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    The only difference between me and Cinderella is that she do her duties I always try escaping mine

  • shru_pens 63w

    PLZZ ignore if its gone too far from real life...
    Coz I love fairies.
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    I wish ...
    When the clock strikes 11:11 pm, this world will be converted into a beautiful heaven, where everything will be like a fairytale, no demons around. All that exists is angels and angels, worldly beautiful places, friends like a magnet, family like a supermagnet, from whom no one can detach us. We all will lie beneath the trees, star gazing, angels will make us sleep. Everything that I wish to happen would be a fairytale.

  • bhavana_29 63w

    Keep the fairytales to the minimum; I’m just trying to get back to reality
    I’m no sleeping beauty but I could be a wandering alice just trying to get out of wonderland. I’m no snow white but possibly a hopeless Cinderella. I do believe in true love. There were so many winding roads leading to the love I desired, I believe I’ve lost the way out of these stories I have been told. You see I know Prince Charming isn’t waiting around the corner to save me from the monsters I have created. He’s just trying to fight his own monsters and make it out alive. All I’m asking is if I make it through the woods without being eaten by any Big bad wolf can we keep the fairy tales to a minimum?

  • a_gentilischi 63w


    These women are like butterflies
    In their soft tulles and pastel silk
    Petrified butterflies in white talcum
    Spotless skin like soft buttermilk

    How do they wear these dresses?
    How do they breathe, let alone dance?
    As they chatter and smile coyly
    Like they aren’t here to buy romance

    As I suffocate in my corset
    The prince moves to my sight
    Extends his hand in a gesture
    To dance with him that night

    Long fingers, calloused knuckles
    Eyes that hold a tender spark
    Enchantments beyond a wand
    As we twirl in a beautiful arc

    I hear my stepsisters whisper
    See my stepmother cruelly stare
    But, right now nothing hurts me
    Is it love, that’s in the air?

    I think I could do this forever
    Basking in the warmth of his eyes
    My heart clenches in pain
    Does he know I’m clad in lies?

    Not much longer, it’s near twelve
    But I don’t have the heart to leave
    Never have I known such happiness
    Felt such magic within an eve

    Outside some mice and a pumpkin
    Lie in wait to drive me back
    But a piece of my heart will be here
    Its loss I’ll dearly lack

    The callous clock strikes twelve
    The spells of my ballgown fade
    But as I stumble around in my rags
    The magic in my heart won’t fade

    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay
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    #fairytale #cinderella #pov #imagine
    #story #ball #love #heart #magic

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  • avatarable 67w


    "Hey Siri, order a new shoe", Cinderella said.


    "Just in case I need a new prince".


  • rhythm_of_the_heart 75w

    With a gait so heavenly,
    She drifted near me.
    An angel without parallel,
    The moon reflecting her beauty.
    We danced, weaving out of time,
    And in that short eternity,
    You were only mine.

    And then struck the bell,
    Disenchanting you from the spell.
    And as you turned to flee,
    My heaven was razed to hell.
    The candlelight flickered,
    The wick all but burnt.
    Darkness, my shouts went unheard.

    Cinderella, you were scared.
    And though you wanted to stay,
    You didn't want me to see, as you turned
    From a princess to a maid.
    But hear the truth - I am unhindered,
    For I fell in love, when I saw you,
    As "Ella who worked with the cinders".


    Tried my hand at romance, though I don't know if you would call this one in that genre. Hope you like it.
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  • katladyt_ 76w

    Modern-Day Cinderella

    An image catches her eye, casually she scrolls
    A woman, in an antique lace gown and corset
    Captured in pensive thought, and perusing, with carefully gloved hands
    She exudes elegance. A quiet, calmness and an element of romance
    Oh, if only she were a modern-day Cinderella
    Feeling beautiful and chosen
    Dressed to the nines in a stunning blue gown and shoes
    Grateful and blessed, she would be secure in her own skin, and unafraid of her imperfections. Accepted and loved for who she was, just as she was
    Sharing a simple and happy life with her modern-day Prince Charming
    There would be no worries about having to rush off before midnight, or that the stagecoach might turn into a pumpkin, or that the gown
    would turn into a smock and apron
    Honesty and vulnerability would be staples in their relationship. As well as mutual trust, respect, forgiveness and understanding
    A true commitment. And a lasting, soul-binding love
    That feels like a fairytale

  • biancaquinn21 82w

    Along the way

    I lost myself along the way, I lost the very person that I was , the Innocents is now gone I lost myself along the way , I didn't know who I was, who I became , everyday I tried to forget yet the memories haunt me, every minute of every day, I'm just starting to learn to be myself again to forget ,to forgive yet apart of me holds it all so I do not make the same mistakes, I lost myself along the way , I no longer will let myself fade, my innocence may be gone as the memories haunt me every minute yet I will live my life an prove everyone wrong , I am the one no one sees , I'm the one that is not seen , I cry in agony for all the memories still haunt me

  • biancaquinn21 83w


    SHe always felt like she was Cinderella with two evil stepsisters always the one to clean the house the one left behind greatness in the making yet none can even perceive the thought of her being greater than they can be. She will be , she will soar across the sky as one of the greats in poets history.

  • ruthy_choco 95w

    IF Cindy wasn't girly

    It wouldn't be a glass slipper,
    It would be a cute sneaker...


  • ruthy_choco 95w


    She's got a mean stepmother
    And an aweful stepbrother
    Whose friend is a star
    But he doesn't know her

    So he threw a get-together
    For his fans and followers
    And all teenagers went but her
    For she's grounded at every hour

    The star, the most sort after
    Doesn't find a perfect lover
    So he takes to Twitter and Tinder
    There he finds pretty Ella

    'Why aren't you here?' asks the star
    'I've got nothing to wear,
    And my silly godmother
    Has no magical powers'

    So Star hurries over
    With beautiful new clothes for her
    And a pair of magical sneakers
    For our modern Cinderella


  • pallavi4 100w


    I always thought that Cinderella deserved so much more than a man hunting her out , literally to marry her . I thought she just wanted a day off - a day to have fun which accidentally got interpreted as wanting the burden of being married. I’ve always doubted that she ever wanted to marry the prince - she wanted to go to the ball . In my book that’s a carriage, a pretty dress, good shoes and looking gorgeous to have a good time not arriving home with a stalker at your heels in the most literal way. Did anyone bother asking her if she wanted to marry that stalker ?
    I want to rewrite Cinderella as a strong woman with self worth and a say in her own destiny .
    This is her new story .

    By the hearth she sat alone
    Finally done for the day, sipping tea
    When she heard a banging on the front door
    And wondered who it could be
    They were here for the slipper to fit a foot
    And the girl to whom the foot belonged
    Her stepmother quickly presented her daughters
    And when deemed unfit, told the soldiers to move on
    Downstairs, covered in sooth and sweat
    She sighed and breathed anew
    No fairy Godmother could ever convince her to
    Make that silly prince her boo
    Her stepmother thought she’d want to go from a prison to another
    That a feeble heart captured by a pretty facade stood a chance
    Mused Cinderella as she smiled to herself
    For all she’d asked for was an evening out......
    And for a dance
    When she heard the guards leave
    She breathed a sigh of relief
    And poured another cup of steaming hot tea
    Happy that she’d been left in peace


    8th of September, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • healednarcissist 103w

    When sociopaths and psychopaths enter the game, plain narcs (narcissists) will lose all the fame.

    #mentalhealth #personality #narcissists #positivelife #advocate #psychopath #sociopath #narcissism #dark #fairytale #cinderella #princecharming

    But be reminded that Jesus is the game changer. In fact a LIFE CHANGER. So behold if you are someone conflicted with illness or sadness, lean on to God and He will lift you up. He will.

    Sharing this comforting words from the Bible:
    The Lord is your helper you shall not fear. "I will never leave and forsake you" saith the Lord.

    ||Taken from the book of Hebrew|| #Jesus #Christ #Hebrew #HolyBible

    There is power in WORDS. The living words of God.

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    A Dark Fairytale To Be Told

    Noble she was...
    From the far away land.
    Had worn shiny jewelries
    Fancy seasoned gowns.

    When nightfall has come
    She had to run
    For fairy godmother will be there
    In the castle waving her dark wand.

    Cinderella the name she was called
    Had sold her soul in exchange for gold
    You thought she was kindhearted, and humble,
    But, inside her was boiling madness for her stepsisters.

    Woe to this damned lady
    The prince enticed and tamed
    Not because of her own beauty
    It was all her glass shoe the prince envy.

    As fairy godmother had caught her.
    She was transformed into a rotting tree
    Then witch godmother boldly told
    "let her bare feet lay on the ground unfree."

    Poor Cinderella, her life cut short.
    Fooled and paid the price for a fiction world.
    Only her glass shoe was left
    Adored and consumed by the weirdo prince that she attempted to manipulate.

  • doc_nagu 105w


    Don't wait for a perfect one
    As it's hard to be perfect
    What if there is one
    Who's yin and you are yang
    Whose imperfections
    Complement yours
    Let Rapunzel
    Let her hair down
    For her prince
    Damsel can come out of her distress
    And every story can be a fairytale!

  • rawlollipop_360 112w

    This quote really shows that only time can tell the results.
    #cinderella #miracle #disney #time

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    "Even miracles take a little time."

    - Fairy Godmother

    From Disney's Cinderella

  • lekhanaharale 112w

    Life is not a fairy tale.
    If you lose your shoe at midnight

    You're drunk

  • mrspectacular 115w


    I took a walk down the street in the night
    Although it was wrong for a fellow of my status, it felt very right
    It was one of the moments that made me feel, though demented, very alright
    The moon shone so bright.

    As I took the turn into my palace
    I heard a voice that made my heart race
    For when I looked around, no human figure I could trace
    I could see no one so it was worthless to bring out my mace

    But then coming from the eyes of one of the palace's gargoyle was a light
    Oh did it give me such a fright
    I froze although I wanted to take flight
    I shut my eyes so I could not see whatever horrors were in sight

    Then the voice came again
    It gave my chest such a pain
    I had lost all powers of my brain
    Both minor and main

    It said relax dear
    I was bombarded by fear
    I wondered, what did I just hear?
    I must be hallucinating a lot this year.

    I looked back to confirm that it was just I & the creature
    And indeed it was just I and the sculpture
    Then my mind must be preyed on by hallucination's vulture
    As was with my nature.

    But I was incorrect, thought-wise
    For of the realest reality, this experience did comprise
    It was not a disguise
    As I had thought otherwise.

    It flew off into the dark clouds above
    For a few seconds, it did hove
    And then with a calmness as was characteristic with a dove
    It came down into the nearby grove.

    To that place, I quickly rush
    And what I saw gave my fears both a license and a hush
    A license for there was the great disparity between the creature in the sky & the one that stood now before me in the bush
    From my world of what I considered real, it gave me a push.

    The gargoyle had turned into a beautiful damsel
    I stared in surprise a while and shut my eyes in its lid cell
    For looking at her made me unwell
    And for the task ahead, I needed to be well.

    She stood there in the nude
    Regardless of the fact that she was before a dude
    I could not open my eyes for I thought it rude
    To stare at her in her state so crude.

    I ask that she covers herself with some leaves from the garden therein
    So that I am not moved to sin
    For I must admit, seeing her that way made my celibating containment grow thin
    But I was not going to throw away so easily my win.

    She covers herself up in the Adam and Eve style
    And then pulling close to me, she was agile
    She looked like one troubled with so much bile
    Like one with a complaint to file.

    Looking at her, I ask what the matter is
    That plagued so much her bliss
    And gave her such a fiss
    Clearly, she needed a liss.

    I was glad and at the same time terrified to be chosen for such a task.
    I ask that she does, in the moment, bask
    And see me as her knight although without a cask.
    To talk to me about her burden I ask.

    Looking at me, her lips, she does restrain
    But then she is betrayed by her pain.
    She thought to herself, "If I would hide it away from him, what would be my gain?"
    And with that, she begins to drain.

    "Christabel is my name
    I was before now, a dame
    At the top of my game
    But it seems as though I had made an error that was very lame

    For one certain day, while the sun was at its brightest,
    The queen summons my entire family and I as one whom, her throne, slightest.
    My skin at that moment felt tightest
    For I thought of the worst reason for the summons even when I wanted to think of the best.

    She looked at us with so much disgust
    With the fury on her face, she was ready to turn us to dust.
    She however said she was just
    But that to punish us, she must.

    Hence she took in her hand, her scepter
    And stretched out, she opened us all to this chapter.
    My entire family and I were made gargoyles thereafter
    She & the other knights burst out in uncontrolled laughter.

    Shortly after, she sent for the royal sculptor
    Asking that he with his expertise, an engineering of perfection, with us doctor
    Taking us up, he does as instructed by our captor
    Four of those sculptures there are the family of Niator.

    Please for our sakes, prevail on the queen to relieve us of this punishment
    That our lives may be given a refurbishment
    I pledge on behalf of the entire family, never would there be a repeat of that moment,
    Whatever it was that caused the Queen to order on us, such torment.

    With that, I storm off into the palace in fury
    I was so mad, I could the entire palace bury
    Up to my mother's room, I hurry
    To demand an explanation for this heartlessness's flurry.
    She is surprised and terrified as she finds the matter rather gory
    That very night, she summons her court from chief of special duties to jury
    Tabling before them my query
    For as expected, it gave her so much worry

    After deliberating on-end,
    A conclusion they finally attend
    That they are sure would give the matter, a positive bend.
    Asking the current chief magician to, his hand, lend.
    At the instruction of the queen, he does on the matter, descend.

    Out to them, his arms he does stretch
    Some magical words on the papers of our hearing, he does sketch
    That he may, their human essence from where it was locked in, fetch
    And the affliction meted on them, letch

    In a little while, they all take the regular human form
    What we see take us by storm
    We are reprimanded in astonishment's dorm.

    They are all naked before our eyes
    The royal fashion designer quickly brings forth some clothes even though not their size
    That they may buse them to do to their nakedness, otherwise

    Having fallen in love with your mother,
    I tell the queen I want only her and no other.
    I ask that all plans to make us one, she does further
    And in a few days, in the royal ballroom, we all gather.

    We are right there joined in matrimony by the priest
    He would not call it holy for he still considered your mother a beast
    But regardless, that could not twist my wrist
    For I still considered myself as one topping the lucky list.

    And that, my dear children is how I met your mother,
    This beautiful woman.


  • thebhavnasaxena 115w


    If this were a fairytale,
    I would be a poor little girl,
    More fragile than the china
    I would be cleaning in the
    Mansion of my evil stepmother,
    But I would be a prize, where else
    Would the prince find a more
    Beautiful, more obedient, more
    Compliant damsel to save,
    But here I am, smashing your
    Moulds with my gaze, I am not
    Your angel to put on a pedestal,
    If this were a fairytale, I would love
    You, even if you kept me a prisoner,
    But here I am, ripping off the shackles
    You adorn me with, no, if this is
    Your love, I'm better off without it,
    Maybe I need saving after all, 'cause
    This world is rife with danger, but
    Let me tell you what no fairytale
    Would, wicked or wise, a queen worth
    Her crown always saves herself

  • sarahrachelea 115w

    From Avicii to Arctic Monkeys
    She loves to diggin' dance
    Dancing her life
    In a rock n' roll and boogie woogie

    ~ Cinderella with Boots

  • cparker7 129w

    Cinderella has proved that,
    A new pair of shoes can change your life.