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  • todd_towers 1w

    Hosanna In The Highest

    Longing not ceasing,
    And my heart cries Hosanna!
    Oh day of shalom

  • todd_towers 2w

    Fragile Cages

    The days are spent
    Peering through glass.
    Clear, solid, thick

    Monsters inside
    Call me sweet friend
    Pull, push, against

    I look outside
    Longing after
    Monster hidden

    Clear but distorted
    Outside beckons
    Trapped no more
    By demonic slur;
    They weigh us down,
    Draw the veil thick,

    But truth is never beaten.
    And He calls ever out

  • todd_towers 3w

    Gold Tongue

    To Giver thee

    Promise giver
    Who keep'th
    Thine utterances,
    As one giveth gold
    To a hungry soul.
    Hunger thy word fills;
    Thirst thy promise quench.

    Gold tongue God
    We praise Thee!

  • todd_towers 4w

    Death, Then Life

    O Grace;
    It reminds me of
    Through a closed throat,
    Till mine lungs are filled
    With viscous death.

    No escape.
    Till Thy right hand
    Pulleth me
    To freedom,
    And Thy lips
    Breath into me once more

    O then,
    The pool is expelled;
    Like a demon exiting the nose.

    Every breath
    So full
    And without shortage
    To draw from.
    Each breath so painful,
    Exorcising death.
    Gasping. Coughing.

    I feel the whole
    Of me
    and You;
    You, drying my lungs
    Until my breathing
    Comes to peace
    And we feast

  • dosbambi 5w

    Happy Easter Friday,
    Happy Good Friday,
    Thank God, the King died for the slaves!

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    Like a criminal
    He was paraded and beaten
    Every stroke stole a pint of his blood
    Innocent, yet preferred over the criminal
    On Him laid the sins of the world
    Led as a lamb to the slaughter
    As a sheep, before its shearer
    He opened not His mouth
    The taunts and ugly words thrown
    At Him, He took them in silence
    His obedience was to death
    Voluntarily, the King gave His life
    For slaves to be saved from death
    Crucified without a fuss
    Prayed for mercy over their souls
    And gave up the ghost
    With a thankful heart
    That says
    It is finished!


  • renpoe 6w

    I Don't Miss It


    Used to write about my feelings

    Because it's all I ever knew

    I was looking for some healing.

    Loved deep talks with my friends

    Loved to focus on worldly things

    Loved focusing on the stress and

    How I felt empty.

    Look back at all the memories

    Seeing how life used to be

    Back when I was struggling

    To find a reason why

    Back when I would think too much late at night.

    Wish it had been different.

    Wish that I knew Christ then

    Gave stupid advice then.

    But I wouldn't take it back for anything

    I learned from all my stupidity.

    I learned because God changed me.

    Now I know that Jesus is king.

    Now I just keep growing 

    I don't miss it for the world

    I just thought that you should know it, God

    You are my staff; you are my rod.

    You are my standing stone.

    I know I'm not alone.

  • neriah 7w

    Fighting on Knees is not an easy journey
    It's a journey of a narrow way
    It's a journey of endurance
    It's a journey of Patiently waiting on God to show a move
    It's a journey to have Faith
    It's a journey to serve
    But it's also a journey to experience deep intimacy of Holy Spirit and grace of God
    It's a powerful battle
    Which ends in nothing less than victory.

  • jenaroaragon 7w

    One Little Ewe Lamb

    Uriah is in my hands
    And I am on the roof.
    Does she know what we could have?
    Like the sound of the sun
    And the stretching of leaves,
    Reverberations of om,
    Her scent on the breeze.
    Creation singing in the afterglow.
    And what of it, Nathan?


  • dosbambi 8w

    I'm a Christian because, with all my life, I bank on the promises of God in the Bible.

    I truly believe in God's word, nothing else matters to me aside from the word of God.

    God is able to come through for you no matter your situation, you can hold to Him. He's never late!

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    He's a miracle-working God
    I mean,
    He's the alpha and omega
    ...that's why I bank on His word


  • dosbambi 8w

    This is the reality every time, Christians gather together in Zion, with or without feeling it.

    We do not operate by feelings but faith!

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    In Zion - the city of the living God
    the power of God is in abundance
    deliverance is always available
    holiness is never in shortage
    the needs of His people are met
    there's fullness of joy
    peace that surpasses understanding
    is obtainable for all
    the Spirit ministration is always on fire
    His word is made clear
    the supernatural is natural here


  • dosbambi 9w

    This is the life of every Christian
    God's love, His mercies and faithfulness through Jesus Christ our Lord is what we bank on daily!

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    I woke up
    to the assurance that
    the mercies of the Lord
    have been renewed
    His promises are true
    And His faithfulness
    endures forever
    Of a truth, He loves me


  • seraiah_smiles 9w


    My intuition tells me that Zeus is a Nephilim, and it's true... A Nephilim is part deity/angel and part human.

  • eniolorunda1 17w


    What's Christianity????

    This is more than saying
    I believe
    This is more than fasting
    This is more than praying in tongues
    This is more than blasting in fire
    Do you even know why you are called Christian's
    This is more than wearing long gowns
    This is more than covering your hair
    This is more than giving to others
    This is more than smiling and being friendly

    Who is a Christian?
    You know who you are
    Do others know who you are

    Who is a Christian
    Those who imitate Christ it self
    Can you imitaite him without believing
    Many have seen miracles
    So we all believe
    Not all
    But we that are we do

    Who is a Christian
    Those whose Yes is Yes
    Those whose No is No
    Those who has lost their lives for Christ
    Those who has left what the world to herself

    Who is a Christian
    Those who knows what beyond
    Those who see beyond
    Those who won't give up
    Who does only that
    Which please Christ

    Who are you
    Are you indeed a christian


  • faygold 18w

    CONSUME ME ©faygold

    The need for fame ate me up
    uncounciously I was derailing
    The zeal for my father's house
    And his work slowly draining
    I kept on feeling it was normal
    I kept on feeling I was too young to begin
    Maybe I can wait a little
    Maybe it's not yet my season
    Maybe when I get the fame & money
    Before I accept the task but LO!
    Was I FOOLISH !
    Because I ruined my friendship
    I lost my spiritual sensitivity to things
    It was my time but I didn't PERCEIVE
    Unknowingly I took all jokingly
    In my heart I love my father
    I wish to do only his will
    But I let the world OVERSHADOW me
    I had forgotten I wasn't of this world
    I became influenced by technology
    Loosing my foresight, innersight and intimacy with my friend
    Oh I REGRET ..
    I don't want to loose our relationship
    I apologize for my foolishness with sincerity
    Please RETURN back to me
    Let's partner together to bring down your AGENDA to earth
    Let your zeal CONSUME me that I will begin to feel your burdens, anger, pains, love together with you.

  • seraiah_smiles 20w

    #God #Almighty #Holy #Trinity #Emmanuel #Christianity #Catholicism

    God the Father, God the Son Jesus Christ, God the Holy Spirit, One God, Forever and Ever. Amen.

    Glory to God in the Highest and Peace to God's People on Earth.

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    Children of God

    You are not slaves anymore, but you shall be called children of God.

  • ulalume 22w

    stale communion wafer

    I’ll pick up the unsharp pieces

    of the porcelain cross I broke when 12

    I did it out of anger

    I hid it out of guilt

    In a cardboard shoebox under my bed

    not enough to hide from God’s eyes,

    but my parents never saw

    so that’s close enough, right?

    I cut my palm on the sharply broken clay Christ

    an accidental stigmata on my hand

    God’s will too sharp

    God’s work too cruel

    I dispose of Him and all the other painful parts

    11 years later than He expected

    I take the smooth white and gold pieces

    and I rearrange them into something beautiful

    it isn’t a cross or a fish

    or any shape seen before

    it is something of my own

    it is something beautiful

    I wouldn’t have been able to at 12, 13

    at 14 this art would have become sacrilege

    a way to spit in God’s face

    a way to defy the faith

    it has wounded me and the cuts were healed

    by no miracle or laying of hands

    but by my own holy needle and thread

    blasphemy is old like a stale communion wafer

  • seraiah_smiles 23w

    #God #Almighty #Holy #Trinity #Emmanuel #Christianity #Catholicism

    God the Father, God the Son Jesus Christ, God the Holy Spirit, One God, Forever and Ever. Amen.

    Glory to God in the Highest and Peace to God's People on Earth.

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    Slave of God

    God made my body weak, my mind tested, to make my spirit strong.

    God made me physically weaker, my mental health tested, to make my virtues stronger.

    God made my bodily health weak, testing my mind, gifting my spirit with true health.

    God made my spirit stronger, while still testing my mind.

    While still testing me, my strengthened spirit gave way to strengthening my mind and body.

    In that way, God is killing my old self, and God is giving new life to me.

    This new life I have received since being a Christian. A Catholic. A Roman Catholic.

    God gave me Himself wholly. God gave us all, all of Himself.

    If ever we would be tested, it's about the test of God or the test of Mammon. Would we pick God? Or would we pick Mammon? Would we pick what is truly good? Or would we pick what is truly evil?

    As for me, in humility, God gifted me with strength to pick what is good, to feel what is good, to look at what is good, to listen to what is good, to rid myself of what is evil and to receive what is good.

    I claim that all those that suffer from mental health illness are going through tests. The test of God or the test of the Enemy? Their mind chooses what to focus on.

    The more we focus on the evil, the more it grows. The more the illness worsen. But have faith! There is hope. God loves us. Jesus Christ already saved us. The more we focus on the good, on God, the Holy Trinity, the more the good in us and around us grow. The more the healing get well.

    "Think positive." In our pandemic-ridden world, being positive is hard. But there is more to it than it appears on the surface. There is more than the body or the physical; it is the mind. There is more than the mind or the mental; it is the spirit. There is more than the spirit or the spiritual; it is the soul. There is more than the soul; it is the heart.

    Body, mind, spirit, soul, heart: these are our eyes. Some are slaved by the body; their eyes aren't opened to the latters; they're slaved by what is evil. Some are slaved by the mind; their eyes are being tested whether to be blind or healed, whether to be opened or closed. Few are slaved by the spirit; their eyes are being opened, healed. Fewer are slaved by the soul, being tested whether to receive more of the true riches in eternity. Fewest are slaved by the heart; God is our first love, and God gave all of His heart to us by giving His Son Jesus Christ, to die for us and save us. All these are tests whether we be opened to the Truth that there is salvation and there is true and complete peace in God.

    While all of the body, mind, spirit, soul and heart must synchronize to fully attain the good, we are being slaved by the pride of our lives and the concupiscence of our eyes and the lust of our flesh.

    While the Enemy who is evil tests us to look at evil and to entertain evil, God tests us to look at good and receive His free gifts of all goodness.

    There are infinite goodness. God is infinite. While evil is finite. The Enemy has an end.

    While the Enemy tries its best to slave us in the present, God, the Holy Trinity, is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the Past and the Future. God is present even in the present. "Emmanuel," God is with us. This, I learned the hard ways, being tested. I always fail, but I always redirect to the good, to God. Thus, having looked at God longer than having looked at Mammon, God freely gives me His gifts of mercy, grace, and peace. "Emmanuel," God is with us; I learned this the hard way. Through the tests of the Mammon, of evil, it is clear and getting clearer to me that God is present through all the testing of my body, mind, spirit, soul, and heart. That God is present, and therefore, God being God, being Love, being Hope, being Faith, I receive Himself with open hands. These realms of the physical (body), mental (mind), spiritual (spirit), soul (the synchronization of physical, mental and soul), and the heart (eternal life), through all these, I know that God is with us, "EMMANUEL."

    To be a slave of God is to be truly freed. While to be a slave of Mammon is to be held captive.

    Everything can lead us to the good, if we recognize who truly is God. God is God. The Holy Trinity is the Holy Trinity. The test of the Enemy is hard. But nothing is too hard for God. Indeed, even nothing is hard for God. God is able of all things.

    The test of God is easy. Not easy that it is easy as we understand the term easy. But that it is very much easier, and very much more peaceful than the test of the Enemy.

    Although there are many who love idol gods, there is only one God. Although I may speak against you, I also speak against me. For while on this earth we cannot love God just as God loves us. To love God completely is to immerse ourselves in good completely, both outer and inner. While we are imperfect, God is perfect and faithful. God can strengthen us to see what is good, to know, understand, and do what is good. Although we will never be perfect in this life (for only God is perfect), each and every effort expressed with love counts. Each and every effort expressed with love leads us to what is good, to what is truly peaceful, to what truly sets us free.

    While a slave of God, am a free human. But while many are misled and are slaves of Mammon, they're truly slaved.

    Freedom in this world still has its tests. While we may have failed very much, God loves us still, God loves us completely. God is finding us as the Good Shepherd leaving the 99 found sheeps to find us, the one lost sheep.

    God is faithful. God can do everything. God gifts. The question isn't about whether what we should do to attain salvation. The question is about what we should believe in, hope for, and love.

    "Love Is The Answer"

    "God Is Love"

    "God Is Perfect"

  • likwidsay10 24w

    My two cents: The Bible says no rich man shall see the kingdom of God, they claim God wanted them to have worldly riches and blessed them. But then the good book says don't concern yourself with worldly concerns but rather put your focus towards heaven and niether do those who display thier christian piety for show in public, they already have thier reward. The self gratification of the praise and gifts of others they recieve by displaying thier faith is thier reward. Not eternal heaven. Being a good Christian means showing others about God's love by setting an example by simply loving others like God. There are some Christains who can't do that without reservations. God makes no reservations when it comes to love. God loves every living thing down to every single blade of grass cause he knows every living thing parishes. Imagine all the grief of grieving every living thing. To know of love, is to know of God. Who doesn't want to be loved or has never been loved by anyone? No one loves no one. The Bible says to keep your faith in the closet, pray in secret and God will reward you openly. He may not bless you by building you a church empire or making you rich but he blesses you by changing your life. If you trust in Him it's always for the good but don't deny having faith when asked about it by others. Jesus said something to the extent of; Deny knowing me in front of others and I'll deny knowing you in front of the Father. I'm not looking for praise, I'm just stating what I know, from what I've read and admitting I know of God. An try to live by example not by words. Its one thing to say you love someone then actually love them. What does creating and spreading bigotry or garnering material wealth in God's name have anything to do with loving others? Maybe God blessed you, in such a manner, in order to show others what not to be?


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    And what I'm willing to do, what the mainstream church is not, is to denounce the Christian right as Christian heretics. You don't have to, as I did, spend three years in Harvard Divinity School to realize that Jesus didn't come to make us rich. And he certainly didn't come to make Pat Robertson and Joel Osteen rich.. And what they have done is acculturate the worst aspects of American imperialism. capitalism, chauvinism, violence and bigotry into the Christian religion.

    -Chris Hedges

  • lindani_nxumalo 32w


    When God allows life to give you lemons, He most probably expects you to make lemonade, yes and then get up, take the lemon seeds and have them grow to be trees so that you bear fruit.

    You oughtta bear fruit in all seasons darling.

  • eishasarkar 32w

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