


    #miraquill #writersnetwork #change #time


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    In times like this, I honestly don't know what to feel or what to think.

    Am I to blame for what is happening? Am I being selfish? Do I build my walls up that high? Is it normal to want to focus on myself, but at the end of the day, I somehow feel guilty and regretful for not giving most of my time to connect with others?

    I hate how everything changes at a fast pace.

    Maybe they're all just in my head. But it pains my heart to feel everything too much just the same.


  • an_empty_chest 12h

    Change is inevitable. Its the only constant.
    No two twins have the same thinking process.
    We all have flaws and we need to change.
    #miraquill #change

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    Everything changes know this,
    Its untrue if they tell you not to change,
    You need to change.
    Even if you don't want to,
    Your body will go through change,
    Its a fact! Accept it.
    Through change a saint is born,
    With resistance a demon,
    Both are within you.
    One dominating the other,
    Even the cells in your body change,
    The new replaces the old worn out.
    One day even your soul would change,
    From your body to some other body,
    Can you stop it?
    Nah, you can't
    You can well, only accept_
    The Change.


  • msnunu88 3d


    How you view me shouldn’t concern me

    Dislike what you see?

    Shift your outlook and change your perspective

    Change is change

  • authorravin 4d

    #लाइफ #story #life #change

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    जिंदगी बदलने के लिए तज़ुर्बे के नहीं बस काबिलियत और जज़्बे की जरूरत होती हैं।


  • i_dont_know_why__ 5d

    I'm bored by always saying "sorry"
    Now really I wanna be like "I don't care" .....

  • littlewild0ne 5d

    What's better than not having a regret in life.
    #change #foryourself #noregrets

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    Change for yourself
    and you won't regret it.


  • swapydairy 5d

    Change and embracement

    Embrace the chance that your going through, I know you may be uncomfortable at start but it won't last that long after you accept that change is part of life and it's ment to happen for reasons...It helps in growth of life...

  • devilfish 1w

    The Fog

    Between the bedsheets of baby soft skin
    Burned a fire from satan’s sin
    The fire was started by him
    Started when we were just kids
    Bloody baby bibs
    And eyes that would ripple into chaos
    As reality conducts it’s rat race
    The part that burdens my heart
    Is the time that it takes
    To break a child down with systematic hate
    I see how you obfuscate and how you gaslighted us phrase by phrase
    Had me question what I even had to say because it shorted my circular circuits with wires that frayed
    And a story that could fill endless page after page
    But a tongue with words that I can’t say
    And a werewolf’s howling pain to the moon for her watery rays
    Could heal the burden of my burning haze fog condensed wounds
    I’m in pain
    The doldrums of different things
    With truth that comes boldly my way
    My brain is not the same
    I’ve read the studies
    I’m trying to help myself in every way
    Different doctors in hope I can grow my strength and put down my hands
    I won’t drown and complain as I pulled the plug on the sink I’m sorry I’m a broken record I’m empathic and I’m drained I’ll never be the same

  • detour 1w

    What exactly changes?

    Actually nothing!

    The night still unfolds into twilight
    And morning squirts the same sunlight
    Walk you will on the roads same
    Pass through the lanes same
    Those buildings and the trees
    Still will smile at you
    You will walk through the same crowd
    And the same cars would honk so loud
    The same clouds will drench you
    And the stars same
    Will stare at you

    People are meant to leave
    Don't they come to stay always
    To something else
    To someone else
    Constantly they search for their ways

    Those faces and souls
    Are the only things to change
    Like some chess game
    The pawns, bishops and Knights
    Would themselves arrange
    Don't you need to wait
    For people to come back
    Life still would go on
    And find will emotions
    Their own track

  • geshna 1w

    गोल - गोल घूम रही इस ज़िन्दगी में
    कुछ किरदार बार - बार अपनी जगह बनाते रहते हैं
    और मिटाते रहते हैं|
    @लेखनी_ Says

  • devilfish 1w

    Concrete Desert

    Instead of a tumble weed
    You see isolated people
    They used to be a part of humanity
    Now the rest of the world’s silence
    Becomes their cruelty and their endless life of crippling pain
    As if human life could be shoved into projects and use poverty as a weapon
    To let our blood run as we slip quietly into the drain
    Look at what we have to our names
    No help
    No hope
    A carriage on the sidewalk as the mother is attempting to exchange with strange men to feed herself
    To fill the family’s plate
    Because people have been subjected to a systematic process driven by rage
    Another Wall Street didn’t match up to the drawing now they can’t paint a pretty face
    Disgusting how history reared it’s ugly face to give them back their just place and stop the rage
    Subversion while you pick off their plate so hopefully the next generation will wane
    Hoping their hunger can weaken them
    Now we fall just like rain
    Evaporating before we hit the window pane
    I’m struggling to find the world’s heart
    But I believe it’s not going to beat again
    As I watch the war zone of an urban unspoken tragedy
    A curbside with bodies peeking out from tents with bodies terribly atrophied they were so scared and so tired I run these nightmares constantly those poor eyes I can see
    I know the eyes are the door to the only hope we know
    I have shelter
    I see your pain
    I’m so sorry
    I feel your pain
    Don’t you worry
    I cannot bear to see the sight
    But I must not stick my nose up in Privilege
    I only have my effort
    My hands
    My love
    I would part the ocean with my will if I can I’d make the whole world still just to hold you in my hand
    And give you a heart that’s filled
    And eyes that are hungry to see
    Hands that are quick to help
    A mouth that is always compelled to speak truth
    Feet that would take me to wherever I wanted to
    And a mind that has torrents of thoughts on currents that swell
    A tsunami of emotion
    The deepest well
    No words can raise my heart to the skies
    Too rattled by the dystopian Hell
    Too compelled to sing to the hurting
    By heartfelt broken strings of tied of lullabies and my empathic heart has been so horrified
    I feel your pain I feel your pain I feel your pain


  • solyjust 1w

    Life never changes but people do.


  • porcupine 1w

    Sunken ship

    I did like you at one time

    But that ship has sailed

    And the ship sank at sea

  • just_thoughte 1w

    Bird and Builder

    I flew far and I flew wide, looking for the best alternative.
    The twigs branches and leaves, for I had just one prerogative,
    This time it would be strong, this time it would be final,
    This nest that I built shall withstand any tidal.
    I was a bird, I was builder.

    How fairy it was this labour of love,
    Rewarding, euphoric, the best feelings I got to have
    Building my nest, sacrosanct at best,
    This time it would be strong, this time it would be final.
    The nest I built shall withstand any tidal.

    I was a bird not so much a builder,
    For my nest lasted not in the years yonder.
    Blown by the winds, trampled by the hooves,
    All that was left was nothing but the grooves,
    This wasn't the time to be strong and to be final.
    The nest I built couldn't withstand this tidal.
    For I was a bird, not so much a builder.

  • wycliffascending 1w

    chronicles of an aging man

    Am quite old now, there's no much time left to pick up every broken piece,
    There's not so much breath left to whistle a wish to every shooting star,
    These eyes can barely offer a chilled cup of tears to anymore backstabbers,
    My days of expecting people to outshine the sun in my face faded away,
    And the vitality to argue with the mirrors is way long gone for a man my age,
    Foe or friend; the only decision I ever took was to be an available stranger,
    I have numbered my days, today will be the last and tomorrow will be the first,
    I outgrew the good old days, I can only fit now in the good days to come,
    Of whether I be a mere drop in the ocean, or I be the whole blue ocean,
    Am quite too old now to attend to every opinion, the world needs me more.


  • lima_073012_kth 1w


    You know what hurts the most?
    When suddenly things change, the people around you change, their behavior towards you. They act in a different manner. They start pretending, hiding, lying. And when you realize that it's too late.
    Your heart gets broken and you start to question all the things around you, all the people around you. The trust never comes back and the faith never gets restored. You get all confused, sad and cold. Your view of the world gets changed and suddenly you realize you have changed too. You are not that 'YOU' anymore. And that you is never coming back.


  • violetpixie 1w

    Life changes in ways it is hard to understand. Why is it get so out of hand? You feel helpless and alone.
    You try hard to hold on, keep going on.
    Until you find out it just gone.
    You hurt deep inside and hide it with a smile. Then nobody knows whats inside. Maybe one day I will have a real smile.

  • ananias 1w

    Impending chaos, it will save us, potent protective spells are weakened by frequent requiems for the innocent, our instruments only detect concentrated malevolence in the spirits of those operating social and state machinery. Crumbling bindings, forged by dead Gods, cowardly mortal successors are powerless to make it stop. They attempt to contain the birth of a new order, yet its multiple forms expand and coalesce before our very eyes. Armies are raised, but hardly do they stand, before their bankrupt cause is crushed by the emergent hands- of a merciless new world, ordained to correct false hierarchies. Stars once again brighten as pollution clears and doubles how far I see. Forests grow back even greener than we remember they can be. Individuals clear and construct over the old world, dead masters crushed and forgotten with their legacy being no more.


  • om_nik 2w


    Things Fade.
    Leaves Fall. Flowers Bloom.
    People Leave and New Come too.
    Sun Rises ,Sets and Rises Again.
    Change Keeps Happening.
    And It's Inevitable.


  • kkk786 3d

    जो कभी बदले हम, तो सवाल मत कीजिएगा।
    अब सीखा आपसे ही है, तो बवाल मत कीजिएगा।।