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  • ramya04 7w

    She whispered him,
    I kill you,
    when you left me unnoticed
    and made our child
    to live as fatherless one,
    Even if you left or
    cheat us,I kill and
    I made you reappear.

  • aries_heart 21w

    A villians love.

    We linger in the dark. Never speaking of love, but craving the warm pleasure of our bodies. Offering our intentions are toxic. We refuse to acknowledge the obvious. With our feelings being unexplainable, we disregard all values while laying intertwined. 

  • wifey_suicide 23w

    Playing With My Head

    When I think about you, so many words pop in my head
    You hurt me in so many ways.
    The smile on your face is just pain in my eyes.
    When you paint your toes, something just dies .
    Curling up your toes in our bed, with somebody else...
    No, I can't forget that!
    Winning the I love you more game, is just stuck in my head.
    Wasting my time, wasting my air.
    Oh how I wish you never entered my life, because all you do is play with my head.
    You say you're sorry, as your notifications are your motivations.
    I thought we had a whole creation.
    Just to find out it was just waste of time, on a art project that is now ripped into pieces...
    I just can't wait for this lease to end.
    When you look at me and I look at you, all I see is the devil telling me it'll be okay to be alone.
    Which I know.
    I've done that before, I just hate going backwards.
    The pain in my eyes wasn't enough for you, to step away from temptations.
    Remember when you told me you wanted something faithful?
    You still won't tell me the name of the person who slept with you...
    ...You're playing with my head, anytime I ask you.
    Acting like I didn't catch you.

  • kp_singh 25w

    मेरी किश्ती में छेद करने वाले,
    जब तू डूब रहा हो तो मुझे याद करना!
    Oh the one to make hole in my boat,
    Call me, when you're drowning! -Kps©2021

    #boat #betrayal #cheater #fake #kpspoetry #kpsquotes

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    मेरी किश्ती में छेद करने वाले,
    जब तू डूब रहा हो तो मुझे याद करना!
    Oh the one to make hole in my boat,
    Call me, when you're drowning!

  • bwhavenar 28w

    #ifuckedup #cheater #blewit
    When I try to sleep I still see you in my dreams!

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    Us No More

    Run away from me,
    If you know what's best for you.
    I'm never gonna be the right one,
    So baby, save what's left of you.
    Don't you dare turn around,
    And look me in the eyes.
    Just do what's best for you,
    Run fast, get away, and say goodbye.

    Look at me and all of the pain that I've caused.
    I'm so broken, used up, and lost.
    The things I've done can never be taken back.
    I fucked up, yeah, I'll own that!

    You don't know it but you're better of alone,
    Than with me by your side.
    I can't take any of it back because
    I broke it all when I cheated, when I lied.
    You said you forgive me,
    But you don't look at me how you once did.
    My toxic "love" is see through now,
    My apologies don't mean shit.

    I wish that I could go back and make it right.
    I swear on our children that I still love you.
    My words are empty, they mean nothing anymore.
    Letting you go is killing me, but it's what I must do!

  • kp_singh 29w

    You can't teach loyalty to a cheater and cheating to a loyal person.
    No matter how hard you try.
    You can only change someone's behaviour but not their character! -Kps©2021

    #kpsspoetry #kpsquotes #characterneverchange #behaviour #loyalty #cheater

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    You can't teach loyalty to a cheater and cheating to a loyal person.
    No matter how hard you try.
    You can only change someone's behaviour but not their character!

  • angi_d 30w

    A Ho is a Ho

    It has become clear to me now,
    That no matter how hard I try,
    You and I will never be us again.
    I've tried to prove my love for you,
    Look at what I've overcome,
    I've cheated death times two!
    The only thing that kept my heart going,
    Was the thought of you and the dogs
    This I was not hoping, but knowing.
    Twenty six years, you've been my life force,
    Why when I'm SICK and DYING
    Did you decide to take on some whores?
    This is the time I need you most
    To run this show,
    Ya know, be the host.
    I'm not dead yet but well on my way,
    Now you won't even give me the time of day.
    I could've died and left you a mess,
    Then what would you have done?
    Still run to your whore?
    Having to pick through my mess?
    You cant make a whore into a housewife.
    So the story goes.
    Your karma for screwing me over (the good woman and loyal wife of near 26yrs)
    Is the bitch you have ended up with.
    Remember in our yelling wars,
    I told you then that you'll never be happy without me? Cos I know you better than anybody. So when your heart is broken again and again, you'll think of the words I've said.
    I'll always be your forever,
    Till death do we part.
    But that is only if someone else hasn't stolen my heart... Your karma is playing out well. She's gonna put you through hell....
    I'm reclining back for the story to unfold... The facts you've numerously been told.
    "A ho is a ho no matter which way you go."


  • kp_singh 31w

    Roses are red and violets are blue,
    She cheated another man and there's nothing new! -Kps©2021

    #kpspoetry #kpsquotes #cheater #cheatedinlove #stayloyal #donotcheat #lovequote

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    Roses are red and violets are blue,
    She cheated another man and there's nothing new!

  • writtersfeelingz 35w

    Instagram user....

    Nowadays it's the one
    I see everytime someone
    Leaves just because
    We loved them truly
    Lust won the aces
    Breaking my heart into pieces

  • ishitabhagat 37w

    I wish I told u, I wish I didn't have to lie to you, I wish I spoke as truly to u as u love me, I wish I didn't keep any secrets from you, I wish u knew what I am up to, I wish you knew the actual 'me'.

    I wish I didn't have to wish for all of these, and that all of these were not just wishes but actuality, reality. I wish that I sleep as peacefully as you do, I wish I say 'I love u too' - I wish I mean it too.

    U ask me what I want from you - I say 'nothing' - how can I ask for anything? It's because of me that you lost everything. I want to speak to you, for you are my lover- but how can I? I am the cheater, I am the sinner. This is what I deserve- high and drunk - I shall be with you- oh yes! now you are the gym's cool punk. I will be with you even if I don't want to, hold your hand, and kiss you- I'll do everything- everything that I never actually wanted to - but now I need to - I have to. For I broke you - this is my way to pay you- make it up to you - I'll surely say 'yes I love you too' but you must know that it's not true, it's one of the 'have tos' I don't 'want to' love you. I don't want you.


  • czarcasm 37w

    I'm sure everyone has had that type of ex
    #ex #boyfriend #cheater #love #hate #movedon

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    Go ahead try to delete out past

    As if you knew it would never last

    The shit you talked behind my back

    Made me realize a real man is what I truly lack

    Cheat on me like the one before you

    Talk shit to me as if I made you

    Your friends they know what you did to me

    Now look where they are, not with you but me

    Your toxic relationship you made with her

    Will only grow worse I hope you grow a burr

    To remind yourself that you fucked me up

    Don't ever come back to say 'whats up'

    I'm better without you I know they told you

    I've moved on your ass has been through

    A little boy is all that you are

    I know, I look good now fuck off and look from afar

  • viyaansh 38w

    Badnaam karti hai ..

    Wo samjhi kaha hai mujhe ...
    Taarifein khule aam karti hai....
    Mere saamne achhi baatein
    Aur mere Pichhe mujhe badnaam karti hai...


  • leahkaye 40w

    Other Lovers

    Tell me why do I love you when you can't love me back?
    Still I stay, I can't even be mad.
    Seek to destroy what we could have had.
    Leave to follow other lovers that have what I lack.
    Keep me tucked away pushed to the vary back.
    and it's still you that I love, have I gone mad?
    cause this shits got me torn into half.
    Surely there ain't fixing yesterday's cause now that's already past.
    and here I'm still waiting...
    While your off meeting other lovers that have what I lack.
    Now it's 5am, you sneak quietly in once your back.
    But this time is different, you see me in pieces got all my shit packed.
    and to my surprise not a questions been asked.
    You just walked to bed and laid down tired your head.
    Not one words been said.
    If silence could kill.
    I'd be dead.

  • wifey_suicide 45w

    Hangs Up The Phone

    She saids hey
    He saids he gotta go
    He hangs up the phone
    She thinks he's at home
    But he's not alone
    She just wants to be
    Lost in his eyes
    But he's hesitant
    She doesn't want to believe his lies
    There's no evidence
    Since he's perfect in her eyes
    Even if he doesn't listen to her cry

    She saids hey
    He saids he gotta go
    He hangs up the phone
    She thinks he's at home
    But he's not alone
    So she'll surprise him

    She opens the door
    Nobody is home
    The broom is fallen over
    It looks spotless and clean
    She walks in his room
    And sees pink panties on the floor
    Over and over again, she finds more questionable things
    Violence rages into her eyes
    Every part of her just dies
    Can't spell it without a L
    He thinks he's the good one
    When he's the evil one

    She screams hey! Followed by no
    There's no hanging up the phone
    She saids, she knows
    He saids babe...
    She saids no, you're not the one
    He starts to cry
    She hangs up the phone

  • my____feelings 48w

    इतना समझ चुका था मैं उसके मिज़ाज़ को,
    कि वो जा रही थी और मैं हैरान भी नहीं था !!!

  • sheikh_huzaifa 51w

    Hum say kya ponch tay ho
    Jana tha toh pehlay hi keh daitay
    Dosti na kartay hum
    Itnay b sastay na thay hum
    Ki tumhari baatu mai ulaj k hum tumharay ho jatay....
    #friendship #leaved #fake #lier #cheater #friends #people #pod #wod #mirakee #share

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  • sheikh_huzaifa 53w

    Kyun hai aaisa?
    Kyun na humko woh pyar milta woh qadar milti jo hum dostt aur dosti ko daitay hai?
    Kyun humay yahi dekhaya jata hai ki dostt hamesha joothay hotay hai aur kabhi sath nahi daitay?
    Kyun hai aaisa?
    Kyun oon logo k dostt achay hotay hai jinko dosti aur dostt say na hi pyar na hi qadar hoti hai?
    Kyun hai aaisa?
    Kya yai jawab hai humari dosti ka, humaray pyar ka?
    Humnai aik dosti dekhi thi, jitna hi humnai oonko chaha utna hi humko joothi dosti mili.....
    Ab kooshish kar k dekha tha saab kuch bhool janay ki aur aik nayi dosti ki shuruwad karnay ki, aik mooka diya tha dosti ko aur dostt ko......
    Har bari mujhko hi donkha mila
    Har bari mujhko hi joothi dosti mili......
    Nafraat honay lagi hai dostu say
    Har woh kooshish kartay hai jis say
    Humari nayi dosti bach jayai
    Kahi hum phir say dosti ka shikar na hojayai
    Jooth k shikar na hojayai.......
    Galti agar aus dostt ki hoti hai
    Phir b hum hi yahi say maafi maang tay hai
    Aapni dosti ko bacha nai k liyai.....
    Bohat kuch saha hai mainai iss dosti k chakar mai
    Pata nahi ab konsa moad laige zindagi mere
    Kya mujhay suchi dosti mil b payai gi ya nahi?
    Kya mujhay mairai pyar k badlay pyar milay ga?
    Bohat say sawalaat hai iss maan mai
    Dil-o-dimag mai
    Kyun hai aaisa??????
    #fake #friendship #friends #lier #cheater #hate #negativity #hatred #life #world #love #lovehurts #pod #share

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    Hum toh dosti aur dostu ko bada maan tay thay
    Aur utna hi oon say pyar kartay thay
    Aur oon ki qadar kartay thay
    Utna hi woh joothay thay
    Kya yahi saza mili humko dosti karnay ki aur oon say pyar karnay ki!
    Humnai toh bohat saru ko aaisa dekha hai jinko dosti aur dostu say pyar nahi hota
    Joothay hotay hai yai log
    Par oon k hi dostt saab say achay hotay hai...

  • sheikh_huzaifa 54w

    Dekha hai humnai kya busy hotay hai log!
    Hum say chutkara panay k liyai jooth boal tay hai
    Par hum phir b baroosa kar laitay hai!
    Aaray! Jooth kyun bolna!
    Such hi bata doo humko
    Hum khud hi chalay jayain gay
    Burra nahi manay gay
    Par kam say kam yai yaad toh rahay ga ki such hi bola jo kuch b bola hai
    Par tumai kaha sunni hai humari
    Hum toh tumhai parayshan karnay k liyai baat kartay hai
    Hum toh tumhari parwa hi nahi kartay
    Hum toh tumko khilona samajh rahay hai
    Jo hum tumharay liyai kartay hai na
    Woh aaj tak onkay liyai b na kiya jo hum say pyar kartay hai.......

  • sheikh_huzaifa 54w

    Hum logo ko message kartay hai!
    Intezaar kar kay din b kat jata hai
    Par woh shaqs aik reply nahi kartay
    Humko message karnay k liyai onko fursaat nahi hoti
    Aur dusru ko message karnay k liyai aapnay aap hi fursaat aa jati hai......

  • broslav 57w


    Settle down
    I'll spell it out
    It's simple enough

    I came around
    I figured it
    By following my gut

    It's not the same anymore
    Since I walked through the door
    And found you
    On top of my soundboard
    Bent over that sad whore

    I know you've got them bars
    But this is not a game you see
    I'm That Brooklyn Bitch
    That's why they gave this
    Fucking verse to me

    Cause EVERYBODY knows
    It's me they're calling
    For their shows
    How you got your
    Only Grammy
    From my angry words

    Brought my friend
    Inside our bed
    So you can go and
    Fuck your privacy
    Spilling all those secrets
    That you probably hoped
    Would die with me

    Keep lining your cheeks
    With strips of fentanyl
    You can call me a lunatic
    Cause they all know
    You'll never change, Hoe