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  • selenophilic_ 2w

    Child Labour

    World is not a happy
    Place for someone whose childhood
    Bears no rainbows and sunshine

    At age where dreams
    Are born in the tiny eyes
    Those eyes are filled with cursed dust

    At age of learning
    Games and fun, deprived with fate
    Their hands bore numerous cuts

    At age where puzzle
    Puzzled mind they are puzzled
    With which brick is fine

    Age where there is no
    Worries those tiny hands are
    Loaded with duty

    What is pencil or
    Pen? What is a dream? For a
    Little rushing for penny

    Rushing for living
    Sleeping on a naked street
    Working whole day for their boss

    Is that children meant
    for,to build your dreams or to
    Fulfill your financial needs

    Who's responsible
    For what they suffer when they
    Undergone workload pressure

    Is it destiny?
    Is it because they are poor?
    Is it fault of birth giver?

    Who's responsible ?
    So let us stop this blame game
    Plea is urgent so let's together
    Bring voice for these small tots.

  • philophobic_seele 3w

    Cimmerian Reverie

    Stygian face tiny hands
    Engulfed in soot and sand
    He Dreams of a respondent land
    A land where he could run
    Chasing the delicate butterfly
    Land of bright sun
    Where exuberance never dies
    Land where he could laugh
    With happiness nuzzling his cheeks
    Land full of wild flowers
    With Fireflies flying on moors so bleak
    Stygian face tiny hands
    No more breathing on the golden land
    Cheeks damped with excruciating tears
    Shrouded with whimpers and fears
    Clutching pliers with tiny hands
    Trudging afar from his dream land

  • anuradhasharma 10w

    इन कंधों के बोझ तले , देश का

    भविष्य बौना नज़र आ रहा।


  • snehalv 27w

    Tiny little hands making the mud castles or tiny little hands doing the utensils at a eatery?
    Wailing at a construction site or a child sleeping peacefully in a crib?
    Walking barefoot,begging at a signal or breastfeed & sleeping in their mom’s arm?
    Child labour & Poverty !
    It’s a curse to humanity. We should start addressing this issue & stop supporting it.

  • puranidiary 32w

    This is true incident as honest as it could be..
    As my home is near national highway , there are so many garage and food stalls all around. chotu worked there for many years.. And these were exact conversation i had with him few years ago.. It truly had a great impact on me

    He deserved all happiness , education and his childhood full of joy!

    Let's fight against child labour! Today is world day against child labour.. Lets spread the word ��❤

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #poverty #wod
    #childlabour #childhood #dreams #society

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    Crumbled childhood

    I remember it was mid of my summer holiday
    In streets i noticed a boy of my age gazing at our play
    His face had dirt all over and hands dipped in oily grease
    His curly hairs all stiffed and lips holding smile at cease
    As my eyes continued to stare, my ankle gave me silly fall
    We both chuckled a bit, it was not our first meet after all
    He would always come to garage straight at 6'o clock
    And greet my father as i rush towards bus in school frock
    On festivals my mother would push me to offer him food
    And often he helped my brother carrying bulks of goods
    Even today his face was pale along with his tired walk
    Amidst shagged clothes his shiny eyes pushed me for small talk....

    I asked him innocently chotu when will your holidays end?
    He laughingly said holiday... Well I don't have a school or single friend ..
    I said don't you go to government school, they even offer mid day meal
    He smiled and said i have a family to feed, poverty and much more to deal
    I hurriedly said only if you will study someday i can gurantee you will get a good job
    He said i earn Rs. 20daily here thats more than enough to survive in this mob
    I again repeated but you're under age my books taught me child labour is crime
    He said these heritage of hurdles i got already made me adult before time
    Now i was numb and asked him in low voice can i teach you and also lend my books
    He said you rush back to your home ,study hard don't bother about me with a teary look
    At last i said chotu me & you are of same age yet you don't talk like twelve
    He said i crumbled my childhood in sheets of silence coz i had my family that needed my help.. !!

    After few seconds he said arey i m happy idiot lets play together
    I wish i could help him these thought continue to haunt me forever...

  • daisy_pens 32w

    (On the occasion of World Day Against Child labour.)

    Dedicated to all those little ones who are the prey of Child Labour.❤️❤️

    May you be given enough opportunity to nurture yourself.
    May you be free from the evil bondage of 'Child Labour' !!

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @writerstolli
    #childlabour #stopchildlabour #mirakeeassistant
    #worldchildlabourday #childlabourday

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    Tired little hands
    Holding full of dreams...
    Hazy little eyes
    Capturing lively gleams..

    They are the magical creation
    They are the future imagination
    Dazzling Fireflies of the Nation

    Set them free to dream
    Let them see their light within...


  • greeshma_p_varghese 32w


    Looking at the enervated eyes
    Once filled with dreams
    Now of helplessness.
    Desire of bread
    Had eaten them up.
    Working as an ass
    For their survival.
    They carry the load
    Not of books
    But of bricks and blocks.
    Dark holes under eyes
    Not of studying late till night
    But of toiling hard day and night.
    Tired and helpless do they move
    Not with dreams as many of us do.
    Black and blue are the marks
    On the juvenile body
    Gotten for
    Those dark works.
    Denied of their dreams
    They long for a better life.
    Their dreams are crushed by fate
    Making them dance to its tune.
    With tired eyes and
    Tired hands
    Do they roam
    To support their families
    With a childhood
    Lost, A bit too early.
    Penned by :Greeshma P Varghese

  • p_pranali 41w

    Child Beggar

    The grievous sigh
    Of the child
    Made his
    Innocence defiled.

    Caged in the
    Trap of poverty
    Life had made
    A scornful mockery.

    Wandering through
    The heated streets
    Little dusty
    Bare feets creep.

    Empty stomach
    Wept in hunger
    Inquiring fate
    Of every wonder.

    Begging penny
    With pitiful face
    To pay the debt
    Of destiny's race.

    Drained at the end
    Of longish day
    Adoring the reckless
    Calm sleep on hay.


    #mirakee #writersnetwork #childbeggar #child #childlabour #poverty

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    Child Beggar

    Begging penny
    With pitiful face
    To pay the debt
    Of destiny's race.


  • anuradhasharma 46w

    ये कैसा सौदा है ,
    जहां , इक वक्त के खाने की खातिर ।
    बचपन का दाव , खेल जाते काफ़िर ।


  • words_flake 52w

    #hindiwriters #hindi #hindiquotes #childlabour

    Image credit to rightful owner.

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    हमारे हाल पर इतना हँसने कि जरूरत नहीं , जिस मकान का तुम्हें इतना गुरुर है, वो मकान मैंने ओर मेरे जैसे कई बच्चों ने मिलकर बनाया है।

  • sensitive_observer 55w

    देश नही, समाज नही,
    न सरकार सुधरने पाएगी।
    जहाँ जनता जाहिल हो
    फिर तो वहाँ
    व्यवस्था सब ढह जायेगी।
    इसीलिए बदलाव को लेकर
    मैं अभी निराशावादी हूँ।
    विकास के चोंचले सुनने का,
    अब कई समय से आदि हूँ।
    जो शिक्षित हैं
    वे लड़ेंगे हक़ से,
    शेष अभी भी
    जूझते हैं।
    चुपचाप ही सब कुछ सहते हैं,
    कुछ भी नहीं पूछते हैं।
    शिक्षा की हालत देखते ही
    सारी उम्मीदें मिट जाती हैं।
    जहाँ भिखारी के बच्चे भीख मांगते,
    वेश्या की बेटी बिक जाती है।


    #poverty #childlabour #humantrafficking #hindipoem #kavita #mirakee

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  • rohannwar 63w

    बाल मज़दूर

    हाथों की लकीरें ये कुछ यूँ मिटा रहे है,
    कलम थामने की उम्र में बोझ उठा रहे है।
    ज़िम्मेदारियों की रोटियॉँ
    सेखनी है इन नन्हें हाथों को,
    इस जद्दोजहद में अपना बचपन जला रहे है।


  • serenityandchaos 66w

    कहां है वो बचपन

    "जुर्म है ये, अपराध है ये, या कहूं गेर कानूनी;
    पर मेरा सवाल और शंका, है बस उस मासूम के लिए;
    जिसकी सिसकियों को चिल्लर की खनक ने कही दबा दिया...
    जिसकी अपार ख्वाहिशों के अंबर को पेट की ललक ने कही छिपा दिया...

  • serenityandchaos 66w

    'कहां है वो बचपन'

    गर्मियों की सुलघती सड़क पर , वो बिलख रहा...
    वो भूखा है साहब , वो मजहब का नहीं रोटी का रंग देख रहा...

  • serenityandchaos 66w

    "पांव भी टिका नहीं पाया था वो इस ज़मीं पर,
    जिस पल पेट की भूख ताज बन गई उसके सर...
    वो समय था खिलखिलाती हसी का; वो वक़्त था खिलौनों का ,
    जब गुड़िया की जगह; हाथ में कटोरा थमा दिया बेबसी का...

    जब वक़्त आया किताबों का, तब बस्ता नहीं बेदर्दी को लपेट कर;
    चल दिया वो अपनी सारी ख्वाहिशों को फटे कपड़े में समेटकर...

    देखती होगी वो आंखें भी लाखों सपने;
    पर उस पेट की बगावत में टूट गए ख्वाब और छूट गए अपने...

    गर्मियों की सुलघती सड़क पर; वो बिलख रहा;
    वो भूखा है साहब वो मजहब का नहीं रोटी का रंग देख रहा"

    कहती होगी उसकी मां भी बेटा घर जल्दी आना;
    मगर खाने पर नहीं, तुम खाना खा कर आना...

    कैसी बेबसी है, मंजर कैसा, कैसी लाचारी है ये उस मासूम की;
    खेलने की उमर में जिन्हें तालीम सिखाई हो भीख और लाचारी की...

    "जुर्म है ये, अपराध है ये, या कहूं गेर कानूनी;
    पर मेरा सवाल और शंका, है बस उस मासूम के लिए;
    जिसकी सिसकियों को चिल्लर की खनक ने कही दबा दिया;
    जिसकी अपार ख्वाहिशों के अंबर को पेट की ललक ने कही छिपा दिया...

    #pod @mirakeeworld @mirakee @writersnetwork #helpthepoor #showsomelove #mirakee #childlabour #bachapan #writingchallenge #writing #travel #love #nature #life #inspiration #thoughts #poetry #diary

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    कहां है वो बचपन

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  • serenityandchaos 66w

    कहाँ है वो बचपन

    जब वक्त आया किताबों का ,
    तब बस्ता नहीं ,बेदर्दी को लेकर . . .
    चल पड़ा वो ,अपनी सारी ख़्वाहिशों को ,
    फटे कपड़ो में समेट कर . . .

  • springblossoms 67w

    Child labour still going on. They forcefully do this just to earn a bit for the food. How can we even call ourselves human who can't see the pain of small lives,who can't even utter a word or cry in front of the world because of their helplessness!

    #writingcontest #ticktock #timeisgoingslow #creativearena #childlabour #help #humanity #helpless #children #responsibility @writersnetwork #mirakee #pod

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    Child labour

    Tick-tock tick-tock
    Time was going slow,
    My breathe was going slow
    Whenever I try to move an inch,
    Tons of barrels of responsibilities
    Was put on at the age when I even
    Didn't know what are responsibilities,
    But living in the darkness the only
    Light which I could see was on my
    Little sister when I give food to her.
    When everyone travels under the same
    Scorching heat and heavy rains
    But the difference is they travel
    Under the shield or vehicles
    And I travel barefoot just to save a penny
    To buy food for three meals which I give
    To my sister though there are days
    When my hungry stomach would scream
    Just for a grain of food!
    But I divert my mind saying it's a soulful song
    Of hardships, so you should enjoy it and
    Keep continue to walk miles each day.

    Tick-tock tick-tock
    Time was going slow,
    I could see each seconds of time
    Penetrating my struggling heartbeats,
    There was only season of rain;
    Tears downpour from the clouds of my pain
    But what I gain
    Through this is my only reason to live.

    Tick-tock tick-tock
    Time was going slow,
    I could see children playing
    I could see baby animals cuddling
    Around their mom
    And saying time is so less to enjoy the days,
    At the other side my time was going slow
    In my orphaned life.

    Tick-tock tick-tock
    Time was going slow,
    I'm going slow,
    I'm vanishing rapidly,
    With immense pain but I'm happy
    I'm near to death and will be
    Free from this hell!
    But wait I shatter down completely
    Seeing the only flower of my life,
    My little angel,
    Who will give her a
    Complete life and take out
    From this hell
    When I will leave?

  • akshatmohla 69w


    मैं एक हूं परिंदा,जो कैद में रहा है ।
    उड़ान की तमन्ना हर रोज़ कर रहा हूं ।
    अभी जिया ही मैंने क्या है ,हर रोज़ मर रहा हूं ।
    फिर भी जीने की हसरत,हर रोज कर रहा हूं ॥

  • misssrivastava 70w

    इच्छा छत पर बैठे हुए, अपनी छोटी छोटी आंखो से उन स्कूल जाते हुए बच्चों को देख कर मग्न हुई हुई जा रही थी मानो कोई खजाना मिल गया हो उसे, अपने में ही मस्त अपने मन गढंत जीवन के विचारों में खो गई थी, उसकी स्कूल जाने की कल्पना ही उसे बेहद आनंदित कर दे रही थी, अभी इच्छा अपने सपनों के उधेड़बुन में ही थी ,सहसा एक क्रोधित आवाज इच्छा के कानो में सुनाई पड़ती है जो एक बार फिर उसे उसकी वास्तविकता से रूबरू कराती है, “इच्छा, मर गई क्या जल्दी से कपड़े सूख कर नीचे आ बड़ा कामचोर हो गई है तु, लगता है इस बार तेरी पगार काटनी पड़ेगी।


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