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  • safiyulla 1d


    All deviations of either side of life won't last.
    In the long run, it will get traded off and will reach equilibrium...

    We all are knowingly or unknowingly moving towards equilibrium.
    don't be distracted with the deviations of the short run, don't give much prominence to it, it won't last...

    Being kind and gentle is one of the characteristics of the spirit which reached equilibrium.
    chances of them being affected by the pendulous nature of life is less...

    They know it's part of the game.
    They know it won't last.


  • yinminblue 1w

    Fallen leave of autumn

    These leaves that fall on my head in autumn hindsight me of my dead dreams of summer
    And prepare me for the winter
    As hurdles might give me frostbites and fever
    And I might think of it as the end of my journey 
    And death of my aspirations
    Becomes my melancholy essence forever Nevertheless, I won't be disturbed by it all 
    The transitions I had in seasons of it all
    Will recall me of the changes I had in me
    Maturity of my emotions and insights 
    And hope will be born again soon
    with new dreams and intuition within me    
    I look forward to seeing a new spring in me

  • harsh77 2w


    My girlfriend left me
    Without saying a good bye
    Still i heard her recorded voice
    imagining as my lullaby

  • lokendra__ 3w

    You see, you leave people, places and things behind. you think you've outgrown the toxicity but a very tiny part of you need something from the past. it needs the old 'you' but you can't do anything about it.

    You can move on. you can bloom. you can thrive all by yourself but there would still be something you'll crave for. that something could be from your past that you don't want to face again, just that you miss it and it's completely humane to feel that way.

    You sleep one day. you wake up. you find you feel better and healthier than ever. you do your daily chores but in some part of the day, you can feel the things you've left behind running towards you. it's strange, but you do feel it.

    The memories travel with you. the tiny arguments are still stuck in your mind. the cuddles are still what you think about. the thought of conversations still wake you till 5 in the morning. you want to feel it if life gives you any other chance.

    But then you realise, if you've outgrown something, you need to let it go, completely. you may still feel your past clinging onto you, but then you learn to live with it.

    You compromise with your own self. you breathe and go to sleep, again, only to see a healed and a patient morning. you are better than ever. you're falling but then rising with every fall. maybe, that's how powerful the process of growing is.

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    #Night #Changes
    #Falling #Memories
    Morning 7:45

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    There would still be something you'll crave for.

    It needs the old 'you' but you can't do anything about it.

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  • hazel_nut_sucks 3w

    Changes and Distances

    The biggest fight never shook me but
    The slight change of tone bothers me,
    The increase of miles between us never wavered me before,
    But the few centimetres of spaces now accompanied by awkward questions bothers me.

  • timeplay 3w

    क्या दास्तान है मेरे बुरे समय कि..

    जब आखिरकार अपनों को बताने गया तो,
    कोई अपना, अपना सा लगा ही नहीं।


  • joyachakraborty 3w

    Wonder what's new,
    the phase of flow of time
    or the Changed places.
    The review of old things,
    or the new faces to see them.
    The newer built roads,
    or the people who believes walking alone is the new way to go.

    #sadpoetry #changes

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    Wonder what's new,
    the phase of flow of time
    or the Changed places.
    The review of old things,
    or the new faces to see them.
    The newer built roads,
    or the people who believes walking alone is the new way to go.

  • mysticalballads 3w

    Reverse spell

    Walking in the bright white sky,
    Flying on the dark colored ground,
    Sleeping in every happy mornings,
    Lying awake in deep sulky nights.

    There is no starving hunger for me,
    There is no second thought in mind,
    Even stygian light seems so bright,
    But the blazing appear to be twilight.

    All the seconds in clock are reversed,
    My saccharine life is also inversed,
    Know not the magic spell that’s casted,
    I didn’t realize the sorcerous fantasy.

    But all of a sudden it became clear,
    The fantasy is you, my magical spell.


  • mysticalballads 4w

    Changes are not good too...

    I stand against the wind

    Thoughts about you run in my mind

    One second look of yours

    It took the breathe of mine

    But now am like a poor fish

    Swimming in boiling water for it


    The corner lip edge smile of yours

    Alighted for hours the face of mine

    But now am like a innocent blind

    Searching in the wild brook for it


    The pink lovely blush of yours

    Pink, made the life of mine

    But now am in deep black

    Unable to overcome the dark


    The short emoji texts of yours

    Cherished red, the heart of mine

    Now not only my merry is mislaid

    But also my present is in a blockade

    The sleepy morning voice of yours

    Enchanted the psyche of mine

    But now without my wakeup call

    My mornings are like mourning


    Not only a part to me were you

    But the whole world of mine

    Now I am just alive without life

    The past me is forever deceased


  • dilsewrite 4w


    Samay badlta h , prakrati badlti h,
    Aas pas ki har chiz alg si dikhti h ,
    Kabhi ye badlav insan lata h to kabhi ,
    Wo khud me badlav lata h ...
    Bht mushkil hota h in badlavo ko apnana
    Par kya yhi zindagi h badlate samay ke sath, sab kuch badaltasa h sahi rehta h ?... sochiye vichariye

  • __rupali__ 6w

    सब बदलता है वक्त के साथ
    कुछ आदतें नहीं बदलती

    पल पल में मौसम बदलते हैं दिन के साथ
    जैसे अपने बदलते हैं, इतना हवाओं की रफ्तार भी नहीं बदलती

    मुस्कुराते चेहरे की हकीकत कुछ और होती है
    चेहरे पर हमेशा सच्ची मुस्कुराहट ही नहीं दिखती

    अक्सर, लोग चाहते तो हैं बहुत कुछ
    लेकिन हज़ार कोशिशों के बाद भी चाहतें पूरी नहीं होती

  • pure_darkness98 8w

    End to Begin

    The romance fades while this friendship stays. We are adjusting to each other day by day, in search of finding a new way... For our memories may always remain as our realities change;
    Like the essence of us dissipating into unknown musk, we continue to morph as we must and adapt to our new evolving trust.

  • osheewrites 8w

    It's just fascinating to see how people changes over time!
    But memories still remain forever...


  • vintagepneuma 10w

    A colour as dark as black
    A colour as light as beige
    I'm the contrast of both
    My power are the inks.

    I dwell in those books,
    You heard of or you see,
    There I took my second birth
    And there I shall die with peace.

    Consider me a bud
    Of this literature plant
    Where I develop into a flower
    With colours brighter than the dark.


  • marykurian 10w


    Humans are vulnerable to changes. You have changed. I've changed. Looking back, you will recognize, you have changed a lot from the past you. Changes happen and are happening every now and then. People are more subject to changes, like seasons. People change their way of looks. People change their way of customs, people change their way of beliefs, values and rights and wrongs. You and i had changed from tip to toe. Changes are for humans. The more you change, the more you realize, your potential. The more you change, the more you develop. The more you change, the more opportunities opens up for you.

    Changes are good. It helps to combat your ruined past and your gifted present.
    Changes patch up things that you couldn't controlled once. But now ,you've learned how to control it. Changes make you to detach from humans and emotions. Changes can make you suffer too. Changes can make you accept who you are. The same changes can help you to choose and accept others.

    Remember, you are not that little girl anymore you have changed to a powerful hardly understandable women, who spreads magic in everything she does. You changed from doing your worst to doing your best and to move on through all the things that holds you back.
    Growing up and learning it's okay to be yourself, you changed. Changes are necessary.
    Accept the changes that made you who you are now.

    You've changed. I've changed.
    Changelessness is so dreadful.
    Look around you...
    The world is changing...
    Everything around you is changing...


  • mariateresa 12w

    Putting the pieces back together, slowly but surely. One foot in front of the other.

    #metamorphosis #transformation #changes #lifestyle #soulhealing #writerslife #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #mirakee #soulwriter #soul

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    Life in pieces, Part I

    Cutting out the static and noise
    Filling in the spaces with grace and poise
    All I was is now used as fodder
    To inspire power, digging deep from beneath a heaping pile of off-key laughter
    Watering the seeds that will bloom in this most recent transformation
    Planted firmly with love as the foundation
    When everything's lost or feeling completely broken
    In time, will be brought back together, by words unspoken
    For now I sit and observe the inner workings of soul
    Rising to a place of higher consciousness and understanding of self is the goal


  • lethological_thoughts 13w

    �������������� :

    Both have changed. And its drastic. Each past phase they went through has been most beautiful but this is something really painful to go through. Both are filled with ���������������� ���������� entangled with blissful �������� towards each other. A state of misery, where each decision will construct a route to either a deserted land or safe return to ��������.

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  • aditya_jain_07 14w

    Over-investing in people who treat you as an option and overlooking this fact is where you turn your self esteem to dust and you completely own this shit.
    Protect your space, emotions and more importantly your time as it won't return to life once expended.


  • loftydreams101 15w

    Reveries from the Cold Unknown

    Off course,
    Consumed by a strange frame of mind
    Night rushes through the window
    With a swarm of unrealized desires
    These reveries are crushed to a glittering pulp
    Made shapeless
    And molded
    Again and again
    Off course in the dark
    Dreams born in the moon’s cool rays
    Have turned to ash by the glare of first light
    Bound to sail away
    With a million stray embers
    Clearing space
    For a new swarm of fragile hopes

    © 2021 William Wright, Jr.

  • tamilselvan_kandan 16w

    Having Someone
    Bearing all the pain with usis a Dream✨but
    Does have a limit and they
    Keep Every flaw aside
    Every mistake we make thrown away✨
    Entering into something deeply
    Restless changing them into something
    They never wish toand changes the
    Hold into a compromise
    Irony is there is a connection without Thread of Love but an Untold Hatred