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  • shailja33 18m


    Dreamer of a chocolate place
    Always stood second in a race
    Eager to get a rainbow's gaze
    I was the most notorious in my days
    Buried sparrows which laid dead
    in the backyard of my place
    Attended the funerals of bees and butterflies.
    Prepared meals for the pups I found
    in the street or any road
    provided shelters who hardly stayed
    for a day or two leaving the tenant
    homeless again .
    Always danced in the rain
    fed my mouth with the snow we had in winter days.
    Tricked opponents in every game
    be it a riddle, hide and seek or chain-chain .
    What I wanted if someone asked,
    more games to play and food from bazar
    was all that mattered at that hour.


  • chimeytse 23m

    Back to child

    When I mesmerized my childhood days, I can't stop remembering all the things.
    Child I used to be was so real with nature. I wish still I could be in that real and nature.
    Years passed by but, still those childhood days were all time favorite. Moment to cherish and wants to go back to real me.
    How happy I am when i saw a child in its nature. It may take few time but, I will do the one I used to be when I am child. The moment I keep and the feelings I got was so amazing and childhood days took me back to those beautiful days.

  • shailja33 40m

    Just like any other day
    we all gathered to play
    and few more lad joined us
    who lived nearby our place
    Swiftly one by one they got away
    except for the one who
    proposed us to show a mysterious place
    and we were four little nuts
    who hardly thought ''no to say".

    Followed him through the woods
    and one by one
    he let us jump
    in a pit hole where a treasure pot laid,
    he stated, while staring at the clouds.
    he asked us to get back home
    for the rain will be soon coming our way
    Just when he held every one,
    I remained at the end
    and he asked me for a deal to make
    as others ran far away,
    I was there in a confused state
    as he said to disrobe the clothes I had,
    But Why? I asked in a vague way
    YES /No or here you remain
    I held his hand to get out of the hole
    and we ran one after another in a hurry to get back home
    I was slow enough to be caught by his bare hands
    who took me to the hollow corner ,
    not so far from my place
    and just when he thrashed me to the wall
    held my drawstring to undo his dirty thing
    I was so in hurry to get back home
    that I asked him to leave me for the day
    or my father at home will
    scold me for it's already late
    enough to go back home
    Because I knew that something was wrong
    for the discomfort I was in at that hour
    After few pleas, he agreed in an exchange of another offer
    to come next day to the same place
    or he'll not leave me to live
    and he will untie the string which he couldn't
    but had managed to touch the parts covered with the layer of a cotton shirt
    Just when I was ready to run back to home
    he asked me for a promise to maintain
    to net let anyone know
    that he met me and did so and so..
    I said, Yes I won't and ran the fastest I could to get back home and cried in a fury to tell my dad
    that something is wrong.
    told him the tale.
    No sooner he tied the lad
    through his neck but his sister got his back
    and plead for his life.
    I as a naive child I didn't understand
    what I was going to loose in this society
    which it calls it .
    Memories like this haunts me till the day
    similiar to this there are many to say.

    #child #wod

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    Just like any other day
    we all gathered to play
    and few more lad joined us
    who lived nearby our place
    Swiftly one by one they got away
    except for the one who
    proposed us to show a mysterious place
    and we were four little nuts
    who hardly thought ''no to say"


  • taneesha 46m

    In this beautiful word,
    I want to become a Magician
    Having my magic stick, changing this world into a Wonderland
    Where all of us are happy,
    Making harmony in relationships,
    All people with beautiful hearts,
    No one should be far apart from God's grace
    All the day having fun and play
    And having bestfriend like DORAEMON

  • crystalwords 53m

    Probably my last write up before I take a break. I know nobody's gonna miss me like that��lol! Well jokes apart, take care everyone. Will miss amazing writers here :)

    Hey, @writersnetwork and @miraquill I hope u won't forget me too. xD!

    Ask the clouds
    to remember,
    Those mauve skies
    and sunflowers,
    And the way they
    mizzle with furry
    patting the
    shoulder with
    care and love hired,
    No overthinking,
    just enjoying
    the present,
    I miss that
    child in me,
    Which got lost
    in the cwtches
    of agony,
    I remember
    those thrives
    in the rush of our
    beloved hi fives,
    Those hushes in
    the sonnets,
    Curbed with charcoal
    The morning drink
    that my mother
    used to provide with
    love and care,
    I miss every single
    of hither and tither
    The pavements
    of school
    and simple
    batty quirks,
    That energy in me
    and everything,
    When I even
    the beds
    of roses in
    betrayals within,
    See those lights
    In the dusks and
    The murmurs of
    their chit chats,
    was that childish me
    so real,
    The lilies, sunflowers,
    roses and
    Every pavement,
    and tiptoes
    on landmark,
    Silhouettes and
    gnawing with pain
    yet endurance,
    Every inch, every rush,
    every corner
    of my four walls,
    Miss that child in me,
    those mornings and
    joyous tranquil nights.


    #child (hopefully) @writersnetwork #ceesreposts

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    What if we
    get lost
    in the lapse
    of time just


  • the_world_insid_my_head 55m

    Little 10yr old me

    From the puffy little kid's eye view,
    When you look at the world through,
    No sadness, no depression or plus!
    Fun and excitement filled everytime,
    Games and curiousity anytime!
    Rather being a person who your father and mother want you to be,
    Be the 10yr kid, so friendly and sometimes silly!!
    No hatred, no ego,
    Just always the cute little mischievous fellow!!
    Look at the life through the 10yr your view,
    Including the eagerness and don't forget your dreams to pursue!!

  • beast09 56m

    There was a time.....

    There was a time:

    When waking up early and going on with the day without the need of coffee.

    When racing with friends to reach home earlier from school felt like an achievement.

    When you were buddies with trees and singing to them was everything.

    When you knew about the existence of dinosaurs for the first time and their extinction for the first time as well.

    When you believed in fairy tales and Barbie dolls more.

    When bed time Stories were filled with beasts of jungle were pleasing to hear.

  • noor_ahmed 1h

    The fantasy of a proud Child

    Yes there is a wonderland
    There is a world of oz
    It is hidden from me
    I need to explore them
    But I don't know
    What to do

    I wish
    One day
    That rabbit would come
    Yes one day
    I need to hide in Almirah
    for whatsoever reason
    And Narnia would welcome me
    But this time I know how to deal with
    White witch

    My parents make me indulge
    In homework but little they know
    I am saviour, saviour of great empires.

    I noticed all those nitty-gritty activities
    In my garden
    Those butterflies, those crickets
    A small kitten, that green worm
    That old tree
    All are giving me clues to save
    the secret world
    My queen is waiting for me
    And the old king too

    Lamp is yet not rubbed
    And I have 3 wishes to be fulfilled

    Yes! My birth is not a normal one
    I am superhero
    Like power rangers especially the red one.

    No matter how much that homework
    Or my school hindered my path
    I will go to the adventures
    Awaited for me to happen.


  • grey_whispers 1h

    Fantasies of infants

    The wind respires the benovelent-heart of an infant
    whooshing fire-flies with uttering clementine
    as she drinks sips of whimsical jokes in flasks of
    fairytales with ' rain' fogging the transparent-windowsills
    as hands clasps cobalt- drops with thoughts of winged-fantasies
    Trunks whistle for wood-brown irises to sit under an oakwood-tree
    to play with nests at rest in evergreen-peaks

    Kites scrapes but storm bounds as winter carries them away
    and an nonchalant cry is heard yearning for another creation to hold
    her tears: but with a bliss of a new-scent of muslin-white
    A gown carries her baked- fantasies sprinkling shooting stars
    wishing that wings could clip her taking into propelling clouds in elysium

    As her : a cloudwalker unaware of vicious-crimes and eyes
    sitting under cramoisy butterflies drooping her with a warmth
    to sleep in her baby-breathe
    Dream catchers dances sinking an end that farewells are an ending
    of baked poundcakes resting its warmth
    And stories are meant to end with a princess crowning in sky-scraping castles

    ' We create a momentum to our dreams
    where dreams breath castles '
    ' Fantasies are nonchalant in the heart of irenic petals
    skipping through coal -layers hidden '
    ' Fairies become our wonder -walls and rain becomes the Hermione
    to carry words of little-hearts wishing for four leaf clovers enthralling'

    / Dusty pages narrates clementine childhood of a forsaken infant
    clapping raindrops , building fantasies and dreaming to sit on clouds touching unfolded bewilderment in merry- go- rounds /


  • a_writers_paradise 1h

    "The GOLDEN age of an era!"

    Whether it was hide and seek,
    Or any other game,
    Only contentment existed,
    And no desire for fame.
    That little pocket money which made me a king,
    Or my friend's shoulder to which I often cling..
    That scolding from mom on seeing a stubborn stain on my shirt!
    That insecurity on seeing dad pouring love to my little sister,
    That age was not a bed of roses..
    Instead they were roses with thorns..
    Thorns of hurdles, pains , sadness and fear!!
    I'm not yet an adult,
    I am still a child..
    A child who's enjoying her life!
    A child who dreams;
    To become an author!

    ~Sheza Umar

  • _ghar_ 1h


    Dear lost kid in me,
    I want to ask, where did u hide your smile?

    Is that in irregularities of your
    milk teeths or in the artless
    sceneries you clipped on your walls?
    I wonder if you have lost it somewhere
    in the first veridical novel you read,
    where you realised that endings aren't
    always happy.

    Tell me, where did you hide your smile?
    Is it got dissipated in the bonfire where
    you imbued the ashes of tenderness and
    zeal or is it got amalgamated in holocaust
    of blues you found inside you apart from
    aesthetic skies?

    I wish you left your room more often
    and atleast allowed me to visit you,
    perhaps, someday.

    Tell me, is it in the almond hued
    chest of drawers where you
    camouflaged the merry go round
    tickets and vintage polaroids
    of the days when you believed in
    unicorns or is it betwixt the pile
    of unsent and enervated love
    letters and eulogies you scribbled
    while ignoring the innocence in
    insomniac midnights.

    Is it in the collection of word meanings
    you always struggled learning with or
    is it in the sighs of failures you exhaled
    when you fell down in finding meaning
    of your existence.

    I am sorry, I can't help you cuz I never knew what it is.


    #child Maybe.
    @summersin - I want to ask this from you too.

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    "Let's pretend that my sadness isn't visible in the way I move"

  • ckeerthana 1h

    A sweet version of ourselves
    An innocent phase of life
    Where I believed what other's told
    Without introspecting it more
    When I believed God can really
    Pierce my eyes if I tell a lie
    When I believed that an actor on screen
    Was also the one who was singing behind
    When I wished to meet Jackie Chan one day in real to learn his martial arts
    When I believed Power Rangers are
    Actually protecting us from evil powers
    When I believed tying a yellow thread
    Can make a couple pregnant in sometime
    When I could match so much things with what Mr bean did on television
    When I believed having a toy car
    Is equal to achieve something big in life
    When I was hell scared to show
    my report card to my parents
    When I perceived that all around
    are just real and perfect
    When I blabbered everything straight from heart not knowing the consequences
    When imaginations and action
    sequences ruling my small brain
    And when I secretly wished to grow as an adult fast and now sitting here regretting it

    Wished to be a young child always

  • pranav_sharma97 1h

    been some time since that candy,
    need to get it back.
    bring me back those quill brats,
    all their glory and eyes.
    Some call, some scream,
    in the end all around the fire.

    #child #wod #miraquill #innerchild #childhood #days #poem #poetry #need #back

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    Innocent eyes

    Scratch to the knees,
    no worry just get back up.
    Got a big fight on,
    just dust off and run.
    Eyes scorches in hell,
    praying mother lets us out.
    Big guy stole that stopper,
    let him and get another one.
    Play days in,
    play days out.
    Crayons give the elixir,
    laid out like the royal tiles.
    Just one scream to get the eyes,
    got what was wanted.
    Sneaking away from the glass,
    got them ears dragged.
    Hugging the mud with soul,
    added colours to the fabrics.
    Eyes gazing at the sight,
    eternal happiness awaits those toys.
    Hugs to the mothers,
    latching on for dear life.
    Crying like a manic episode,
    all gone with a forehead kiss.
    Forgiving the world,
    better than any pope ever could.
    Love and just love,
    no need for any demands.
    One flash of that smile,
    all the pain of world doomed.
    Bring on any thorns,
    hands would take all pain.
    Still looking for that brat,
    inside out the world has turned.

  • missa24 1h

    Still matters

    The question
    'What will you become' was so sugar coatedly permanent that the answer was always Doctor without knowing anything about life,
    Those desperate feelings after watching ads/serials were never felt satisfied,
    Papa's ask 'Tell me what you want me to bring for you' and the obvious favourite food item to say was so much fun,
    The taste of taking sour spicy pickle when kept under sunlight all hiding was the reason for the crave,
    Mumma's those manipulated words for the extra bites of food even after she knowingly tells 'stomach is still empty' was the hunger for happiness,
    Still this child wanted to grown up fast with life and now after growing up, the same child is regretting missing the childhood.


  • mangolover 2h

    Don't want to grow up
    To become these adults
    Compliant, obedient, slaves
    Without curiosity


  • shadowofthoughts_ 2h

    I gazed and chased.

    I looked.
    I overlooked.
    In grief I sighed,
    Like cleavage of a double bond I was left tongue tied.

    I looked.
    I overlooked.
    standing on ashes learning never to be bright,
    I was caught off gaze,
    like clouds in sky
    I was meant to fade and die.

    My breathes got drenched in rain
    Swayed I kept counting in vain.
    The blood moon was on the rise.
    I saw numbness in her eyes.
    Yet, I kept star gazing in the cloudy night,
    I never knew what was right.

    I looked.
    I overlooked.
    until I found.
    one day, I grew.

    Did I chase?


  • lovesunflower20 2h

    I still remember as a child I was so so obsessed with butterflies
    That I want to catch them,
    Then one day my wish finally came true
    I found a tiny butterfly lying on the ground
    So I picked up without telling anyone
    I try so hard to take care of the butterfly I even give Honey to eat
    But the next day it end up dying,
    And I remember crying so much and thinking it's me because of me the butterfly died
    But my grandmother told me, no flower it's not your fault that you wanted to help the butterfly
    It happened because it was injured and you can't hold on onto something that belongs to nature.

    #child ⬅️maybe

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    The butterfly

    A tiny Caterpillar is blooming-
    Dear future butterfly
    Please be my favourite colour
    Dear butterfly your gonna fly endlessly in the sky
    You have your colourful wings that create dreams
    And just like that you push bundles of sunshine my way,
    When a rainbow is born
    The woolly bear start to dance
    Just like Light and shadow will never be apart
    I paint a picture in the sky,
    The little butterfly wings have finally grown big
    It’s the day she may travel through the wind
    The warm color of the vast sea is alluring
    I can’t catch up with you, even though I want to


  • radnika 2h

    When I first experienced

    When I first experienced death
    I knew my grandfather was visiting heaven
    I was content in the thought that
    He would never be in pain again.

    When I first experienced separation
    I told myself that it was punishment
    For my friend and I must have been bad
    And now her mother was taking her away.

    When I first experienced an accident
    My little brother broke his arm in the fall
    I thought God makes mistakes too
    For why would he put a child through pain.

    When I first experienced marriage celebration
    I wondered why the girl was happy going away from home
    Maybe she wasn't loved by her parents and family
    Cause my parents loved me, I would never go.

    Being a child was so blissful
    Every experience had a naive sense
    A kaleidoscope of simple reasons
    Life was easy, carefree and innocent.


  • weddykawira 2h

    #child memories

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    Candle light

    Do you know a life filled with loneliness?
    Surrounded by darkness,
    A life of rejection and pain,
    Meeting trouble squarely,
    Just living in hope of seeing the light ahead,
    Hoping that brighter days lie ahead,
    Well, I'm the dead paper that bears the story.
    Carrying pride of endurance.
    Appreciating souls that have seen the good in us,
    Not forgetting the glimmer of light lit in the heart,
    For pushing a little over the line,
    For the affirmations,
    For the opportunities and chances,
    For the firm believe,
    For covering mistakes,
    The treasure is laid in my heart, I appreciate.

  • bubbly_bluebells 3h

    Non-judgmental but questionnaire!

    A child searches solutions,wonder to make natural flow inventory known as fairytales,magic, intuitively connected to universal wisdom.Hence,mocked by adults!
    When they are sad,they cry to release pain through tears and again indulge in playing, knocking out Baggage away like school bags.
    Theirs true form is joy, playful ,running nor running away to hide in the dark side(be gloomy)but chase light like sunflowers.Childrens softness is strength to live fearless.They are beautiful and stubborn like water potential and creations;comes from heartcore and could learn typical thing concentrating on it very easily.
    Live in surrendered state as they know to let go like dandelions what's not under control!