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  • mandah88 23w

    Change your perspective

    I sit back and watch you
    As you take and take and take
    Then hear you complain
    Until even I nearly break
    You got to change your perspective
    If you wish things to be better
    But you won't take any advice
    For you think your oh so clever
    What you fail to see
    Is that all you've tried before
    Has gotten you no where
    But you want to try some more
    If you need no help
    Because you know it all
    Then be my guest, go
    Just don't call when you fall
    Your constant pessimism
    Drives everyone insane
    You should be more grateful
    And think before you complain
    Maybe you don't mean it
    You just come off wrong
    But that's your problem
    I've been nice for too long
    You can't help someone
    Who won't help theirself
    I got to back away now
    Before I join you in your hell
    © Manda H.

  • rincythewriter 54w

    Have a good day

    Everytime,can everyone succeed?
    If you don't do mistakes ,how can we learn from mistakes.
    In order to LEARN the right road,
    We may fall ,break and get up refilling ourselves with courage and positivity.
    We all do mistakes and doing something wrong doesn't means we are something not worthy.
    But we rise from our mistakes and learn the process if forgiving and healing one's own self and
    Then we can live with a happy heart.
    At the days starting we need sun
    And sun raises and falls ,still regain itself .
    The law of nature has been always
    Teaching as a pathway.
    When we forgive ourselves,
    We are ready to FORGIVE Others also.
    So it's not about the words but the healthy learning that takes place in the brain.

  • samael_eitr539 55w

    Do Not Delay

    Each day you wonder what to do with yourself. Each day you say you want to make a change in yourself. Each day you tell yourself you'll do it tomorrow.

    Yet you sit there and procrastinate in depression, Not do what you told yourself you were going to do.

    You wallow, you stress, you can't forgive yourself, but you take no action. You cry, you complain, you hate yourself, yet you dont stand up strong and make it a reality.

    You continue to make empty promises in hopes that you'll be able to keep them, yet you lie to yourself and expect you can do it alone without help. You realize that everyone treats you no better then trash and can't make something of yourself, no matter what you do.

    So you smile, you laugh, you act as if everything is alright though your torn inside.

    I see you, I understand you, So its alright, you needent be upset any longer.

    I am with you, you needent hurt anymore, ill take your pains unto myself. So smile truely for yourself now, instead of that mask you wear to hide and pretend that your alright dispite how much you loath yourself.

    I notice the cracks behind the false mask you wear, and i notice your screaming soul trying to break free through your outer shell. Close your eyes, breathe, and know its alright to start over again. I am with you. I love every part of you that makes you, you.

    Now go my love, ill just stay here for a little while. Waiting to celebrate with you once you finally succeed.

    - Samael

  • samael_eitr539 55w

    All With Due..

    Time passess by as you lay there alone not able to rest even though your so weary. Your thoughts run in disarray as your mind cannot shut out its rambling of your past experiences.

    Your body so weak due to the strain of effort you have put onto yourself in order to reach ends meet throughout your daily routine.

    Yet you cannot fall into that dream you so deserve, that one place where you can be at peace even if just for a moment where you need not worry about being hurt, being scared, being lonely, the constant anxiety of how things will go for you.

    So you drain yourself in attempt to reach it. Yet it does not come. Your spirit disheartened and you feel broken inside because of more thoughts of your past that continue to flood through you.

    As it does not end, now overwhelmed with situations in that dark place that you thought you have long forgotten about and it devours whats left of your sanity.

    Are you crying now my child? Do not worry, because i am right next to you. Strokeing your head as to calm you for a while as you go through this phase. It will pass in due time.

    So close your eyes now and feel the peace that you need to finally be eased off to sleep. I will be here for you in the morning until you need me not anymore. So rest well my dear, you are not without love.


  • samael_eitr539 55w

    I walk with you.

    I know your busy, I know your stressed, I know you have things your obligated to do and your tired.

    I know your hurt, I know your sad, I know your reaching out but you cant extend far enough.

    So let me be the one that offers my hand to you so I can pull you out. Let me be the one that you go to, to cry on my shoulder.

    When your ever alone whisper my name to your self and I will come for you.

    When you cannot take things anymore ill be there to lift you back up in spirit or mentality because my heart already belongs to you.

    I love you and never think that I do not. I will always be here for you when ever you need me. My existence is souly for you.

    So be strong my love, you are better then you are now. Smile again and keep your head held up high.

    Fight on my child, for I am with you, forever.

    - Samael

  • samael_eitr539 56w

    Would I?

    Tell me, if im sad.
    Would you cry for me?
    If I die.
    Will you mourn for me?
    If I disappear.
    would you search for me?
    If im alone.
    Would you be there for me?
    If im lost.
    Would you come find me?

    Would you travel to the end of ends, cross oceans, scale mountains, brave the cold in subzero weather.

    Burn in the bare desert while walking causes your feet to blister. Or find the eye of the storm to have me back once again?

    Be happy while I laugh?
    Be grateful when im around?

    These questions ones askes themselves when they are suffering, or feeling childish, because the need to be needed comes into play.

    Weither you think your better off alone, or feel that no one truely cares.
    Remind yourself the answers to these questions are

    *Yes* my love.

    I will cry to take your tears from you,
    I will mourn you and greet you on the other side,
    I will search for you until my last breath, I will be there if you ever feel alone,
    I will find you where ever you are.

    I will travel to the ends of ends,
    I will cross oceans, scale mountains,
    be frozen solid.

    I would burn in the blistering sun, and ride the winds to see to it your not by yourself in this.

    I cheer when you smile,
    I am grateful to have finally met you.
    It has been such a long time waiting for you to come.

    So know that I truely love you my child and will give my all to you if it makes you happy even for a small moment in time. The minutes, the seconds.
    It has been worth it.

    So fear not, and go about and do what needs to be done. I am here.

    - Samael

  • samael_eitr539 56w

    Seasoned Will

    Things arnt always what it seems, somtimes the worst gets the best of you.

    If regret is what you feel then most likely you have noticed your mistakes. If guilt is what you feel, then maybe you should have not done it and thought it through before choosing to do so.

    You feel little, and out of place knowing the truth of what ever your reality is.

    Does it make you a horrible person? You ask yourself and the answer that comes is not any easier to comprehend.

    So you self louthe and continue to put yourself down about it, wishing you never done it at all. You constantly feel it until you've finally become numb.

    Now you could not care any less about it and belive that it was for the best, and you needent hurt yourself or anyone else around you anymore, or given the opportunity to do so because it is taken away now, Whether there is a slight chance you can fix yourself or the situation.

    But know this child, we are all still human and make mistakes, it adds to what makes up ourselfs in the future, the experience is essential.

    So fall, fall again and rise back up. It is fine. If no one in the world forgives you, then I will my dear. If everything is against you and points to it as your wrong, I will side with you and guide you on the correct path.

    Be patient and understand what you are going through. It will not make me think any less of you. It is never easy, and will mostly get worse as the days and times pass, but I am here.

    Remember that always and feel it down to your core. I am with you, and I love you. So wipe your tears and smile once again. It is not the end.

    - Samael

  • samael_eitr539 56w


    As life passes you by you can't help but wonder if you could do more.
    Your current status whither its bad, good, or perfect, is not enough to feed your desire to push your endurance further and beyond.

    Your famished inner beast, still hungers for curiosity and knowledge to surpass your limitations.

    Your mind awake while, your body sleeps.
    Your emotions get the better of you even though you are concious.
    Shattering to the point of near insanity, due to your thirst not being satiated.

    I would urge you to be careful, but you will not listen to anything but your clouded vehemence at this point. So I ask you to be mindful and remain still in control.
    For I know that you are fearful of when you lose it.

    If wisdom is what you wish to seek my dear, then stop at nothing to obtain it. If knowledge is what your mind craves, then satisfy it on the embodiment of sapience

    Know that I will not judge you.
    I will remain with you.
    I will be beside you.
    For I do..
    Love you.


  • samael_eitr539 56w

    Hand In Hand

    Never let anyone change who you are or persuade you to change yourself. You are perfect in every way.

    When you cry my heart sinks and I feel your sorrow, when you laugh my eyes brighten and im in awe, when your angry I feel your pain down to my core.

    If your stuck in a situation where you need to change, then have the will to change your self, for only yourself.

    They put you down? So be it. I stand with you. They insult you? I laugh at their immaturity. Know that despite anything I will always love you, care for you, be there for you.

    If you feel your alone, think of me and know I am there. Im never to far or ever to close. I stand with you as an equal. nurture you if you need comfort. Follow you if your dedicated to reason.

    But most of all, at your side. Know this and do not forget, for if you forget about me. I will always remember you my child, always.


  • samael_eitr539 56w

    Self Obliteration

    Yes your upset, yes your in a rut, you hate yourself for what you have become. You turn to the drink in hopes that you can wash away your pain, you turn to your cigarettes in hope you can burn away the hurt you feel.

    You lock yourself in and refuse to see or have anything to do with anyone. Your mind tired, your body aching from the damaged you have done to yourself.

    Your envious of the ignorance others can muster up to look away when situations call for it. Why cannot you be like them you ask, why cannot you see the world from a different perspective then your curse that you view from your own two eyes.

    My dear you are not them. My love you are not like the others. My child you are not that type of person. So Why poison yourself in your own self pity?

    I cry to see you this way. Total self destruction is never the correct answer. I weep when you are in harm. Are you that prideful? That you would give up what makes me so fascinated by you, your beauty, your health, your intelligence.

    I learn through you just as you learn through me. To borrow tomorrow's happiness by the drink. To shorten your life by what toxicity you indulged into your self. Are you looking forward to joining me that soon?

    Let me watch you, let me be your means of support when things are this bad. I will never forsake you so please I beg of thee, treasure yourself more as I treasure you.

    You are my hope, my dreams, my joy, whats left of my sanity.

    Do not jeopardize yourself any longer, I am here and will always be yours. As you mine, Forever. So stop now my dear, I offer you my unconditional love. You need only to accept it.

    - Samael

  • samael_eitr539 56w

    You Are Not Alone

    Will it be, what you will, though others may judge you for your actions, But know this, you are not wrong for what you've done.

    If the world is against you, I will help prove you right. No mistakes are made with the wrong intentions, in your mind set you thought you were right. Did it make them sad? Yes it did, but your intentions were diffrent.

    You have thought you were correct so there for do not apologize. Stick to your gut or else your actions were for naught.

    If you were not thinking, then you have ran on your urges. Does it make me think any less of you? No it does not my child. My love is yours for the taking. Does it make others spite you? Only to those with no patience. For I am with you wrong or right, I will help guide you on your path of truth.

    Many will be angry, many will be envious, but as for I? I will wait, I will watch, I will show you how to Increase your far sight need only you ask of me. My soul is for you, for you are my core.

    Tis only the beginning, the end is ways out. Fall, break, deduce what you feel, listen to your mind. For your heart will be retrived by me. Your pulse is safe aslong as air fills my lungs and beyond.

    But know this my dear, when others challenge you, I am your wall. Remember, and smile, time will fix things. So do not frown, cry, self louth, I am yours. I am here.

    - Samael

  • samael_eitr539 56w


    You still haunt me during these years that have passed, Why does my heart still sink when I think we are no more?

    Without reason or explanation you left me for good, When I thought you would stay and love me forever.

    Did you really ever wish to keep me at all? Must I remember you every single night? What could have been and what used to be, nothing but pain is left of what little I feel.

    If only I could turn back time, to the days when I thought we were truly happy when it was just us, I would have appreciated us more.

    I still wait and hope for your call even after so much time.. I need you, miss you, want you, and wish to spend the remainder of my days with you.

    I’m sincerely regretful things ended the way they did , but I am a changed person.

    let me show you that I can treat you much better then anyone else who came before you, and who will come to you in the future.

    Let me show you how perfect you really are, and how much you did in fact mean to me.

    Oh my dear sweet precious Sleep.

    A single chance.. . Amongst the other chances you have already given me.

    I love you and have loved you more then anything and pray you will never leave me again nor will i ever take you for granted.

    So please I beg you to rid me of this infernal Insomnia once more.. .


  • samael_eitr539 56w

    Broken Fables

    Was it true? The music of life you heard that uttered silence instead.. Did those pretty words make you feel complete? In you're own shattered little world..

    Those who would tell you such things to make it feel if only temporarily that you can sore the sky again on your broken wings. It's amazing just how the words from those you care for make you feel secure, care free, fill you with the courage to move forward.

    Yet, the fairy tale ends in lies.. Words they did not mean just to get what they wanted ripped from you. How you Put all of you're effort and faith into something or someone that was not truly existent.

    Well my sweet, now you know. Not everything can be believable as you so passionately wished for. How you put everything you had into it and had it turn into ashes. Dust in the wind.

    Do you think they care if you are even more damaged now than you were before? Did you really so blindly believe them just because they treated you like royalty for a short period of time? What more can you do now except weep, fall, and grasps for air while your drowning in that ocean of fables.

    Listen closely to me now once your tears are dried. You are just as beautiful as they treated you even though they lied. You are just as important as they made you feel when you thought you were their world. You can still fly because of the strength you have shown and will to press on through this torment.

    Note that i am right here always to record this new page of life you have written for yourself. An ear to listen to when when you think everyone is deft. An embrace when you feel as empty as you are now to make you whole again. A simple touch to clean you when you feel as dirty as they made you feel.

    Above all else. Know that i love you. I accept all that is you. So stand up now. You are perfect.

    - Samael

  • samael_eitr539 56w

    Dance Of Mind

    Consuming daily stress is like an
    un-choreographed dance.

    If you let it take the lead you’ll find yourself composing a tune of self destruction.

    Pace you’re rhythm, assemble you’re tempo, and sculpt you’re masterpiece.


  • yours_fortune 56w


    Aries and Leo :- To stand up for you

    Cancer and Virgo :- To understand you

    Gemini and Sagittarius :- To make you laugh

    Capricorn and Pisces :- To cheer you up

    Libra and Scorpio :- To make you feel special

    Taurus and Aquarius :- To be weird with you

  • gloomyblossom 58w

    loss of confidence
    mean i lost everything


  • ions0206 62w

    Bad mood

    "No matter how bad your day is just a single text from a right person can light up your mood.. "

  • oceanbreeze 67w

    Reminder #6

    Stop crying over the days you
    wasted, lest your
    tears waste away tomorrow as well.

  • wiredweirdly 70w

    Good things will come to you
    They are quite bad with directions
    and thus can be late sometimes
    But they have got good nose
    the whiffs of patience
    lets them reach home safely
    So till then work hard
    rest when needed
    endure and wait
    for the good things will come
    to you eventually
    when the time is right.

  • logan545 71w

    Whatever comes in life, let's accept it and work through it. It might be hard, excruciatingly difficult to get through but together with our loved ones and most importantly ourselves, we can get through it. Let us atleast try to ;)

    #cheerup #life #anxiety #fear #future

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    In the quiet of the night
    Listening to the fluttering curtains
    And the hubbub of wind chimes

    Are you sitting up, eyes wide tonight
    Trapped in the bubble around you
    Of uncertainties and doubts
    Time that's long gone
    But memories still so bright
    Over and over, feeling the pain
    Horrors of what was unsaid and unfinished
    Thinking of it, time and time again

    If it's so and you feel the panic bleed through
    You're not alone, tonight and in these moments
    Doubtful, so very doubtful of myself
    I feel so too
    This flowing roaring river that's life
    I'm so lost in it too
    Reaching out to hands around me
    Somehow I'm hanging on too

    Where do I go from here?
    What's going to happen?
    These questions make me feel so lost
    Am I enough for myself?
    These questions creeping all around me
    I'm trapped too

    But the river is unpredictable
    Paths are unknown and multiple
    Whatever ups and downs that we may encounter
    You've got me and I've got you
    These moments that life's made of
    Let's just live our fullest
    Do our best
    Together build up our strengths
    And somehow work through the rest
    Although it may fall
    This beautiful safety nest
    Torn apart at fate's behest
    Let us for once still go on
    In this incredible quest