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    We started our conversation

    So the next morning arrived
    We are sitting in our assigned seat
    But the left side person not come
    I don't know the reason
    But the right side girl came
    I seated there watching the PC
    Then she asked me whats your name
    And then the conversation begin
    It's like a beginning of a journey
    But I didn't know what road will it go
    Toward the heaven memory
    Towards hell nightmares.

  • queendom 14w

    2)A day before the marriage -2
    I am your groom

    "Varunika phone rings"

    class ends.

    friend;- ammu!! photo vachurukiya( having photo?)

    varunkia;- (by using her phone)whose photo..?

    friend;- whose else? your groom's...what are doing..?

    varunika;- i do!! wait for a sec let me show you (opened her phone gallery) a call popped up

    friend;- you got a call..pick it

    varunika;- i don't whose number is this...anyways..

    (she picked it and was about to say hello)

    caller;- you are in white right?

    varunika;-yes.. ss.(stuttered) who is this??

    caller;- your groom.. I am waiting for you in south gate

    varunika;- (flustered) WHAT I AM Ahh ..coming (uttered by taking fast step towards south gate)

    friend;- wahh!! it seems like i got live darshan (telecast)

    "both reached the south gate"

    varunika ran out of breathe as she pragmatically ran towards the gate ... a man in black was waiting for her friend uttered "girl.. he is so handsome!!!"

    varunika;- (by pulling herself together) ok bye di marriage la pakalam (see you in marriage)

    friend;- enjoy babe!!

    varunika;- you... here... ( building her words)

    kailash;- your mom asked me to pick you up... and I didn't spend much time with you so... in case..(his MV oh man this is so awkward)

    varunika;- but I have my car...

    "kailash become quite nervous and accidently pressed the car lock both of them got startled but car vroom "

    varunika;- (with a laugh) how about a tea...?? it will be so good in our canteen

    kailash;- okay..

    in canteen

    kailash;- you have have exams around right..?

    varunika;- yep!! just a day after our marriage(with a giggle)


    varunika;- kind of..(pout)... how was your trip!!... success??

    kailash;- mm-hmm! half success but sponsor's investment is kind of lagging still waiting of the approval..


    kailash;- so you are a tea person?

    varunika;- no no it depends

    kailash;- do you like me?

    varunika;- (with shocked eyes and blushed cheeks) about you??

    kailash;-(with a satisfied smile) so you don't want me to drop you?

    varunika;-(with widened eyes)ha..?

    kailash;- (giggle) no no... ( in a teasy tone) I meant that.. you have your car ..so you don't want me to drop you..

    varunika;-oh. .yep..(flustered)

    kailash;-(with a smirk) I don't want to drop you... it seems like you are peerfect to me

    varunika;- (fidgeting) ok bye...( ran outside)

    kailash;-ooi your student card.. or else I have to pay..(realised that she already left)..."smirked"

    varunika;-"in parking " (by patting her cheeks to herself) girl pull yourself together, you just got defeated by sentence

    kailash;(while going by seeing varunika name on toppers list (in notice board)) it seems like my wife is quite intelligent( with a proud smile)

  • abords 71w


    (Ill update the story later on)

    Chapter 2 - Pandemonium

    "Doctor?"-I asked
    the doctor didnt reply... he kept looking forward as if a demon is threatening him
    "Doctor?"-I asked again
    "Doctor??"-I asked again
    the moment I said that , he stopped and looked at me in a sinistrous way as if I was nothing but a dead person.
    "Sir , please have some patience"- he said as he smiles ,
    "but , doctor we have been going straight for 1 hour now yet i still do not see the room"- i said
    "Ah , yes"-the doctor said
    "you see sir , your case is special , so we also have something special for you"-the doctor said

    I knew it was a red flag and I did try to escape , but my body is so numb I couldn't move an inch
    All i could do is watch him deliver me to whatever place he is willing to...

    Day 1-(feb 11 , 2001)

    I've woken up locked at the room; the room is the same as every hospital there is but its uncanny in a way , the view outside isn't really something that's from earth itself. I tried to gather materials that was within my reach but those things wouldn't even help me,I tried breaking the window with my sheer force but I just end up getting my hand broken.

    At first they'll send me food early in the morning , the food is not bad but it doesnt have the same sweet & sensational taste as the food from my parents, at the lunch a nurse will come and visit me to do a checkup she also injects me with some kind of fluid im not familiar with, at dinner they send me new clothes for change. overall the routine isn't that bad and if it's only 1 week i could probably handle it , so i went back to sleep.

    I woke up on the middle of the night as I hear screams everywhere, It was very irritating so i tried to ask help from the nurse, from my suprise the nurse answered pretty fast, so i waited , waited , kept waiting....

    "Nurse?"-I asked
    "Just a moment sir" - she said
    i waited .... again....
    "Nurse?? are you there?"- I asked
    "Just a moment sir"-she said as the screams grow larger
    "Nurse?!?!"-I asked again
    "Why can't you just shut up for a moment sir?" - she said

    and that's the moment i noticed that she was different from the nurse earlier , she was holding a knife with blood on it , but that wasn't the one that shocked me , the one that shocked me is her distorted face and the head she's holding which was the nurse earlier at the moment...


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    Rony and Rini get the first taste of adventure..

    Lets meet our favourite mythological characters through the eyes of Rony and Rini....(do go through the previous part)
    #MythologyInterviewSeries #series #collab #theDDay #chapter2

    @saptarshi_sage_warrior @eniim_allo @abhishekkamble @rohittt

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    Chapter 2: The D-day

    (...continued from chapter 1 )
    On this particular day too, Riny's grandparents were busy with some Pujas in the nearby temple.

    So, the children on finding that no one was around, decided to skip their studies, and switch on the computer. There, they began playing the newly launched "Prince of Persia".
    They were so engrossed with the game that they didnot notice the storm brewing outside.

    It was the first storm of the summer, and was hence intense.
    There was a lightning outside, but Riny was determined to complete the mission and unlock a new cover for the prince.

    Suddenly, a bolt of lightning hit the nearby transformer- and with the 1 in a 1000th probability, the lightning was diverted as a beam of energy directly towards the room in which the children were.

    All this occuring in a matter of a second, left no reaction time for the children.

    The beam hit the mirror, which again reflected the beam - which mirrors do for all light based energies.
    The reflected energy went past the children and through the computer.

    The computer hardware on one side, and the silver layer in the mirror proved to be fine sets of electrodes to create an electro-magnetic portal.

    All that the children saw was a blue-green semi-transparent membrane on the wall adjacent to the mirror and computer.
    They could see a faint image of the wall so near them. Riny noticed the storm outside and recalling the last scolding her father gave for keeping the electronics on during lightning, hurriedly switched off the computer.
    The membrane vanished.
    The confused children were now frightened.

    They simply held each other's hands to comfort themselves and overcome the fear.

    After a few minutes, the teenage curiosity overpowered the fear of the unexplained and abnormal.

    Rony switched on the computer, and the membrane started appearing again.
    Terrified, he pushed the UPS switch to force an emergency shut down of the computer. The membrane faded.

    So, the children concluded that the membrane had something to do with the computer.

    Now, the general instinct of the children followed- what would they tell their parents, and the magnitude of the thrashing that would follow.

    First, they thought that it wouldn't be right to suppress the entire incident from their parents. On second thought, Rony's father's angry face came to their mind.


    © saptarshi_sage_warrior

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    After a pause of inconvenience and silence in shrill of bystanders...I mustered up the courage to respond with rather foolish reply of "sir..I mean hello". It's true we were in same batch but different timing in same institute..You asking me about classes made me surprised as well as spellbound . Like every SRK fan I did picturize a lot in my head... standing there ... right next to you!!

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    For those who haven't read the 1st chapter, I suggest u first read the 1st one otherwise u won't b able to understand anything and it won't b fun..thanks

    #story #chapter2 @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @love_to_live_life18



    We were always the first to reach the coaching centre but that day we got late. 'sir's gonna kill us',said Joel in fear. 'oh come on man ! we are not that late ',said Raj cutting him off. 'OK guys lets get going,we are already late',I said. We parked our cycles outside the centre in the garage and moved in. When we moved in we saw everyone was already sitting on their places and sir was explaining them some algebra. Sir saw us and said,'you guys have come,I didn't expected you would come today'. I don't know what he was thinking cause he didn't seemed to be angry,which was quite unusual. 'Good morning sir!',we greeted him in unison. 'good morning', he replied. 'Now go sit on your places',he pointed us to our seats. After sitting we did some maths. We did somewhat may be four or five algebra when the tuition got over.We directly moved out of the centre as we never waited for anyone to come out with us and ridw off to our school.

                    We were the first to reach the school.We entered the school gate and parked our cycles in the stand.While they were in the parking lot,I returned back to the gate and asked the gatekeeper,'hey uncle! what's up?'.'I am good',he said exhaling a heavy breath.'you guys are always early,I have to open the gate quite early for you all'.'Yeah I know,I can't do anything about this',I sighed.'Can you please open the classroom door for us?',I said.'Yeah sure',he replied.'Ok let me call my friends then',I said.While he moved towards the classroom to open the locks,I went to call my friend,who were still at the parking stand.'Hey guys lets go the classroom is opened',I called them.'Coming bro', they replied in unison.We entered the classroom and sat on our place,the place where no one ever dared to sit,even if we get late.Though there are some students whom we can't fight,but they never bothered to sit on our bench.Its the last bench.Yes! we were the last benchers.We never sat on any other benches in the class except for the last bench.

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    CHAPER 2


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    Cricket lover❤️

    Cricket bna jazbaat,
    Khaya kitne daant,
    Barse uspe laat,
    Phirbhi maana nhi
    Krna tha use kuch gyaat,
    Mehant kiya, bahot thaka,
    Prr uske maa-baap se milte nhi
    The uske khayalat,
    Banna tha use Virendra sehwag,
    Ban gya madari ka bandar
    Lag gyi uske sapno ki waat!!


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    #TheIndianHex #Chapter2 #lovestory

    Read my story in the another post

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    " A Tiny flame of hope still burned
    In the corner of her heart,
    Rest is where he dwelt
    Unknown to the world! "

    " She was not here,
    Yet He never felt closer too her!
    The Tiny rain drop was what,
    Bridged the distance!“


  • theinkdoe 153w

    The Indian Hex - Chapter 2

    The room was a mess. Paru had collected her laptop, a few files for the meeting and rushed out without eating her breakfast.

    She got into the cab and enjoyed the rain that was bashing out. The rain had been a silent spectator through all her life's happenings, atleast the important ones. She wished nothing of that sort must happen today.

    Her love life as she called it ended before it could start. Yet, she was still confined to his thoughts. The day when the exams got over, she texted Dev. She wanted to let him know how she felt, yet he did not reply. She was in pure agony, when she heard that he transferred to a different college. The mere thought of not seeing him anymore made her hate college and also herself. She kept scolding herself for not telling him sooner.
    She completed her college and moved to Mumbai for her first job as a Software Developer. She still had a few friends, still maintained her typical nerdy introvert personality. She still waited for him!


    "A Tiny flame of hope still burned
    In the corner of her heart,
    Rest is where he dwelt
    Unknown to the world! "


    The Mumbai International Airport was teeming with busy passengers. A tall dark handsome man with his suitcase, moved through the crowd, in a stylish, no-hurry way. It would seem like the world stood still for him. No one could deny his charisma and his energy. He stepped outside the crowded airport.

    The rain had calmed down and it was steady pit patter. A raindrop touched his face, immediately planting a smile on his perfect face.


    "She was not here,
    Yet He never felt closer too her!
    The Tiny rain drop was what,
    Bridged the distance!“


    Dev hauled for a cab and got in. He prayed he should not see Paru again, yet wished it to happen! His thoughts didn't make sense and was confusing. You cannot expect a man who led his life to have clear thoughts!


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    Chapter 2: Cast Away Love

    Warm Summer Day, 2018
    Sun on our backs, wind in my hair
    Sweet tea kisses, sunshine smiles
    Ed Sheeran and slow dances
    Twinkling blue eyes, my glimmering brown
    What goes around comes back around

    Hot Summer Night, 2019
    Piercing words, thorns sticking out
    Waterfall tears, red hot anger
    Secrets and lies coming to the light
    Your true colors showing as bright as the 4th of July
    Cutting you completely out of my life

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    The Time Has Come

    The sound of horses thundered around them and she held her head high as watched him approach. Her heart was racing, she wasn’t ready to leave yet and for a brief moment she began to panic. Her father reached out and put her hand in her shoulder protectively. She held her head up high, catching his eyes and holding his gaze. She would not let him see her falter.

        Her father fell to one knee and urged her to show respect to her king, but she refused. The King’s guard began to make a fuss but he held up his hand. “Why did you not bow before your king?” His voice filled with a genuine curiosity.

    “Soon you will not be my king, but my husband, my partner. Therefore I will be held to the standards as Queen and will not be required to bow to you” She raised her head another notch higher, prepared for the worst.

    He slowly nodded and offered his hand to her. “Come than my Queen, let us go.” She took his hand and he helped her into the saddle behind him. She positioned herself sideways so not to ruin her dress and waved sadly to her father one last time. He nodded to her father and off they went.
    “Don’t worry, you’ll see him again” His voice a bit distant, like his mind was elsewhere. She nodded and whispered her thanks to him. They rode the rest of the way in silence, both pondering what their lives will entitle once they reach their destinations.

    They arrived at the castle before sunset, but only barely. She took in the sky, sunsets always leave her breathless. The King turns and glances at her briefly. Such beauty, such genuine curiosity, childlike innocence. She was utterly perfect to him, but she didn’t trust him. She didn’t want to be here. He’d have to change her mind somehow. Just how, how could he make her see who he really was?

    Once they arrived she was taken to her room to ready herself for dinner. Suddenly her room filled with women, One trying to do her hair, another trying to pick her a dress. She froze and the room began to spin, she screamed starling the women in the room. “Please get out” She whimpered, “Please”

    They stared at her and nodded and walked out. She picked up her brush and finished her hair. Her hands shaking as she fumbled into the green dress laid out for her, green like summer’s grass. She finished putting on her jewelry and slid on her shoes that had also been left out for her. She was thankful that the women had set everything out and made a note to thank them and apologize for her behavior later.

    “M’lady?” A timid servant came to her door. “A-are you ready for dinner? I-I was told to show you to the dining hall” She avoided eye contact and something about the servant stirred a feeling of empathy and pity in her.

    “What’s your name child?” She was roughly 10 looking in age, her dress dingy and worn and her feet bare.

    “E-Excuse me m’lady?” She was taken aback and looked up at her for the first time.

    “What is your name little girl?” She knelt down to her level and smiled. “It’s okay, I don’t bite. My name’s Abbie.”

    The young girl smiled and nodded “My name is Sophia” She fidgeted with her hands and looked down again. “Are you ready m’lady?” Remembering her duty, suddenly the smile fading.

    “Yes I suppose I am. As ready as I can be that is. What should I expect Sophia? I’m quite inexperienced in this field if you are not unaware.” She smiled down at the girl briefly.

    The girl’s face turned red at the mention of her name. “Well miss you’re not the average dinner guest. You see if anyone else talked to the king as you have they’d have been killed. He seems to favor your spark m’lady. I assume in this case just being yourself will suffice.” She began to fidget with her hands again, which she realized was one of the girl’s nervous habits.
    She lead them down long corridors with brightly painted pictures in gold frames. Long, beautifully woven tapestries depicting family members or war heros. One particular tapestry made her stop and stare. A large one depicting the King as a child and a strong woman standing beside him, radiating confidence. She reached a hand out and gently touched it.

    “That was the King’s mother. Her name was Maria. She died when he was just a boy no older than 10. Than at 15 his father died making him a King long before he was truly ready. But he handles it well for a king of 18.”

    She nodded to herself and began to follow Sophia again. Shortly thereafter they came to a big, solid wooden door with thin, shiny black handles.

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    Hands of Time

    Times change just as seasons come
    Nothings forever
    Only that time only moves forward


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    Kuch din guzarne k baad Ana ki choti behne saniya, sufiya or aliya ayaz k paas paas padne jaane lage .
    Ek shaam vo Aliya k zid karne pe hamare ghar aye.
    Ana ki khushi ka ye aalam tha ki uske hath per kaanp rahe the or dil zor zor se dhadak raha tha.
    "Assalamu alekum" ayaaz ne khamoshi todi. " aaiye " ana ne kapkapate hue kaha. "Ammi dekhiye ayaaz aye hen "
    Khushi ko dabate hue Ana ne kaha.
    Ammi ne muskurate hue kaha -"Beta ye Aliya , saniya or sufiya tumhari boht tareef karti hen" . Ammi ne baaton hi baaton me unse unk bare me saari maalumaat karli.
    "Achcha aunty ji me ab chalta hun"
    Ayaz ne ijazat chahi. Mohalle valon se vo bhi vaqif tha. Jate hue jab ayaaz ne Ana ko "khuda hafiz" karte hue dekha
    To dekhta hi rehgaya. Vo samajh nhi pa raha tha ki Ana ki aankho me ye aansu kyu hen . bas itna hi mehsus kar paya tha ki Ana k dil me kuch he jo vo chahte hue bhi mujhse nhi kahpa rahi . Ana jis mohabbat ka izhaar tum nhi kar paayi tumhare chehre ne vo khud hi pal bhar me bayaan kardi.
    Lekin qudrat ko shayad kuch or hi manzoor tha. Mohalle me ek or ladki thi jo Ana se umr me badi thi , unche qadkathi or gore rang ki vajh se vo Ana se khubsurat dikhti thi. Hina uska naam tha . usne apni adaaon se kab Ayaaz ko apna deevana bana diya tha ye seedhi saadhi Ana ko pata na chala.

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    And so...both were on our works apart..he's to north am to south but both the hearts where still struggling to know at equator... But they were impotent ..at a sudden we ran to eachother we could hear each others h.beat ...our breaths sink...we held tenacious to each other our eyes are dicey to loose ..&....#there he became habitue at my heart!!!

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    Chapter 4:

    While they were facing so many complications,
    A day came when both of the families had discussion over the two lovers.
    She was tensed about what would they be doing with him?? She went there when his mother asked her parents out to call her as well.

    A pause later....
    She stood still....
    His mother bolted the words just like someone throw stones over helpless animal....
    And there the words began—

    "Hey !You Girl!
    Well.... Don't you think whatever you shared to my son.... Is just what shows the character you hold?!
    That seems to reflect how your mother is! This characterless lady is not you but your mother!
    Lemme be very clear...... I hate this girl anyway,
    And inspite I would slam my doors for a girl like her.
    She isn't someone I am looking for my son."

    He(confused)— Mom Please Stop!

    She (sobbing��)
    Her tears fell like crystals over ground.
    She felt shameless and guilty of loving him by all the words she threw at her.

    He felt helpless to utter words.......
    And there stood her parents warning the guy not to interrupt in our daughter's life again.
    Her mother cleared and said— "Don't you look back at her.... I will find better groom for my daughter and it's better you must forget her."

    He left speechless.....
    She couldn't help herself out.... But gave up talking to him for about months...��
    They broke the distance amongst them for so long....... They couldn't talk, couldn't see, couldn't feel.

    Not just this but the Girl was so pressurized to hear those words for sake of her love every day.
    His mother kept an eye over her not to stalk him.
    She went apart...... Wrote unwanted stuffs for his mother...she got frustrated... End up being alone.

    Since they were both under spy of their respective parents. It became more difficult to be together... Neither did she messaged nor he.
    Well.... But
    That was interesting enough to know
    what happened next?
    Lemme guess? Did they broke apart for life?
    Did they end up dreaming about each other?
    They left places? Came together? ��
    That still remains a mystery.
    Stay connected to read the next chapter ahead....
    Only few of them left! You're close enough. ❤

    (To be Continued)........��


    #wds #lovestory #chapter2
    #mirakee #pod #she #he #coupleslove #firstlove #followformore #erotic #love #lovestories #novels #readers #mirakeeans #wordgasm #l4l #intense #soulwriters #exotic @stolen_king12 @freespirit13 @love_poet @aashi__shankar_ @meghana27 @udit94 @dhanupatil @tomorrow_is_amazing @tuki26 @joycee_joy

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    A Love Story

    Part 4

  • shilpas_recitals 180w

    Meant to be...
    The real love story of the unreal 21 st century
    Chapter 2

    Hello all ! I extend my gratitude to each and everyone of  you  for taking time and appreciating  me and encouraging me  for my work. Your words motivates me and gives me the responsibilty to do more and work harder . Thank you . Now , how did Shaina and Sridev meet? Lets see.  I narrated the characters in the last post and now on, let the narrator be Shaina herself and I am out of the picture .

    I after a really long conversation however managed to pursuade my dad to take me to Brooks during my study holidays . It happened on the suprising bright sunny day of 2015 December 8 th. I had lot of  fun shopping and knowing my dad would say no , I went to the CD shop to buy music without telling him . I was a big Shawn mendes fan and I really wanted to own one of his albums. I was a super crazy fan girl that I literally would stalk him online and memorize every single thing about him that's on internet . I was even more crazy to buy 3 of his album that too the same CD thrice just to satisfy my inner demon that I am a pretty good member of the Mendes army . I went straight to the bill counter since I wanted to move faster to reach my dad before he finds out . The man in the counter looked weird at me since I gave the 3 CDs of the same damn album but I just didn't care . To my surprise , there was another bill on the counter with another  3 album of shawn(definitely not the same 3 cds as me)  I was glad to know that there existed some cool people at my contemporary age . I paid my bill , rushed back and I heard a voice calling me , when I turned back I saw a boy who was too damn tall(since I was a minion ) heading to me , I was wondering why he was approaching me . Then he was like,' Excuse me, I suppose the shopkeeper has misplaced  our bags ". Not saying a word I looked into my bag and I figured that it was not mine and gave him his and got mine . He continued , " Hi , I am Sridev " ,  just giving him a ' sorry have to go ' kinda look with a crooked smile I just went away . I thought I was rude but I eventually forgot about that  .

    Two days after on the 10 th, I had my exams starting. It was my chemistry examination . Me and my best friends , Sona and Shonali were freaking out because of the exam fear . Our hall was 12 c. There were 2 seated on the each bench , one 10 th candidate and the other was 12 th candidate . We all were looking at each other still freaking out on how difficult would the question paper be . The invigilator distributed the paper, she gave me 2 papers so I had to pass on the other paper to probably my senior . I just slided the paper, and strangely I received "thankyou" because we wouldn't talk much in the examination hall and the boys that too seniors were too damn egostic to say thank you to the juniors. So I turned to look who it was AND when I saw who it was I was SHOOK, no not shook I was THUNDERSTRUCK , it was the same boy that I ignored in the mall two days ago . I was looking right into his eyes with my jaws dropped . ( how embarassing ) He whispered at me ," I am sure you remember me , are you gonna say HI now or you are going to look at me like this till the bell rings ?" again I said nothing just turned to my side and started writing my exam. He on the other hand was struggling to control his giggle since I looked extremely scared and weired at the same time.  I was smiling too but on the inside since I felt an unexplainable happiness in me. 

    So this is how Shaina and Sridev have met eachother . So is this the play of destiny ? Hope u guys liked it.


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    As we read in previous Chapter about their conversation in process.Therefore, let us continue reading what happened next....... ❤��

    He— So can you tell me what you girls like?

    She— Say for example? I mean why? (little nervous)

    He—Nope! Just asking cuz you are a girl so you better know what the girls are fond of?

    She (insecure)—How would I be knowing? Anyway... I am not like other girls... So don't ask me.

    He—Oh! So you are unique!��I see...

    She— Yeah maybe!

    He— Interesting.... Btw do you think a girl could get impressed by my conversation? I mean by me?

    She— Yes can be!

    He—Oh probably cuz my friend says I am not romantic enough.... She says I don't give interesting conversations. ��

    She—Who friend? Who said? Oh tell her maybe she is mad. ����

    He (grin) —��maybe.Okay..I'll talk to you soon... Bye.. Take care.

    She—Hmm.. okay!
    For a moment,
    At night.....she was all upset yet misunderstood by the questions he asked.
    And initially she caught herself crying for him without even a bond,babbling to self—"He thinks like I care? Maybe he would be so obsessed with his bitchy girlfriend from college.Who cares? "����
    Suddenly, she fell asleep with that clingy mood and ended up unfriending him from social media.
    On January 1st, New Year....
    She again sent him a hopeful request and then... She texted him —

    She— "Hey! Happy New Year!"��

    He— "Same to You!" you unfriended me?

    She—"What? No...maybe by mistake! "

    He— "Okay! Btw you didn't answered me?"��

    She—"About what?"

    He—"Do you find me interesting?"����

    She—"Uumm! Yeah! Sort of... "

    He—"mmmm..... Okay shall I give you few options?"��

    She— "Go onn"��

    He—"If you're asked to choose one out of these? What would be your answer?
    A) I love You!
    B) option (a)
    C) both (a) and (b) ����"

    She—"Aye! That's cheating! "

    He—"And this is the real brain of an engineer you see!You are trapped"��

    She—"Oh I have a brain too! What if I ask for option D? "����

    He—"Fine why does it always happen bad for me��Option D is 'I Love You Bro'."��

    She—"First you answer cuz you asked it."

    He—"R you sure? Okay! Option A....Now your turn"

    She—"Mmm.... Option A and C! "��

    He—"What's written in option A?��"

    She—"Love ya"

    He—"What's ya? Say it properly!? "

    She—"ya means you, fine... I love You! "��

    He—"Wow! Same here!"

    She—"Why did you took so much of time to say this foolish! "��

    He—"Well... You see m kinda shy.. And i knew you liked me somewhere so with all courage i gathered i thought of asking you whatever would happen I'll accept. "

    She—"Oh! So you became brave?"��

    He—"Nah! I knew you stalked me a day.. And u surely do liked me��I won't be disappointed I knew."
    And after the conversation.... He discovered that she was 3 years younger to him and thought he wouldn't accept her cuz of age factor but in fact, he loved her too.��Both of them seems to have butterflies in their belly. They even exchanged contact numbers to have those adorable voice calls.



    (To Be Continued....) ❤
    Waiting to see what enthusiastic stuffs happened next? Well... The next chapters would definitely make u learn some tricks and beautiful conversations with confessions. They faced war and yet fights in love. Stay connected for some more chapters. I'll update you soon.

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    A Love Story

    Part 2


  • crazedwriter 194w

    #Mirkee #writersnetwork #pod #themirror #Jeshan #chapter2

    Jashan POV.

       I opened my locker, to total abyss.
       Literly total abyss. I was looking into a swirling Shattered Mirror portal.
       I slammed my locker shut.

       It was happening again.

       The Mirror portals were going bonkers. More and more turned out to be Shattered...or in other words, they were The Shard's portals.
       I sighed as I thought that this could only mean more trouble. The Shard's numbers were increasing, and I still haven't found the heir to The Mirror.
    That's the only reason I'm here; to find the heir to The Mirror, who is somewhere on this planet, Earth...
       We finally found that the heir was at least in this city, Manhatten. So we have gotten closer.
       But I'll have to keep looking, or go to this school, which is basically the same thing. Mostly because the heir is going to be around my age and might potentially be at this school, if she isn't homeschooled.
       I thought even though I haven't found her yet, I at least made one friend...Mira Silver.

       I turned away from my locker and strolled down the hall, nearing the bathrooms.
       Suddenly I heard yelling coming from the inside of the bathroom.
       I immediately sprinted into the bathroom.
       I searched all around but mostly everyone had already left so there was no-one there.
       Then I heard a voice yelling. "YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!!!! LITERLY AND FIGURATIVELY!!!"
       I knew that shrill, annoying voice from anywhere, Wendy Vopper.
       With a start I realized that it was coming from the room across from the boy's bathroom.... The girl's bathroom.
       I knew what I had to do.

       I burst out the door, rounded the corner and burst into the girl's bathroom.


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    The Mirror
    Chapter 2


  • venomousrose 199w

    Chapter 2, part 2

    Or at least, that's how I imagine his last day went. Of course, no one knows his final thoughts before he was killed.

    A native of California, he and his mother moved to Chehalis, Washington when he was in middle school. He fit in with our weird group of nerdy outcasts. For me, the main trio was Vince, Andy, and myself, because we lived within a few blocks of each other, rode the bus together, took classes together, and hung out after school and late at night.

    For a year and a half, spanning the end of eighth grade through freshman year, Vince was my first serious boyfriend. I remember lying in his arms in my twin-sized bed after sneaking him in through my bedroom window. I looked up at him with a head full of fantastic dreams and a eyes full of naive love and asking him, "Do you think we're soulmates?"

    He said, "I think so."

    That was the most connected to and loved by another person I had ever felt, and he wasn't even that confident in his answer. That's how lost I was.

    Even though we were broken up when he died, we were still good friends and, secretly, I had always thought we would get back together. It was painful having to go through his death without having reconciled or reconnected.

    I was 17 years old when my soulmate died, and I genuinely believed I would live the rest of my life alone and sad. It wasn't until later on that I would lose the belief in soulmates altogether.

    Needless to say, Vince's death gutted me. It dragged me into an angry depression that would only deepen as time marched on.

    I thought about getting a memorial tattoo, like some of my friends had done within the first few years, but I haven't been able to settle on a design. This at times makes me feel like a poor friend/soulmate because I haven't done anything to honor his life or show that I cherish his memory. Not saying I feel obligated to build him a goddamn pyramid or anything, but for someone who had such a profound effect on my adolesence and life tragectory after his death, I think something is in order. But the 12 year anniversary has come and gone and I haven't done shit.

    At the same time, though, what am I supposed to do, get a tattoo memorializing each and every tragedy I live through? Is my body a temple of bad memories, or something more? Because some of these events I want to remember forever, because they involve people I love, and others I am desperate to forget. Some evoke tears, and some, still years later, make my blood boil.

  • venomousrose 199w

    Chapter 2, part 1

    He wasn't in the mood to fucking argue.

    "I'm sick of listening to her..." Vince mumbled to himself as he fumbled with his fingerless gloves.

    His mother, on the other hand, seemed to be in the mood for some sort of confrontation, and she was was drunk (again). She hadn't gone to work at all that week, and the consequence of this isolation was a needy, co-dependent loneliness. Vince would miss school to keep her company at times (not that he wanted to go anyway), but he was determined to leave, for whatever reason she couldn't fathom or bare.

    "Vincent!" she screamed from the upstairs of their duplex.

    Vince sighed. He was in his bedroom downstairs, trying not to listen to his mother stomp and screech above him. Continuing to get dressed, his slid his black combat boots on and laced them up without effort.

    "Vincent!" she screamed again.

    "Yes, mother!" She hated it when he called her "mother," instead favoring the less formal "mom."

    She replied - something inaudible. With a slight, decisive nod he stood to leave. He threw on his camo jacket then pulled out the hood from his black zip-up sweater as he left his room, turning around to lock the door.

    Mother stopped him at the front door, blonde hair looking especially stringy in the many days since she last bathed, rank mouth agape in disbelief.


    "MOTHER!" The sarcasm in his voice confused her drunk mind. He moved her aside by placing his hands on her shoulders and shifting her to the left a few stumbling steps.


    "Come back," she whispered, helpless.

    But Vince couldn't hear her, and most certainly wasn't coming back. He threw his headphones on over his ears and cranked the music to eleven, blasting all thought from his mind and silencing his small town surroundings, both of which was necessary to get his mother's scratchy voice out of his head. He hated it when she screamed at him like that; she's like a child.

    As he walked, turning the corner of Quincy Place, his racing thoughts soon began to slow along with his pace. Finally, he could relax. Leaning his head back, he closed his brown eyes and basked in the warm summer sun for a brief moment.

    Then his thoughts turned back to his mother. She can be frustrating, but he's all she's got. He sighed. And she's all he's got. Vince had been taken away from her before, and the other places he was forced to live were terrible. They were all strict and enforced many rules. One place wouldn't even let him watch The Simpsons as though he were some kind of infant. He left that place and refused to go back, there or anywhere like it.

    No, Mother could be a pain, but at least he had his freedom, sort of and most of the time. She didn't have many rules (that didn't involve spebding time with her, at least), and he could leave if he wanted to without being afraid of her following through on discipline, or stay up late watching television without fear of punishment. The only thing is, if she knows he left to a friend's place, she will call repeatedly and beg him to come home.

    Vince reached the railroad tracks. There was a train going by, so he would have to wait. The music was pumping in his ears so loud that he couldn't hear the train or its whistle. He waited at the crossing and as soon as the caboose sped by, he tucked under the red-and-white striped bars and walked onto the tracks.

    And he was struck by an Amtrak barreling through in the opposite direction. It carried his body one city block before depositing it at the main downtown crossing.

    He died immediately.