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  • mmbftd 121w

    Damn You

    First you took my sun
    It used to be warm
    And calming simultaneously
    I remember that color
    Golden yellow to citrus orange
    So easy to stare at, that our parents had to remind us not to!
    Coconut oil on my tanned childhood skin
    Floating in turquoise chlorine water
    The scent of oil mixed with the scent of the thin plastic innertube my skinny childhood body floated in.
    I watched all the wavy sun lit lines travel across the bottom of the pool.
    They hypnotized me, until my body floated in time with the tiny water movements of the pool. Undulations.
    I stuck my bottom in the hole of the innertube and faced the sky.
    A rich deep blue like my best friend's eyes.
    Brilliant white puffy clouds
    Slowly drifted through the sky.
    But you took that too.
    Damn you for taking my blue blue sky.
    And smells
    like fresh flowers, green grass and fresh living dirt.
    And now
    You took my family
    And friends
    You took my human touch
    My hugs
    My soft embrace
    My healing hand holding
    Damn you
    You took anything worth
    Living for
    But damn you
    I won't let you take me!

  • mmbftd 171w

    I made a mistake

    I made a mistake
    I let it in
    Trying to innocently
    Get a breeze
    To blow the demons
    Out of our home
    And unintentionally
    Let something else
    Through our screen
    This air
    Acid lung stinging
    Ears ringing
    Body vibrating
    I let it in.
    Now it's too late to do anything
    But breathe
    What else is there?
    I'm responsible for this
    The sky is in our house
    And now I can't get it out
    Head throbbing
    With purposeful
    Assigned by those unseen
    I made a mistake
    So I must suffer
    I'd rather live with the demons
    Than breathe this chemtrail air
    At least demons
    Have their reasons
    I've made a mistake.

  • mmbftd 174w


    Socked in again
    But this isn't fog
    I know, you know
    That something much more
    Created this sky
    I keep looking
    For that orange-yellow fire
    That signified life to me
    Gave me youthful energy
    But it's hidden
    Behind this blue to white sky
    They drop it low
    On our lives
    As we start to hideaway
    Collect in small groups
    And hold to each other
    Sharing memories
    That are morphing now
    Mandela may just be alive
    Nothing is certain
    There is nothing sturdy
    To lean our brains on
    Nothing to give us strength
    To face this
    We collect
    Like bubbles on water
    Desperate for community
    But we've been splattered
    Turned against each other
    And shame
    Runs our dreams turned night terrors
    No one's sleeping good anymore
    That sharp silver screech
    Of tinnitus
    Running in our heads
    Something has gotten out can't erase it now
    Like a parasite
    It feasts
    On what we are becoming
    And I would give anything
    To return
    To blue skies
    And hot fire sun
    To simple meals around an old scratched oak dinner table
    Running outside
    Barefoot in the grass
    With friends who felt like family
    But those days are gone
    How long since any of us laughed with each other?
    Too long
    How long since you fell in love?
    Too long
    I need my history
    To stay intact
    But we are socked in
    And this isn't fog
    It's intentional
    Dimming and dumbing
    Of our true lights
    Potential can't easily take flight
    When we've all become
    Socked in
    This isn't fog.

  • mmbftd 184w

    The switch

    My mind is broken
    Like a switch
    It flipped
    The dark of night
    Brings fear so deep
    My bones are thick with the grip of it
    And no one else hears
    These thoughts
    The echoing versions
    Of doom and gloom
    Look up
    Look out
    Find a place to hunker down
    I'm not alone
    Lots are talking
    You just have to listen
    And since my switch flipped
    I hear it all
    Like raw nerves
    Picking up signals
    Neurons firing
    Till the flames are bright blue
    With the knowing
    And no one understands
    I don't want to live through what is coming to us all
    Hunkered down
    Squatting in shelter
    Devastated by the air
    Saturated with vaporized
    And the rat race has desensitized all the rats
    In mazes
    Following that cheddar
    It is flammable and meaningless
    No value
    I feel the value lies inside
    With the love we share
    With each other.
    And I'm here in my own box
    To the fear
    Ingesting this
    Day in and day out
    Daylight savings time
    And empathed
    And intellectualized
    And inhaling
    Nano particulates
    The air is toxic but it's saving me from that burning fake sun
    White hot scalder of flesh
    My switch has been flipped
    And my childhood memories are flooding back in
    Places I almost feel again
    Memories like pieces of puzzles
    Trying to align
    It means something
    It leads me somewhere
    I used to dream of seeing my town from above
    I saw things that I could not have known
    Those dreams linked up
    And repeated
    Those tunnels all lead somewhere
    I'm gonna find it
    But I won't go
    I don't want to survive what is coming
    The horror is too much to witness.
    And I'm a switch
    That's been flipped.

  • mmbftd 207w

    The Watchers

    That white light
    Hot without warmth
    Rays without
    Golden hour
    What they have stolen
    Can never be returned
    Memories hold that
    Beautiful yellow sun
    Tell me now
    Which do you see?

  • mmbftd 210w

    Just a little photo that shows me thinking about these skies that are so strange looking compared to what I saw back in the 70's/80's when I was a kid. I like to document my skies with my photography which is a passion for me, just as much as writing is. #notmychildhoodsky#lookup#strangeskies#sad#sunlight#shots in#planes#jets#solarradiatinmanagement#chemtrails#geoengineering#bluesky#clouds#thoughts#sunnysightup#thinkaboutit#nature#manmade#mmbftd#photography#timeshavechanged#sunnydays#Seasonalaffectivedisorder#sickness#anxiety#depression#sideeffects#ponder#sharingthoughts

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  • mmbftd 211w

    Yellow Sun

    I saw a yellow sun recently
    It made everything glow
    So beautifully
    All the colors of life
    Clear and vibrant
    Of the emotions they made me feel.
    I was so surprised by this yellow sun
    Because it had been so long
    Since I had seen one
    The searing white hot light
    That pulsed and beamed
    And burnt my flesh
    Had become the norm
    The trails smeared by jets
    That covered this white sun
    Was our normal now
    But when I saw the yellow sun
    It brought a comfort and calm
    One I had forgotten
    From my childhood
    Before things had turned to
    Screaming and struggles
    When it was just me
    Surrounded by my little friends
    As we dove into my pool
    Over and over again
    Smelling wonderfully
    Of chlorine and Coppertone
    We stayed in too long
    Until our fingertips were
    Who were we now?
    We floated together in the center of the innertube
    And watched the ripples of light travel back and forth across each other
    Glowing on the bottom of the pool
    And I think I realized then
    But forgot along the way
    That time is not linear
    But all around us in every way
    Every direction all at once
    Like those sunlit patterns on the floor of the pool
    Always crossing over each other
    And then receding
    And pushing right through-
    Like tides but clearer to see.
    As I floated there with my little friend
    Back to back
    our tiny spines touching
    Yellow sun drying
    and nurturing us at the same time
    As the nylon of my bathing suit
    Clung to my freckled skin
    And the breeze cooled me just enough to not realize that I was sunburning
    And oh!
    what I wouldn't give for a yellow-sun-sunburn now!
    To fill me up with that good
    This white hot imposter
    Leaves only anxiety and depression
    It makes me the crazy one
    As no one else seems to notice this strange new sky
    But this...
    This is NOT
    my childhood sky.


  • willow923 228w

    Title- Blowing the trumpet for all who listen(Nemesis approach)

    This is A real pic a screenshot from a video of many on my Instagram (imagine923) video is from universal news media on YouTube suggest all go watch her channel she describes the nemesis planet x system well these are two objects out of many from the nemesis/planet x/planet 9/nibiru/wormwood system. Can read more on this subject in my last post this isn't a fake pic it comes from FAA weather cams in Alaska where anyone who searches can see this info. This system of planets and moons God will use to bring the biblical 7 year tribulation ( God's judgement to your planet) this isn't to fear monger but make everyone here aware and there's only one way to escape the Judgement coming by accepting Jesus ( yeshua) as your Lord and savior. Pray you read my last post with more info.
    As you'll see two massive objects here a red planet in back of the sun simulator ( fake sun) NASA uses to cloak this system here now as they use chemtrails globally to hide these planets and moons. And what i believe to be nemesis ( the massive brown dwarf these moons Planets circle around. Thus why your seeing multiple lights/suns/sunsets in sky globally and why your seeing weird things in your skies and seeing pink+red skies from the iron oxide given off by nibiru, Reason planets look transparent in pics is because the chemicals in chemtrails where there's over 49 different chemicals in chemtrails that poison animals and humans both... They tell everyone it's for ( global warming) which is a massive lie. Reason your not seeing these as said their using chemtrails with a solar NASA patent sun simulator which acts as a flashlight to block out the system thus why sun looks huge difference in shape color feel. Why wouldn't world gvts tell you this? Because you'd all panic. As they've built multiple bunkers worldwide to hide in for what's coming anyone can look up elite bunkers you'll find info on Forbes all over internet. Funny China and Russia had told their people of nibiru and it's system though the USA keeps hush. Well time for you all to know truth i came to show it warn you and in process teach you life's not about material or physical or temporary things it's loving one another as God loves you and all of us enough to send his son Jesus Christ ( yeshua ) to be the sacrifice for all mankinds sins that whoever calls on Jesus ( Romans 10;13) shall be saved. Suggest looking up salvation prayer on Google say it mean it. As said to read last post.and these planets are alot farther than what you think still close enough their already effecting earth the sun moon and our whole solar system is off other planets are already disturbed it's reality. Good luck pray you come to Christ.

    #nibiru #planetx #bluekachina #nemesis #planet9 #wormwood #jesus #salvation #romans109 #romans1013 #sunsimulator #solarsimulator #chemtrails #god #salvation #tribulation #judgement #yeshua

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    Look to your skies,
    don't buy the lies,
    49 chemicals that
    kill animals, man-
    kind; planets and
    moons, surround
    your rooms, biblical
    judgement, rapture
    is soon. Call on Yeshua
    (Jesus) his English name,
    i Gave the warning; take the
    invitation to God's son that i gave.
    Sun simulator,(Fake sun) to hide
    the planets demise, I'm only a
    watchmen sounding the horn
    where there's mainstream lies.

    © Brandon nagley
    © Lonesome poets poetry

  • willow923 228w

    Title- Blowing the trumpet for all who listen(Nemesis approach)
    reposting old poem here to make everyone here aware as YouTube' and Facebook is already silencing me like thousands others showing truth.

    Poem reads
    A Gardyloo I sound, to
    Those with ears to hear,
    Thou art lost but canst
    be found, judgement
    Time is verily near.
    Rocks wilt break
    The sky's, sun
    Wilt go black,
    Only escape
    Jesus Christ,
    Verily a fact.
    Word meanings-
    Awakest- awake
    Gardyloo- warning cry.
    Art- are
    This poem is extremely important and a serious warning cry to every poet here on mirakee!!!
    This picture shows 3 heavenly bodies ( planets) under and near our sun . It's a secchi footage pic NASA deleted there's sun part which looks black they purposely block it out darken it to see sun rays around it. Underneath to bottom right you'll see a glowing White or which is Mercury other three are part of nibiru system!! The three big orbs.... An actual screenshot from a video online from a planet x researcher.these are only three of many more moons and planets in this nemesis system.
    (Notes from under one of my latest YouTube videos on the planet x/nibiru/planet 9/nemesis system surrounding your planet that will bring biblical judgement to this Earth.
    Tonight posting nemesis system poem. As CNN has told everyone years back about it including fox news beating around the bush. Evidence is clear worldwide. The NASA secchi telescope pics are from not long back 3 orbs matching what others are catching globally all the multiple planets and moons in the system by telescope, camera, video footage and for anyone to give the disinformation that either their flares, fake or hoax are purposely spreading disinformation lots of times online there are government paid trolls decieving many and just people who's eyes are completely shut and hearts closed to the reality in your skies globally. Pics here from Facebook, my own chili telescope footage, from Alex lujan and others. For those that don't realize how real the Nemesis planet x system is, yes nasa DID admit to it in 1983 article can be found on YouTube and Google search type in 1983 nasa admitted to planet x, Then nasa redacted their story because they don't wanna quote sell out to (conspiracy theories) though what they do now is call planet x (planet9) same thing.. in reality not conspiracy but reality. John Moore ex military man and prosecutor can watch his info on it very detailed says they discovered it In 1970s in reality has been well known from the ancient samarians, Mayans, by the Jewish rabbis that's been warning of it same with the movie in the 1950s look that movie up on YouTube called ( man from planet x) they told you truth in it. An asteroid in the system ( nibiru) as nibiru isn't a planet like people say if look at nibiru footage it's a massive meteor/asteroid which matches the Bibles biblical wormwood in book of revelation that will hit Killing many causing waters to go bitter. Wormwood means to make bitter can find nibiru/wormwood footage on YouTube it's circling Earth's horizon daily being caught globally look up Alex lujan fireball vids you'll see it. It's no joke it's reality and the only escape from the biblical judgement coming is by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord who will rapture his bride( Christian's off this Earth) those who accept him as Lord and follow him before the judgement is to hit as revelation 3:10 states. As a pretrib rapture verse in original text Jesus says I will keep you ( from) the hour of temptation, or hour of trial or testing. That hour is the 7 years of God's wrath ( tribulation) on Earth. Jesus said I will keep you( from) the hour of temptation that shall come upon the whole world to try them that dwell upon the Earth. The word ( from) many Christian's don't know because they don't look at greek context of scripture from means in greek spelling( ek) in greek. Or ( out of) in greek translation, Jesus said he'll keep Christian's ( out of) the hour or trial or testing, or temptation coming. Pray you don't know Jesus as Lord you'll accept him before late. Look up salvation prayer say it trust in Christ as Lord today want great description of biblical judgement coming look up ( jack van impe rapture generation video on YouTube. And Alex lujan channel also wso Steve Olsen channel for nemesis planet x amazing info. An Also universal news media on YouTube , also John Moore planet x on YouTube. The system of it's multiple moons and planets you'll see alot especially on Alex lujan channel showing the multiple planets being caught worldwide.. that aren't lense flares nor fake. Nasa uses a 1960s patent sun simulator ( Fake sun/solar simulator with chemtrails to block out this nemesis system surrounding you. Take a look at your sun, look normal to you in size shape Color? No because their using a fake sun look up wso sun simulator video on YouTube see the patent by nasa in video with pics that can be found online... Anyone with common sense who wants truth I gave you it. Buying these mainstream lies is your choice or can open your eyes to reality surrounding you. Thus why quakes are Popping off in high magnitude globally in diverse places as Jesus said would occur before his coming as also the signs in the heavens and sun moon and stars that will make mens hearts fail them from fear for looking after those things coming upon the Earth as luke chapter 21 states in Bible. Good luck seek truth before late. Pray you'll read in my comment section to see how to accept Jesus/yeshua as Lord the only way to God and heaven and the only escape from the biblical judgement coming to your planet. Do I give rapture dates or set times? No I don't consider myself a prophet nor do I seek fame and money or likes I'm here to simply tell everyone not matter what culture or religion or color you are. It's one person that can save you from a very real hell (Jesus/yeshua) and to tell you God's love forgiveness and mercy . Jesus said all these signs would occur before his coming, and he's close.. this poem isn't to make anyone fear ? Is do you know where your destination is? Heaven or a very real hell I'm sure someone will flag this I'm only here to show you all who God is he's love forgiveness mercy times about up. Do I set dates times? No , do I call myself A prophet? No I'm just here to give truth this why tell you all forgive love another NOW stop focusing on worldly BS that has no meaning what I'm showing isn't a joke. With love
    Brandon nagley. Can find how to accept Christ as Lord by reading down my posts specifically poems called serious message to all mirakee or find me on Instagram at ( imagine923) or Facebook Brandon nagley in Ohio or YouTube Brandon Cory nagley for more info on this thanks goodnight to all. Suggest to others look up YouTube channels (was Steve Olsen) (Jeff P) (matt Rodgers) (Dr Claudia Alberts or Albers- for "scientific standpoint") also Alex lujan and universal news media some of the best researchers out there period! Especially all on YouTube.

    Good luck pray you make right decision
    #nibiru #planetx #bluekachina #nemesis #planet9 #wormwood #jesus #salvation #romans109 #romans1013 #sunsimulator #solarsimulator #chemtrails #god #salvation #tribulation #judgement

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  • mmbftd 234w


    Like pins through my flesh
    Shooting pain
    Wakes my mind
    Stirs my body into cold
    Desperate frenzy
    Sweat heated
    And cooled
    And dreams?
    No, I do not dream anymore
    For hope is far too dangerous
    A fish hanging bloodied
    By a line
    Jumping, flipping, gasping
    For what was once mine
    I cry out
    But only silence echoes back
    The dark is slicing fear
    And yet the daybreak
    With white hot chemical sun
    Brings little relief
    The nightmares tire me out
    Planted bits of dark pods in fertile hollowed ground here
    Springing up
    I meet the demons
    Face to face
    And you, my sweet friend
    You are one of them.
    Now who am I but the monotonous tones
    Of pulsing sickened blood
    And tired beating heart.
    What am I without you?
    Just a return to my former
    Painful self
    Unable to care enough
    To try again.


  • deannarabb 235w

    Where have all the clouds gone

    I look up in the sky
    I look for the clouds
    But the clouds I don't see
    I wanted to play the game like I did
    Like we use to play when we were little kids
    What does that cloud look like to you
    Chem trails across the sky now
    We see something new
    No cumulus, no stratus
    Nothing of the sort
    Just poisen air sent out
    From the disasterous airports
    They're paid to dump poisen
    Across our city's sky
    To keep our bodies sick
    And to deactivate third eyes
    But no one really seems to care
    They're just walking around clueless
    Breathing in the poisen air
    So I'll keep raising awareness
    Keep reciting the same song
    "Where in the hell have all the clouds gone?"