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    रुख़सार की चमक पे दिल फिदा हुआ
    और रूह की नुमाइश पर मन !
    मुख से निकले शब्दों पे जिगर पागल हुआ
    और मासूम हँसी पर तन !!


  • sk_soulsrhyme 70w

    Dear tears,
    Each time when you roll down
    my cheeks & touch my lips;
    I urge you to give it a strength
    to speak what's deep within...

  • himayan_writes 94w

    Oh pity me

    3 months and we're strangers now!
    Your black hair has turned Burgundy!
    Your eyebrows does that new thing somehow...
    Your cheeks, unlike before, are not puffy!

    Your eyes... They don't talk to me anymore!
    Your lips no longer call my name, I'm sure!
    Your happiness is free of me.
    But you're still the cure for my misery!


  • prakriti2005 103w


    Don't let your tears be dependent on those beautiful lashes behind which they can hide themselves... Let them roll down your cheeks gracefully for they are not the chink in the armor, they are the signs that you're humane and you can feel!

  • dichotomy_of_love 103w

    Respect and love. That is the magic formula.

    Have you ever thought if one of us hadn't insisted? Have you ever thought if one of us hadn't called or sent that message wishing you good night? Have you ever thought if pride had spoken louder?

    Well, we would have missed all that. We would have missed our nights of incredible sex, we would have missed the laughs and the beautiful moments we had.

    Our secret is this: One of us always has the strength to look for the other. When one fails the other arises.

    I know we are not fully mature, there is still much to learn, but I also know that no one has taught me more than you. It was from you that I learned about how pride can hurt and loneliness can be empty. It was with you that I learned to take a deep breath before speaking and about how your presence can give light to my days.

    From affection to sex. From the simplest kiss to the two of us fully connected. Ah, how much we would have missed had we not been able to cheer, what a waste we would have been if we had been acting like teenagers.

    Our best moments started with an apology, with a phrase 'I miss you'. Look how much we owe our happiness the humility to recognize for others that we were wrong and that we needed each other.

    Look, let me give a message to you who are fighting and suffering in pride: Drop this thing that hurts you and hurts the other. Be more humble in recognising what you need to improve. Remember: You are not competing against who is in your life. You want the good of each other, this is the principle that unites: Want the happiness of the other.

    Drop your weapons and shields, use those arms to hug. Stop the accusatory words, use your mouths to kiss. Stop putting the distance between you, stick the bodies together and give yourself to each other madly.

    Stop the excuses that make you want to suffer. You can be happy together, you have already proved it and you have eternalized beautiful moments. So be the best for the other in the presence of the other: Be happy. You have already proved that you can.

    Respect and love. That is the magic formula.



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    बयान मेरी मोहब्बत का तेरे रुखसारों पर है,
    हाथ लगाकर देख ले गले लगाकर जाँच ले।

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    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #moon #sun #dye #blue #sky #night #reflection #dark #kohl #eyes #lotus #smile #rosy #rose #cheeks #crown #million #suns #crest #jewels #ocean #treasures #chest #locks #ananta #vrinda #graland #angvastram #queen #shri #striking #yellow #clothing #silk #limbs #justify #justifucation #seeking #devotion

    So, ShriHari is Soooooooo Beautiful! Right! So much that no one can really say how much! But the mind always needs to describe the glories which couldn't actually be described. This poem is just a funny one, where the mind tries to justify that beauty, justify those features, he is stupefied by that beauty and out of madness tries to justify how this might have came into being. He says that the Moon dyed itself with colour of sky, rather took that colour on itself and the Sun seeing that new dye, making the Moon, Moonlit Blue(Shining Blue) melted the Moon, the melted blue Moon then fell on the Beautiful Lord, Since Moon is visible in night, so the dark night accompanying the blue moon which fell on ShriHari reflected on him, giving him a dark blue complexion. Then there came another Moon, and a Sun, as his eyes, and a thousand lotuses became his smile. But the mind is now confused how shall it justify those roses on his cheeks(rosy cheeks)? A million Suns became his crown. And his jewels are treasures of Ocean he derived after Samudra Manthan(Churning of Ocean) that is Shri and Kaustubh(here no justification is needed, these were actually derived after Samudra Manthan��), which always shine on his chest.
    Now his dark, thick locks, they seem like necks of Ananta(Sheshnaag) which are as if encircled around the garlands of Vrinda(Tulsi), (ShriHari's Tulsi Mala on Head)
    The Van Mala and Angvastram, rest on his chest and caress the Queen Shri on his chest ❤ The striking yellow as bright as lightening is his clothing.
    And in the end, the mind loses for there are infinite more attributes of ShriHari, how shall he justify all of them? Or anyone can? Continuously praising and beholding which is the pastime of wise and blessed!

    Jaya ShriHari! Jaya ShrimanNarayana!

    Param (Utmost Beauty)
    -A hypnotic Portraiture of ShriHari
    By Bhavya Gogia

    See, the moon has worn
    The Sky Blue colour of Sky!
    And the Sun melted him
    Seeing his new dye!
    The Blue Moon, melted, thus
    Fell on My Lovely Lord!
    And the night reflects on him
    Making him darker than Kohl!
    Then another moon and Sun
    Came as his eyes,
    And thousands of lotuses
    Became his endearing smile!
    But Oh People, tell me thus
    How shall I justify?
    The roses he carries on his Cheeks
    My Darling Lotus-eyed!
    And a million Suns
    He wore them at his Crest
    And his Jewels, the treasures of Ocean!
    Adorned on his breast! (Shri and Kaustubh)
    And his darkest Locks
    Seem like the necks of Ananta
    Dancing and encircling around,
    The garlands of Devi Vrinda!
    The enchanting Van Mala
    Resting on Vishnu's Chest
    Along the Angvastram
    Caresses the Queen abreast!
    And his striking yellow
    The Clothing, prefered by him,
    Is softer than the Silk!
    Adorning on his limbs!
    At the end, I say the Same,
    By whom can the beauty be said!
    Beholding which is the Pastime
    Of the wise and blessed!

    Title credit- @ally_18 ❤��☺
    Pic credit: To the original owner, edit by me��❤

    @aarsha_ns @_garimapamdey_ @vandi123 @krishn_ratiii

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    By ShriHari Nandini

  • untuned_words 110w

    One day,
    The tears will dry up,
    The scars will heal back,
    The pain will fade away,
    The memories will vanish off,
    These lips will smile again,
    These eyes will shine again,
    These cheeks will blush again,
    This soul will trust again,
    And..This heart will love again.


  • sanchari_karmakar 112w

    She couldn't control her laughter as she saw him washing the dishes. His face and arms were covered with soapsuds and t-shirt completely wet from getting splashed by the water. While she hysterically laughed about, he placed a plate on her rear end and positioned her on the counter. Drawing closer, as she thought he was about to kiss her, he smeared some lather on her cheeks taking her by surprise only to be attacked by a huge mass of foamy stuff right across his face.

  • dichotomy_of_love 113w

    There are still people who are worth to love.

    It makes me angry when I tell you that you are the most beautiful woman in the world and you do not believe me. This is the fault of those suckers who have gone through your life, who have diminished you so that you do not realize that you deserve better.

    Seriously, looking at you is seeing all the best there is in a woman. Every trace of your face, the way you laugh and frown. The way you blend compassion, gratitude and warmth.

    You are a perfect blend and in our intimacy I discover every day the woman with whom I want to share the rest of my days.

    Being faithful to you is no obligation. To give you all my love and respect is a simple matter of intelligence. Because if I do not value a woman like you I could not see the value of anything in my life.

    You, being that way, do not even know how much you are. Lucky to meet you, wounded, sad and disbelieving in love ... because so I could show you what you also showed me: There are still people who are worth to love.


  • dichotomy_of_love 114w

    It's crazy thing to love what you have...


    It is a crazy thing to love what you have.

    You see that face of someone who just woke up and falls in love even more. You touch that body as if it were the most perfect thing in the world. That ass, those breasts and the smell ... oh the smell. No matter the size, no matter the defects, everything there seems to be done for you, as if your whole life has been waiting for that person, their perfect curves and imperfections.

    There is nothing ugly about skin with skin. There is nothing unusual about the touch that leads to sex. The only ugly thing in sexuality is that which targets only two bodies, as if they were nothing more than this flesh inside. Having sex with feeling, loving with a touch and falling in love with that feeling of having found your place, falling in love wanting never to leave.

    There is nothing wrong with this lust for the other, a lust for the other's life, for the problems that she now shares with you.

    Love what you have and you will find that happiness much easier. You will not need to look for anything far, you will not need to hide things, nor will you be afraid that the other person will discover a fraud. Love what you have through the value you give yourself.

    It is incredible this feeling of facing the world head on and even with all the responsibilities to know that you are doing your best and respecting those who trust you so much to the point of giving you life, feelings and your own future.


  • dichotomy_of_love 114w

    How can I..

    How can I explain to her that before her I was not like that? How can I make her understand that my smile beside her is so much more true, that my way of seeing the future is so more positive and that the disappointments of the past now seem not to have been so painful at all?

    How can I give the dimension of how much I find her beautiful? Because she puts on those pajamas and I burn. She leans on me with that beautiful ass and I go crazy. She opens her eyes as she kisses my tongue and my friend ... I totally lose control.

    How can I tell her how much she already means in my day? Flowers, chocolates, a letter? No, that alone would not be enough for her to realize how important I am. Faithfulness? That's the least I can give her. Affection and protection? If I did not I'd be an idiot. Devote to it all the days of my life? This is what I want.

    I do not know how to make her understand that feeling. And no text that I mark on the instagram will be enough to show how much she is to me.

    Because this amazing girl has chosen to be with me and all I have to give her is my love. She says it's enough, but for her I look every day a little bit more. I want her to be proud of me.

    I want to be forever to be this girl 's guy. Because even though she does not know how amazing she is, I realize that every second by her side. She is my great find, a treasure that made me understand my mission here. And so much of me that I surrender to her is at last the best part that before her I did not even know how to have.


  • dichotomy_of_love 114w


    Do you know how jealous you feel about her? So, it's normal ... you have to be more jealous of this cat. Now let me give you a tip: When she tells you something about an ex you’re looking for or a guy who hit on you, before you respond with your jealousy tell her: 'Look, give me some time to digest this ... now I'm very angry '. Remember: She told you that, she trusts you and even though you might not like it she chose to tell you the truth.

    Value this truth, value it to face your jealousy and tell you what happened. You can be sure of one thing: if she is telling you things it is because she respects you, she sees you as more than a boyfriend and a companion as a friend. Do not repress her, do not transfer the guilt of other guys to her, because it will always be like that, there will always be guys on top of your girl.

    Then take a deep breath, thank her for always bringing you the truth and put something in your head: SHE CHOSEN YOU.

    Yes, be jealous, but use that jealousy to value it even more. Remember that the girl that others can only look at you can touch, kiss, throw on the bed and take off your clothes.

    Nobody told you to like this woman and make her choose you as the man next door. Now can handle. Because you have earned it, you have what others can only look at. Be a man to appreciate what your struggle has made you conquer ... again: THE OTHER DOESN'T MATTER, SHE CHOSEN YOU.


  • dichotomy_of_love 114w

    Do you know why we care so much in the beginning....

    Do you know why we care so much in the beginning and after a while we kind of relax? It is because at the beginning we know that we can lose, we feel that it is full of hawk flying overhead, if we take a day off, someone comes and takes us away. That is why we dedicate ourselves, that is why we are so present, we don’t sleep fighting and every morning we leave that good morning. Until we conquered and that person surrenders so much, he gives himself so much to us that we now feel he is the exclusivity of him, we put in the head that we won and now he is ours.

    Well, let me give you some information: As much as that person seems to be yours, however much her heart seems to belong to you, know that every heart one day gets tired ... every lack of attention grows and one day it explodes, every absence that rather it is a pain that struggles and screams one day it just shuts up and gives up.

    The illusion that we have conquered and now the other is forever ours gradually erodes relationships until one day there is nothing left. So when we realize and try to recover that it is already too late, even if the other wants to, even if he tries to insist, now the heart is so bruised that it has created scars that can no longer be undone.

    We think that love kills the competition, but no, love just drives competitors away, makes them go elsewhere ... but believe me: At the slightest sign that you have failed, the hawks fly over and you are one step away to lose forever. You had the chance and didn't know how to take care, losing becomes a matter of time.

    So this is for you who have been neglecting what you have fought so hard to achieve. This is for you who with a lot of struggle won the competition and showed who was in charge: Take good care of your achievement, value it today as much as you did in the past. It is the illusion of having won that makes us lose.

    In love and in life the lesson that remains is: Do not let your guard down on the things that are most important to you. Growing and harvesting takes time and there is always someone watching your most delicious fruit.


  • dichotomy_of_love 114w

    I'm not always strong, but when I weaken just remember where my strength comes from: From you!

    I'm not going to lie, I'm jealous of your past, I can restrain myself, but seriously, it gives me a bad thing to imagine that I was not always in your life.

    Sometimes you also come with these memories of other times, as if I were going to err in the way that others went wrong, that's when I take a deep breath not to shout, 'I AM NOT THEM'. Okay, but let me ask you: Do you give me a discount? You know, when I freak out with that ex enjoying things of yours, when I ask 'who's this one', when I insinuate something suspicious. Just relieve, make me laugh, make me feel that every inch of your body and your feeling belongs to me.

    I know you see me as a strong base in your life, but I'm not steel, sometimes those things that I pretend do not give ball hurt me. When that happens, just laugh, just call me a fool like that only you know.

    I'm not always strong, but when I weaken just remember where my strength comes from: From you!

    Your presence cures everything, so please love me even when I least seem to deserve it because then I promise that I will always be by your side.


  • dichotomy_of_love 114w

    "I deserve what I have and who I have"

    Not every plan comes true, but in the hearts of those who do their best even the falls are part of something bigger.

    Sure you messed up with someone, fought for nonsense and said bad things when you could have simply said, 'I'm still with you ... I always want to be with you'. And this is what we do: We make mistakes! He misses so much that we learn to carry certain blame within us that later become part of our way of blaming others for mistakes we might have made.

    Do the following then. For 2020 don't think it will have a different year, just tell yourself, 'I'm growing up'. And when faced with a situation you would act with a warm head repeat to yourself, 'I am growing, I am better than I ever was.' And in the toughest moments, remember how your old immature self would act and do differently.

    For each jealousy take a deep breath. For every willingness to criticize a compliment. For every urge to go away an 'I won't give up on us'. Think how much suffering this would have saved you. How many sleepless nights would have been peaceful nights with someone he loved so much.

    Fewer crazes for 2020, more thinking before you speak. That the phrase: 'Something has changed in you' does not seem to us like an attack, but one: - Yeah, we need to grow up.

    And let us know how to grow in someone's company, grow together, in the different way someone sees life, in the different way that person tries to organize the little things.

    We do not need to become masters because of a new year that has come, but we do need to be better each year ... for ourselves and for our hearts. No high expectations, just better nights, words not to choke, and more - much more - happy than sad moments.

    I wish you nothing that is not already in you. So I just want you to find this little corner where you keep your ability to improve and each year be a little better for you, for those who love you and for those yet to come.

    This is our deal: Improve. Beyond the front you can be proud and say:
    "I deserve what I have and who I have."


  • dichotomy_of_love 115w

    The truth is that we..

    The truth is that we are great partners, we have our secrets and our friendship, we have our tantrums, but in the end we always remember who to run to. We rush to each other, to laugh, to ask for help, or just to be quiet and quiet to feel that we are not alone.

    I love the warmth of your body, I love teasing you and when you fall asleep near me it's like I'm born to be your safe place.

    And I just want both of us forever like that, friends, lovers and secret partners. I want you to know with a glance what the other thinks. I want you to always be my perfect pair. Because you make me stronger, it seems that everything works out better when I'm with you.

    It is. You put up with my flaws and I take a deep breath in those days when you get unbearable.

    Good thing this routine with you. Sometimes I forget to say thank you, but in my heart, inside I always remember that life is much better with you.


  • anthonyhanible 115w

    In Love

    So deep out in the ocean
    This part of sea that's forbidden
    GPS has no location
    But I'm out here
    Watching my heart flying away like a butterfly
    Landing on a beautiful flower
    In Love
    Wow my body is just floating
    My cheeks hurts
    Because all i do is smile
    I'm an addict
    I am addicted
    Sick maybe twisted
    But no I'm not tripping
    Just slipping and falling
    In Love

  • dichotomy_of_love 115w


    She, who didn't like to take off her bra in front of him. She, who couldn't run out of makeup. Soon she was so careful not to feel herself being watched. But look at her now, she can laugh quietly around him, she can fall asleep and not be wondering if your hair is really bad or the dark circles are showing. But what has changed in it? Where did all this security come from?

    Ah women and that sixth sense. Ah these women who manage in the simple way of being touched to realise how much a man wants her. They know when they are being admired, they know when someone makes them the only place they want to be. If you are 100% there, she feels and she also dives 100% in you: How do they do it? Where does this power to perceive come from?

    Every man who has stopped looking at you for a while has realized a little about how this magical mechanism of women works. You can't cheat on words, you can't be good just in bed. They operate at all levels, can feel horny in a cuddle, in a phrase said in the ear, in a well-slapped butt. Yes: A slap not given correctly can erase her lust, but a slap given well will ignite her from the inside.

    Some would say: "Women have to come with an instruction manual". But how many lives would we need to read these infinite pages that each one has? You cannot read a manual because in this mind, in this body, a woman lives unlike any other you have ever encountered.

    Well, then ... she is so suspicious, so controlled in every movement, now she dives in you, she throws herself as if she was no longer afraid - even if she is full of them inside.

    Soon she thought she would never be able to surrender. But it's no use, a woman feels it, and when she feels that the guy is worth it she finds a way to play.


  • dichotomy_of_love 115w

    They will..

    They will talk, gossip and insinuate things. They will say that the guy is a fool and that the woman is worthless. They will make up stories, catch mistakes from their past and increase: But why do so many people do this? Simple evil? No, in fact people are so frustrated and afraid of not being happy with someone that they end up seeking comfort in other relationships that fall apart.

    We should all be hoping for couples to work. We should send the best energies and try to use the happiness of others as an example, but so many people are hurt that in the hope of not being problematic these people end up wanting to see other relationships going wrong.

    So be careful of the energy that other people are going to throw at you. Watch out for your supposed friends, with the poison disguised as advice and with phrases that start in '' I heard ''. There is a lot of relationship ending because of third parties. So be sincere at home, true to the maximum between four walls. This is the only armor a couple has to withstand the bad things that try to break up a solid relationship.

    Protect your love in respect and complicity. Surround the person you like so much for truth and companionship.

    Outside things are heavy and if you are not fortified within four walls the world will consume the beautiful things that you are yet to live.